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25 Dollar Mail In Rebate on Select Westin Nerf Bar Steps
50 Dollar Mail In Rebate on Select Westin Nerf Bar Steps
Westin Custom Fit Accessories


  • Manufacturing quality truck and SUV accessories since 1977
  • Custom-fit products provide final touch to your vehicle
  • Most accessories are designed to install easily with no drilling required
  • Truck and SUV accessories are custom designed to complement the lines of your vehicle
  • Helps protect your vehicle

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Expert Answers about Westin

  • Replacement Mounting Hardware & Brackets for the Westin E-Series Round Nerf Bars # 23-1680
  • Yes, we can help you with replacement installation brackets for your Westin E-Series Round Nerf Bars # 23-1680 on your 2003 Silverado 2500HD. The correct replacement mounting kit for your truck and nerf bars is part # 23-168PK. This kit includes brackets, bolts and washers. Westin suggests an application of automotive wax on their stainless steel bars to help retain their high-polish finish. In case you are interested in other enhancements for your truck I have linked you to our...
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  • Difference Between Super Cab and Crew Cab on Ford Trucks
  • A Super Cab is basically an extended cab truck, 4 doors but the rear ones are smaller and open backwards. A Crew Cab has 4 full size doors that all open the same direction.
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  • Step Pad Replacement for Step Bars on a Chevy Silverado 2500
  • The Westin Replacement E-series Step Pad, # 23-0001, measures 3-5/8, 5-5/8, 6-3/8, 3-5/8 inches from one end pin to the other. I have attached a photo showing the measurements I took for you. It is 21 inches long and 3 inches wide. This certainly does sound like the correct pad for you based on the measurements you have provided. This pad is a replacement for a Westin E-series bar. If you had Westin bars, they should say Westin on the pads. The pads are held onto the bar using barrel...
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  • Recommendation on Lights For Westin Ultimate Bull Bar
  • The off-road lights that I have available for the Westin Ultimate Bull Bar are as follows: Westin 6 Inch Off-Road Driving Lights, Black, part # 09-0505 Westin 6 Inch Off-Road Driving Lights, Chrome, part # 09-0500 For standard driving lights I have the following: Westin 4-Inch Round Driving Lights, part # 09-0105 Westin 5-3/4 Inch Round Driving Lights, part # 09-0205 Westin 5-1/4 Inch x 2-1/2 Inch Rectangular Driving Lights, part # 09-0305 Westin 6 Inch x 4 Inch Rectangular...
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  • Installation Instructions for Westin Sportsman Grille Guard for 2003 to 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD
  • If you have Westin Sportsman Grille Guard # 40-1245 the instructions are linked on the product page on the right hand side. I have also included a link for them here also to the right. If you have # 45-1240 I have linked those instructions for you as well.
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  • Compatibility of Nerf Bars and Mounting Kits Between Ford and Chevrolet Trucks
  • Nerf bars are produced as vehicle-specific products. The mounting brackets that are used to install them are also vehicle year/make/model/version specific. Nerf bars for a Chevrolet truck will not fit a Ford truck, nor will the installation kit be adaptable. It sounds like you have a Super Cab F-150 - please refer to the linked article for info on cab styles. We do offer a range of steps for the 2002 F-150 Super Cab and the link at right will let you see all.
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  • Install Kit for Westin Bull Bar on 2010 Nissan Frontier
  • I spoke with my contact at Westin, who tells me that the Bull Bars are somewhat vehicle-specific. The only Bull Bars that are compatible with the 2010 Frontier are the # 32-1690 in chrome plated stainless or # 32-1695 in black powder coated steel. The hardware kit is part # 32-169PK, and is specific to the bars mentioned above. The Westin # 31-5170 you mentioned is only compatible with the GM Trucks and SUVs listed on the bottom of the product page.
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  • Recommended Grill Guard for a 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2
  • I do have a grill guard option for you but I called my contact at Westin and they were not able to confirm fitment of the Westin Sportsman Grille Guard with Winch Plate part # 40-93845 on your 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2. For a grill guard that is a confirmed fit I recommend using the Aries Grille Guard part # AA4088 for black and part # AA4088-2 for polished. The Aries Grill Guard is a one piece custom fit guard with all included parts needed for installation. The headlight cages are removable...
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  • Replacement Rear Chrome Bumper for a 1995 Ford F-150 Eddie Bauer Edition
  • There are a few different chrome bumper options for the 1995 Ford F-150, see link. These are all universal fit bumpers. A Perfect Match (custom fit) is not available for the 1995 model year.
