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Expert Answers about Sewersolution

  • Macerator System and Pump for RV Septic Tank
  • The SewerSolution Macerator System for RV Waste Tanks - Bayonet Fitting and 4-in-1 Adapter - 10' # SS01 should work well for your close to level application. The backflow preventer integrated is key to make sure your fresh water supply is not contaminated. RV systems are not intended to be dumped with hoses running upstream, so I am definitely hesitant to confirm this will work. It is intended to clean the system, not work as a pump to move the waste. If you need to pump the waste,...
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  • Replacement Parts for a SewerSolution Macerator System
  • The Jet Nozzle # 278-SS04 is a replacement for the SewerSolution Macerator System # SS01. So if you have this system and need to replace the Jet Nozzle then this is the part for you. If you are looking to add the system then # SS01 is what you would need. In addition to the Jet Nozzle other replacement parts for this system are: Quick Connect Hose Assembly # SS05 10 Foot Extension Hose # 278-SS02 Replacement 4-in-1 Elbow Adapter # SS06 Maintenance Kit for 2017 and newer systems # SS07
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  • What Does the Replacement Sewer Adapter SS06 Attach To
  • The part # SS06 that you referenced is a replacement adapter for the SewerSolution Macerator System part # SS01. The portion you referenced is the section that does attach to the dump station drain.
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  • Can SewerSolution Macerator Back Flow and Best Way to Extend Hose Further than 25 Feet
  • The SewerSolution Macerator System # SS01 can be connected to a garden hose however it isn't the recommended solution to go longer than 25 feet. Garden hoses aren't usually smooth on the inside and that's not ideal for draining. Valterra recommends using PVC pipe when you need to run the line longer than 25 feet. It includes an anti-siphon to prevent any backflow into the freshwater hose.
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  • How Does SewerSolution Macerator System Work
  • It basically just uses a very high pressure stream of water to break up anything that would be in the wastewater. It clamps on with the bayonet fittings and cleans upstream (valve/pipe/tank) and downstream (drain hose).
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  • Dimensions of Valterra Replacement Sewer Adapter for SewerSolution Macerator System SS06
  • I pulled one of the Valterra Replacement Sewer Adapter # SS06 from our warehouse to that I could take measurements for you. The photo I prepared for you shows key dimensions. For the metal inlet, the inside diameter measures 0.75-inches and the outside diameter measures 0.87-inches. For the black plug the outside diameter at the bottom measures 2-3/4-inches and at the top it measures 4-3/4-inches.
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  • Can SewerSolution Macerator System SS01 Push Black Water Uphill to Dump Station
  • The SewerSolution Macerator System # SS01 does operate with enough pressure to allow draining your RV black water tank even on an uphill slope. The incoming clean water pulverizes solid waste and pushes it through the drain tube into the black water tank. After draining the tank, the water jet can be rotated to push clean water into the black water tank to rinse it. This system is small and enough to use that it can be stored when not in use but if you were at a permanent campsite with...
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  • Can a Garden Hose Connect to the 4-in-1 Elbow Adapter for SewerSolution Macerator System # SS06
  • The 4-in-1 Elbow Adapter for SewerSolution Macerator System # SS06 is the same elbow that comes with the Macerator System # SS01 and it does not accept a regular garden hose. The hoses for it, such as # SS25, attach to the system via hose clamps.
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  • Can SewerSolution Macerator System # SS01 be Mounted Upside Down and Drained into a Toilet
  • The SewerSolution Macerator System # SS01 is designed to attach to a black water tank drain valve that has bayonet fittings. The position of it will not matter so it can be mounted to match the orientation of the drain. Black water tanks are supposed to be drained into specific receptacles so I would not recommend draining it into a toilet though in a pinch I am sure it is possible.
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