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Adapt your truck or van to carry longer cargo with a ladder rack by DeWalt, Karrite or Thule. DeWalt ladder racks are made to handle the toughest jobs with a sturdy all-steel construction and features that make it the easiest truck bed ladder rack to use. Karrite models feature all-steel construction and are adjustable to ensure you get the perfect fit for your Vehicle. Thule ladder racks feature high-strength aluminum and an aerodynamic design to reduce wind drag. All of our ladder racks feature ease of installation and use, whether carrying a long load or removing a load bar to accommodate tall cargo. You can carry the gear you want the way you want without sacrificing the appearance of your truck or your budget.

We offer ladder rack systems for many popular truck and van manufacturers including Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and GMC. Find the right fit for your vehicle by entering the year, make, and model to the left.

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Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Ladder Rack Review

Speaker: Today well be taking a look at the Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Ladder Rack with 78 inch crossbars, part number Y01137-Y00411. The Outdoorsman is also available with 58 inch bars with part number Y01137-Y00409 and with 66 inch bars, part number Y01137-Y00410. The Outdoorsman will provide additional storage beyond your truck bed, allowing you to haul a full load and bring along some additional items, like bikes, kayaks or even more cargo with the appropriate roof rack accessory. One of the great features that we want to highlight today is that the Outdoorsman is also compatible with many flatbed trailers. With the Outdoorsman 300 pound capacity, you can carry 2 canoes or kayaks, up to 6 bikes and a variety of cargo accessories. The Outdoorsman is compatible with most Yakima roof rack accessories. Now Ill go ahead and show you how it installs on our trailer. You want to begin by placing the included adhesive pads on the base of the racks 4 towers.

TracRac G2 Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack Installation - 2014 Ford F-150

Today on this 2014 Ford F150, were going to install part number TA21000-02-02. This is a TracRac Ladder Rack.To start off, well go ahead and work with the base rails first. Then well go ahead and mark our holes that will get our hardware for our specific truck. These hole locations are located in the instructions.Insert one plastic washer into each 3-inch socket head cap screw. Insert the socket head cap screws through the rail holes that we marked. On the opposite side, thread the bolt through a 1/8-inch rubber spacer.

Rola Pick Up Ladder Rack Review

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Rola Pickup Rack, part number 59742. This rack is a great way to carry items above your truck bed while freeing up your truck bed for other items. It attaches to the truck bed with these black C clamps which are tightened down using a wrench. The base which rests on the rails of the pick up truck bed are coated in a rubber paint to protect your truck's finish. The Rola rack can be easily adjusted by loosening up the two bolts on the other side of the crossbar. This can adjust for different truck bed widths as well as being able to adjust to different truck bed lengths.

TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack Installation - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Series Crew Cab, well be test fitting the Tracrac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack, part number TA 27000-01. Well begin our test fit by laying our rubber pads onto the bed rails of our pickup truck. Now were going to take the front part of our ladder rack and place it onto our pads. We do want to make sure that both feet are in line with each other so well find a fixed point on our bed rail and set each side according to that fixed point. Depending on the width of your truck bed, you may need to adjust your arms. Theres 2 allen bolts on each arm here at the top that connects to our crossbar. You can loosen those up and slide your arm as needed to adjust the width of your arms.

Rola Ladder Rack Installation

Today we're going to show you how to install the Rola Truck Bed Pickup Rack, part number 59742. For the first part of our installation, we'll be using the upright vertical supports and the black C clamps. The vertical supports will rest on the bedrails of our pickup truck, and we'll use the black C clamps, which will secure the upright supports to the bed of our truck. We'll now start over here at the drivers side, near the cab. We'll place the upright vertical support onto our bedrail. We'll need to make sure that the long end of the base points towards the inside of the truck bed. With the vertical upright support in place, we'll take our black C clamps to go on both sides of the upright portion of the mast. At this time, we'll go ahead and hand-tighten the silver bolts, as well as hand-tighten the silver wing nuts. We'll now go ahead and install the upright support on the driver side rear of the bed, again making sure the long end of the base points toward the inside of the truck bed.

TracRac T-Rac G2 Truck Bed Ladder Rack Installation - 2013 Ford F-250

Today on our 2013 Ford F250, well be test fitting the Tracrac T-Rac G2 Truck Bed Ladder Rack for Ford Super Duty and Dodge Ram rated at 800 rounds, part number TA30000-03. With everything all assembled according to the included instructions, well begin or test fit by placing the front part of the ladder rack onto the front of our truck bed. Here at the cab you want to make sure that the feet, which rest along the bed rails, are facing the tailgate of the pickup truck. With the front part of the rack in place we can then measure the over hung of the top bar making sure it is equal on both sides. Once weve established this measurement, we can then tighten down the bolts using the included on wrench to secure the upright mass in place. Now with this down we can use the C clamps, which we will insert the bolt through the bottom of the C clamp as well as a silver bracket, which will rest on the underside of the bed rail. Well place the C clamps into the channels on the bottom part of the rack, which rests on the bed rail.

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