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m7 speed

Expert Answers about M7 Speed

  • Recommended Trailer Hitch For Mini Countryman
  • The only differences between the tow trailer hitches are they fit different years of the Mini Countryman and the # 60-160201 fits the Mini Countryman John Cooper Works edition. # 60-160200 fits 2011 - 2016 Mini Countryman excluding John Cooper Works Both products will fit your 2013 Mini Countryman. On the M7 Speed MINI Ultimate Utility Hitch Receiver # 327-60-160201 and the M7 Speed MINI Ultimate Utility Hitch Receiver # 327-60-160200 both have a maximum gross trailer weight rating...
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  • Options for Carrying Multiple Bikes with a 2016 Mini Countryman
  • Although the M7 Speed trailer hitches # 327-60-160200 and # 327-60-160201 for your 2016 Mini Countryman are a great option that allows you to retain the factory look of your vehicle, the max tongue weight (TW) rating they have is 150 lbs and that is if the overhang distance of the trailer hitch is 12". As the overhang increases the max TW decreases. This is important to note because both the Kuat NV 2.0 4-Bike Rack # NV22G-NA22G (Gray) and # NV22B-NA22B (Black) as well as the Base Model...
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  • Hitch Tongue Weight vs. Vehicle Tongue Weight Capacity
  • The 2-inch M7 Speed MINI Ultimate Utility hitch # 327-60-160201 does have a 150-lb tongue weight (TW) capacity. This hitch does fit the 2013 - 2016 Mini Countryman John Cooper Works. Usually hitch makers design a hitch to closely match the capacity of the host vehicle on which it will be mounted, but sometimes a hitch might be rated for more weight than the vehicle it fits, or for less weight. Either way, the lower-rated item determines overall capacity. I reviewed an online edition...
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