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Adapt your truck or van to carry longer cargo with a ladder rack by DeWalt, Karrite or Thule. DeWalt ladder racks are made to handle the toughest jobs with a sturdy all-steel construction and features that make it the easiest truck bed ladder rack to use. Karrite models feature all-steel construction and are adjustable to ensure you get the perfect fit for your Vehicle. Thule ladder racks feature high-strength aluminum and an aerodynamic design to reduce wind drag. All of our ladder racks feature ease of installation and use, whether carrying a long load or removing a load bar to accommodate tall cargo. You can carry the gear you want the way you want without sacrificing the appearance of your truck or your budget.

We offer ladder rack systems for many popular truck and van manufacturers including Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and GMC. Find the right fit for your vehicle by entering the year, make, and model to the left.

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Thule Ladder Racks Review - 2013 GMC Sierra

Speaker 1: Today on a 2013 GMC Sierra we're going to be taking a look at the Tule Xsporter Pro adjustable height, truck bed, ladder rack. That's going to be part number TH500XT. This ladder rack's going to be great for carrying any type of ladders or other elongated accessories above your truck bed up to 450 pounds. It's going to help free up space in the bed of our truck for any accessories such as our fifth wheel right here or any other cargo we might be hauling that day.This ladder rack has a unique design in that its cross bars are adjustable in their height. So at its highest point you're going to be able to haul those long loads by them extending over the cab of your truck.How you adjust the height is you simply loosen this hand knob on both sides. Once you do that it can just simply lower down to the height you desire and then once you have it to the height, you simply just tighten it back up.

Thule TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Installation - 2008 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty

Speaker 1: Today on our 2008 Ford F-350 we're going to be test fitting the TracRac TracOne Truck Bed Ladder Rack. The TracRac Ladder Rack is perfect for carrying those elongated loads such as lumber, ladders, or even a kayak.Now the crossbars are 65 inches long. The system's going to have an 800 pound weight capacity and it's going to work with most trucks. Now the crossbars do also have channels on the top and the bottom so you can carry any of your T-channel accessories. It does come with four adjustable load stops so you'll be able to easily secure your load.Now compared to other ladder racks this does have a more aerodynamic design, which is going to cut down on wind noise. It is made out of aluminum, which means it's going to be resistant to any kind of corrosion and it's a no drill application.

Thule TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Installation - 2014 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2014 Ford F-150, we're going to be taking a look at the TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack. These ladder racks are made of a strong, durable aluminum and has a powdered coat finish so it's going to resist corrosion. Both bars do feature at track and they also come with four supply tie downs that you can move and lock down for making sure all your gear is secure. With the clamp-on design, it's going to be easy to install with no drilling and it's also going to fit many different truck applications. As you can see, we already have the front section installed and we'll go ahead and install the back one together.You're going to take your ladder rack and carefully put it onto your bed rails in the general area of where you're going to want it to sit. We're going to take our clamp with our T-plate on the bolt, and what I like to do is slide it in the channel it's going to be going on the bottom.

Thule TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Installation - 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, we'll be taking a look at and showing you how to install the track rack track one truck bed ladder rack. The ladder rack is going to allow you to carry lumber, ladders and extra long gear on your truck. The ladder rack is going to have an aerodynamic shape, which will help to reduce wind noise and drag. On the top we're also going to have a channel. This will be great for channel mounted accessories like bike racks, kayak carriers. We also have the tie down points that are included and are adjustable down the length of our weather channel.The width of the track rack track one ladder rack is adjustable by undoing our two bolts on either side of our leg.

Thule TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Installation - 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, we're going to be taking a look at, and installing, the TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack. Here's what our ladder rack looks like on our truck. It's designed to carry ladders or either large equipment that you can't fit into the bed of your truck. It features an aerodynamic design, and the elliptical crossbars are going to cut down a lot of the wind noise and drag that are commonly associated with ladder racks. It also has an 800 pound weight capacity. It also comes with four tie-downs that are fully adjustable in our T-track here, simply loosen them up by turning them to the left, and then we can slide our tie-down anywhere along our track, and then to lock it down, simply tighten it down by turning it to the right.

