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Snap-Loc Reviews and Installation Videos

Expert Answers about Snap-Loc

  • E-Track Mounting Bolt Hole Skipping For Securing to a Wooden Trailer Floor
  • Typically it depends on the application, but for a heavy application we might suggest going with every other mounting hole, but on a lighter duty setup with a stronger wood that the tracks are attached to you can skip more than that. You could probably skip around 2 or 3 bolt holes with your setup and be just fine. The # SLHLSDS-P is the recommended fasteners to use when attaching e-tracks to a wood trailer, but you might be able to also find a less expensive version of these bolts at...
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  • Recommended Hardware to Install Snap-Loc E-Track Tie Down to Aluminum Trailer Frame
  • Snap-Loc recommends using a 5/16 inch carriage bolt to install the e-track tie down. You will need bolts of sufficient length to go through the plywood and the aluminum frame members. Using galvanized hardware would be acceptable, but stainless would offer better corrosion resistance. The Snap-Loc tie down you referred to is constructed of stainless steel, so you should have little concern about the reaction between the fastener and the tie down if you went with the stainless hardware....
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  • E-track Solution for Securing Trike Cycle and Can-Am Spyder to trailer
  • To secure your trikes, I'd use three of the # PK-WTD chock/strap kits to secure the wheels. This is a really slick system that would work great for you. The combination of the strap and chock will keep your rides very secure on the trailer. Each strap has a 800 lb capacity, which should be plenty for the trike and Can-Am. If you click the provided link, you can see a product demonstration video featuring the Rack 'Em strap/chock.
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  • What are Dimensions of Snap-Loc Single-Slot E-Track Bolt-On Tie-Down Anchor # SLSS
  • The Snap-Loc Single-Slot E-Track Bolt-On Tie-Down Anchor # SLSS measures 5-3/4 x 1 x 1/2 inches. These single-slot E-Track Anchors are an ideal way to add additional single tie-down points to a trailer. The low-profile steel brackets can install on the ceiling, wall or floor of your trailer and can be inverted to provide a recessed tie-down point. They are rated for 3000-lbs each and are sold as single units. These are suitable for installation on any interior parts of your trailer...
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  • Looking for Cargo Net Measuring 8 by 12 Feet for 5 by 10 Foot Trailer
  • The HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net, part # HE4256 would be ideal for your application. Its un-stretched dimension is 6 by 12 feet, it would easily stretch to the size you need. Keep in mind, that the net is not intended to secure heavy items. It would work well for the cardboard boxes, as long as they are not very heavy, but for heavier items you would want to use tie down straps like the Erickson # 51333, which are sold individually. I will link you to our selection of ratchet straps....
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  • Is E-Strap Compatible With Ford Box Link System?
  • The Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Strap w/ Ratchet and Soft Tie-Loop - 2" x 8' - 1,467 lbs, # SLLS28RER, as well as many other E-track products are compatible with most similar systems. I cannot confirm that these straps will work with the Ford Box Link System as we have not tested them.
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  • E Track Slot Dimensions
  • The E-Track has slots that have a length of 2.45-inches and a width of .58 inches. See attached diagram.
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  • E-Track And Tie-Down Strap for Securing Ladder on Inside Wall of Enclosed Utility Trailer
  • Given that trailer suspensions aren't as forgiving as those found on passenger vehicles, I wouldn't recommend the Yakima # Y88890152. This is designed to be one of six straps holding a trunk mounted bike rack to a vehicle, and likely wouldn't be up to the task, especially given all the bouncing around that happens on a trailer. Using the Erickson # E19146 vertical e track mounted horizontally above and below your ladder along with the # SLLS28CER strap would provide a bulletproof method...
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  • Distance from the Ratchet to the E-Track Fastener of the Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down # SLLS28RER
  • I went out into our warehouse and measured the distance from the ratchet mechanism to the e-track fastener of the Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Strap # SLLS28RER and found that it measures 7-1/2 inches.
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  • Self-Tapping Screws to Install E-Track
  • Your best option is Self-Drilling Screw Hardware for Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchors - Qty 4 Item # SLHSDDS-P. They are 1-1/2 inches long though. If they will not work for you a local hardware store or Fastenal are good places to get something that meets your specifications.
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  • Recommended Cargo Stabilizer For Large Bin In 2005 Ford E450 Box Van
  • The biggest problem with an E-Track system being pulled out of the wall is that there were not enough fasteners used when securing the track system to the wall of a truck. Many time the point of stress can be placed on a part of the track system causing failure. I recommend using fasteners in at least every other hole and possibly in every mounting hole to make sure it is secured. The E-Track system like part # E19135 has a weight capacity of 6000 lbs, so it should have the strength needed...
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  • How Long is the Fixed End of Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Strap SLLS28CER
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled a Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Strap # SLLS28CER to measure the fixed end. The overall length is 9-1/2 inches. If measuring from the end of the buckle though it is shorter, measuring about 8-3/4 inches long.
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  • What is the Capacity of the Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Strap with Ratchet and Soft Tie-Loop
  • You are correct the Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Strap with Ratchet and Soft Tie-Loop part # SLLS28RER is 4,400 lbs break strength and 1,467 lbs of working capacity. I apologize for any confusion.
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  • Is the Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchor Compatible with E-Track Bars
  • The Snap-Loc E-track tie-down anchor, # SLSU, works with Snap-Loc cargo straps, ring attachments and any E-track accessories. If you have a specific E-track item in mind, let me know what it is and I can verify compatibility. If you are talking about and actual length of E-Track, like # E19148, then the anchor would not fit in the E-Track slots. Think of anchor SLSU as a single really short E-Track.
