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Cargo Van Mats Questions and Answers

  • Cargo Mat Recommendation for a 2016 Ford Transit T250 Long Wheelbase
  • The 148 inch wheelbase of your 2016 Ford Transit T250 indicates that you have a long wheelbase model so for a cargo mat you would want the # VTFT15L that you referenced. This will fit snugly to the contours of the cargo area of your vehicle as it is designed as a custom fit. Price is available at the product link.
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  • Recommended Van Flooring For 2016 Sprinter 2500 With 144 Inch Wheel Base
  • For your 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 with 144 inch wheel base, I recommend the VanRug Custom Floor Mat for Cargo Vans - Charcoal Gray - Carpet # VRMS06M. This van floor mat looks and feels like soft carpet but stands up to rugged use. It has a 3/4 inch thick cushioning and a non-skid surface. It repels liquids and resists stains and mildew.
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  • Interior Floor Mat for 2019 Ram ProMaster 1500 with 136-Inch Wheelbase
  • We actually can offer you two choices in an interior mat for your 2019 Ram Promaster 1500 with the long 136-inch wheel base. Both come from Bedrug but they differ slightly in thickness and material so one may well be better for your specific application. Part # VRDP14M is a 3/4-inch thick mat made with a top layer of carpet, which is bonded over a foam core. The carpet layer is non-skid which makes this mat better for heavy loads like delicate furniture that might tend to slide or put...
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  • Custom Floor Mats for 2005 Chevrolet Astro Van
  • The good news is that we do offer custom mats for your 2005 Chevrolet Astro Van. The VanTred Custom Floor Mat you referenced, part # VTNV11, is in fact a custom fit cargo area mat for the Nissan NV. It is not intended for cut-to-fit applications like the BedRug # BMX00D 1/2-inch thick cushioned mat. This mat measures 66-inches x 98-inches and installs using threaded plastic studs. You can use the link provided to see all passenger and cargo mats available for your van. You can click...
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  • Can a VanTred Custom Floor Mat for a Cargo Van Fit a 2013 Nissan NV 3500 Passenger Van
  • If you take a look at where the seats attach to the floor of your 2013 Nissan NV 3500 you should be able to measure the amount of space between the floor and the nearest part of the seats that could potentially interfere with a mat such as # VTNV11. If there is more than 1/2 inch of space then technically you could modify the mat to work. However, doing so would void the warranty.
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  • Will the VanRug Custom Floor Mat # VRDP14L Fit a 2017 Ram ProMaster 2500
  • Yes, the VanRug Custom Floor Mat for Cargo Vans - Charcoal Gray - Carpet # VRDP14L that you referenced is a confirmed fit for your 2017 Ram ProMaster 2500. As of yet (August 2017) we have not had a chance to install it on a ProMaster ourselves but you can check out the attached picture for an idea of what it looks like.
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  • Which BedRug Is a Fit for the 2017 Ram ProMaster 1500 with 136 inch Wheelbase
  • I checked your order notes and you ordered the part # VRDP14M which is the correct fit for your 2017 Ram ProMaster 1500 with a 136 inch wheelbase.
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  • Does the Carpet Need to Be Removed To Install the VanTred Floor Mat on a 2013 Chevrolet Express Van
  • I spoke with my contact at Bedrug and she stated that the carpet will need to be removed to install the VanTred Floor Mat. The VanTred mat is ribbed to fit the metal floor of your 2013 Chevrolet Express Van and will install using the plastic OEM shrouds and the rear and side entry doors. The mat will not fit properly if it were installed over the carpet. The VanTred Floor Mat, # VTRG96X, that you referenced was designed to fit the extended wheelbase models of the Express Van. If you...
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  • Recommended Cargo Mat for a 2017 Ford Transit T250
  • The EXT version of the 2017 Ford Transit T250 with a 148" wheel base has a sliding passenger door. If you have a sliding passenger door then you will want to use the VanTred Custom Floor Mat for Cargo Vans part # VTFT15LE. If you do not have the sliding passenger door then you do not have an EXT version and you will want to use the VanTred Custom Floor Mat for Cargo Vans part # VTFT15L. The VanTred Custom Floor Mat can be cleaning via hose, power washer, or in your case shampooer. Unfortunately,...
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  • Availability of a Cargo Mat for a 2016 Nissan NV Passanger Van
  • The BedRug VanTred Custom Mat, # VTNV11, is custom cut to fit in your 2016 Nissan NV 3500 van. The mat is cut to fit in between the wheel wells of the van, however, the openings for the the seats are not ready-cut from the factory. These openings can be cut by the consumer once the mat has been installed.