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  • Recommended Westin Grille Guard for 2018 Toyota 4Runner
  • For your 2018 Toyota 4Runner, I recommend the Westin Sportsman # 45-3820 if you have the TRD model or SR5 model. They will not fit the Limited Edition trim of the TRD models but will fit all the other TRD and SR5 models. I recommend the Westin Grille Guards over the Aries because they have been around a lot longer so they have proven themselves and I personally just like the look better. We have many of the parts for these grille guards because they often get reused on other vehicles...
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  • Replacement Step Pads For Nerf Bars 21x3 Inches With 4 Posts
  • We do have a 21x3 inch replacement pad. It is the Replacement Step Pad for Westin E-Series Nerf Bars - 21" Long x 3" Wide - Qty 1, # 23-0001. Unfortunately this pad has 5 posts. The closest 4 post replacement pad we have is the Replacement Step Pad for Westin Platinum Series Nerf Bars - 20" Long - Qty 1, # 26-0001.
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  • Headache Rack and Tonneau Cover Recommendation for a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • For your 2014 Chevy Silverado you would want the Westin Headache Rack part # 57-8025 as it attaches through the top of your bed rails which will allow a tonneau cover to install. If you have a 5-1/2 ft bed you would want the Deuce part # TX771801 If you have a 6-1/2 ft bed you would want the Deuce part # TX772001 If you have an 8 foot bed you would want the Deuce part # TX772201 These covers install between the bed rails of the truck so they would work with the headache rack. Since...
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  • Westin HDX Install Picture for 2013 Ram 2500
  • I attached a picture that shows what the Westin HDX Grille Guard # 57-3555 looks like when installed on a 2013 Ram like your 2500 model. It looks like the divider bar is below the headlamps.
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  • Will the Westin GenX Oval Tube Steps # 20-3565 Fit on a 2013 Ram 2500 Laramie Diesel
  • I spoke with my contact at Westin and he verified that the GenX Oval Tube Steps, # 20-3565, will fit your 2013 Ram 2500 Laramie Diesel and they will not interfere with the DEF tank. Keep in mind, the steps that you referenced are made of mild steel and have a black powder coat finish.
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  • Installing Westin Ultimate Bull Bar on 2012 Dodge Ram 1500
  • The brackets for the Westin Ultimate Bull Bar actually pass under the bumper and attach to the frame members. I have provided a photo that will give you an idea of how the brackets attach to the vehicle. If your truck has the rubber splash guard attached to the underside of the bumper, it will need to be temporarily removed in order to install the bull bar.
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  • Replacement Mounting Brackets and Hardware for a Westin Grille Guard on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500
  • No, the replacement brackets and hardware # 40-014PK is designed to mount compatible grille guards on a 1997 to 2004 Dodge Dakota or 1998 to 2003 Dodge Durango. You would need to use # 40-060PK for a 2001 Dodge Ram.
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  • Replacement Nerf Bar Running Board Step Pads For Lund 5 Inch Oval Boards
  • We have some pads that may work for your 5 inch Lund Running Boards. We have the Replacement Step Pad for Westin Oval Tube Steps # 22-5002 that are 18 inches by 4 inches wide. The closest to 27 inches we have are the # 80-0231, which are 26 inches by 4 inches. I can't confirm that they will fit your 5 inch Lund Running boards, but they are the closest fit we have available.
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  • Running Boards Compatibility Between 2008 and 2014 Chevy Silverado
  • It depends on what running boards you are talking about. For instance, the Westin E-Series Round Nerf Bars - 3" - Black Powder Coated Steel # 23-1955 will fit a 2008-2013 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab and a 2014 2500 or 3500 Crew Cab. Let me know what you are looking at and I'll let you know if they are compatible or not as these are definitely specific fit components.
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  • Replacement Mounting Kit for Westin E-Series Step Bars # 23-1680
  • According to Westin, the # 23-1680 step bar will indeed fit your Extended Cab 2013 Silverado. A replacement installation kit is available as part # 23-168PK.
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  • Replacement Nerf Bar Pads for Truck Champ Nerf Bars on 2003 Ram 1500
  • We don't have any replacement pads for your Truck Champ brand nerf bars based on your hole locations and measurements. However, since you don't have a perfect replacement option, I recommend the Replacement Step Pad for Westin Platinum Series Oval Wheel-2-Wheel Nerf Bars # 24-50024. These step pads will fit your bars if you drill some new holes. The 5 barrel clips to attach them will come with the pads. I recommend putting ink on each peg and then placing them onto your bars to...
