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MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at MaxxTow's 31-1/2" long LED Off-Road Light Bar, part number MT80633. And this is what our light looks like when it's installed. It has a combination of flood and spotlights, the spotlights are towards the center for seeing at a distance, and the flood lights are off on the sides so you can see a wide range of view. The 60 LEDs produce 13,200 lumens and draw 180 watts of power. What's great about this light bar is the versatility you have when you install it. It can be placed in many different ways, whether you're using it in the back of your truck to see behind you or in the front for some extra view when off roading.

Off Road Lights Questions and Answers

  • Recommendation on Lights For Westin Ultimate Bull Bar
  • The off-road lights that I have available for the Westin Ultimate Bull Bar are as follows: Westin 6 Inch Off-Road Driving Lights, Black, part # 09-0505 Westin 6 Inch Off-Road Driving Lights, Chrome, part # 09-0500 For standard driving lights I have the following: Westin 4-Inch Round Driving Lights, part # 09-0105 Westin 5-3/4 Inch Round Driving Lights, part # 09-0205 Westin 5-1/4 Inch x 2-1/2 Inch Rectangular Driving Lights, part # 09-0305 Westin 6 Inch x 4 Inch Rectangular...
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  • Light Bar Recommendation for 1987 Chevy Blazer K5
  • The rotating gutter mount light bar part # CARR210111 that you referenced has been confirmed as a fit for your 1987 K Series Blazer since your Blazer has the same roof as the C/K style Chevy trucks. This light bar is designed for up to a 50 inch lightbar, but I am sure you could find a way to attach a 52 inch light bar to it. This product does have a limited lifetime warranty that would get voided if you were to modify it.
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  • How to Wire the Optronics Driving Light Kit # QH-87CD
  • The Optronics Driving Light Kit, # QH-87CD, will come with a total of 7 wires, the lights and a switch. Of the 7 wires, you will have 3 black ground wires, 2 white extension wires, 1 white main power wire and 1 red power supply wire. Each light will have 2 wires, 1 for ground and 1 for power. The ground wire from each light will be connected to a black ground wire to a clean, bare metal surface using a provided sheet metal screw and the white extension wire will attach to the white...
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  • Off-Road Lights for Use on Rola Roof Cargo Basket 59504
  • The Rola cargo basket # 59504 does indeed have a curved front top tube that is the mounting point for it's included wind fairing. The round and curved surface and the presence of the fairing make this a less-than-ideal mounting point for the Pilot Automotive LED Light Bar # PL-9704. It's hardware is made for a flat mounting surface. Yes, you COULD mount it there with a bit of effort (making sure you drill all the way through both sides of the tubing). Note this will void the basket's warranty....
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  • Installation Instructions for the Fog Light Kit - Halogen - 55 Watt - Oblong, # QH-84CF
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled a Fog Light Kit - Halogen - 55 Watt - Oblong, # QH-84CF. After mounting the lights with the included brackets and hardware, you will disconnect the battery. Next, attach the included black ground wire extensions to each lights black ground wire. They will then get connected to the vehicle frame. Next, you will connect the white power wires on each light to the white power extension wires. Each of these will get connected to a longer white Y-extension. You...
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  • Does Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar Have Specific Range
  • While there is not a specific range that is specific to the Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar # UCL22CB I can give you some comparisons that may help. If you take a look at the accompanying photo you can see a test we did with the MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar # MT80633 (which also fits your 2012 Ram 1500) that shows the lights at approximately 100 feet. I offered this comparison because the MaxxTow and Optronics light bars are very similar mixed beam off-road lights. The MaxxTow # MT80633...
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  • Are LED Lights Vibration Resistant
  • LEDs are almost completely resistant to all shock and vibration (within reason), so while the Pilot Automotive Light Bar # PL-9704 doesn't specifically say it was designed for vibration resistance the nature of the LEDs of it make it so. This should work well for you.
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  • Can MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar Be Mounted On Rear Bumper To Help When Backing Up
  • The MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar # MT80630 is designed for off-road use. The light bar does come with the wiring and a switch. Since it is intended to be used for seeing what is ahead I recommend checking with the authorities to see if there is any reason you cannot use it as a back up light as you want.