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  • How to Pick BedRug Mat for 2016 Ram ProMaster 1500 136 inch Wheelbase
  • You have two Bedrug options for your 2016 Ram Promaster 1500 with a 136 inch wheelbase. You have the carpeted option which is part # VRDP14M that has foam padding underneath it or you have the # VTDP14M which is a termoplastic with a 1/2 inch thick cushion underneath. This is the heavier duty application and is what we recommend for commercial applications. The carpet option is better for infrequent use or more fragile loads.
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  • Availability of Floor Mat for a 2017 Ford Transit T350
  • For your 2017 Ford Transit T350 we currently have 2 options for a floor mat. Both are custom made for T350s that have a 148 inch wheelbase that exclude the EXT that you mentioned. BedRug has their Van Rug # VRFT15L which is a carpet and the VanTred # VTFT15L which is thermoplastic. Both are charcoal gray in color and made in the USA.
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  • Difference Between the VanTred Custom Floor Mat VTFT15M and VTFM15L For Ford Transit
  • The difference between the two is the wheelbase of the vehicles that each are designed to fit. The # VTFT15L fits the long wheelbase models of the 2015-2016 Ford Transit T150, T250, and T350. The # VTFT15M on the other hand fits the medium wheelbase vehicles.
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  • Is the VanTred Custom Floor Mat # VTRF92 Waterproof
  • The 1/2 inch thick backing on the BedRug mat, # VTRF92, is made of closed-cell foam polypropylene that is waterproof so it will not pick up moisture. It will not make the rusting that has already started worse because it does not hold moisture. However, since moisture will not get held in the mat you will want to make sure that if there are liquid spills that get under the mat that you dry them up. I included a video review video link from the manufacturer talking about their products.
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  • Will the BedRug Cargo Van Mats # VTRF92 Fit in a 1999 Ford Econoline E-250 with a Standard Bed
  • The BedRug Cargo Van Mats # VTRF92 is confirmed as a fit for 1992-2014 Ford Full size vans with the standard size bed. So it will work great for your 1999 Ford Econoline E-250 with a standard bed. For your reference, I have included a video showing the installation of a BedRug truck bed liner, and the process for installing this in your van will be very similar.
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  • Choosing Between Carpeted or Thermoplastic Cargo Area Floor Mats for 2014 Dodge ProMaster 1500 Van
  • Which of the two choices is better will really depend on what you're using the van for. The Thermoplastic mat is 1/2 an inch thick, and would offer better skid resistance. The carpet is thicker, at 3/4 of an inch thick so therefore it'd offer better protection for the floor of the van. If you were carrying heavy, bulky items I'd want the thicker # VRDP14M carpeted mat. For lighter items, the # VTDP14M thermoplastic mat would work just fine for you.
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  • VanRug Custom Carpet for Cargo Area of 2005 Chevy Express 3500 Van
  • The VanRug Custom Floor Mat for Cargo Vans - Charcoal Gray - Carpet # VRG96X is a fit for your 2005 Chevy Express 3500 van if you have the extended wheel base. It does not cover the cab area, but rather only up to the back of the seat around the mounting legs. If you have the standard wheel base, you will want # VRG96 instead. We do not carry anything that will cover the cab area that is matching.
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  • Will BedRug Cargo Mat # VTRG96X for the 2006 Chevrolet Express Van Allow Re-Installation of Seats
  • We offer custom thermoplastic floor mats for both the standard wheelbase and extended wheelbase versions of the 2006 Chevrolet Express 3500 van. Part # VTRG96 fits the standard version and part # VTRG96X fits the extended version. Both of these products are intended for vans that have the Wall System on its side walls. If instead your van has bare walls with exposed ribs, the mats only extend to the ribs and so there will be a small gap along the side walls between those ribs. These...
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  • Installation of BedRug VanRug Custom Cargo Mat VTDP14M in 2017 Ram ProMaster 1500
  • The VanRug Custom Floor Mat for Cargo Vans # VTDP14M is a fit for your 136 inch cargo area of your 2017 Ram ProMaster 1500 Van. It is die cut for a clean custom fit that extends from behind the front seats to under cargo door's plastic shroud as well as the side entry. The carpet # VRDP14M installs the same way. I confirmed with the manufacturer it is a perfect fit for the 136 inch wheelbase with no cutting required. The 118 wheelbase uses the same mat, but there is trimming required...
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  • Bed Liner Availability for 2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170 Extended Van
  • The Bedrug VanTred Floor Mat # VTRG96X that you referenced is a custom-fit product designed for GMC and Chevrolet vans. Its dimensions are specific for those vehicle brands and models. My contact at Bedrug advised that they do not have a similar product designed for your 2014 Sprinter extended van. However, we do offer universal-fit products that may work for your application. For example, Bedrug offers their Universal Truck Bed Mat # BMX00D that features a carpet-like surface that...
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