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safety step

Safety Step Reviews and Installation Videos

Expert Answers about Safety Step

  • Portable Step for Easier Entry Into 2017 ProMaster 2500 Cargo Van
  • We can help you with a step to make it easier enter and exit your 2017 Ram ProMaster 2500 van. We offer a variety of handy folding step stools in many sizes that you can view by clicking on the linked page. On the page are filters you can click on to select the step width and depth you prefer and we even have models like the folding Safety Step # SASA-10C-G that offers a 2-inch adjustable height range (in 1/2-inch increments). Despite its generous 19 x 15 size this step's aluminum construction...
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  • RV Trailer Step With Wider Platform
  • I reached out to my contacts at Lippert and they only have stairs without a landing. I reached out to my contact at Stromberg Carlson and they have the landing with two steps in their Econo Porch Trailer Step with Handrail and Landing - Double - 7" Drop/Rise, 20-1/2" Tall, # EHS-102-R, but they do not have a landing with a single step. Depending on the height of your RV, you may be intereset in the Safety Step Adjustable Height, Folding Platform Step - Aluminum - 24" x 16" - 1,000 lbs,...
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  • Total Width Dimensions Of Safety Step Folding Platform Step 24x16 Inches
  • I pulled the Safety Step Adjustable Height, Folding Platform Step - Aluminum - 24" x 16" - 1,000 lbs # SASXLA-09C-G from our warehouse to take the measurements for you. With the legs folded underneath, there is a height of 3-1/2 inches and the dimensions are 25 x 16-7/8 inches to the outermost edges. With the legs out on their lowest setting gives you a height of 7 inches. The outside dimensions at this height is 18-1/2 x 27-3/4 inches. With the legs out at their highest setting,...
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  • Recommendation For Step Cover For RV And Camper Steps
  • Safety Step Sand Away Dirt Trapping Step Cover, Item # SASSA08-00, was designed originally for motorized steps and you should not have any closing/fit problems with this product. While specifically designed for motorized steps, we have never had a closing issue with these on rectangular steps on motorized or manual models. Item # SASSA08-00 is designed to fit steps that are 22 inches long x 8-1/4 inches wide. It is an easy install and no tools are required-my favorite kind. Cleaning...
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  • Dimensions of the Opening of the Replacement Leg Tip # SAS21HD-30AL
  • I went and grabbed a Replacement Leg Tip # SAS21HD-30AL from our warehouse to measure the opening and found that it measures 1-1/4 by 1-1/4 inches.
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  • Replacement Rubber Leg Tip Feet for Safety Step Folding Platform Step
  • We do carry replacement leg tips for Safety Step Folding Platform Step, part # SASS-07C-S. The part number for a set is # SAS21HD-30 and the price is on the product page if you follow the link. The step is also available in other colors: # SASS-07C-BLK - Black # SASS-07C-Y - Yellow # SASS-07C-P - Pink # SASS-07C-V - Silver Vein
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  • Compatibility of Safety Step Platform Step with Stable-Step System on RV
  • As long as your stable step has legs that will fit on the platform the Safety Step Adjustable Height, Folding Platform Step - Aluminum - 24" x 16" - 1,000 lbs # SASXLA-09C-G will work to give you the additional height and stability. They have not been tested together, but since the Safety Step is rated for 1,000 lbs, the platform that is 24 by 16 inches. It has a collapsed height of 4 inches for storage and a usable height between 7 and 8-1/2 inches with legs extended and adjusted.
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  • What Is The Lowest Profile Step Stool Available
  • I have the perfect option for you. The Safety Step Folding Platform Step part # SASS-07C-V is our smallest step stool with folding capabilities. When upright, the scale has a height of 7" and 3" tall while collapsed. The platform dimensions are 14" Long X 11" Wide. The stool itself only weighs 5 lbs. and is available in a variety of different color options. Silver Vein part # SASS-07C-V, Black part # SASS-07C-BLK, Silver part # SASS-07C-S, and Pink part # SASS-07C-P.
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  • Are all Safety Step Camper Step Covers Gray in Color
  • All of the Safety Step Step Covers we offer are all the same gray color. Item # SASSA08-00 is designed to fit steps that are 22 inches long x 8-1/4 inches wide. It is an easy install and no tools are required. Cleaning is a snap and just involves spraying off with a hose. Besides this size, we also have in our available inventory Item # SASSA10-00, which is 22-1/2 inches long x 10-1/2 inches wide, and Item # SASSA11-00, which is 22 inches long x 11-1/8 inches wide.
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  • Dimension of Safety Step # SASA-10C-G Base Legs at Full Height
  • At the full 9 inch height, the Safety Step 19 x 15 Inch # SASA-10C-G is 24 x 19 inches. I've attached a photo and a couple videos to assist.
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  • Will the Replacement Leg Tips Part # SAS21HD-30 Discolor a Deck Floor
  • The Replacement Leg Tips for Safety Step Folding Platform Steps part # SAS21HD-30 are only available in black. However, you will not need to worry about the tips discoloring the deck floor as they are made of rubber. If enough force is applied while in motion then the rubber can scuff the surface in which they are on but the scuff marks will easily be removed by rubbing them with your finger, similar to the black scuffs you see on basketball courts. All of our step stools like the Camco...
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