Thule TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Installation - 2018 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Ford F-150, we'll be taking a look at and showing you how to install the TracRac TracONE truck bed ladder rack. This ladder rack is going to allow us to carry lumber, ladders, and other large gear on top of our truck bed. The ladder rack is fully adjustable to the end of our crossbars, allowing this to be used with multiple different trucks. We simply loosen up our two bolts on either side of our leg. Then we can adjust it in or out. Our ladder rack system is made out of an aluminum construction, so it's strong, durable, and rustproof, but it's also very lightweight.

Thule TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Installation - 2017 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Ford F150, we're gonna be test fitting the TracRac TracOne truck bed ladder rack. This had an 800 pound carrying capacity, clamps onto your truck bed using the clamps provided on both sides. This is a fixed ladder rack. Therefore, it cannot be adjusted. However, it can be adjusted from side to side to adjust to varying truck bed widths. It has an aerodynamic shape to the bars on both the front and back.

Thule TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Installation - 2017 Nissan Titan

Speaker 1: Today on 2017 Nissan Titan, we'll be taking a look at and showing you how to install the TracRac Truck Bed Ladder rack. The TracRac ladder rack system is going to allow us to carry multiple different types of large gear on our vehicle. Whether those are kayaks, large lumber, PVC pipe, or vehicle accessories, like bike racks, cargo baskets, or cargo boxes.The width of our TracRac ladder rack is fully adjustable when we loosen up our two bolts here. That way we can use this on multiple different trucks. So, if you have two different trucks that you own, or if you buy a new truck, this will more than likely work on that vehicle.On our top crossbar, we're going to have stops that are included with our ladder rack. These are adjustable so that we can hold our gear down and they also have loops so that we can tie down our gear.You'll also notice that we have a weather strip on the inside.

Thule TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack Installation - 2015 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today on our 2015 Ford F-150, we'll be installing the TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack for full size pickups.The TracRac SR Truck Bed Ladder Rack is completely adjustable to fit your truck. It's great for hauling long loads like ladders, lumber, or PVC pipe.The adjustable load stops allow us to carry loads of different sizes. They just slide up and down the track here and tighten down with the black knob.They also feature a tie down slot to help further secure your load. A ladder rack is also adjustable. You just undo the knobs that allows you to slide the rack along the track.The side of our rack features tie down cleats that allow you to secure additional cargo. The Ladder Rack is made out of an aluminum construction so it's durable and lightweight and the weight capacity is 1250 pounds.The elliptical shape of our crossbars helps with aerodynamics reducing drag and wind noise.

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Ladder Racks Questions and Answers

  • Best Ladder Rack and Tonneau Cover Combination on 2017 Ford F-150
  • The best tonneau cover and ladder rack combination for a 2017 Ford F-150 is the TracRac SR # TH43002XT-501 with the BAK Revolver X2 # BAK39327. Most tonneau covers will either install in the same place a ladder rack or make contact with the rack while trying to open the cover. The Revolver X2 installs inside the bed rails of the truck and the SR installs in the stake pockets. The X2 is also sits a little further inside the bed rails than other covers, which keeps it from making contact...
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  • Which Roll Up Tonneau Covers Work with a TracRac Sliding Ladder Rack on a 2016 Ford F-150
  • The TracRac sliding ladder rack # TH43002XT-501 for your 2016 Ford F-150 mounts on the tops of the bed side so any Tonneau cover that mounts between the bed sides and not on top of them will be compatible. That gives you a lot of options if the truck does not have the factory Trac System. But not to worry. If your truck does have the factory Trac System I have an excellent option for you. First, the roll up covers that will fit models without the Trac System and that are compatible with...
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation For Jayco Popup Camper
  • We have a couple of racks that may work for the top of your Jayco popup camper. I recommend the SportRack Pop-Up Camper Roof Rack, part # SR1020. This features telescoping crossbars that can be adjusted to lengths of 80, 83, or 86 inches. This rack has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. This will not fit trailer roofs with rounded or curved edges. Another roof rack you may want to check out is the Swagman Roamer LT Roof Rack, part # S80510. This system is not designed to be used with plastic...
    view full answer...

