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Expert Answers about A-Ipower

  • Does Yamaha Make Motor of the A-iPower 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator w/ Parallel Kit # 289-SUA2000I
  • Yes, the A-iPower 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator w/ Parallel Kit # 289-SUA2000I uses a Senci engine so similar to the Yamaha MZ80 that the parts are interchangeable engine.
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  • Will 4,000 Watt Generator Power 8,000 BTU AC Unit
  • An AC unit that is rated for 8,000 BTU draws up to 1,800 watts when starting and 1,200 when running. A 4,000 watt generator like the # 289-AP5000 would easily handle that.
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  • Can A-iPower SUA2000i Run Parallel Connection with A-iPower model SC2000i?
  • There are A-iPower generators capable of running in parallel, but the SUA2000i cannot be paired with the SC2000i model. Instead, you would be able to use the A-iPower Inverter Generators w/ Parallel Kit # 289-SUA2000I-2, which gives you a pair of generators, two 30-Amp RV adapters, two DC charging cables, two spark plug wrenches, and two oil funnels. I've added a link to a video review of this product for you to take a look at.
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  • What Is Noise Level For A-iPower Inverter Generators
  • I found one sight online that rated the Honda EU 2000i decibel output at 59 decibels at 1/4 power. I was not able to find more specs on that model and we do not carry that generator. For the A-iPower Inverter Generators, part # 289-SUA2000I-2, the noise level is given for one unit. At a distance of 23-ft the decibel level is 65 at 1/2 power.
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  • Replacement Spark Plug Recommendation A-iPower Inverter Generators w/ Parallel Kit # 289-SUA2000I-2
  • The motor that comes with the A-iPower Inverter Generators w/ Parallel Kit # 289-SUA2000I-2 that you referenced is a version of the Yamaha MZ80 so for spark plugs you'd need a NGK BPR6HS which we don't carry, but you'd have no problem sourcing elsewhere.
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  • Can A-iPower 2000-Watt Inverter Generator With Parallel Kit Work With A Honda 2000 Generator?
  • The A-iPower 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator w/ Parallel Kit - Senci Motor - Portable - Gas - 120V, # 289-SUA2000I is designed to be paired with a second identical model. They have not tried pairing it with other brands, so they can't confirm or deny a fit. As I spoke with their tech, he said that they have had many customers ask but they haven't been able to confirm either way yet as they haven't heard back from those customers.
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  • Does A-iPower Inverter Generators Have a Fuel Pump
  • The A-iPower Inverter Generators w/ Parallel Kit # 289-SUA2000I-2 is like a motorcycle in that the the fuel is gravity fed into the carburetor so no fuel pump is needed.
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  • Will A-iPower 4,000-Watt Inverter Generator Kit # 289-SUA4000I-2 Require Jets For High Altitude?
  • A-iPower 3,800-Watt Inverter Generator - Portable - Gas - 120 Volts # 289-SUA2000I-2 is a popular generator system because it has parallel output that allows you to pair each 2,000-watt generator with another for increased power output. I reached out to the manufacturer and they said customers have confirmed that they work in up to 10,000 feet without jets needed. If you will be at the 8,000 to 10,000 feet, I personally recommend you have them on hand so you aren't without power in a...
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  • What is Noise Level on A-iPower 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator and Can it Power Sensitive Electronics
  • The A-iPower 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator # 289-SUA2000I referenced in your question is a 2,000-watt inverter generator that can absolutely provide power to electronics like a computer or TV. It will have no issue running and charging these sensitive devices. This particular generator is actually relatively quiet when running and has a noise output that is quieter than a typical vacuum cleaner. This unit will not produce enough noise to drown out surrounding conversation. I do not...
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  • What are the Differences Between A-iPower Generators
  • There is little difference between the pair of generators you referenced. The biggest is that # 289-SUA2000I uses a Senci 79-cc engine while 289-AP2000I uses a Yamaha MZ80 79-cc engine and is an inch longer and wider. Apart from that you will not be able to find a difference so I would not classify one as better than the other. I have attached links to video reviews of both generators for you to take a look at.
