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Expert Answers about Flotool

  • Trailer Leveling Device for Tandem Axle Trailer
  • The FloTool RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp Set # FT11909MI is intended for use when servicing a vehicle such as a car, truck, or SUV. This item is not intended for use as a trailer leveling device but we do offer these too. Andersen's Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler # AM3604 provides leveling at any increment from 1/2-inch up to 4-inches and it is ideal for tandem axle trailers up to 30K weight. The linked videos illustrate. Look also at Camco part # CAM44515 which will allow you to build...
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  • Trailer Jack Wheel Chock/Jack Stand for Use on Soft Ground
  • You can use the FloTool Wheel Chock and Jack Stand # FT11933MI to help distribute the weight load from the trailer jack wheel when it is on soft ground. The center square area has a 4 x 3-5/8-inch opening where your jack wheel can rest and the stand's overall dimensions of 17-1/2 x 6-1/4 will provide a broad stable platform to evenly distribute the trailer tongue weight.
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  • Availability of Wheel Chocks for Trucks
  • We do have wheel chocks which should work very well for you. The FloTool Wheel Chocks for Up to 20" Wheels # FT11930MI are 8-1/8" long x 6" wide x 4-5/8" tall and, as the name says, will work for wheels that are 20" or smaller. They are not only very durable with polypropylene construction, they also have serrated grips to help hold into place. There is also the Blaylock Aluminum Wheel Chock # BLAWC-5 which is made of aircraft-grade aluminum to resist wear and tear. This chock has dimensions...
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  • Recommended Wheel Chocks For Enclosed 7-ft x 14-ft Tandem Trailer
  • To hold your trailer in place when parked and prevent it from moving I recommend the FloTool Wheel Chocks, part # FT11930MI. These wheel chocks will work with wheels up to 20 inch diameter and they measure 8-1/8-inches long x 6-inches wide x 4-5/8-inches tall. There are 2 chocks in the package so you may want to adjust the quantity when ordering for your tandem trailer.
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  • Can FloTool Wheel Chocks # FT11930MI be Used to Secure a Riding Mower or Push Mower in a Truck Bed
  • The only chocks that would do a decent job of keeping a mower in place in a truck bed would be ones that are permanently mounted to the truck; preferably to the frame and not just through the bed. FloTool Wheel Chocks # FT11930MI could be permanently mounted by running some screws down through the holes that are in the chocks but then you have to rely on the strength of the screws to hold the weight of the mower. For your application straps should be the primary means of restraint while...
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  • Can FloTool Water Can FT50863 Be Used for Storing Potable Drinking Water
  • No, the FloTool 6-Gallon Water Can # FT50863 cannot be used safely for storing and transporting potable drinking water. In keeping with common safety practices this white plastic water can should never be used for anything other than water that is intended for non-consumption use, such as for putting out campfires or cleaning purposes.
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  • Leveling Ramp Recommendation for F-350 with Truck Bed Camper
  • The FloTool RhinoRamps Max Vehicle Ramp Set # FT11912MI is not designed for use as a leveling jack. It is only designed as a jack to raise both sides of a vehicle up evenly. Basically the manufacturer doesn't want you using these on uneven ground as the ramp was never tested in this setup. Their fear is that the ramp could lose traction or the tire slip off the ramp etc. The part # UF48-979051 is a block setup that is designed for leveling which would be the best option we have.
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  • Would the FloTool Wheel Chock and Jack Stand # FT11933MI Give Jack Additional Height
  • The FloTool Wheel Chock and Jack Stand # FT11933MI that you referenced is designed for exactly what you are looking to do. You can put the jack foot or wheel on the center of the stand and then jack the trailer up. It would give you additional height for your jack to get the nose up higher as well. If your driveway is sloped you would want to be sure to check the wheels of your trailer with an additional one of these. You could be in your boat with this under the jack but be sure not...
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  • Funnel Tube Diameter for Flo Tool Funnel part # FT06064
  • The diameter of the hose of the Flo Tool Funnel part # FT06064 that you referenced is 9/16 of an inch.
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  • Can FloTool Super Siphon w/ Squeeze Bulb # FT10800 Move Fluid to Higher Location
  • Yes the FloTool Super Siphon w/ Squeeze Bulb # FT10800 is capable of moving liquids to a higher point than where it's drawing the liquid from. If it couldn't do that it would not be able to pull fuel out of a gas tank.
