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Big trucks require big hitches! We offer high quality B&W, Reese, Draw-Tite, Husky, Demco and Curt fifth wheel hitches that are the perfect fit for your heavy duty towing needs. From standard 5th wheel hitches to slider systems for short bed trucks, we have an application for you. From our Pro Series fifth wheel to Reese's top-of-the-line Signature Series, you can find the perfect fifth wheel for your payload while staying within your budget.

We offer custom rail kits for many of the most popular vehicles including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, and Toyota. Choose a Signature Series hitch and rails to retain full use of your truck bed while not towing. Find the custom installation kit for your vehicle by entering the year, make, and model to the left.

Add a fifth wheel lube plate, pull pin lock plates, and in-bed wiring to round out your fifth wheel towing setup.

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Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider Review

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Curt line of Q series fifth wheel trailer hitches with slider for the Ford towing prep package. More and more now a days, we're seeing trucks that have shorter than eight foot beds on them, which comes in a problem when we go to tow with a fifth wheel 'cause we want our hitch to be on the forward side of our rear axle but that ends up putting our trailer extremely close to our cab.That's where our sliders gonna help out. When it comes time to make those tight turns, we can come to this vertical handle here on the side, we'll pull it out, rotate it back and that'll allow the hitch to slide back a full 12 inches giving us that clearance to go around the turn. Then it'll lock into position, so we can make that turn without fear of hitting our truck. And then, whenever we need to go in a straight line again, and we're ready to tow, simply pull that handle out again, rotate it again, and our hitch will slide back and lock into the towing position.Our slider's gonna have a weight capacity of 24 thousand pounds. But keep in mind you don't wanna exceed the weight capacity of the head that you have.

Demco Recon 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Demco recon 5th wheel trailer hitch, this is for above bed rails and offers a 21,000 pound capacity, part number is DM-8550043. The recon 5th wheel from Demco is designed to make your hauling a lot easier, and also a lot quieter.Basically we have a light weight design, that's something I like about this one as compared to a lot of the other 5th wheels you're gonna see out there on the market. Got a pin here we can remove and we can take this out of the truck in two pieces, so really only gonna need one guy.Now a lot of the other traditional style 5th wheels, it's usually a two man job to get everything in place. And when it comes to weight capacities the hitch offers a vertical load limit of 5,250 pounds, so that's gonna be the maximum weight we can have pressing downward on our head, and our gross trailer weight rating, which is gonna be the weight of our trailer and anything we might load up in it, that's gonna be 21,000 pounds.Of course you do want to keep in mind you don't want to exceed the capacity of your vehicle, so whatever your trucks rated for, or whatever the hitch is rated for, which ever one is lower that's the ones you want to use.To make it quieter they use polyurethane brushings, we've got one on the head here so we don't have to deal with that noise as we're going down the road, and also on that side to side pivot, so we get a really nice quiet operating system you'll see that in the reviews.Also to add to that ease of use, not only is it easy to get it in and out of the truck, but it's easy to connect to your camper. It's gonna pivot left and right, and forward and back. So if your camper's on a little bit of an angle, with traditional style 5th wheels it was kinda hard to get those connected, you had to get everything level just so it would slide in just right.

Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the CURT A20 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch for the Nissan Titan XD Towing Prep Package. That's gonna be part number C16540-16026.So here's what our hitch looks like once we have it installed. Now this is gonna work perfectly for our Titans that have the factor prep package. The base here is just gonna slide into the puck system, you use four turn levers to lock them down.Now the head itself is gonna bolt to the leg assembly, and we're gonna have four height adjustments so we can match up to our trailer and make sure we have adequate clearance. And our head is gonna be adjustable all the way from 13 up to 17 inches.Our hitch is gonna have a full 360 degree contact going around the kingpin so we don't have to worry about it rattling around. And unlike the slide bar style jaws, this is gonna make sure that it makes full contact all the way around the kingpin.

Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Q20 fifth wheel trailer hitch for Nissan Titan XD towing prep package. That's going to be part number C16530-16026. So here's what our hitch is going to look like once we have it installed. Now the legs are going to slide directly into our Titan's under bed platform for the prep package. We're just going to have these quarter turn levers. They're adjustable, so we can get the height right, so there's no slop, or play in them.And then our hitch is going to mount to the legs using these four bolts, two on each side.

