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Expert Answers about Voyager

  • Compatibility Of New Voyager Wireless Camera With Old Voyager Wireless System
  • I reached out to my contact at ASA and the Voyager Camera - Digital - Wireless - Auto Pairing # WVCMS130AP is able to pair with the monitor of your wvos511 wireless system monitor. We don't carry the exact camera replacement that came with your system from 2012, but they said as long as both the camera and the monitor have auto pairing you won't have any issue. You said you were looking for options, and our other options would require replacing your entire system. Here is what is...
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  • Can Voyager Multi Camera Controller be Used Manually
  • The Voyager Multi Camera Controller # CSW3014 will auto trigger with the turn signals or can be manually switched to view a specific camera. I've linked a video of the controller for you.
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  • What is the Cable Size and Type for the Antenna Extension for Voyager Digital Wireless System
  • The cable that comes with Antenna Extension # WVOSAPANTEXT is a coaxial cable but it is much smaller than TV coaxial cable. From my research it is an RG-58/U based on the 50 ohm rating printed on the cable and the 0.8mm core diameter.
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  • Is a Digital Wireless Observation System Available With a Large Monitor?
  • The Furrion Digital Wireless Observation System # FOS48TA-BL has a 4.3 inch screen which is the largest available for this system. There are systems that have larger screens available however. The Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System # WVOS541 has a 5-5/8" LCD monitor and the Voyager # WVOS713 has a 7" LCD monitor. I have added links to video reviews of all three systems for you to take a look at.
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  • Compatibility of the Voyager Rear Camera and LCD Monitor on a 1999 Chinook RV
  • The connection on the Voyager Rear Camera with LED Low Light Assist, # VCMS155, uses the standard 4 pin audio/video connection. If your monitor uses this type of audio/video connection, then the two cables will connect. The only issue I might see is that with the age of your monitor you may not be able to utilize all the features of the new camera. However, standard operation of the system will function well. If you are looking for a complete upgrade, I recommend the Rear View Safety...
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  • Best Backup Camera Solution Recommendation
  • The Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System # WVOS713 will give you an excellent view behind you when backing up. It has a built in speaker system so that you can hear what's going on as well as has infrared low-lighting assist to help you see at night as well.
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  • Can the Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System Swith to Mirror Image on Monitor
  • The monitor on the Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System # WVOS541 referenced in your question can indeed be switched so that it shows a mirror image. To do this, you will simply press and hold down the monitor's power button for 5 seconds. You will then be able to select either the "Mirror ON" or "Mirror OFF" viewing option. I have attached the complete installation instructions on this system that you can also check out.
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  • How Do You View Image with Voyager Rear Camera with LED Low Light Assist
  • The Voyager Rear Camera with LED Low Light Assist # VCMS155B referenced in your question uses a standard 4-pin audio-video connection plug, which is included. It can be used with an existing monitor if you already have one or added to a system like the Voyager Observation System # WVOS43. You can also add extension cables like the 25 foot # CEC25 that will help reach from the camera to the observation monitor. I have attached a couple of demonstration videos on these systems that you...
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  • Wired and Wireless Security Camera Systems With Color Monitors
  • We offer both wired and wireless camera systems for various application that are displayed on the linked page. These camera systems include displays that are up to 7-inches, such as the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with Side Cameras, item # RVS-770616N. Wireless systems such as # RVS-155W are also available. Camera systems for security purposes or for improving vehicle/towing visibility usually are designed as complete systems with a specific monitor/display that matches the...
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  • Recommended Best Observation Backup Camera System for View Behind Travel Trailer
  • To see behind your 2018 Keystone Springdale18 foot travel trailer, I recommend the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with Trailer Tow Quick Connect Kit # RVS-770613-213. Because it is a hardwired unit, the pairing and connection are not an issue. If you prefer a wireless system that will require pairing, then I recommend the Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System - 5-5/8" LCD Monitor - Wireless Camera # WVOS541. Either the hardwired or wireless unit will need to capture...
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  • Can the Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System Part # WVOS541 be Hardwired
  • I spoke to my contact at Voyager and they informed me that the Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System part # WVOS541 can be hardwired to the vehicle. Once you cut off the 12 volt DC universal power connection and remove the wire jacket you will have two wires to connect. The red wire is for the power which can be attached to any 12 volt power source on the vehicle that only receives power while the vehicle is on, such as the radio. The other wire is black which will need to be grounded...
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  • Will Voyager Multi Camera Controller Flash due to Trigger Inputs?
  • The Voyager Multi Camera Controller, # CSW3014, will be triggered with turn signals, but it is not going to continually flash in conjunction with them. It may be best to think of it in terms of a motion sensor light, which activates when it gets a signal yet continues to work even though the sensor continues to detect motion.
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  • Recommended Place to Have Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System Installed
  • The Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System # WVOS541 referenced in your question is a great observation system that features a 5-5/8 inch LCD monitor with WiSight technology that that requires no cables. All of the necessary hardware is included. We do not have any particular places in Dallas that we recommend for installation, but any local auto shop with a good reputation should be able to handle the process with ease. I have attached the complete installation instructions that...
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  • Recommended Voyager Monitor and Camera System for Fire Engine Application
  • The Voyager Monitor and Camera Kit - 7" Screen - Rear and Side Cameras # VOS74TQKIT is a great system. It does not come with chrome covers, but you can get longer cable lengths. We have a 25 foot extension # CEC25, a 34 foot extension # CEC34, a 50 foot extension # CEC50, and a 75 foot extension # CEC75. This system comes with high performance color optics and 15 display modes with microphones and speaker. This system comes with a 1 year warranty on all components.
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  • Backup Camera Recommendation that Can Display on Phone or Laptop
  • We have one backup camera that can pair to a laptop or phone, the Rampage Camera # RA7710 emits a WiFi signal which your phone or laptop can pickup and display the camera.
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  • Switching to Mirrored Image View on the Voyager Rear View Monitor
  • I contacted ASA Electronics to find out how to switch to the mirrored image view on the Voyager Rear View Monitor # AOM562A. It depends on the revision of your camera and monitor. They told me for you to try and hold the power button for 7-10 seconds and see if that works for you.
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  • Will Voyager Camera WVCMS130AP Work with Voyager Camera WVOS511
  • We've had a similar question to this before and our contacts at Voyager stated that as long as your current WVOS511 has auto pairing it will work great with the # # WVCMS130AP that you also mentioned.
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  • Does Voyager VCMS155 Camera Fit Voyager AOM 713 Monitor
  • Yes, the Voyager Rear Camera # VCMS155 uses the same 4-pin style of connector as the Voyager AOM713 that you have so it will work for you.
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