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Expert Answers about Linxup

  • Can GPS Tracking Devices Like Linxup GPS 300-AT3 Work Without Subscription to Service
  • The GPS tracking systems we offer from Linxup and WHRZT! do require a subscription to their monitoring service in order for these tracking devices to operate. In the case of the WHRZT! breakaway kit type systems like # WIB-100-C52023 the trailer breakaway box itself will still operate whether or not you have subscribed to the tracking service but the GPS function will not work unless you do.
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  • Is Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S Mounting Location Also a Theft Deterrent
  • Ideally you mount the Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S in a not so obvious location. I attached a picture that shows it mounted under the floor of a trailer on the frame. A thief isn't going to think to look for this. And if he did find it he most likely wouldn't know what they were looking at. If the unit was disabled the last known location would still be available through the service so it wouldn't be a total loss. I wouldn't recommend putting it in a metal box although it...
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  • Wire Functions on Linxup GPS Tracking Device w/ 3G Service
  • I spoke with my contact at Linxup regarding the GPS Tracking Device w/ 3G Service # 300-AT3-S referenced in your question. The red and white wires on the device will connect either to the positive post on your battery or to the ignition wire. The black wire is for ground and can be attached to any clean bare spot on your vehicle's frame. The remaining wires on the harness will simply be tied off as they are not needed. My contact confirmed that these extra wires do not serve any purpose...
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  • Mounting Location of the Linxup GPS Tracking Device
  • The Linxup GPS Tracking Device # 300-AT3-S can be mounted anywhere it fits and the wiring can be installed. It also requires 1-year of tracking service.
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