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Expert Answers about Mighty Cord

  • Cord to Connect Generator Output to RV Power Inlet
  • To connect a generator's output to your camper's 30-amp power input you will need to ensure the two share the same connector. Part # A10-3025ED is indeed a 30-amp cord but we have products specifically made for connecting your RV inlet to your generator. 30-amp power cords are available in both 3-prong and 4-prong formats. Part # A10-G30253E has a 3-prong female twist-lock plug that connects to an RV's power inlet. The male twist-lock plug connects to your generator. For a 4-prong type...
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  • Recommended 240v 50 Amp to 120v 30 Amp Adaptor
  • I spoke to my contact at Valterra and found that the # A10-5030FBK steps down a 50 amp service receptacle (2 X 120VAC) to 30 amps supply. This would work great for your camping trailers electrical system. I have linked the above mentioned product to this page for your convenience.
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  • Can an RV with 50 amp Power Be Used with 30 amp Power Source
  • We have the part # A10-G30450VP which is a 50 amp female socket to 30 amp male connector. OK now for the bad news, in most cases when your 50 amp RV is plugged into 30 amp shore power you will have some limitations on how many appliances you can run at one time. If your RV is equipped with 2 Air Conditioners, you may only be able to run one Air Conditioner unit at a time. If you try to use both AC units at the same time you may pop the shore powers 30 amp circuit breaker.
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  • Adapter for 220V 4 Prong Male Outlet to 110V 3 Prong Female Outlet
  • I believe what you are looking for is the Mighty Cord Generator Adapter Y-Cord # A10-G30420Y. It converts a 4-prong 30 Amp outlet to two 20 Amp 3-prong outlets.
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  • Replacement Power Cord for 2011 Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8280 Trailer
  • The Mighty Cord 90-Degree Detachable RV Power Cord # A10-3025ED90 referenced in your question will work with your 2011 Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8280 Trailer as long as it has 30 amp service. This is most likely the case for your trailer, but you will want to check to ensure that is correct. A larger trailer will sometimes need 50 amp service, in which case you would use the Mighty Cord # A10-5025ED.
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  • Can 30 amp to 110 amp Power Cord Adapter Power Air Conditioning and Microwave
  • The part # A10-1530DVP will easily handle the amperage of the accessories you mentioned. I attached a review video for this adapter for you to check out as well.
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  • 50 Amp Female Twist Lock to 30 Amp Male Adapter Cord
  • We have several different cords that could work for you starting with a 50 amp twist lock female to 30 amp male # A10-3050EHD. The cord on this one is 25 feet long. For a shorter option we have # CAM55582 which is 18 inches long but still a 50 amp twist lock female to a 30 amp male. On your set up it sounds like the locking end is on the 50 amp on the house so if that isn't right let me know.
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  • Adapter for 4 Prong 220 Volt Female to 110 Male Connector
  • Sounds like you are looking for an adapter like the part # A10-1550VP. It has a 220 volt 4 prong type female end and a 110 volt male end. Check out the review video I attached for more info.
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  • Adapter to Go From 110 Volt to 30 Amp Female for RV to Generator
  • We have just what you are looking for. The part # A10-1530DVP will plug in to the 110 receptacle of your generator and would give you a 30 amp female connector for the RV to plug into.
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  • 50 Amp RV Electrical Power Cord Compatibility
  • The Mighty Cord 90-Degree Detachable RV Power Cord w/ Locking Ring and LED - 50 Amps - 25' # A10-5025ED90 is what works with almost all RVs. The center grounding pin is not typical. If you send me a photo I may be able to help, but most of the power receptacles you will plug into won't have a center grounding location but rather a hole in that location for a screw to mount to hold the plug in place if it has that feature. If your plug will fit with this connector, it will have the...
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  • Do You Carry A 50 AMP Power Cord In A 10 Foot Length?
  • The Mighty Cord Detachable RV Power Cord - 50 Amps - 25' # A10-5025EDBK is the shortest 50 amp cord available. We do not have a 10 foot length available, however, I do have another option for you. You can use the Mighty Cord 10' RV Power Cord Extension w/ Finger Grip Handle -125/250V - 50 Amp # A10-5010EH along with the Power Grip Marine-Style Power Cord Adapter w/ Handle - 50 Amps - 18" Long - Locking Ring # CAM55552. We do not carry the recepticles you are seeking.
