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  • What is the Difference Between ShockStrap Ratcheting ATV and Motorcycle Tie-Down Kits
  • ShockStrap Ratcheting ATV Tie-Down Kit w/ Built-In Shock Absorbers # 297-9RSBB-2SLY-ATV comes with 2 sets of strap latches, which you can see more of in the video I have linked. The motorcycle version, # 297-9RSBB-M, does not have those strap latches. The latches are to help keep tie-down hooks from detaching from their anchor points when there is slack in the line.
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  • Can ShockStrap Ratcheting UTV Tie-Down Kit # 297-7RSBB-UTV Secure
  • We've had several customers use the E-tracks to secure a Harley like what you are planning on doing. There's also no reason you couldn't use the ShockStrap Ratcheting UTV Tie-Down Kit # 297-7RSBB-UTV as well. The included shock absorbers absorb impact to ensure constant tension, even if your Harley shifts. These have more than enough capacity too at 3,000 lbs max load.
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  • Recommended Tie-Downs for Compact Backhoe/Loader
  • The ShockStrap Ratcheting ATV Tie-Down Kit w/ Built-In Shock Absorbers - 2" x 9' - 1.5K # 297-9RSBB-2SLY-ATV will work very well for your compact backhoe with loader. These four straps for one backhoe/loader will work well. The majority of the weight will be on the track base and these straps will give you a combined 6000 lbs of stabilizing strength. The Shock will ensure your straps keep tension as the load shifts to ensure you maintain a secure hold. The durable polyester webbing...
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