Curt E16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt E16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Nissan Titan XD Towing Prep Package, part number C16515-16026. Here's what our E16 5th Wheel's going to look like once we have it installed. Now, this isn't just going to drop into the factory prep package. The legs down here are going to have three points and it's going to allow us to tow a fifth wheel trailer with our Titan. And as you can see, we've been using our E16 5th Wheel for quite some time. We've been towing a fifth wheel camper with it.

Curt Fifth Wheel C16641 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna take a look at the Curt A20 dual jaw fifth wheel trailer hitch on this R20 Slider, with the base rails and the universal installation kit. It has a 20,000 pound weight capacity. Now this fifth wheel hitch will mount in your truck bed, so that you can tow your fifth wheel trailer. It's mounted on this non-binding slider, which will provide an extra 12" of clearance, which is required for your short bed truck to turn safely at slow speeds. It helps prevent the trailer from hitting the cab of your pickup during those sharp, slow speed turns.It does slide smoothly on the rounded, non-binding rods, and it's designed for use on trucks with beds shorter than 8'. It's not recommended for use on truck beds shorter than 6'.

Curt Fifth Wheel C16121 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Curt A16 Dual Jaw Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with the base rails, the universal installation kit, and it has a 16,000 pound weight capacity. Now, this fifth-wheel hitch will mount in your truck bed so that you can tow your fifth-wheel trailer. The hitch head on this uses a high strength interlocking two jaw system right here. It provides a nice 360 degree jaw-to-king-pin contact.Basically, these jaws will fully wrap around the king pin, help minimize noise. Gives you less rattle, more security than the slide bar models. The head on this, I can try to show you, it actually will go in all directions.

Curt Fifth Wheel C16141 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Curt A20 Dual Jaw Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with the rails and the universal installation kit, and a 20,000 pound weight capacity. Now this fifth wheel hitch will mount in your truck bed so that you can tow your fifth wheel trailer, it does use the high strength interlocking two jaw system here which will provide a 360 degree jaw to king pin contact. The jaws full wrap around the king pin to minimize noise and it will give you less rattle, more security than your slide bar models.The head on this is a fully articulating head. Instead of just front to back and side to side, it will give you controlled coupling and nice stable quiet ride. It does self-align for nice easy hook-up, helps suppress road shock, and it reduces any bothersome towing noise.Also, as you look at the jaws there's a greased Zerk fitting on each jaw, so it gives you two built-in greased Zerk fittings for easy lubrication of the jaws. And on the very back it has a three-point color coded lock indicator system so it ensures secure towing, basically right under the head you can see there's a ...

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Fifth Wheel Questions and Answers

