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Peak Performance

Expert Answers about Peak Performance

  • Emergency Battery Powered Trailer Light
  • I believe what you are referring to would be something like the Pilot Magnetic Tow Lights # NV-5164. These are wireless and would bypass the trailer wiring. Or, for like an emergency flasher type light that is battery powered you would want the part # HF18A-MB or # HF18R-MB.
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  • Looking for Large Battery Powered Work Lamp
  • Peak makes a Pivoting LED Work Light you might be interested in, part # PKC0TR. The lamp features a strong magnet for mounting the lamp to ferrous metal surfaces, as well as a hook that would let you hang the light so that the light is focused right where you want it. The lamp has a 6 hour battery life, and can be recharged using the 12 volt power outlet in your vehicle or 120 volt shore power. If you click the provided link, you can see a product demonstration video featuring the Peak...
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  • Will The Peak Performance Jump Starter Work With Diesel Vehicles?
  • Yes. The Peak Performance Jump Starter - 750 Amps # PKC0J7, will work with Diesel vehicles. V8 and V10 Diesel vehicles may require more power to start, so a Jump Starter battery above 50 percent battery life to start a car may have to be increased to start a larger diesel vehicle.
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  • Recommended Emergency Jump Start Box for Vehicle Battery
  • The Peak Performance Jump Starter w/ Work Light - 900 Amps # PKC0AZ uses a sealed lead-acid battery to allow you to jump start your vehicle battery without needing to wait on others to assist. It has and integrated 1 amp USB port and 12V DC outlet to also allow you the extra power for your electronic devices when needed. It has an integrated volt meter to give you the voltage on your vehicle battery. It has a built in AC charger so you can recharge the battery when the low charge alert...
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  • Full Warranty Information for Peak Performance Jump Starter w/ Work Light # PKC0AZ
  • Here's the full warranty info for the Peak Performance Jump Starter # PKC0AZ: Manufacturer warrants to the original consumer, or purchaser, that the PEAKĀ® 900 Peak Amp Jump-Starter PKC0AZ will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of sale to the original purchaser. Manufacturer hereby excludes and disclaims any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, beyond those warranties specified above. Manufacturer excludes any implied warranty of...
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  • Hand Held Spot Light with DC Charge or Plug
  • We do not have the Spot Light you are seeking. We do however have a couple other options: Peak Handheld LED Spotlight - 270 Lumens - 10' Long Cord w/ 12 Volt DC Plug # PKC0TC5 and Peak Dual Handle Spotlight w/ LED - 5 Million CP - 5-1/2" Reflector - Cordless - AC Rechargeable # PKC05MB. The dual handle spotlight is rated at 645 lumens and 55 watts. You may also be interested in the Battery Adapter - 12-Volt DC Cord to Battery Clips # A-203.
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  • Could the Peak Performance Mobile Power Inverter # PKC0BM Power an Air Compressor
  • You will need to determine what the power draw of your compressor is to determine if the Peak Performance Mobile Power Inverter # PKC0BM would work for you. This product is capable of up to 150 watts of continuous power, so if your compressor draws less than that it would work well for you.
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  • Battery Life, Brightness and Wattage of Dual Handle Spotlight PKC05MB
  • The Dual Handle Spotlight # PKC05MB that you referenced an intensity of 5,000,000 candlepower, 645 lumens, the wattage is 55, and average run time per charge is 30-35 minutes.
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  • Will Peak Performance Jump Starter Operate My Electronics
  • If your power strip has USB inputs and/or and a 12V DC outlet, the Peak Performance Jump Starter # PKC0AZ does have a device charger support your electronics including your fans as long as it's 110/120 volts. An AC typical charge time is 18 to 24 hours. Recharge the unit fully after each use. The length of how long the device will operate will depend on the voltage of your product and how long you keep your device running. You also can use an inverter from the 12 Volt DC power outlet...
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  • How Does Peak Performance Jump Starter # PKC0J7 Connect to Wall Outlet
  • The Peak Performance Jump Starter doesn't have an adapter made for it to convert it to 110 volt. It has a fold out 110 volt style connector at the rear that you'd use an extension cable to plug into an outlet for charging. But on the output side there isn't anything that would allow it to charge anything 110 volt.
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  • Can the Peak Performance Jump Starter Part # PKC0AZ Power a TV
  • The Peak Performance Jump Starter part # PKC0AZ has an 18 amp hour battery when fully charged. Therefore, it will be able to run a 24 watt tv for 7.5 hours and a 36 watt tv for 5 hours. The jump starter should not make any noise while using the 12 volt DC outlet.
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  • How Do the Lights of the Dual Handle Spotlight w/ LED # PKC05MB Turn On
  • The two switches of the Dual Handle Spotlight w/ LED # PKC05MB that you referenced operate either of the two lights. One operates the spot light and the other operates the smaller light above the spotlight.
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  • Weight of 900 Amp Peak Performance Jump Starter
  • The Peak Performance Jump Starter # PKC0AZ weighs approximately 30 lbs. It is 900 amps and even offers you a bit of convenience due to its 12 volt DC outlet and 1-amp USB port.
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