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Expert Answers about Stackers

  • Do Stackers Need to be Used on all Three Axles on Triple Axle Toy Hauler?
  • That's an interesting question, but leveling blocks such as # A10-0918 should be used on all three axles to properly support your toy hauler. Your axles each have a weight rating and you would not want to take one out of the equation entirely. If you plan on using these blocks you can help keep your wheels in place with wheel chocks # A10-0922. I've added links to video reviews of each product for you to take a look at.
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  • Will Stackers Wheel Chock Work with Camco Leveling Blocks
  • Because of how the blocks connect to each other, the Stackers Wheel Chock # A10-0922 referenced in your question will not be compatible with the FasTen RV Leveling Blocks # CAM44512. I have attached a couple of images that clarify the mounting pattern for each style block so you can get a better idea as to why they will not connect to each other. To use the Stackers Wheel Chock along with stacking blocks, you will need the Stackers Leveling Blocks # A10-0918, which comes with a quantity...
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  • How Much Lift Do Stackers Leveling Blocks Provide
  • The total height of each individual block on the Stackers Leveling Blocks # A10-0916 is 1-3/8 inches. All four blocks included in the set need to be stacked on top of each other to provide the total 4 inches of lift. I have included a helpful demonstration video that explains these dimensions. Since you are needing 8 inches of lift, I instead recommend the part # A10-0918, which is the same product but includes a total of 10 blocks. I also recommend adding the Stackers Wheel Chock...
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  • How to Create a Larger Footprint on an RVs Leveling System for Soft Ground
  • I have exactly what you will need to give the foot pads on your RV's leveling system a larger footprint for softer ground. For this, I recommend using the Stackers Leveling Blocks part # A10-0920. The Stackers blocks can be used for a variety of applications such as under the trailers wheels, under stabilizer jacks, or in your case under the foot pads on your leveling system. The best feature of Stackers has reference to its name. The blocks can be stacked to give you the proper height...
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  • Do Stackers Leveling Blocks # A10-0920 Have to Be Used Under a Trailer Jack
  • The Stackers part # A10-0920 can be used under jacks/stabilizers but can also be used under the wheels of a vehicle to level. I attached a picture that shows this as well.
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  • Max Height of the Stackers Multi-Use Wheel Supports # A10-0918
  • With the 10 blocks that come with the Stackers Multi-Use Wheel Supports # A10-0918 that you referenced the overall height max when using them with 4 pads is going to be right at 4-1/2 inches. I attached a picture that shows this used in that configuration.
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  • Can Stackers Leveling Blocks # A10-0920 Only be Used on Paved Surfaces
  • You are going to have to use your best judgement with the Stackers Leveling Blocks # A10-0920. They don't have to be used strictly on paved surfaces but you also don't want to use them over a deep rut or on a steep incline.
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  • Are There Leveling Blocks Wider Than 8-1/4 Inches?
  • Each of the leveling blocks we carry have a width between 8-1/4 inches, such as the Ultra-Fab # UF48-979052 you mentioned, and 8-1/2 inches, such as the Stackers # A10-0918. The Stackers have a 40,000 lbs gross vehicle weight capacity and can be used for scissor jacks, hydraulic jacks, fifth wheel jacks, and stabilizer jacks.
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  • Weight of the Stackers Leveling Blocks for RV Tires, Jacks, and Stabilizers
  • The Stackers Leveling Blocks for Trailers and RVs - 1-3/8" x 8-1/8" - Qty 4 # A10-0916 weigh approximately 4 lbs or just under 1 lb each. I've attached a couple review videos of this product to assist.
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