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Expert Answers about Gustafson Lighting

  • What is the Difference Between a 912 and 921 Bulb
  • The 921 bulbs are easier to come by than the 912. For a 921 you can use # A921B. For the 912 there is only an LED option, # AR50610. The 912 bulb is polarity sensitive so if it doesn't work take it out and turn it 180 degrees and reinsert it.
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  • Recommended Ceiling Light with 11-1/2 inch Diameter, 5 Inch Height, and Built-In Switch
  • I recommend taking a look at the Gustafson RV Ceiling Light w/ Glass Shade # 277-000297-298. This is a really nice ceiling light assembly that features a round base and overall dimensions of 11-1/2 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height. It includes a frosted white swirl glass light shade and a built-in switch on the base for easy operation. It uses two 1141, 1156, or 1295 bulbs, which are not included. For a 1141 LED bulb, you can add part # AR50367. This LED bulb will provide a...
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  • Can Gustafson Tall RV Pendant Light Use an LED Bulb
  • Yes, the Gustafson Tall RV Pendant Light # 277-000309 can be used with an LED bulb. It will need a double contact 1076 bulb like # DG526221VP.
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  • Will Gustafson RV Chandelier 277-000290 Work with 12V Power
  • Yes, the Gustafson RV Chandelier # 277-000290 is intended for installation on a 12VDC power circuit in your RV. The light uses three bulbs, either a 912-type or a 921-type for flexibility, and the bulbs are included, as are the mounting screws. If you want to get the most light output with minimal power draw you can use an LED replacement bulb like # AR50610. This 912-type bulb offers 360-degree illumination and a soft white color. These LED bulbs use only a fraction of the power required...
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  • Light Bulb and LED Options for Gustafson RV Light 277-000223
  • We do offer bulbs for the Gustafson RV Light # 277-000223. This light can use a standard incandescent bulb of either type 912 or 921, such as part # A921B. Better still, we offer brighter and super-efficient LED replacements like 912 type # AR50610. LEDs will create less waste heat, use less power and at the same time be brighter in this application. You can also select color options if you wish. Please see the linked page.
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  • Replacement Lamp Shades for 1999 Fleetwood Bounder
  • I may have something that will work for you, but RV manufacturers do not offer OEM parts catalogs, so we can't know exactly what lamp shade came on your RV. While we don't have a lamp shade that matches your dimensions exactly, we do have several different sizes and styles available that might work for you. We do have a few round ceiling shades such as Item # 277-000279 and Item # 277-000329. The first is 9-1/4" diameter x 6-1/4" tall. The second is 12" diameter x 7" tall, so your light...
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  • Replacement Lens for RV Puck Light
  • The lens # 277-000393 is the replacement for Gustafson RV Puck Light # 277-000343 and # 277-000342. I can't tell you if this is the type of light you have because RV manufacturers rarely document the specific parts that are used. If you can find a model number on the light itself it might be helpful.
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  • Recommendation for 3 Inch Diameter Puck Light with Switch
  • I recommend taking a look at the Interior LED Puck Light # DG52508VP from Diamond. This 3 inch diameter puck light does not feature a traditional switch, but is instead turned off and on by simply clicking/pushing on the light itself. We do not currently have a 3 inch diameter puck light available that includes a traditional switch. This is a recessed or surface mount light that provides a nice, daylight white color.
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  • Ability to Change Globe Color on Gustafson Short RV Pendant Light # 277-000303
  • The globe on the Gustafson Short RV Pendant Light # 277-000303 referenced in your question cannot be replaced with a different color. We do, however, have similar RV pendant lights available with different color globes, such as the Cobblestone Art Glass # 277-000307, the Gray Swirl Glass # 277-000315, or the Sand Spot Glass # 277-000314. I have attached a link that will take you directly to our available selection RV pendant lights that you can also look through.
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  • Wattage and Model Information for LEDs in Gustafson RV Ceiling Light 277-000330-331
  • There isn't a lot of information on the LED board for light fixture # 277-000330-331. I have included a picture showing it up close so you can see everything that I can see. It has a 6 watt rating total for the 30 LEDs on the board. It runs off of a 12 volt system but as far as amperage output that information and other technical data is not available.
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  • Comparing Lumen Output of Two 18 Diode LED Lights
  • The Gustafson RV Pancake Light - Double Dome - Clear Optic Lens - 18 LEDs # 277-000340 has a lumen output of 225. The Optronics LED RV Interior Light with Switch - 18 Diode - Surface Mount - White Housing # RVILL34 has a lumen output of 920 raw but 815 effective. The Optronics option in this case is a much brighter light and approximately equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Unfortunately there is not a clear lens confirmed to fit this unit.
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  • Is Gustafson RV Puck Light Cool White?
  • The Gustafson RV Puck Light # 277-000343 has a color temperature of 3,200 K, so it will fit in the cool white motif you have going in your coach. I've added a link to a video review for you to take a look at as well.
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  • Can Gustafson RV Vanity Light # 277-000324 be Converted to LED
  • The lights that are in the Gustafson RV Vanity Light # 277-000324 and in the sconce part # 277-000255 are 921 style bulbs. So to convert them to LED you'd only need an LED 921 like the part # 277-000102.
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  • Is Glass on Gustafson RV Sidewall Light Removable?
  • For safety reasons, the glass on RV lights is generally not removable. I went to the warehouse to take a look just to make sure and indeed the glass on the Gustafson RV Sidewall Light - Satin Nickel - Frosted White Glass # 277-000254 cannot be removed.
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  • Can LED Bulbs be Used instead of Incandescent Bulbs in RV Light Fixtures
  • Lights wired directly into the RV wiring like the ones in your Fleetwood Excursion run off of 12 volt power that has been inverted from the shore power hookup via the transfer switch and its associated equipment. You could use light # 277-000250 with an LED bulb if you wanted to. This light uses a 1076 bulb so for an LED version you could use # DG526221VP.