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  • Wheel Chock Recommendation Preventing Boat Trailer From Rolling Down Driveway
  • We have wheel chocks that are designed specifically for preventing a trailer rolling down an incline like your setup. I really like the FloTool Wheel Chocks part # FT11930MI which will work great for you. I like these because of the design on the bottom of them which is designed for traction.
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  • Using Wheel Chocks on 2011 Airstream Sport 22 Foot Trailer
  • When using traditional wheel chocks like the FloTool # FT11930MI, I recommend using them on both sides of the trailer. This will be the safest option, especially if you park on a slight grade. Using wheel chocks on both sides of the trailer will also help to further stabilize it when at a camp. The method you mentioned in your question will do a nice job of wedging the chocks into place on your trailer tires. As long as they are set to prevent unexpected movement on the Airstream, they...
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  • How are Inlet and Outlet Hoses Connected on FloTool Transfer Pump # FT10803?
  • The FloTool Multipurpose Transfer Pump # FT10803 is not rated for pressure. It has the inlet hose at the top of the pump and the outlet hose as the bottom. They are not threaded but simply a press fitting. I've attached a video to assist. This is a very simple pump that will create a vacuum to let gravity assist with the transfer of fluid. It can also be used as a small air pump for light function like inner tubes of a bicycle or even a small vehicle. This is an entry level tool that...
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  • Can FloTool Super Siphon FT10800 Be Used on Golf Cart Battery Auto-Fill System
  • None of our customers has reported using the FloTool Super Siphon # FT10800 for the specific application you describe but it can be used for transferring any type of fluid from one container to another. So long as its 6-foot length is adequate it should work fine for delivering water to a golf cart battery auto-fill.
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  • How Much Fuel Can FloTool Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel Filter and are Filters Replaceable
  • I checked with FloTool and the Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel # FTF15C doesn't have a limit to the amount of fuel it can clean. It filters at 12 gallons per minute. The filters are not replaceable but you should be able to clean off any debris that gets stuck with water.
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  • Can FloTool Shaker Siphon Be Used With Transmission Oil Bottle
  • Depending on the opening you have on the bottles you want to use, the FloTool Shaker Siphon, part # FT10801 could work great for you. The outside diameter of the hose measures 5/8-inch and the inside diameter measures 1/2 inch. The # FT10801 hose is 6-ft long.
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  • Thickness of Plastic Material in FloTool Super Duty Drain Container FT42004
  • My contact at FloTools did not have a material thickness specification handy for their Super Duty Drain Container # FT42004 so I went to our warehouse to handle this item and to measure hits thickness at the points where it is possible to do so. The thickness of the material at the large fill port (inside the recessed area) and at the side drain port is 3mm. Although I cannot confirm this, based on handling this item and thinking of the various oil drain pan items I have owned, this...
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  • What are the Dimensions of the FloTool Giant QuickFill Funnel Item # FT10705
  • I went out to the warehouse to measure the FloTool Giant QuickFill Funnel Item # FT10705 for you. The overall height at the back is 13 inches. The overall height at the front is 9-1/2 inches. Front to back it is 10-5/8 inches at the top of the funnel. The opening at the bottom of the funnel is 7/8 inches in diameter. The width of the funnel at the widest point is 9 inches. I will include a picture showing these measurements for you.
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  • Can FloTool RhinoRamps be Used With Jacks?
  • The FloTool RhinoRamps # FT11909MI can be used to raise your vehicle and work under it but should not be used along with jacks. If you use the ramps to lift the front, for example, you would need to keep the rear wheels on the ground and use wheel chocks such as # FT11930MI to secure those wheels. I've added links to video reviews of both products for you to take a look at.
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  • What Size Particles and What Type are Removed With the Flo Tool Fuel Filter Funnel
  • The FloTool Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel - 5 Gallons per Minute Flow Rate # FTF8C will filter out particles above 50 microns. It also operates with water tension to remove sediment and excess water from the fuel and keeps it in the sump area.
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  • Can a Two Stroke Mix be Ran Through the FloTool Non-Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel Part # FTF1NC
  • I am assuming you have a two stroke engine and are wanting to pour a gasoline and oil mixture through the FloTool Non-Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel part # FTF1NC. If this is the case then yes, there will be no problems doing so. I was able to speak with my contact at FlowTool to confirm this.
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  • Diameter of Spigot on FloTool Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel
  • I took a trip to the warehouse to measure the spigot of the FloTool Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel # FTF8C and found the outside diameter is 3/4". The overall diameter of this funnel is 8-1/2" and it has a height of 10" with a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute.
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