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  • Difference Between L14-30 Adapters and L14-50
  • The Mighty Cord Generator Adapter # A10-G30430VP that you referenced is an L14-30 adapter as it is a 30 amp twist lock style adapter. L14-50 means 50 amp twist lock like the # CAM55572 which has both sides male and female this style. If you ran a 30 amp to 50 amp adapter like part # A10-G30350VP you'd need to use it with 125 volts and not 220/240.
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  • What Does Male End of Mighty Cord Dogbone RV Power Cord Adapter Fit?
  • The male end of the Mighty Cord Dogbone RV Power Cord Adapter # A10-5030FBK is a plug that will connect to a 50-amp hookup at an RV park. You plug this end into the outlet that looks like the one one in the accompanying diagram and the other end is what you will plug your RV's 30-amp power cord into.
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  • Adapter Recommendation to go From 50 Amp Power Source to 30 Amp Camper
  • The exact adapter you'd need is the part # A10-5030AVP. This adapts your RV's 30 amp power outlet to the 50 amp power source at your campgrounds.
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  • Does Mighty Cord RV Power Cord Adapter Plug # A10-5030AVP Change Amperage
  • The Mighty Cord RV Power Cord Adapter Plug # A10-5030AVP is simply an adapter for the connector styles of 30 Amp Female to 50 Amp Male. Whatever voltage and amperage you put on the male side of the connector is what will come out of the female side regardless of if it's too higher rated for your application.
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  • Adapter to Convert From 50 Amp RV Outlet to 30 Amp Outlet
  • To convert from the 30 amp 110 volt services to the 50 amp on your trailer you can use an adapter plug like the Mighty Cord # A10-3050DAVP. Or if you need a cord we have # A10-3050EDBK which is a 25 foot cord with a 30 amp male and 50 amp female.
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  • Replacement Female 30 Amp Twist Lock Connector for Use with Twist Lock RV Power Inlet A10-30INVP
  • Along with your Mighty Cord 30 Amp Twist Lock RV Power Inlet # A10-30INVP you can use their mating replacement female Twist Lock Connector # A10-30FDT. If you care to add a weather-resistant locking ring you can also use part # A10-30CV.
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  • What are the Correct Wiring Connections Between the Trailer and the Tow Vehicle
  • I have attached a wiring diagram that will show the typical arrangement of the towing wiring on your vehicle and the corresponding wires on the trailer side. The basic wiring identification is as follows: Green - Tail & Running Light Black - 12V Power Brown - Right Turn and Stop Blue - Brake Control Output White - Ground Red - Left Turn and Stop Yellow - Reverse Lights I also attached an article on trailer wiring that can give you more info for you to review.
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  • 50 Amp Twistlock Female to 15 Amp Male Adapter Recommendation
  • Instead of using two adapter the part # A10-1550DAVP would be a better option as it goes from a 50 amp twist lock female to 15 amp male like you need. Of if you wanted a longer setup the part # A10-1550D90VP is 12 inches long and has a 90 degree elbow. For a straight connector we have the part # A10-1550DVP.
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  • Pin and Receptacle Style for RV Power Cord Adapter - 125V - 30 Amp Female to 15 Amp Male
  • The end that plugs into 110 volt outlets is the typical 3-prong with a ground. The other end is a 3-prong receptacle with the top two being blade style and the lower center one a typical rounded ground. I have included a picture showing both ends.
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  • Generator-to-RV Wiring Adapters with 50-Amp and 30-Amp Fittings
  • We have many RV-to-generator adapter products that are shown on the linked page. These come in varying lengths and with many different connector fittings. If you click on the type of fitting you need for each end, both generator and adapter ends, you will then see just the items that will work for you. For example, for an adapter with a 50-amp female on one end and a 4-prong 30-amp male twist lock on the other you can use # CAM55422.
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  • Wire Gauge and Function of Mighty Cord RV Power Cord Extension 50 Amps
  • The Valterra Mighty Cord 50' RV Power Cord Extension w/ Finger Grip Handle - 125/250V - 50 Amp # A10-5050EH the hot wires are the 6 gauge and the ground is 8 gauge. I confirmed this with the manufacturer for you, so you will have 3 wires that are the thicker 6 gauge and one that is 8 gauge within this extension cord.
