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Ordered the part on Saturday and had it by Wednesday. $35-$75 cheaper than I could find anywhere else. I plan on using this site again.


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Expert Answers about Steadyrack

  • Bike Weight Capacity of Steadyrack Bike Storage Wall Rack B-SCSR02-004
  • The Steadyrack Bike Storage Wall Rack # B-SCSR02-004 can handle mountain bikes and road bikes up to a 77-lb weight. This includes the vast majority of adult and kids' road and mountain bikes. About the only bikes that won't work are the heavier e-bikes and some recumbent bikes. The rack's weight capacity does depend in part on the mounting surface where you install it. If installing this on the wall of your garage you will want to use a stud finder to locate a 2 x 4 wall stud. Sheet...
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  • Can Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack Hold a Cruiser Bike with Fenders and 2-1/8 Wide Tires
  • The Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack # B-SRFR-001, which is designed for a bike with fenders, can actually accommodate wheel diameters of 20" - 29" and tire widths of up to 2-1/4". It would be perfect for your cruiser with 2-1/8" wide tires. The mounting holes are 1" apart on center and they are separated (from top of bottom bracket and bottom of top bracket holes) by 11-1/8". Mounting it on a 2" stud would be the perfect place to do so!
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  • Wall Mount Bike Hanger to Fit Fat Bike Tires
  • The Steadyrack, part # B-SRFT-001, fits up to 5 inch tires so it will work great on your fat bikes.
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  • Height and Width Spacing for Installing Steadyrack Bike Storage Wall Rack B-SCSR02-004
  • When installing a number of the Steadyrack Bike Storage Racks # B-SCSR02-004 the correct spacing between the racks will depend to a great extent on the bikes themselves. If you refer to the photo (and video) that I linked you will see that the smaller bike's handlebar can fit through the frame opening of the larger bike. This is accomplished by staggering the heights of the racks. For the most compact arrangement of racks on your wall you'll want to figure out your best arrangement of...
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