  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for a 2016 Ram 3500 with Factory Installed 5th Wheel Prep Package
  • There are actually several hitches available now that fit directly into the 2016 Ram factory OEM prep package. There is also an option to use a special adapter if you already have a hitch or if you plan on getting a slider hitch (for short bed trucks). The hitches that fit directly are: # BWRVK3600, rated for 25K # C16545-16021, rated for 24K # C16530-16021, rated for 20K # C16520-16021, rated for 16K, dual jaw # C16515-16021, rated for 16K, slide-bar jaw You can also use adapter...
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  • Can A Fifth Wheel Trailer Be Used with a Ford F-150 Supercrew 5-1/2 Foot Bed
  • You may be able to use a fifth wheel, depending on the width of the trailer. Since the 5-1/2 foot bed is so short, in turning the fifth wheel trailer can end up making contact with the cab of the truck resulting in damage. The Sidewinder is essentially a hitch extender that will provide enough clearance for some fifth wheel trailers to be towed behind 5-1/2 bed trucks. You will need to take some measurements on the truck and the width of the fifth wheel trailer and calculate if you would...
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  • Ram Truck Factory Puck System for 5th Wheel Hitches
  • The Ram OEM 5th wheel puck system, shown in the linked photo and article, was launched in 2013 so what you have in your truck is likely to be an aftermarket installation of some kind. These newer Ram trucks with the factory prep can directly accept a specialized 5th wheel hitch such as the B&W # BWRVK3600 or the Curt # C16545-16021. Such hitches drop right into those factory pucks, allowing you to completely remove the hitch for a clear bed when necessary for cargo. Without seeing the...
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  • Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Recommendation for Ford Super Duty Hitch Prep Package Long Bed
  • I would recommend the B and W Companion hitch part # BWRVK3300 that was designed to fit the underbed rail kit of your Ford F-350. The Companion is generally referred to as the nicest fifth wheel hitch on the market so I would highly recommend it for you. It has a 20k capacity so it would have more than enough capacity for your 14k trailer. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
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  • Did Ford Factory 5th Wheel Prep Package Come on the F-250s or Short Bed Trucks
  • The factory underbed prep package was available on the F-250 and F-350 but only on the long beds. The aftermarket kit, # RP30126, can be installed on the short bed models. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you. This kit does not include the gooseneck hitch portion, only the 5th wheel portion. To add the gooseneck you would need # RP30138.
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  • 5th Wheel Installation Kit Recommendation for a RBW 15K 5th Wheel Hitch
  • You have two options for installing the RBW Lil Rocker in your 2007 Ford F-150 pickup. You can use the Universal Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation Kit with Rails, item # RP30035, or the Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Custom Installation Brackets - Ford F-150, item # RP50081-58 that you referenced. I would recommend you use the Custom Brackets # RP50081-58, these will install in about half the time of the universal rails and will minimize the drilling into your 2007 Ford F-150. I have...
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  • Are Replacement Parts Available For the RBW Lil Rocker 5th Wheel Hitch
  • Replacement parts for the RBW Lil Rocker are no longer available. RBW Industries, the manufacturer of the Lil Rocker, was acquired by AL-KO Kober Corp and the fifth wheel lines were discontinued. You may be able to find replacement parts on private ad sites or auction sites, but new replacement parts are not available. If you would consider a new fifth wheel hitch, we have several options that you may be interested in. An economical hitch that has a similar design to the Lil Rocker...
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  • Adapter for Ford Factory 5th Wheel Prep Package for Use with a Standard 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • The Reese adapter you are looking for to use a standard above the bed 5th wheel hitch with the Ford factory under bed system is # RP30156. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you. Make sure that your Valley hitch mounting tabs are 22 inches on center front to back. The side to side measurement on center should be either 29 inches or 20-1/2 inches. Take a look at the picture I have included as an example of the side to side measurement.
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  • Can Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Hitch Be Installed in Truck Bed At Same Time
  • There is not a bracket kit that would allow both a fifth wheel and a gooseneck hitch to be installed together, however there are solutions that might allow you to swap back and forth, depending on what you currently have installed. If you have nothing installed in your truck bed at this time, you can use the # RP30035 kit you mentioned to install 5th wheel rails. Install the 5th wheel into the rails when needed, and when you need to tow a gooseneck, remove the fifth wheel and install...
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  • Recommended Aftermarket Underbed Puck System for 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500 or 3500
  • For your 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500, there is an aftermarket underbed puck system available. It is the Reese Under-Bed Rail and Installation Kit for Reese Elite Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches # RP30868. This is compatible with the 6-1/2 foot or the 8 foot bed. It will be compatible with the Reese Elite Slider # RP30144 or fixed mount # RP30142 (both of which come with the wiring harness). If you want to use a different 5th wheel hitch, then you simply need the Reese Elite Series...
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  • Can Fifth Wheel Bed Rails Be Removed When Hitch is Not Being Used
  • When the Reese 5th wheel hitch is removed from the bed rails, the rails will remain in the truck bed. Once the rails are installed by bolting them through the bed to the frame brackets and tightened to their specified torque, they need to remain in place. Removing the bed rails repeatedly would cause undue stress on the mounting hardware thus weakening it, which is why the hardware is rated for a one-time use only. Using the Reese Elite Series Under-Bed Rail and Installation Kit, part...
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  • Underbed Fifth Wheel Hitch and Rail Kit Recommendation for 2017 Ford F-250
  • We have the Demco underbed rail kits that fit your 2017 Ford F-250 like the part # DM8551009. With this kit installed you could use their 21k Demco hitch part # DM8550032 if you have a long bed or the auto slider part # DM8550022 if you have a short bed. The Demco hitches are USA made hitches that will work great for your application.
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  • Gooseneck Ball for a 2016 Ram 3500 with 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Factory Prep Package
  • There are a couple of ball kit options that fit the factory 5th wheel and gooseneck prep package on your 2016 Ram 3500. I recommend the Curt kit, # C60618, which is the ball, safety chain tie downs, and a cover for the ball hole when the ball is not being used. (None of balls the fit the OEM system will hide in the ball cavity like the Turnover ball hitches from B&W.) You can also use the Reese kit # RP30140 which also includes the tie downs and cover but also includes a storage bag....
    view full answer...