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  • What are the Dimensions of the MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar # MT80632
  • The MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar # MT80632 itself is 24-1/2" wide, 3-1/8" high, and 3-1/2" deep. When you include the mounting points and the legs that increases the height to 4-5/8" and increases the width to 24-1/2" (see attached picture). I have attached some review videos for you to check out as well.
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  • Resistor Used for LED Fog Lights Does Not Last Long
  • I think I have a better solution for your LED lights. Instead of reducing the current (and it would be stepping down the amperage, not the voltage) you could put more load on the system so that the LED lights will work. You just need some load resistors such as # P230004A-2.
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  • Where to Connect Power Wire when Installing Optronics Halogen Fog Light Kit # QH-84CF
  • You will want to connect the power wire for fog light kit # QH-84CF to the vehicle battery. The kit comes with a switch so that the lights are not on all the time. Connecting to another 12 volt source could overload that circuit. Here is how you will install the lights: After mounting the lights with the included brackets and hardware, disconnect the negative battery cable. Next, attach the included black ground wire extensions to each lights black ground wire. They will then get...
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  • 1993 Toyota Truck Light Bar Mount Recommendation
  • We have several light bar roof mount kits that are confirmed to fit your 1993 Toyota Pickup (see link), but for a setup that uses the part # CARR210341 that you referenced you would want the # CARR220051 as well. If you would like a light kit to go with the light bar I recommend the Westin Driving Lights # 09-0205.
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  • Dimensions Of the MaxxTow Off-Road Lights # MT70882
  • I went and pulled a MaxxTow Off-Road Lights # MT70882 from our warehouse to get the dimensions you requested. The lights are 3-3/4 inches wide and 3 inches tall and the mounting stud is 1/4 inch in diameter.
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  • Recommendation for a Light Bar Mount on a 1991 Ford Ranger With Gutters
  • Good news, the Carr C-Profile Rota Light Bar # CARR210111 is a fit for your 1991 Ford Ranger. I have linked the instructions you have requested for the C-Profile Rota Light Bar. This Light bar mount will hold up to a 50 inch light bar which are all sold separately like the part # P10050 or # XIL-LPX3910.
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  • Adding an LED Roof Light Bar to a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Sport
  • There isn't a custom light bar/mount for the 2016 Jeep Cherokee Sport. What I recommend is to install a roof rack and attach lights to it; either to the bar directly or to a cargo basket. If the Jeep has the side rails on the roof that run front to back then the most cost effective roof rack is from Inno using feet # INFR and bars # INB117. If the Jeep does not have the side rails then the most cost effective rack is from Rhino-Rack using the following parts: Euro square bars # RREB137B...
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  • Light Bar Fit For Roof of a 2001 Nissan Frontier
  • Yes, the Lightbar part # CARR210111 and the mount kit part # CARR220051 has been confirmed as a fit for your 2001 Nissan Frontier so they would work well for you. This Light bar mount will hold up to a 50 inch light bar which are all sold separately like the part # P10050 or # XIL-LPX3910.
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  • Idea for Attaching Light Bar to Roof Cargo Basket
  • I am sure there is a way you could mount the Vision X Xmitter Prime IRIS Off-Road Light Bar # XPI-12M to the Yakima Load Warrior part # Y07070 if you wanted to, but aside from modifying light bar brackets like part # 57-0000 there really isn't a way that I can recommend.
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  • Fog Light Recommendation for a 2000 Honda Civic DX
  • The fog lights that we carry are not vehicle specific so you could use any of them on your 2000 Honda Civic. To find ones that will fit the area in which you need them you will need to compare the light dimensions to the dimensions of the area you want to place them. I see a lot of round fog lights on Civics. We also have some LED lights, # ALP77160, which are 3-5/8 inches long by 1 inch tall. It just all depends on the space available.
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  • Will Putco Luminix LED Bulbs Be Warm Enough to Melt Snow
  • You ask a really interesting question. Its absolutely correct that LED lights will generate much less heat than typical halogen headlamp bulbs, due to their better efficiency. In even really cold Midwest winter weather a halogen lamp will usually keep the outside of a car's headlight lens slightly warm to the touch. This will be enough heat to discourage buildup of snow/slush/ice on the lens. On my car with halogen bulbs even if I start my morning drive with ice on the headlamps (that...
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  • Installation Instructions for the Westin Off-Road Driving Lights # 09-0505
  • I attached a picture of the installation instructions that come with the Westin Off-Road Driving Lights # 09-0505 that you referenced.
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