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winner international

Winner International was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of automotive security devices. It has since expanded to commercial, residential, recreational and personal security and safety markets.

  • Created lock to attach to steering wheel to eliminate theft
  • Produces locks that secure around vehicle wheel to prevent theft

Expert Answers about Winner International

  • Way to Lock 5x8 Utility Trailer
  • I prefer wheel locks over coupler locks for trailers as they are harder to defeat and offer a more visible lock from a distance. I really like the Wheel Club part # WI490. As one of our customers put it, "The wheel club is very visible and says if you want this trailer you have to work for it." It prevents the wheel from rolling as well as would make it very difficult to remove the wheel if you wanted to. I attached an install video for you to check out as well.
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  • Anti-Theft Devices for a Trailer
  • There are ways to lock your trailer, but the handle of the Atwood Trailer Jack is not designed to be removed so that wouldn't be what I would recommend. I like the wheel locks like part # WI491 as they can fit basically any trailer and would immobilize it. Or you can go with a coupler lock like the Fastway Universal Trailer Coupler Lock # DT25013KA. I attached review videos for both of these products as well as a link to a page that has all of the trailer locks we offer.
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  • Can Wheel Lock Prevent Vehicle From Being Towed and Can It Fit Mitsubishi Gallant and Small Trailer
  • Depending on which wheel The Wheel Club - Tire and Wheel Lock, part # W1490, is mounted to will determine if a car can be towed. If the vehicle's non-drive wheels or wheels that are not powered by transmission are locked then this would prevent the vehicle from being towed. For example on a front wheel drive car, like your Mitsubishi Galant, if you were to put the wheel lock on the rear wheels, this would prevent the car from being towed by a traditional tow truck that tows the vehicle...
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  • Recommended Wheel Chock Lock for Aluma Trailer MC10 Trailer
  • For your wheel chock lock for your 13 inch trailer wheel, you have a few different options. You can use the Wheel Club - Tire and Wheel Lock # WI490, the CLUB Tire Claw XL - Wheel Lock # WI491 or the Club Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock with Lug Nut Protector Plate # WI491-491LNP. For your spare tire mount, I recommend the # FHDSTC0101 for the tongue of your trailer or the # FETCHL0700 which includes a lock. Finally for your bike rack, I need to know the year of your Ford Edge to get you...
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  • WIll the Club Tire Claw XL # WI491KA-491LNP Wheel Lock Work on my Trailer with Electric Brakes
  • The Club Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock with Lug Nut Protector Plate, part # WI491KA-491LNP, that you referenced was designed to used on tires that are up to 12 inches wide. This Tire Claw attaches to the tire so the electric brakes of your trailer should not prevent this from being used. If the tires on your trailer are skinnier than 12 inches you could use the # WI491KA-491LNP.
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  • Recommended Wheel Lock for Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer
  • Our most popular wheel lock is the Club Tire Claw XL # WI491-491LNP. It not only clamps around the wheel to keep it from rolling it also covers the lug nuts to help keep a would-be thief from removing the wheel altogether. It will fit tires up to 12 inches wide so it will work just fine on your Basecamp. If you'd like more than one wheel lock, like for your vehicle, you can get multiple Tire Claws that use the same key using # WI491KA-491LNP.
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  • How Strong is the Club XL Utility Lock Against Theft
  • The Club XL Utility Lock, # WIUTL800, is constructed of chromoly steel with a tube diameter of 1 inches. The chromoly construction can withstand break-off attempts from freezing, hammering, sawing, and prying. The chromoly steel rods are solid. Any standard bolt cutters would have a difficult time cutting the steel rods of this lock. With that said, any lock or anti-theft device is only a good theft deterrent as far as an individual will go to try to take something. So no anti-theft...
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  • Availability of a Lug Nut Protector Plate for The Club Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock # WI491
  • We do have the lug nut protector plate available for the Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock. You will need part # 491LNP. You will need to drill into the inside of the outer arm on the Tire Claw. The plate comes with mounting hardware. The back has a foam covering to protect the rims. Current pricing is available on the product page.
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  • Locking a Trailer that Uses Atwood Flat Nose Trailer Coupler 75074
  • What I recommend to keep someone from stealing your parked trailer is a wheel lock such as # RA-25 or a model that also covers the lug nuts such as # WI490. Usually the mere presence of a lock will cause a would-be thief to move on to another target. Coupler locks do not really work with coupler 75074 due to the unique design of the coupler.