  • Do all Fifth Wheel Rails have the Same Dimensions
  • Most fifth wheel rails are made to the same industry standard dimensions. They aren't all though. If you measure 22 inches on center between the two rails and they look like the rails of the # RP30035 that you referenced they would be the industry standard. These rails can fit hitch brands Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese, Valley and Husky.
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch for 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 with RamBox and 6-Foot Bed
  • A short bed truck by itself can pose a challenge for 5th wheel towing due to the limited front-to-back clearance between the truck cab and the trailer's overhang. When we add the Rambox feature we also add another complication: reduced side-to-side clearance. Hitch makers like Reese, Curt and B&W discourage use of 5th wheels in such trucks; that said, there are those that have satisfactorily installed 5th wheels anyway. The best solution for the turning clearance problem in such trucks...
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for a 2017 Ford F-350 with Factory Prep Package and Reese Revolution Pin Box
  • Since the trailer comes with the Reese Revolution pin box you will need a fixed hitch, not a slider, and a custom wedge to match the hitch. The wedge prevents the trailer from turning at the hitch so that it turns 22 inches further back allowing you to make tight turns without needing a slider. For a hitch that fits directly into the factory prep package on Ford trucks including your 2017 F-350 I recommend the Reese Elite hitch # RP30142. And for a custom wedge use # SWW-01.
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  • 5th Wheel Rail & Hitch Compatibility for 2017 GMC Sierra 2500
  • You can install an industry-standard 5th wheel hitch in any brand of above-bed base rails. All such industry standard rails (ISRs) will work with any hitch that is designed for such above-the-bed installation. Such an install kit from Curt is part # C16411-204. Now, in a truck like your 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 with the 5th wheel prep package you will instead use an adapter # C16023. This adapter drops into the factory installed pucks in the bed and provides the equivalent of standard base...
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  • Recommended 5th Wheel Hitch For 2018 Ford F-150 with 6-1/2 Foot Bed
  • For your 2018 Ford F-150, I recommend the Reese Quick-Install Custom Base Rails and Outboard Installation Kit for 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches # RP56034-53. This will be a custom fit that will allow you to install the brackets without drilling into your frame. Once you have the 5th wheel base rails installed, a number of different hitch options are available, but you will want a sliding hitch because you have a short bed truck. If you want a hitch that will automatically slide for you...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Fifth Wheel Base Rail Measurements For Ford F-150 With 6-1/2 Foot Bed
  • I would need the year of your Ford F-150 truck to give you the exact measurements for installation of the fifth wheel base rails. If your truck is 2004 or newer I am listing the information below. The fifth-wheel installation kits that come with base rails and the mounting brackets for a 2004 and newer Ford F-150 6-1/2 Foot Bed are offered in semi-custom, and custom kits. I would recommend to use a custom install kit like the Reese Custom Installation Kit, part # RP50081-58, because...
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  • Under-Bed 5th Wheel Kit for a 2013 Ford Super Duty
  • Thank you for sending the pictures. Your truck does not have the under-bed rail kit for the fifth wheel prep package. If you would like to add an under-bed fifth wheel kit to your 2013 Ford Super Duty, you can install the Reese Elite Series Under-Bed Rail Kit, # RP30126. This will provide the 4 pucks in the bed just like the fifth wheel prep package that is offered by Ford. I have attached an installation video for you to check out. For a fifth wheel hitch, you can use the Reese Elite...
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