  • Compatibility of Pickup Truck Ladder Racks with Tonneau Covers
  • Tonneau covers and ladder racks can be compatible with each other when they do not use the same mounting points on the truck bed rails. Both tonneau covers and ladder racks can mount either inside the bed rails or on top of them. As an example, the TracRac SR sliding ladder racks like # TH43002XT-501 mount on top of the bed rails so they will work with tonneau covers like Tonno Pro soft roll-up cover # TPLR-3080 which installs inside the bed rails. Please feel free to email me back...
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  • Roof Rack Options for a Pop Up Tent Trailer
  • You are correct, the Sportrack Tent Trailer Roof Rack, # SR1020, will not work if the trailer roof has rounded edges. What you need is a system that comes with tracks that mount to the top, flat part of the roof. Take a look at the Rhino-Rack Roof Rack System, # Y01-120. The tracks with this system are 63 inches long. You also get 4 feet and 2 load bars. Make sure to check the trailer owners manual or with the trailer manufacturer to make sure that the trailer can be fitted with a roof...
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  • Tool Boxes that are Compatible with a TracRac G2 Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack, 2010 Ford F150
  • The style of tool box that would be compatible with the TracRac G2 Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack # TH43002XT-000EX that you referenced would be the chest style tool box. That is the style of box that you see in the product page for the # TH43002XT-000EX. I attached a link to all of the chest style boxes that are confirmed to fit your vehicle. But as just an example of one that would work check out the DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox # DZ8546.
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  • Ladder Rack Options for 2016 Toyota Tundra w/ Bed Rail System
  • We do have some ladder racks that are compatible with your Tundra that's equipped with the bed rail system. The most economical choice would be the # CG-902 from Pilot Automotive. which would require you to drill holes down through the top of the truck bed side in order to attach the rack to the truck bed. This rack has a 500 lb capacity. The next step up price wise is the Rola # 59799 T3 Truck Bed ladder rack. The rack system includes adapters that allows it to attach to the bed...
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  • What Ladder Racks Will Work With The Utili-Track System On A 2013 Nissan Frontier
  • I am assuming you are referring to a ladder rack for your 2013 Nissan Frontier, if this is the case then we do have several options that work with the factory Utili-Track System. I recommend using the Erickson Truck Bed Ladder Rack part # EM07705 as this is one of our most popular ladder rack systems. Capable of weight capacities up to 800 lbs The Erickson Ladder rack has bed rail attaches that do not interfere with the Utili-Track's in addition to being adjustable to allow for different...
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  • Ladder Rack And Tonneau Cover Recommendation For 2011 Chevy Silverado With 5-1/2 Ft Bed
  • The number you came from is a ladder rack so I assume you are looking for a ladder rack for your 2011 Silverado and a Tonneau cover, preferably one that will work with the ladder rack. The ladder rack will have to be one that attaches to the top of the bed rails and allow the Tonneau cover to use the inside of the rails. I recommend the TracRac SR, part # TH43002XT-608. This is a sliding ladder rack with a 1,250-lb weight capacity. The Tonneau cover I recommend is the Access Vanish,...
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  • Roof Rack for a Palomino Pop-Up Truck Camper to Carry a Canoe
  • I think I have a great solution for you. You can use the Thule artificial rain gutters, # TH542, a set of Raingutter towers, # TH387, and 2 of bar # THLB96, which is 96 inches wide. And you will probably want some end caps, # THEC1, to keep water out of the bars. The bars can be trimmed down for the appropriate length. For a canoe carrier that fits the bars you can use # TH819.
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  • Recommended Kayak Carrier for TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack
  • I do have a solution for you, however I spoke with my contact at Thule (who manufactures the TracRac systems) and he stated that J-Style Kayak carriers are not compatible with the TracOne Truck Bed Ladder Rack # TH27000XTB that you referenced in your question. This is because the crossbars on the ladder rack are simply too wide for the J-Style carriers to mount properly. I instead recommend looking at the Thule Surf Pad # TH804 to protect and support your kayaks on the ladder rack....
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  • Tonneau Cover Compatible With TracRac Ladder Rack System On 2015 Ford F-150