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  • Oil Change Process for A-iPower Generator 289-AP5000
  • The A-iPower 5,000-Watt Portable Generator # 289-AP5000 does not have a replaceable spin-on oil filter. Oil changes consist of simply draining the dirty oil completely and re-filling with fresh oil up to the appropriate level. The oil to be used can depend on the outside temperature; very cold temperatures call for a lighter weight of oil. This and other maintenance information will be found in the included owner's manual. The generator does have an air filter that can be washed and re-used.
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  • Does the A-iPower 5000-Watt Generator Have an Automatic Voltage Regulator?
  • Yes, the A-iPower 5000-Watt Generator # 289-AP5000 does have the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to help minimize voltage fluctuations. This unit is loaded with safety features. I includes a low oil warning light and automatically shuts off if the oil level becomes too low for safe use. The push-to-reset circuit breakers provide overload protection & the spark arrester prevents release of flammable debris. I love this generator because it uses standard unleaded gas which means no...
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  • Generator Will Shut Off After Running for a Minute
  • There are a wide variety of things that could be causing your generator, like the A-iPower # 289-SUA2000I, to shut off after a minute of running it. The common things to check for are making sure it has enough gas, that the gas is not old, how long it has been since the generator was started, if the battery is strong, and if you have a plugged fuel line. If it has been a while since the generator was started or if the gas is old it could have plugged a fuel line or gummed up the carburetor....
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  • Recommended Generator for Supplying Power to Refrigerator and Other Household Items
  • In order to determine what size generator you will need, it's best to locate the electrical demands of the equipment that you want to operate. You will want to look for both the starting output (the power it takes to start an appliance like your refrigerator) and the running output (the power it takes to keep it running) in watts. This information should be listed on the appliance itself. Once you have this information, you will want to determine the total running wattage for the devices...
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  • iPower AP5000 Portable Generator Oil Change
  • The A-iPower 5,000-Watt Portable Generator # 289-AP5000 will use SAE10W-30 oil. To change the oil, you will simply remove the drain plug and sealing ring located under the oil fill and dipstick. When drained, you will reinstall the seal ring and drain plug and then fill oil to max level on dipstick. There is not an oil filter to replace. I've attached a photo of the instructions.
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  • A-iPower 2000-watt Inverter Generator for Portable Power
  • The A-iPower 2,000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator - 1,600 Running Watts - Gas - Manual Start # 289-SUA2000I is what I believe you are looking for and it is available. It has a Senci 4-stroke engine that has cast iron cylinder sleeves for long engine life. It can be paired with an additional 2,000 watt generator from A-iPower but allow parallel connection with increased output. This unit is efficient and quieter than a typical vacuum cleaner.
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  • Does The A-iPower 4,000-Watt Generator Have The 4 Prong Power Outlet?
  • The A-iPower 3,800-Watt Inverter Generator - Portable - Gas - 120 Volts # 289-SUA2000I-2 has the 3 prong power outlet not the 4 prong. It is the 120V 30-Amp L5-30R twist-lock receptacle. If you need an adapter, you can use: Power Grip Generator Adapter for RV Power Cord - 125V - 30 Amps - 3 Prong Twist Lock - 12" Long # CAM55272 Power Grip Generator 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Power Cord Adapter - 125V - 3 Prong Twist Lock - 12" # CAM55412 Mighty Cord Generator Adapter Y-Cord - 30 Amp...
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  • Availability of Generator that Can Run off Propane
  • A-iPower Inverter Generators w/ Parallel Kit # 289-SUA2000I-2 cannot be converted to run off of propane. But we do have a similar generator that can run off or propane or gas; # BTGEN7500DF. No additional parts are needed for it to run off of propane!
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  • Where Does Ground Connect to on the A-iPower 3,800-Watt Portable Inverter Generators
  • Both generators that come with the kit # 289-SUA2000I-2 have a bolt/nut on the face that you will need to ground. I have attached a photo highlighting this as well as a section from the linked instructions for you to reference.
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  • Availability of A-iPower 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator # 289-SUA2000I
  • Yes we carry the A-iPower 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator # 289-SUA2000I that you are looking for. I attached a review video for this for you to check out as well.
