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Expert Answers about WHRZT

  • What is the Monthly Service Cost for WHRZT! GPS Trailer Tracking Device - Junction Box Lid
  • Initially the WHRZT! GPS Trailer Tracking Device - Junction Box Lid # WJB-100 comes with 1 year of service. After that the monthly cost of the service is $10.99 if pre-paid. You can also choose to go month to month after 1 year and it is $12.99 if you do that. Prices subject to change of course but as of 11/15/2016 those are the rates.
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  • Is There a Monthly Service Charge for WHRZT GPS Trailer Tracking Services
  • Yes, part of the WHRZT! trailer security system is a subscription service to give you access to all of the data available about your WHRZT!-equipped trailers. One year of service is included with your purchase; after that there is a monthly fee. Once you install the breakaway kit lid and connect it to your tow vehicle's power supply, you're ready to set up your online service. Each purchase includes an activation card that has step-by-step instructions on how to access the WHRZT! website,...
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  • GPS Tracking Built Into a Trailer Junction Box
  • Actually there is a functional junction box from WHRZT so you won't have to match a WHRZT lid to a junction box. It is # WJB-100-38656. There is also a breakaway system version, # WIB-100, that is a fully functional breakaway with the WHRZT tracking system in it.
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  • How to Locate Trailer with WHRZT! GPS Trailer Tracking Device
  • Once the WHRZT! GPS Trailer Tracking Device # WIB-100 referenced in your question is installed and activated, you will be able to track your trailer's location using an online account. You can access your account via computer or smart phone app, on which you can view a map with your trailer's location along with other features including setting up a virtual "fence" around your trailer. If the trailer leaves the fenced-in area, you will be automatically notified. This system will include...
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  • Can WHRZT! Push-to-Test Trailer Breakaway Kit be Used on Rental Equipment
  • You can use the WHRZT! Push-to-Test Trailer Breakaway Kit # WIB-100-C52023 on any trailer. It only needs power to operate. If you want something that can be used on other items then I recommend the junction box version, # WJB-100-38656, since it would be less conspicuous than a breakaway system.
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  • Products for Tracking a Stolen Trailer
  • We have the perfect solution. You can use a WHRZT! GPS tracking device such as the junction box model # WJB-100-38656 or a breakaway model # WIB-100. In either case the items function like normal and you cannot tell they have GPS tracking ability by looking at them so thieves wouldn't know to disable the system. Using the associated app you can track the trailer, see how much it has moved, set up a "fence" around the trailer so if it leaves that area you will be notified. Never lose...
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  • Battery Compatible With WHRZT! GPS Trailer Tracker Battery Box With Push To Test # WIB-100
  • For your WHRZT! GPS Trailer Tracking Device - Push to Test Breakaway Box - 5-1/2" Long x 5" Wide # WIB-100, I recommend the Replacement 12-Volt Battery for Curt Soft Trac I and II Trailer Breakaway Kits # C52023. This battery will fit in your battery box and will give you 5 amp-hours with this sealed lead-acid battery.
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  • Can the WHRZT! GPS Trailer Tracking Device # WJB-100 be Used in Both the USA and Canada
  • Since a GPS signal is uses satellites for location verification you will be able to use the WHRZT! GPS Trailer Tracking Device # WJB-100 in both the USA and Canada. You should experience no issues in Quebec.
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