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  • Will The CLUB Tire Claw XL fit a Trailer with Tire Size 225/75-15
  • A 225/75-15 tire is 225mm or 8.86 inches. The CLUB Tire Claw XL will accommodate wheels and tires up to 12 inches wide, so you should be fine as your tire is under 12 inches.
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  • What Type of Keys are Used on the Wheel Club - Tire and Wheel Lock
  • I have included a picture showing the keys up close for the Wheel Club - Tire and Wheel Lock, # WI490. They are your basic flat key style. I have also included a link to the right of a video review of this product for you to view.
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  • Recommended Lock Box for 2013 Honda Odyssey
  • I have a solution for you but there is not a custom fit lock box for your 2013 Honda Odyssey. Instead we do offer several portable lock boxes like The Club XL # LB400 or the smaller # LB200. These lock boxes will keep your valuables hidden and safely secured. This can be used in your vehicle, hotel room, RV, or home. The steel cable wraps around your vehicle's seat post or any fixed point. I have linked the lock boxes to this page for you to check out. I have also linked all the...
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  • Can the Club Tire Claw XL # WI491-491LNP be Cut Through
  • The The Club Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock with Lug Nut Protector Plate # WI491-491LNP, just like any other lock for any device, is more of a theft deterrent than a sure-fire way to keep someone from stealing your vehicle or getting at your wheels. Given enough time and the right equipment any lock can be beaten. Because of this (and to avoid would-be thieves from researching how much time they need) there are no "cut times" for the Club Tire Claw XL. If you don't like the design of this wheel...
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  • Wheel Lock for Keystone RV 5th Wheel
  • The Redline Wheel Lock Set, # RG01-150, is only made for ½ inch wheel bolts. For bolts of a different size, you'll need a lock like The Wheel Club Tire and Wheel Lock, # WI490, which fits over your tire rather than over your lug nuts. This model fits wheels from 13 to 16 inches and tires up to 28 inches in diameter, 9 inches in width. If you have wheels/tires of a different size, let me know what size you have and I'll be happy to recommend something else. I'm also attaching a link...
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  • Could a Cutting Wheel Or Sawz-All Cut Through The CLUB Tire Claw XL # WI491KA
  • Yes, the The CLUB Tire Claw XL # WI491KA could be cut with a cutting wheel or sawz-all. Theft deterrents are a great way to keep honest people honest, but a dedicated thief with time and opportunity will typically get what they want. It would take a very bold thief that happened to have a cutting wheel on him with enough time and willingness to make a lot of noise to get through the part # WI491KA.
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  • Wheel Lug for 13 Inch Trailer Wheels with Baby Moon Hub Caps
  • it would be a very tight fit but it is possible for The Wheel Club # WI490 to fit your 13 inch tires with the baby moons on them. A safer bet would ne the Rack'em lock, # RA-25. It doesn't cover any part of the center of the wheel so the baby moons would not be in the way. I have included links to video reviews of both locks for you.
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  • Will the Club Regular Utility Lock Secure My Battery Box Outside My Trailer
  • The Club Regular Utility Lock # WIUTL810 may work to secure your battery box on the outside of your trailer. Since this lock has fully extended dimentions of 13-7/8" long x 9-1/8" wide and fully collapsed dimentions of 11" long x 9-1/8" wide, provided that your battery box and the frame can fit inside those dimensions like # 329-HM082BKS, this is an excellent option to secure your box. If your battery box is taller than the # WIUTL810 dimentions will allow, the Club XL Utility Lock #...
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  • Will The CLUB Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock # WI491 Fit Golf Cart Wheels
  • The CLUB Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock # WI491 will fit your 205/65-10 tire's width and it will work for you even if the two claws cannot fully pass into the triangular openings in your alloy wheel. Since the Tire Claw locks at whatever position you choose for its two sides it will still grip your wheel even if the claw cannot fully enter the wheel's openings.
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  • Will the CLUB Tire Claw XL, # WI491 Fit on 275/35-19 Tires
  • The CLUB Tire Claw XL, # WI491, is designed to fit up to 12 inch wide wheels. A 275/35-19 is going to be about 10.835 inches wide. This size is within the range of the lock so it will work on your tires and wheels. I have included a link to a video review of the lock for you.