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  • What Does the A-iPower 5,000-Watt Generator # 289-AP5000 Weigh
  • The A-iPower 5,000-Watt Generator # 289-AP5000 that you referenced weighs 116 lbs.
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  • Generator Recommendation for a Trailer with a Heater
  • A heater is going to draw enough amperage that you are going to want to use a generator to power it. Based on the usual amount of amperage that a heater will draw according to Powerhouse, (1,400 continuous watts), I would recommend the # 289-SUA2000I.
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  • Recommended Generators To Be Run In Parallel For 34 Foot 50 Amp 5th Wheel Trailer
  • For two smaller generators that you can run in parallel to double your power, I recommend the A-iPower 2,000-Watt Inverter Generator w/ Parallel Kit - Senci Motor - Portable - Gas - 120V # 289-SUA2000I. This generator comes with the connection cables to run to your second generator. This is a very easy to use application and each generator weighs just 46 lbs. This easy to use generator has two modes, high and eco. I've attached some videos to help.
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  • Can One Generator be Shut Off When Wired In Parallel with Another Generator
  • When run in parallel with a second A-iPower Inverter Generator # 289-SUA2000I you can indeed shut the second generator off while continuing to run the AC unit with just the first generator. You will just want to make sure that the running power output (1,600 watts) of this generator is enough to run the air conditioner. When run in parallel the two A-iPower Generators will provide a starting power output of 3,800 watts.
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  • Fuel Choice for A-iPower Inverter Generator
  • The A-iPower 2,000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator - 1,600 Running Watts - Gas - Manual Start # 289-SUA2000I prefers to use standard gasoline with ethanol. Ethanol is used as an "oxygenate" and is added to fuel to help reduce hydrocarbon emissions that cause air pollution. The attached instructions state to "use clean, fresh, regular unleaded fuel with a minimum octane rating of 85." Marine fuel can actually cause your engine to produce less power and will require more fuel to perform...
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  • Recommended Portable Generator to Start and Run Refrigerator
  • I recommend looking at the A-iPower Portable Generator, part # 289-SUA5000. This portable generator will provide a starting surge output of 5,000 watts and a running power output of 4,250 watts. This should be plenty to start and run your refrigerator, but you will want to check the running and surge (start) power requirements of your fridge just to be sure. This information should be located somewhere on the unit itself.
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  • Decibel Rating for the A-iPower 5,000-Watt Portable Generator 289-AP5000
  • The decibal rating for the A-IPower Generator part # 289-AP5000 is 68 db at 23 feet away. A reference point would be that a conversation is normally around 60 db. This is right on par with the closed frame style generators seen at RV parks which are normally around 65 db.
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  • What is the Warranty for A-iPower Inverter Generators with Parallel Kit # 289-SUA2000I-2
  • For the A-iPower Inverter Generators w/ Parallel Kit - Senci Motor - Portable - Gas - 120V - 3,000 Watts Item # 289-SUA2000I-2 there is a 2-Year warranty for residential use: 1st Year: parts and labor 2nd Year: parts only An extended warranty is something the manufacturer would have to offer since we do not have the ability to do so. I checked with A-iPower and it does not appear they offer one.
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  • Generator Recommendation for Powering Electronics with Delicate Circuit Boards
  • Any of the open frame style generators like the # 289-AP5000 that you referenced don't have inverters which means the power provided is a bit more volatile. I wouldn't recommend using any delicate electronics with this style of generator. Best option would be to go with an inverter style generator like the part # 289-SUA2000I which will provide you safer power and much more fuel efficiency as well as a quieter operation.
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  • Recommended A-iPower 2,000 Watt Generator
  • I recommend looking at the A-iPower 2,000 Watt Inverter Generator # 289-SUA2000I. This portable 2,000-watt inverter generator can supply AC/DC electricity and features an easy-start engine for a hassle-free operation. It has an easy to read fuel gauge that will let you know when the gas level is low and has a nice, quiet operation that won't drown out conversation. A really nice thing about this particular model is that it has built-in parallel ability that will let you pair the generator...
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