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  • Westin Bull Bar # 32-1690 Mounting Kit Contents
  • Even though we do not carry a replacement hardware kit for this Westin Ultimate Bull Bar with Skid Plate, part # 32-1690, I can tell you what the contents of a hardware kit would most likely include. I pulled the installation instructions for this product and found that you would need the following to install this product on your 2007 Ford F150: 2 BRACKET, PASSENGER AND DRIVER 4 M12- 1.75 X 30MM HEX HEAD BOLT 8 M12 FLAT WASHER 4 M12 LOCK WASHER 4 M12 HEX NUT 4 M12-1.25 X 30MM...
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  • Availability of Bull Bar that does Not Interfere with Front Sensors on 2017 Ram 1500
  • I spoke with my contact at Westin and he informed me that there are not currently any Bull Bar products that won't interfere with front sensors like what you have on your 2017 Ram 1500. I recommend looking at the Westin MAX Stainless Steel Bull Bar # 46-43750-23755. This features a very nice, polished stainless steel light bar that will bolt to the winch tray so you can mount driving lights and an electric winch. It is a quick and easy installation process with no required drilling....
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  • Tailgate Mounted Truck Bed Step with Handle
  • On some Ford trucks they came with a factory bed step that included a handle. That might have been what you saw. There are some aftermarket bed steps that have a handle. Take a look at the Convert-a-Ball step, # CAB-SG-2R. This unit has 2 steps and a handle. It is also available in a single step, # CAB-SG. I have linked a video review for you.
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  • Replacement Mounting Brackets and Hardware for Westin Tube Steps for a 200 Dodge Ram 2500/3500
  • The hardware kit and brackets you will need are # 25-124PK. They will fit Westin tube steps # 26-1240 as well as # 25-1240 and # 25-1245.
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  • Running Boards for a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
  • The Westin Running Boards, # 27-6610-1975, do fit the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. However on the Overland model, if it has the factory skirt cladding at the bottom, sides of the vehicle, there are no running boards that will fit. Once installed the running boards will be about level with the bottom, side of the vehicle so you would lose very little, if any, ground clearance once installed. I have included a picture from Westin showing how they would look installed.
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  • Nerf Bar/Step Bar Recommendations for 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab
  • We have a huge selection of Nerf Bars that would be a fit for your 2016 Ram, you can see them by clicking the provided link. I don't blame you for not wanting to go through the dealer! Big Bucks! I'd recommend going with a step bar that's constructed of stainless steel for the best corrosion resistance. DeeZee offers the # DZ372253 step that offers a limited lifetime warranty, but is reasonably priced. I've linked you to an install video showing the step bars I recommended being installed...
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  • Westin Sportsman Grille Guard Mounting Brackets for a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • Both the grille guard and mounting bracket will be specific to the vehicle. For example, a grille guard off of a 2002 Chevy S-10 can not used on a 2003 Dodge Dakota even with the correct mounting brackets. Therefore, as long as the Westin grille guard you have is designed to fit a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 then the correct replacement mounting brackets for the Westin Sportsman Grille Guard part # 40-1175 is the Replacement Mounting Kit for Sportsman Grille part # 40-117PK.
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  • Winch Mounting Tray For 2013 Ford F-150 With EcoBoost
  • The Westin MAX Winch Tray designed to fit your 2013 Ford F-150 EcoBoost is part # 46-23745. This bolts to the truck frame and will accommodate most winches. This includes the mounting hardware and does not require drilling into the frame.
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  • Installation Instructions for Westin Ultimate Bull Bar with Skid Plate for 2003 Ford F-150 Supercrew
  • I do apologize that there were no instructions in the packaging that came with the Westin Ultimate Bull Bar with Skid Plate, # 32-0245. I have included a link to the instructions below. Here is a brief overview: NOTE: Cutting the air dam is necessary if vehicles are not equipped with either tow hooks or fog lights. See NO TOW HOOK instructions. If you do have tow hooks then move on to the next step. Remove tow hooks by removing front bolt and loosening rear bolt sufficiently. DO...
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  • Custom Installation Kit for Westin Molded, Lighted Running Boards on 2018 Toyota 4Runner
  • We do carry the Custom Installation Kit for Westin Molded and Sure-Grip Running Boards # 27-1945; this kit includes the brackets and the hardware that is necessary for you to install the Westin Molded, Lighted Running Boards # 27-0005 that fits your 4-door 2018 Toyota 4Runner.
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