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Expert Answers about Orion

  • Are the Orion Campfire Starter Flares Compatible with Indoor Fire Pits in Homes?
  • The Orion Campfire Starter Mini Flares # RN753 are not recommended by the manufacturer for indoor use. There is a label on the top of the box that states they are for outdoor use only. The flare can also be used for an emergency flare and has a burning time of 5 minutes. As an alternative, I recommend using the Camco Fire Starter Sticks # CAM51016 which can be used indoors
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  • Is the Orion Flare Storage Bag # RN7830 Waterproof
  • In order for something to be described as waterproof it needs to be able to be submerged underwater and keep the contents dry. The Orion Storage Bag # RN7830 would not be waterproof as the lid of it is opened and closed with a zipper. I wouldn't leave the bag out in the rain, but if you were walking a reasonably short distance with this bag the contents would stay dry. Road flares by nature have can handle quite a bit of moisture before failing. The ends of the flares are typically sealed...
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  • Compatibility of Orion Flare Storage Bag RN7830 with 17-Inch Emergency Flares
  • The Orion Flare Storage Bag # RN7830 measures 16-1/4-inches long, a bit less than the length of your 17-inch flares. But since the bag is flexible it will still fit those longer flares but you just may not be able to fit as many as 18 of them at once. Hopefully no emergency situation will require more than one flare! If you need more flares we offer a 3-pack, part # RN3073.
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  • What Color Light Sticks Are In The Package Contents Of Emergency Kit # RN8906
  • I reached out to my contact at Orion and confirmed that the Orion Roadside Emergency Kit with Flares and First Aid Kit - 50 Pieces # RN8906 does have 2 green light sticks according to their packing list and the physical examination. I have asked for our photo to be updated to represent the 2 green more accurately.
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