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  • Can Mighty Cord 90-Degree RV Power Cord Adapter be Plugged into 20 Amp GFCI Receptacle
  • The Mighty Cord 90-Degree RV Power Cord Adapter # A10-1550D90VP referenced in your question will connect to the 50-amp, twist-lock power inlet on your RV and plug into a 15-amp extension cord that can be run to an electrical hookup. There should not be an issue powering up a refrigerator but you will want to check the amperage for your A/C unit to see if you will be able to power it up and keep it running with a 15 amp plug. These will typically require more amps than a refrigerator and...
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  • Availability of Very Long RV Extension Cord
  • If your RV uses a 30 amp plug, we have a 50 foot long extension that would work great for you, part # A10-3050E. If you need a 50 amp plug, we offer part # CAM55195 that's 30 feet long, which you could plug into # CAM55194 for a total of 45 feet long. However, be aware that the longer your extension cord gets, the more voltage drop you'll experience. At greater lengths, this drop may prevent certain equipment that needs high start-up voltage to operate like refrigerators or A/C units from...
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  • RV Power Cord with 4-Prong Twist-Lock and 3-Prong Connectors
  • It sounds like you are looking for an adapter cord with a 4-prong 50-amp female twist-lock connector on one end with a 3-prong 30-amp male on the other. Such an item is Camco Power Grip # CAM55582. I linked our entire range of RV power cords and adapters for your reference. If you need something else please send us photos of the two connectors you need to join. The linked chart shows common electrical connectors which are labelled to help you identify which you have.
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  • Wiring Configuration of Mighty Cord 7-Way Plug A10-7W10
  • For the 7-way trailer plug # A10-7W10 the wiring configuration is as follows: Yellow: auxiliary and reverse lights Green: tail lights Brown: right turn and brake lights Blue: electric brakes Black: 12V battery charge Red: left turn and brake lights White: ground The 12V power and ground wires (black and white, respectively) are heavier 10-gauge wire; the blue brake circuit wire is 12-gauge and all lighting circuit wires are 14-gauge.
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  • Recommended RV Power Cord For Converting 50 Amp to 30 Amp for RV Power
  • An 8 gauge cable would help the handles from getting so hot, but unfortunately we don't carry anything like that. The 10 gauge wire is sufficient to work properly without overheating. The Mighty Cord RV Power Cord Adapter - 50 Amp Twist Lock Female to 30 Amp Male - 25' # A10-3050EHD is most likely your best option for conversion. You may want to consider using a surge protector like # CAM55313 to protect your wiring when using a straight 50 amp male or the Camco RV Power Defender Voltage...
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  • Recommended 50 Amp RV Cable With 50 Amp Twist Lock Female To 30 Amp Male Connector In 50 Ft Length
  • To get the 50 amp cable in that length, I recommend the Epicord RV Power Cord with Handle - 50 Amp Male to Twist Lock Female Connector - 50' Long # 277-000157 along with the Power Grip RV Power Cord Adapter w/ Handles - 125V - 50 Amp Female to 30 Amp Male # CAM55185. If you want a shorter length, you can use the 36 foot length # 277-000155.
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  • 30 Amp Male Plug Without Handle for Compatibility with Small Door On Trailer
  • For a 30 amp male plug without a handle, we have the following: Mighty Cord RV Power Cord Adapter - 30 Amp Twist Lock Female to 30 Amp Male - 12" # A10-3030DBK Mighty Cord RV Power Cord Adapter - 50 Amp Twist Lock Female to 30 Amp Male - 12" # A10-3050DBK Mighty Cord Dogbone RV Power Cord Adapter - 50 Amp Female to 30 Amp Male - 12" # A10-3050FBK For a power cord, we have these: Mighty Cord RV Power Cord Adapter - 50 Amp Twist Lock Female to 30 Amp Male - 25' # A10-3050EDBK Mighty...
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  • Does Female Side of Mighty Cord 10' RV Power Cord Extension # A10-5010EH Plug Into RV
  • Yes, as long as your RV has a 50 amp style power connector on it the female side of the Mighty Cord 10' RV Power Cord Extension w/ Finger Grip Handle # A10-5010EH that you referenced will plug right in. This is a very common application for this power cord so it would work well for you. The male end then plugs into the 50-amp outlet on an electrical box.
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