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SMI Air Force One Braking System Installation - 2018 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Ford F150 we're gonna be installing SMI's Air Force One supplemental braking system, part number SM99243. The Air Force One braking system is gonna provide you with supplemental braking while pulling your vehicle behind your RV. It's gonna use the air braking system on your RV to supply an airline back to your vehicle which will actuate your braking system using the supplied operating unit.It comes with an emergency breakaway switch so in case your vehicle happened to become uncoupled from your RV while going down the road this pin will get pulled and it will apply the brakes on your vehicle, bringing it to a halt to prevent any accidents from occurring. There's an indicator light that's installed on the back of your mirror, this way when you brake on your RV you know that your vehicle's braking because this light only activates when the actuator in your vehicle is pulling the brake pedal. What I really like about this system is that it's minimal in comparison with others. The components are smaller, it has less wiring, and using your existing air supply on your RV makes it actuate proportionally giving you some of the best braking performance you can get.Now that we've gone over some of the features let's show you how to get it installed.

SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO Braking System Installation - 2018 Chevrolet Equinox

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Chevrolet Equinox we're gonna be installing SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO's supplemental braking system, part number SM99251. With the Stay-IN-Play DUO you'll get proportional braking in your vehicle whenever you hit the brake pedal in your RV, it does this using an inertia switch inside the towed vehicle so it knows how quickly you want to stop. When you're ready to stop your vehicle and you slam on the brakes the actuator in your vehicle will also stop your vehicle. The actuator on the towed vehicle will apply the brake on the towed vehicle.One of the greatest features about this system is that it's all built into the vehicle once it's installed so you don't have to put in other systems that apply your brake that you have to remove every time you want get in and out of the vehicle and use it. This one hides well underneath your engine compartment and here on the side you just simply turn it on when you're ready to use it and turn it off when you don't want it active.The sensitivity adjustment knob on the control box on the inside will allow you to adjust how much braking force you get under certain events. It uses the internal inertia sensor along with the adjustment setting that you've chosen to apply the brake appropriately.

Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit Installation - 2007 GMC Sierra New Body

Speaker 1: Today in our 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit for pickups and SUVs with adjustable pedals, part number RM-751220.So this is where the brake light switch is. Now, what you're going to see is on the end of this brake light switch when I push on my pedal, you'll see a white plunger come out. What that does is when that plunger comes out it sends power to the green wire, which is connected to a light, indicating that the brakes are being applied in the towed vehicle. This is to let the person or whoever is driving the towing vehicle know that the brakes are being applied. When the plunger goes back in the power gets shut off to the brakes, the light goes off, and the person in the towing vehicle knows that the brakes are now not being applied.First thing we're going to do is we're going to take our bracket and we're going to locate our position underneath the dash where this is going to sit with our brake light switch. So in order to do that, we're going to have to remove your vents that runs right along the bottom here, and you can just use a trim panel tool to pry it off.So I'll set this up in there and then you can get in there and look and see where it's going to be positioned.

SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO Braking System Installation - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee we'll be having a look at and showing you how to install the SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO supplemental braking system, part number SM99251 in conjunction with the Roadmaster stoplight switch kit, part number RM-751449. The Stay-IN-Play DUO is a perfect solution when it comes time to needing a supplemental braking system for your flat towing set up, here's what the Stay-IN-Play DUO looks like installed.Now the reason you're gonna want a supplemental braking system, in many places it is required by law to have a supplemental braking system when you're flat towing your vehicle. Now the reason you'd want the Stay-IN-Play DUO over other options out there is because that this is a permanently installed fixture in your vehicle. There is no setup every time you want to flat tow, you simply flip one switch every time you want to tow and you're good to go.Inside of our vehicle you'll find our cylinder which is permanently attached to our brake pedal. We still have plenty of foot room around it to operate our brakes normally when we're driving but when we're flat towing the cylinder will pull down on our pedal and apply the brakes in our vehicle. With this being permanently attached many of our customers have found this much easier to use and operate than a cumbersome portable braking system which they have to set up and remove every time they want to flat tow or drive their vehicle once they arrive at their destination.Now what's great about this braking system compared to other units like it such as the Roadmaster Invisibrake system this is a proportional unit.