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  • Does etrailer Sticker Come Off of Gustafson RV Wall Sconce 277-000265
  • Yes. We only put the stickers on for the pictures we take to identify them as our pictures. The ones you receive would not have the stickers. Unless you want them on there!
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  • Can Gustafson Short RV Pendant Light # 277-000315 be Mounted on a Sloped Ceiling and Hang Straight
  • Gustafson Short RV Pendant Light # 277-000315 would be straight up and down if the ceiling was only at a very slight angle. Otherwise the rod that holds the light to the base would prevent it from hanging straight at higher angles. A light such as # 277-000305 does have the ability to hang straight though it is a different design. You could also use: # 277-000306
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  • Is Base of Gustafson Locking RV Pendant Light # 277-000305 Fixed
  • The base of the Gustafson Locking RV Pendant Light # 277-000305 that you referenced is fixed. The assembly does not move at all.
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  • Brightness of Gustafson RV Ceiling Light w/ Glass Shade # 277-000400-331
  • I spoke with my contact at Gustafson Lighting regarding the RV Ceiling Light w/ Glass Shade # 277-000400-331 referenced in your question. They do not measure the light output of their fixtures in candlepower, but she stated that this particular unit is a 6 watt, LED module that has an output of 300 lumens. This will provide a nice, bright light in whatever room the light is mounted in. I have also attached a video demonstration on this product so you can see exactly how the light looks...
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  • Replacement for Broken RV Pendant Light Fixture
  • The Gustafson RV Pendant Light - Satin Nickel - Cobblestone Art Glass # 277-000307 does not have replacement parts, but the outside of the metal ring where the glass fits is 1.85 inches diameter. If you want to replace the glass, I recommend the Glass Globe for Pendant Light - Riviera Swirl # 324-000091 which isn't the same as the cobblestone art glass, but will give you a similar style. There will be some slight modifications needed as the glass is 1.94 inches at the outside of the top...
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  • Measurements of Gustafson RV Sidewall Light # 277-000247
  • I went out to the warehouse to take some measurements of Gustafson RV Sidewall Light # 277-000247 for you. The base has an overall height of 8-1/2 inches and overall width of 5-5/16 inches. The mounting holes are spaced 2-3/4 inches apart on center. The glass is 3-1/2 inches in diameter. From the wall out to the far edge of the glass is 6-3/4 inches. The rod that holds the glass sticks down 1 inch from the bottom of the base.
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  • Recommended LED Bulb for Gustafson RV Sidewall Light # 277-000245
  • The Gustafson RV Sidewall Light # 277-000245 referenced in your question uses a 1076 bulb, which is not included. For an LED 1076 bulb I recommend the Diamond # DG52622VP. This is a multi-directional radial tower LED bulb that features a nice daylight white color and will provide 215 lumens.
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  • Replacement Parts for RV Lights and LED Type Bulb Replacements
  • We do offer some replacement parts for RV lighting products from Gustafson, items like bulbs an shades, but not parts like sockets and wiring. These can be sourced from a local electrical or lighting supply. Gustafson does not offer such items to consumers since they do not expect their customers to be doing more than installing a light in place of another. You may well find it is actually more cost-effective just to replace the whole fixture than to go through the trouble of finding...
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  • Color of Lighting in the Gustafson RV Pancake Light # 277-000338
  • The color of the lighting of the Gustafson RV Pancake Light # 277-000338 would be considered warm. If you watch the video and check out the picture I attached you will see the color of the light.
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  • Is the Bulb That Comes with the Gustafson RV Sidewall Light # 277-000254 an LED
  • The bulb that comes with the Gustafson RV Sidewall Light # 277-000254 is not an LED, but you can replace it with an LED bulb if you choose to. It is compatible with a 912 or 921 size bulb so you can use the Starlights LED Wedge Base Lamp # 277-000102 for an LED option.
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  • Recommended LED Bulb for the Gustafson RV Pendant Light Part # 277-000307
  • The Gustafson RV Pendant Light part # 277-000307 uses a 1076 type bulb. For an LED replacement I recommend the 1076 LED Bulb - Double Contact Bayonet part # DG52622VP which is rated at 215 lumens.
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  • How to Wire the Gustafson RV Vanity Light Part # 277-000324
  • In order to wire the Gustafson RV Vanity Light part # 277-000324 to an electrical switch on an RV you will first want to obtain a few items: wire stripers, wire nuts, and electrical tape. Once you have these three items you can begin to install the vanity lights. There are two wires coming from the back of each light on this vanity light for a total of 6 wires. One is for the ground and the other is for the power. You will want to begin by attaching one wire from each light to one another....
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  • How Bright is the Gustafson RV Pancake Light 277-000339
  • LED lights such as pancake light # 277-000339 are typically brighter than their incandescent counterparts. The light draws 3 watts which is comparable to a 30 watt fluorescent bulb so that should help you to determine if the LEDs will be brighter than what you have now.
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  • Gustafson Puck Light Brightness Compared to Bright Ideas Puck Light Brightness
  • The two lights are going to be about the same brightness with the edge going to the part # 277-000119 which puts out 225 Lumen and the part # 277-000342 putting out 200. The number of diodes is a factor as well as the brightness of each one.
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  • Does The Gustafson RV Bullet Reading Light Come In Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • The Gustafson RV Bullet Reading Light - Weathered Copper # 277-000332 comes only in the color mentioned. There is an LED version in satin nickel # 277-000334, black # 277-000335, or antique silver # 277-000336. The Incandescent Weathered Copper is definitely the closest to the Oil Rubbed Bronze you are seeking.
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