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Expert Answers about Alpena

  • Resistor Used for LED Fog Lights Does Not Last Long
  • I think I have a better solution for your LED lights. Instead of reducing the current (and it would be stepping down the amperage, not the voltage) you could put more load on the system so that the LED lights will work. You just need some load resistors such as # P230004A-2.
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  • Can Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers Be Used Without Having to Use the ON/OFF Switch
  • The Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers # ALP77234 can be connected to a fuse or directly to the vehicle's battery. If they are connected to a fuse that has power when the ignition is turned on but does not have power when the ignition is off, then you will be able to keep the light's switch turned "ON" and run the lights with the ignition. Connecting the flashers to an ignition powered fuse, like described, will also keep the ability to alternate options of the strobe feature.
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  • Looking for Submersible License Plate Light
  • I have included a link to the submersible license plate lights that we offer. If you are looking for an LED light, take a look at part # LPL91CKB. I have included a short video for you. As for the Alpena LED License Plate Light, # ALP77008W, that you mentioned, since this light was designed to be used on vehicles it is not meant to be submerged.
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  • How Long is the Wiring from Lights to Control Box for Alpena Twin Strobz ALP77234
  • I put a call in to my contact over at Alpena about the Twin Strobz # ALP77234. He said that the wiring from the lights themselves to the control box is 10 feet. He also stated that a lot of people have asked that question and in order to extend that length you would need to splice in some additional wiring such as # DW02359-1 sold by the foot.
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  • How Would the Alpena Truck Bed Lights part # ALP77003 Wire in a Truck Bed
  • The Alpena Truck Bed Lights part # ALP77003 will work in your truck but you will be required to run wire up to the battery of your truck to power them and then have a switch ran on either the power or ground wire to the interior (or exterior) of your truck to allow you to switch them on. What you could use for wire is the part # 10-2-1 which is a jacketed double wire that will allow you to easily run the power and ground up to the truck battery. With a switch like the part # BV0199-03...
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  • Are Wires in Alpena Quad SlimStrobe Lights Long Enough to Mount Lights on 4 Corners of Jeep
  • You can place the Alpena strobe lights # ALP78304 anywhere that you want on your Jeep mail truck. If you want to mount the lights at the corners and keep the wires hidden then the wiring will probably not be long enough (I don't have an exact length). The wiring would have to be extended by cutting and splicing in additional wire. Another option, if the Jeep has a metal roof, is a magnetic mount light that plugs into a 12 volt power port (cigarette lighter) such as # RB10A. With this...
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  • Does the Alpena Quad SlimStrobe Exterior Lights Have to Wire to Vehicle Battery
  • Ideally when you wire something up running it to the battery directly does give you a better power and ground source as well as allow you to not worry about the product shorting out and damaging any vehicle wiring. That being said, these lights are going to work just fine powered from a fused power source and then grounded the way you did. I would recommend you avoid any of the wiring situation you described that was giving you problems with intermittent connections. I would recommend...
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  • How to Troubleshoot Vehicle Wiring and Alpena Trailblaze Tailgate LED Lights ALP77229
  • The Alpena Trailblaze Tailgate LED Lights # ALP77229 rely on the lighting signals from your vehicle in order to operate. The lights use the same type of 4-pole connector found on trailers; this type of wiring carries brake, turn and tail light signals. You can see which signals appear on which pin by referring to the linked photo. I suggest testing your vehicle's wiring with a tester like # ALL640595 to confirm that the necessary signals are present on the vehicle wiring. Please refer...
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  • How to Install the Alpena LED Fog Litz 4 Part # ALP77160 with a Toggle Switch
  • I do have a way for you to install the Alpena LED Fog Litz 4 part # ALP77160 on your 2010 Mazda CX-7 but unfortunately I cannot recommend you use them inline with your low-beam headlights as you would likely exceed the maximum amp draw allowed for that circuit. In order to install the fog lights on your CX-7, I recommend using them with a toggle switch such as the LED Micro Bug Push Button Toggle Switch part # PL-SW28B. In order to install the fog lights with a toggle switch you will...
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  • Recommended Toggle Switch For Turning LED Lights On and Off When Connected To Battery
  • The Alpena FlexLED - 24" Interior/Exterior Blue Lights # ALP77426 draw only 0.24 amps so if they are directly wired to the battery, they will stay on for a very long time before the battery will drain completely. I recommend you add a switch to your lights like the Pollak Light-Duty Toggle Switch - On-Off - 12 Volt - 10 Amp - 6" Wire Leads # PK34513 so you can turn your lights on and off without disconnecting the positive battery terminal each time.
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  • Will Tailgate LED Strip Block Spare Tire Access Point On 2011 Ram 1500?
  • No. When installed correctly, you will not block the access for the spare tire access point when using the Alpena Trailblaze Tailgate LED Lights # ALP77229 on your 2011 Ram 1500. The installation video I've attached shows this adjustability.
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  • Can Alpena License Plate Light ALP77008W be Wired to Trailer 7-Way and Plugged into a Vehicle 7-Way
  • Yes, you can power and ground the Alpena license plate light # ALP77008W using the 7-Way trailer connector. The power wire would run to the running light circuit and ground to the ground circuit. If you wanted to wire those up to a trailer-side 7-Way you can use # PK12706. I have included a picture showing the back of a trailer 7-Way where the wires attach. You will need the 11 o'clock position for the power wire and the 7 o'clock position for the ground.
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  • Can 8 LED Lights be Connected to One Control Unit for the Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers # ALP77234
  • I spoke with my contact at Alpena about the Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers # ALP77234 that you referenced. He said that you can connect 1 additional LED light to each output on the control unit for a total of 4 lights per control unit. More than that is not advisable so you will need to have at least 2 control units for 8 lights.