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  • Wheel Chock to Keep Trailer From Rolling
  • The Club Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock # WI491KA-491LNP is for security and while it technically can stop your wheels from rotating it is not meant to stabilize a trailer to keep it from moving. What you would want instead is a wheel chock such as FloTool Wheel Chocks for Trailers and Vehicles Up to 20" Wheels # FT11930MI or the Valterra Heavy Duty Wheel Chock # A10-0914. I've added a link to our page with our selection of wheel chocks for you to take a look at.
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  • Does Club Tire Claw XL # WI491 Fit Tire Size 275/55R20
  • Yes, since your tire width is 275 mm which is less than 12 inches in width the Tire Claw XL part # WI491 will fit and work well. Price is available at link below.
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  • Will the Wheel Club - Tire and Wheel Lock # WI490 Fit the Tire on a 2010 Mazda CX7
  • The Wheel Club - Tire and Wheel Lock # WI490 will fit 13" - 16" wheels that have tires that are up to 28" in diameter and 9" in width. From the research that I did it looks like you might have 17" wheels on your 2010 Maxda CX-7 which means that the Tire and Wheel Lock would not be compatible. If you let me know what the size the tire on your CX-7 is, it will be found on the sidewall and look like 225/75-15, then I can confirm whether it fits or not. If you do have 17" tires then you...
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  • Is Drilling Required on a 2001 Ford Taurus to Use The Club Tire Claw XL, # WI491-491LNP
  • You will not have to do any drilling on your 2001 Ford Taurus to use the Club Tire Claw XL, # WI491-491LNP. The drilling mentioned is to attach that triangle-shaped plate to the claw arm. Otherwise without the plate, you would basically have Tire Claw, # WI491. In either case they clamp around the tire. The one with the plate protects the lug nuts. I have linked a video of the regular Tire Claw so you can see how it works.
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  • Will the Lug Nut Protector Plate # 491LNP Fit the Stallion Trailer Wheel Lock # 288-02020
  • I went out to the warehouse and found that the Lug Nut Protector Plate # 491LNP did fit the claw of the Stallion Trailer Wheel Lock # 288-02020 but I am not sure if it fit far enough for a wheel. The claws on the Stallion lock have a wedge shape whereas the The CLUB Tire Claw XL # WI491, that the plate is designed to fit, has straight claws. I recommend using the plate on the CLUB Tire Claw XL as opposed to the Stallion Wheel Lock because of this. They actually come together as part...
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  • Recommended Wheel Lock For Tandem Axle Trailer Parked On A Hill
  • For your tandem axle trailer, I recommend The CLUB Tire Claw XL - Wheel Lock - Keyed Alike # WI491KA. The self-locking claw wraps around the tire and locks in place to prevent rolling. For the best option, you can get brake assemblies like # T4203000 and # T4203100 that have a parking brake lever along with the Titan Breakaway and Parking Kit for Drum Brakes # T2385200. You would however, still need a locking device.
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  • Recommendation for Removing Double Claw Hook Steering Wheel Lock with Lost Key
  • The Club Twin Hooks Vehicle Steering Wheel Lock - Chromoly Steel - Yellow # WI3000 is a strong lock. To remove the device because it is a theft prevention lock, you will need to contact your local locksmith to assist as standard tools are not intended to work on this product.
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  • Wheel Lock that Also Blocks Access to Lug Nuts
  • The Wheel Club # WI490 isn't going to make it easy to access the lug nuts but no, there isn't an adapter that complete covers them. For that I recommend a different version, # WI491-491LNP. I have linked a video review of it for you.
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  • Wheel Lock Recommendation for Tire that is 315 Series in Width
  • For a tire size that wide we have the Winner International part # WI491KA which can fit tires up to 12 inches wide. I can't help but notice that the tire size you listed is not a standard trailer tire size. I am hoping this is an off-road trailer since we can't safely recommend passenger vehicle tires on trailers!
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  • Does The Wheel Club WI490 Use Several Key Numbers
  • Yes, the The Wheel Club # WI490 that you referenced utilizes several different keys so if you bought one you would not have the keys to everyone out there.
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  • Recommended Universal Trailer Lock
  • If you're having trouble finding a lock that will fit I would go with a wheel lock like # WI490. It will fit 13 to 16 inch rims and tires up to 28 inches in diameter and 9 inches wide.
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