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Expert Answers about Linxup

  • Recommended GPS Tracking System for RV or other 12V System
  • We do not currently carry the WHRZT GPS system, but we do have a similar product available from Linxup. I recommend the Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3 or the device with 3G service # 300-AT3-S. When using this product the Linxup GPS device appears as a drop pin in Google Maps. The mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android. The tracker updates the device location every 10 minutes when the asset is moving and the location is accurate within 15 feet.
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  • Products for Tracking a Stolen Trailer
  • We have the perfect solution. You can use a Linxup GPS Tracking Device, part # 300-AT3. Using the associated app you can track the trailer, see how much it has moved, set up a "fence" around the trailer so if it leaves that area you will be notified. Never lose a trailer again! Includr a year of tracking service with part # 300-AT3-S. After the first year you can continue service for a small monthly fee.
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  • Linxup GPS Tracking Device Service
  • A subscription to the Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S after a year is optional. If you chose not to and your trailer was stolen, by the time you realized it was gone and got subscribed the only thing the GPS would lead you to is a tracking device that was torn off a stolen trailer.
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  • Mounting Location of the Linxup GPS Tracking Device
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S can be mounted anywhere it fits and the wiring can be installed. It also requires 1-year of tracking service.
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  • Comparing Linxup GPS Tracking Devices and Compatible Phone Networks
  • The Linxup GPS tracking device # 300-AT3 is just the device by itself. It does not come with the service. This would allow you to choose what type of service you want: month to month, yearly. The other one, # 300-AT3-S, is the device plus 1 year of 3G tracking service. If your 4G LTE phone also is capable of 3G (which most if not all of them are) then it will work. The phone does not have to be strictly 3G in other words.
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  • Installation Recommendation for Linxup GPS Tracker # 300-AT3-S
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device w/ 3G Service # 300-AT3-S has a wiring harness about 30 inches long. This device will function inside the metal utility box of a dump trailer. It can be mounted with the label up on a support frame member under the trailer floor. The less interference with the unit just like the GPS on your cell phone, the better. It will be able to function in either location, but the mounting orientation is important for that function.
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  • Wire Functions on Linxup GPS Tracking Device w/ 3G Service
  • I spoke with my contact at Linxup regarding the GPS Tracking Device w/ 3G Service # 300-AT3-S referenced in your question. The red and white wires on the device will connect either to the positive post on your battery or to the ignition wire. The black wire is for ground and can be attached to any clean bare spot on your vehicle's frame. The remaining wires on the harness will simply be tied off as they are not needed. My contact confirmed that these extra wires do not serve any purpose...
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  • Does Linxup GPS Tracking Device Need Direct View of Blue Skies
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device, part # 300-AT3, will have reception similar to a cell phone. It doesn't require perfect weather and total access to sky without obstruction, but those thing will help.
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  • How Many Miles From Your Residence Does The Linxup GPS Tracking Device Track
  • The Linxup GPS device # 300-AT3 can track anywhere where there are 3G cellular networks.
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  • Best GPS Tracking Device for Trailers
  • I do have a tracking device for your trailer that can be monitored on your cell phone but nothing that installs in the third brake light nor am I aware of another that exists. The best option for you is the Linxup GPS Tracking Device part # 300-AT3 which is 3-3/4" long x 2" wide x 1" tall. It can withstand temperatures from -22 F to 167 F and comes with a one year warranty. The Linxup comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 months and the status can be viewed from your...
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  • Is Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S Mounting Location Also a Theft Deterrent
  • Ideally you mount the Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S in a not so obvious location. I attached a picture that shows it mounted under the floor of a trailer on the frame. A thief isn't going to think to look for this. And if he did find it he most likely wouldn't know what they were looking at. If the unit was disabled the last known location would still be available through the service so it wouldn't be a total loss. I wouldn't recommend putting it in a metal box although it...
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  • Is the Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3 Waterproof
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3 is weatherproof but not waterproof meaning that you would not want to submerge it. Water splashing on it from time to time would be fine. If at all possible mount the unit as far forward on the trailer as you can. If you routinely have the entire trailer submerged though it could eventually short out the unit.
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  • Linxup GPS Tracking Device Install on Trailer with Belly Pan
  • You can mount the Linxup GPS Tracking Device w/ 3G Service # 300-AT3-S in any of the locations you mentioned. I like your idea of inside the AC cover if at all possible as a thief wouldn't ever think to check there for a tracking device but could potentially stumble on one mounted in the interior.
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  • Can the Linxup GPS Tracking Device Part 300-AT3 Be Mounted Inside a Metal Box
  • I spoke to my conact at Linxup and they informed me that mounting the Linxup GPS Tracking Device part # 300-AT3 inside a metal box could potentially interfere with the tracking signal therefore it is not advised. If you would like to keep the GPS unit out of sight then you could use a box to cover it but it would have to be made out of plastic or another non-metal material.
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  • What is the Range of the Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S sends a signal via 3G service so the range is pretty much anywhere you would get cell service. We even heard (from the manufacturer) of a guy that used one of these on his farm to track a rogue cow. If you are needing more specifics just let me know exactly what you are looking to do and I can offer additional assistance.
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  • GPS Tracking Devices for 4 Trailer Fleet Using an App for Easy Tracking
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device - 3-3/4" Long x 2" Wide x 1" Tall # 300-AT3 will absolutely work with the car batteries but it can store up to 3 months battery power on its own if you want to mount it on units without a battery. This device utilizes Google Maps for the location service utilizing an app that can easily use 4 trackers as it is designed for fleet use. This does require a service agreement with Linxup and they offer a 1-year service contract if you don't want a monthly bill....
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  • How to Setup the Linxup GPS Tracking Device Part # 300-AT3-S
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device part # 300-AT3-S should have came with a Quick Start Guide that outlines charging, mounting, and activation. I have sent this guide to you in addition to attaching the steps below. If you are using this device on a vehicle, boat, trailer, or other asset that runs on a 12-volt system, then you can easily connect the integrated wiring harness for power. Just mount the device in a place that makes it simple to run the power wire to your vehicle's battery...
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  • Trailer GPS Device for Trailer Installation
  • For your application the Lilnxup GPS Tracking Device, part # 300-AT3, would be the way to go. It installs anywhere on your trailer.
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  • Can Linxup GPS Tracking Device be Used on Rental Equipment
  • You can use the Linxup GPS Tracker on anything. It only needs power to operate. We carry part # 300-AT3 as just the device or part # 300-AT3-S which also includes a year worth of service.
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  • Where to Mount the Linxup GPS Tracking Device on a Dump Trailer
  • The best location to install the Linxup GPS Tracking Device part # 300-AT3-S is subjective. The box is weather proof so you don't need to worry about it getting wet or dirty. It will however need access to power so that is something you will need to be aware of when mounting. Since you have a dump trailer, I would refrain from any moving parts. The best spot for most trailers is going to be on the inside of the frame rail near the battery because it is out of site and still has relatively...
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  • Does the Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S Need to be Connected to Power to Operate
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S actually has a battery in the unit itself that lasts up to 3 months once it is charged. We have actually heard of someone using this to track how his livestock were getting out of his property. Obviously he didn't strap a battery to his cattle so once they came back to his property he removed the device and recharged it.
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