  • The only tonneau cover we have confirmed to fit with the TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack - Full Size Pickup Trucks - 1,250 lbs # TH43002XT-000 is the BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl # BAK39328. This tonneau cover does have a locking function and a roll up design. It combines hard cover strength and security with the features often found in soft covers as well. The cover is heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl and sits flush on your truck bed.
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  • Installation Instructions Recommendation for the MaxxHaul Side-Mount Truck Bed Ladder Rack # MT70233
  • I attached pictures of the installation instructions for the MaxxHaul Side-Mount Truck Bed Ladder Rack # MT70233 that you referenced.
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  • Recommended Ladder Rack Compatible With Deck Rail System On 2017 Toyota Tacoma
  • MaxxTow Truck Bed Ladder Rack w/ Load Stops - Aluminum - 400 lbs # MT70423 will fit ONLY if you don't have the Deck Rail System. There is not an adapter kit available for this product to be used with the Deck Rail System. If you have the Deck Rail System, I recommend the Rola Haul-Your-Might T3 Truck Bed Ladder Rack - Aluminum - 800 lbs # 59799 as well as the Eye Bolt Tie-Down Kit for Rola Haul-Your-Might Truck Bed Ladder Rack - Steel - Qty 4 # 59796 or the Load Stops for Rola Haul-Your-Might...
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  • Tonneau Cover Ladder Rack and Kayak Carrier Recommendation
  • Yes, you could install a Rhino-Rack Roof Rack System w/ 2 Aero Crossbars # Y02-490 on the tonneau cover of your truck and then install a kayak carrier to it to carry your kayak. For a kayak carrier to go along with this rack I would recommend the Rhino-Rack J-Style Kayak Carrier part # S512. Check out the review video I attached for this rack as well to the right. You will want to check with the manufacturer of your tonneau to determine it's weight capacity and be sure not to exceed...
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  • Recommended High Capacity Roof Rack for Camper Shell on 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • After looking at several possibilities, I found the TracRac truck camper shell ladder rack part # TH29200XT. This rack has a capacity equal to that of the camper shell. I've confirmed the weight capacity with my TracRack representative, who confirms that if your camper shell has a 500 lb capacity, the rack will as well. The rack uses stainless steel hardware, it's recommended that you use anti-seize compound, part # LT37616 on the threads of the hardware.
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  • Roof Rack and Kayak Carrier Recommendation for Rockwood Hard Side Pop Up
  • I pulled up pictures of your Rockwood Hard Side Pop-up camper and when the camper is in the down position you could have a roof rack like the Swagman Roamer LT Roof Rack for Pop-Up Campers and Camper Shells # S80510 installed on it as it more or less has a standard pop up roof when down. Only real difference is that when it is up it has an A shape. To carry the kayaks on this roof rack I recommend the Swagman Foam Block Kayak Carriers, part # S65156. These foam blocks fit over the...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for Ladder Rack for 2014 Ram 1500 with Ram Box Tool Box Feature
  • All of the ladder racks we offer for your 2014 Ram 1500 with the Ram Box tool box feature can be seen on the link provided at right. All of these are the multi-bar type (either 2 or 3 bars). It sounds like you may be looking for a headache rack, which is a single-piece item that mounts just behind your cab. The second link at right will show you all options for your 2014 Ram 1500. Please note that some products are NOT compatible with the Ram Box, or with the 5-1/2-foot bed. At...
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  • Availability of TracRac Ladder Rack for 2009 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab
  • For your 2009 Toyota Tacoma regular cab you will need to use either the TracRac Pro2 Truck Bed Ladder Rack, part # TH37004XT or the TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack, part # TH27000XT-EX. These will be a correct fit for your vehicle. These are both a fixed mount ladder rack. To install the # TH27000XT-EX ladder rack to a Toyota Tacoma you will also need the TracRac Mount Kit, part # TH34000. See included link for the instructions on the mount kit. I am including links to the installation...
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  • Will TracRac TracONE Ladder Rack Fit 2017 Toyota Tacoma With Deck Rail System
  • The TracRac TracONE Ladder Rack, part # TH27000XTB-XK4B, will work with the Deck Rail system on your 2017 Tacoma. This is a fixed mount system with aerodynamic Matte Black aluminum crossbars. The system has an 800-lb weight capacity and includes 4 heavy-duty tie-downs. If you prefer the Silver powder coat finish, the TracONE system you want is part # TH27000XT-XK4. We also have the TracONE system with the over-the-cab extension. To order this system you will need part #TH27000XT-XK4EX. The...
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