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  • Can You Control The Frequency Of Flash Per Second On The Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers?
  • The Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers, # ALP77234, have 5 different flash patterns. These patterns do have a different number of flashes per second, but they are not adjustable outside of the programmed patterns. I've attached a video of these patterns for you.
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  • Install Instructions for Alpena FlexLED Light Strip
  • I attached a picture that shows the install instructions for the Alpena FlexLED # ALP77426 that you referenced which also shows how to remove it from the demo battery and switch.
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  • Troubleshooting Wiring Connections on Alpena Quad Strobes That Were Spliced
  • The Alpena Quad SlimStrobe Exterior Lights # ALP78304 come assembled, so we don't have a wiring diagram for them. They are intended to be simply connected to your battery positive and negative battery terminals. LED lights like this are polarity sensitive, so the lights will work when the correct wires are connected and will not work when the power and ground are reversed.
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  • Troubleshooting Turn Signals that Quit Flashing When Installing Tailgate Light Bar
  • A truck that age uses a flasher to cause the blinking of the turn signals. It sounds to me like the flasher has gone out. It could be that you have a short somewhere in the wiring and installing the light bar created additional heat and caused the flasher to fail.
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  • Fog Light Recommendations for a 2015 Nissan Altima Sedan
  • We have some universal fog lights that you can install on your 2015 Nissan Altima but no custom options are available. You just have to go by the size of the opening where the OEM fog lights would be. Alpena LED Fog Litz 4 Item # ALP77160. They are 3-5/8 inches long by approximately 1 inch tall and about 1 inch in depth. We also have Fog Light Kit - Halogen - 55 Watt - Oblong, 5" x 2-3/8" - Clear Lens - Qty 2 Item # QH-84CF which are 5 inches long and 2-3/8 inches tall.
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  • Can Additional Lights be Added to Alpena Strobe Lights # ALP77234
  • Alpena does have a 4-light strobe system, # ALP78304. But as far as doubling the lights on # ALP77234 you could do that and the spliced in lights would strobe with the lights they are spliced into. It would also void the warranty just so you are aware. There are other 4-light systems: # PRS70780 # CM93187 # ALP78304 (mentioned above) Or even an 8-light system, # HIL-STW and # HIL-STM.
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  • Recommendation for Flashing Amber Lights to Install on Tractor Wheel Wells
  • We do have standard pedestal mount amber lights available, such as the Optronics # ST52AA, but if you are connecting the lights directly to your tractor's battery, they will not blink like hazard lights. They will simply provide a constant light as long as they are connected to a power source. For flashing amber lights that might work well for your application, I recommend taking a look at the Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers # ALP77234. The amber lights can be wired to your battery...
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  • Can Alpena LED Fog Litz be Installed Directly into Existing Fog Light Wiring
  • Yes, the Alpena LED Fog Litz, part # ALP77160, can be wired directly into your existing fog lights. This way they'll turn on the same way your current fog lights already do. These are a two wire design. The black wire with a white stripe is the power wire and the solid black wire is for ground. I've attached a review video for you as well.
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  • Does Alpena Quad SlimStrobe Exterior Lights Have Recall Capabilities for When Powering Off/On
  • The Alpena Quad SlimStrobe Exterior Lights # ALP78304 that you referenced does have a "last pattern recall" feature that allows it to pull up the last selected pattern before it was powered off, but that only works if you use the on/off switch on the controller of this kit. If you cut power to the system it won't remember which pattern was used last.
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Taillights that Stop Working When Headlights are On
  • Your main problem is an insufficient ground for the trailer wiring. Try improving the connection of the main ground wire of the trailer wiring harness. Make sure it is attached to a clean metal surface. Or you can run all of the trailer wires back to the main ground. This is actually the ideal solution. But you can also check the current grounds for the lights to make sure they are making a solid connection to a clean metal surface. What you described is the classic insufficient ground...
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  • Could the Alpena LED Fog Litz 4 # ALP77160 Fit 1997 Ford Explorer
  • The Alpena LED Fog Litz 4 # ALP77160 are a universal style of fog lights that are designed to attach with the swivel bracket mounted at the rear of the light. I am confident these could install on a Ford Explorer like yours but they would most likely not fit as a type of factory fog light replacement.
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  • If Cut and Reattached Will the Entire Strip of the # ALP77502 Flash
  • One of the great features of the Alpena FlexLED # ALP77502 is that it can be cut and reattached to fit your specific application. Any portion of the light that is cut off would not flash when the light setup is activated. You would have to reattach it to allow it to all flash again.
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  • Fog Light Recommendation for a 2000 Honda Civic DX
  • The fog lights that we carry are not vehicle specific so you could use any of them on your 2000 Honda Civic. To find ones that will fit the area in which you need them you will need to compare the light dimensions to the dimensions of the area you want to place them. I see a lot of round fog lights on Civics. We also have some LED lights, # ALP77160, which are 3-5/8 inches long by 1 inch tall. It just all depends on the space available.
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  • Recommended FlexLED Installation to Utilize as Additional Brake and Turn Signals
  • The Alpena FlexLED - 36" Interior/Exterior Red Lights # ALP77502 can be used as additional brake and turn signals. You will simply need to splice into your left brake and tail light for the left side function, and do the right side the same way for the right side functions with a separate strip. If your vehicle has separate turn and brake lights, then you can either splice into trailer wiring after a converter or use the Roadmaster Brite-Lite Wiring Converter # RM-732 to run the combined...
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  • Can Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers # ALP77234 Install on Garden Tractor
  • Yes, you could install the Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers # ALP77234 on garden tractor with a snowblower attachment. It would just need to wire to the battery which wouldn't be difficult at all.
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