Roadmaster InvisiBrake Braking System Installation - 2015 GMC Terrain

Speaker 1: Today on our 2015 GMC Terrain we're going to be taking a look at the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System, part number RM-8700. With our InvisiBrake installed, it's going to give us real time braking while we're towing our Terrain down the road with our motor home. Now, it's going to activate our brakes on our towed vehicle whenever we apply the brakes in our RV.The main benefit of this braking system over many others is that it's a permanent installation, and once we have it set up we're not going to have to make any adjustments. There's going to be a clamp and a pulley that pulls directly on our brake pedal, so even though we have that clamp attached to our pedal, it is going to be a lot less cumbersome than some of the other braking systems that have the entire actuator mounted to the pedal.Now, our actuator box is going to hide away in our cargo area, and we're going to have full adjustment of our braking force all the way from five to 80 PSI. You can simply pull out on the knob, turn to the right for more pressure, turn to the left for less pressure, and then lock it in place. Now, the more pressure we have the more force that our brakes are going to be applied.

SMI Air Force One Braking System Installation - 2012 Jeep Liberty

Speaker 1: Today on this 2012 Jeep Liberty we'll be having a look at and showing you how to install the SMI Air Force One supplemental braking system for motor homes with air brakes, part number SM99243. In this particular case we're working with a 2007 Fleetwood Revolution motor home on a Spartan chassis.The Air Force One is a great solution for those of you that need a supplemental braking system to help you keep safe and legal when flat towing your Jeep Liberty behind your motor home that has air brakes. The greatest thing about the Air Force One is that there's only one difference that you have after you've already hooked your Liberty up than how you did it before and that is your air line umbilical between your motor home and your Liberty. You'll just simple remove the dust cap that protects the fitting on the back of the motor home, you'll push in the hose, pull back and make sure it's secure, and we'll do the same on the Liberty. Just like that you're now ready to tow. The Air Force One even comes with a breakaway switch and a cable to attach to your motor home so in the unlikely event that your Liberty ever became disconnected from the motor home the breakaway switch would become pulled and it would apply the brakes in the Liberty, bringing it to a stop.Here's what the SMI Air Force One looks like installed on our Liberty.

Roadmaster BrakeMaster System Installation - 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with our 2016 Jayco Seneca motorhome on a Freightliner chassis, we will be having a look at and showing you how to install the Roadmaster BrakeMaster System with BrakeAway. Part number RM-9160.Here's what our Roadmaster BrakeMaster looks like installed. As you can see, we have this very substantial cylinder here, which will apply pressure to our brake pedal to apply the brakes in our Wrangler. This will give us the necessary and required supplemental braking system that we're looking for, which is in many cases required by law in most states and Canadian provinces.This is a truly proportional braking system. This will only apply our brakes when the brakes are being applied on our motorhome, so you don't have to worry about any false braking. By proportional, we are getting equal braking pressure to what the air brakes are being applied on in our motorhome.Now when compared to other braking systems, which are permanently attached inside your vehicle, when this is not in use, we don't have to worry about having a cylinder that's clamped to our brake pedal with an anchor point to our firewall.

Roadmaster BrakeMaster System Test Course

Speaker 1: We're taking our RV out with our towed vehicle with the braking system installed. The first thing you notice that this proportional braking system does is that when we're applying a little bit of brake in the RV, we're getting the same amount of brakes being applied in our towed vehicle. If we're applying a lot of brake pressure, we'll get the matching amount of pressure inside the towed vehicle as well, bringing our towed vehicle to a smooth and safe stop in an equal manner with our RV, so we don't have to deal with feeling any jerking or pushing of the towed vehicle against the RV. We won't even really feel that it's back there.

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