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  • Dolly Recommendation for Moving Generator Around without Wheels
  • You could put your Powerhouse generator on a moving dolly like the part # SL1500DR319-P and you'd be able to easily wheel it around. I attached a review video for this dolly for you to check out as well.
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  • Is the Snap-Lock Heavy Duty Truck Bed Cargo Net Stretchable
  • The nylon rope on the Snap-Loc Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Cargo Net # SLAMCN6272-P does not stretch. The net tightens around the load with the built-in cinch rope. You can also use the included 6 carabiners to secure the net. The carabiners will allow you to secure the net where needed. For a cargo net that does stretch, I recommend the Erickson Stretchable Truck Bed Cargo Net with Hooks # EM01012. This net measures 52 inches x 70 inches. The 22 integrated hooks secure the net down to a truck...
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  • 5/16 Inch Self Tapping Screws To Replace Existing 5/16 Inch Bolts
  • If your current bolts are 5/16 inch, then the Self-Drilling Screw Hardware for Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchors - Qty 4 # SLHSDDS-P should work just fine as long as the extra 1/2 inch in length isn't an issue. The self-tapping portion won't be needed if you are using the current holes, but will be great to create new holes.
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  • Are the Snap Loc Anchors Compatible With the E-Track Tracks
  • Yes, the Snap-Loc brand locks, like part # SLARI, will work with the E-track brand Tracks. I have attached a link to all of our available anchor options for you as well.
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  • Attaching Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchor # SLSS To Wood Trailer Floor
  • A backing plate is a good idea when securing the Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchor, part # SLSS to your trailer. We do not have a backing plate that has mounting holes that would match up with the mounting holes of the # SLSS. The mounting holes on the # SLSS are spaced 5-1/8 inches apart and are 3/8 inch square holes so you may be able to fabricate a backing plate that will work with the anchor.
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  • Recommended E-Track Anchor for Enclosed Race Trailer Walls
  • The Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchor - Square Mounting Hole - Bolt On # SLSB will work well for your application as long as you mount it to the stud or use a backing plate like the E-Track Backing Plate - Zinc Plated Steel - 6-1/2" Long x 6" Wide # BPEZ to reinforce your wall for strength. Just because the anchor is rated for 1000 lbs wouldn't mean your walls can handle that kind of weight without reinforcement, so use your best judgment as damage could occur if misused.
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  • Type of Fastener for Installing Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchor SLSS
  • The Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchor # SLSS can be attached to the desired mounting surface with the type of hardware is appropriate for that material. If you are mounting these to wooden surface use fasteners for wood, e.g. wood screws. For a metal surface use fasteners made for metal, e.g. self-tapping sheet metal screws. We also offer carriage bolt hardware # SLHCBDS-P. Keep in mind that the actual weight capacity of each tie down will depend on the strength of the surface you mount...
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  • Recommended E Track Hooks for Cargo Management with Tie-Downs
  • For your E-track connections, I believe you are looking for the Snap-Loc E-Track Fitting with 5/16" Diameter Hole - 1,467 lbs # SLAEAFI or the Erickson E-Track Tie Down Ring - 2,000 lbs # 59147. These will work with J style tie-downs. We also have the Erickson E-Track Tie-Off w/ D-Ring - 2" Wide x 8-1/4" Long - 1,200 lbs # E59143. We also have tie downs with the e-track anchors integrated. I've linked the page to those options. If this isn't what you are looking for, please give...
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  • Does Snap Loc E-Track Fit with Other Brands of E-Track
  • Yes, the Snap Loc E-tracks like the part # SLSS you referenced is a fit with other brands of E-track as they are all made to the same dimensions for the most part. I attached a review video for more info for you to check out as well.
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  • What is the Width of Snap-Loc Panel Cart/Pushcart # SL1500PCR319-P with the Handles Installed
  • The Snap-Loc Panel Cart/Pushcart with E-Track Anchor Points # SL1500PCR319-P that you referenced has 2 different configurations for how you can install the handles as is indicated by the product name. When used in the panel configuration you will have 17-1/2" of width between the handles as opposed to the 32" of width when used in the pushcart configuration. I have attached a few pictures for you to check out with these dimensions marked.
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  • Availability of Blue Ratchet Strap to Fit E-Tracks
  • We have a similar blue E-track ratchet to the part # SLLS28RER but it's instead 12 feet long. For that you'd want the part # EM59136.
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  • Will the Snap-Loc Loc-Ring for E-Track Part # SLARI Work with Ford Box Tie-Downs
  • I spoke to my contact at Snap-Loc and they informed me that the Snap-Loc Loc-Ring for E-Track Tie-Down Anchors part # SLARI will indeed work with the Ford Box Tie-Downs you have in your 2017 Ford F-350. I have attached a review video of the tie-down for you as well.
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  • Is Backing Plate Needed for Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchor?
  • There is no backing plate we offer with the same 5-1/16" apart on center spacing that the mounting holes of the Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchor # SLSZ. However, these anchors can be mounted onto any smooth surface and an E-track backing plate is not needed to install these anchors; all you need is the Carriage Bolt Hardware for Snap-Loc E-Track Tie-Down Anchors # SLHCBDS-P and you'd be set.
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  • Package Contents of Snap-Loc Hooks # SLAHI
  • The # SLAHI is sold in quantities of 1 piece, if you would like more than 1 you would just need to update the quantity box next to the add to cart button. I have linked the above mentioned product to this page for your convenience.
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