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Expert Answers about Tru-Flate

  • Recommended Tire Pressure To Eliminate Heat Pressure
  • I'm sorry about the confusion, but yes you should inflate your trailer tires to their max Psi # 16-235 when they are cold. As they heat they will gain Psi, but the tires are designed to handle this. Regarding tire inflation, trailer tires are built to withstand a lot of abuse. Lower air pressure is more of a problem than higher air pressure. A trailer tire can handle being slightly over-inflated better than being under-inflated, especially if the trailer that the tires are on is loaded...
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  • Tru Flate Wall Mounted Tire Inflator Compatibility With Wall Mounted Air Compressor Hose
  • The Tru-Flate Wall-Mounted Tire Inflator - 110 psi - 120 Volts # 16-250 has a standard tire valve size fitting coming out the bottom where the coil hose attaches. The other end of the hose has a 1/4 inch male NTP fitting and then the valve assembly. If your wall mounted air compressor hose fits either of these fittings, then you can absolutely use it.
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  • Can Tru-Flate Deluxe Digital Compact Tire Inflator w/ LED Light # 16-235 be used with Trailer Tires
  • Yes, the Tru-Flate Deluxe Digital Compact Tire Inflator w/ LED Light # 16-235 that you referenced can be used with trailer tires. It can handle up to 100 psi so as long as you don't have to inflate the tires over that figure you'd be fine.
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  • How Accurate is the Tru-Flate Wall-Mounted Tire Inflator # 16-250
  • If you were to set the Tru-Flate Wall-Mounted Tire Inflator # 16-250 to 32 psi it would inflate the tires to exactly 32 psi. It is very accurate.
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  • Actual Dimensions of Tru-Flate Top Off Mini Tire Inflator 16-230
  • I went to our warehouse so I could measure the housing of the Tru-Flate Top Off Mini Tire Inflator # 16-230. The housing of this unit measures 4-3/4 x 3-3/4 x 2-1/4-inches. The length of the inflation hose is 4-inches and the length of the 12VDC power cord that plugs into your accessory outlet is 9-feet. This unit can deliver a maximum psi air pressure of 45-psi. Time required to completely fill a standard tire is approximately 10 minutes. For only a bit more we offer the 100-psi-capable...
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  • Will Tru-Flate Wall-Mounted Tire Inflator Work if Plugged into AC Outlet in 2013 Toyota Highlander
  • Is the outlet at the back of your 2013 Toyota Highlander a 3-hole? Because the Tru-Flate Wall-Mounted Tire Inflator # 16-250 does require a 3-hole outlet rated for 120 volts at 60Hz. Output is 150 watts. If you do the math that means it pulls 1.25 amps. So if the outlet meets those specs it can power the compressor. But keep in mind that the manufacturer states it is for household use only. The compressor I keep in my vehicle is the Slime Pro Power Tire Inflator - Heavy Duty Item # SLM40031...
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  • How to Determine the Proper psi Rating for a Tire
  • For tires that are on a trailer you always want to make sure that they are filled to their max psi (can be found on sidewall) so that you can get the performance and max weight capacity out of them. For tires on a passenger vehicle, like your burger van, you will want to look at the sticker on the inside of the door jam. It will tell you the proper tire size and pressure for both the front and rear axle. The best way to be able to tell if a tire has the proper psi is to wait until the...
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