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WOW! I am impressed! I called to place my order and real person answered, spoke perfect English, albeit a slight southern accent, and my order was sent within a day, shipped quickly and I had it a few days later. I saved over a hundred dollars over local and installed it my self. I cant imagine how that they could do any better. THANKS!


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Valterra RV Vents and Fans A10-3347VP Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Valtera AC vent grill. This grill can be used as a replacement or for new applications. It is made from durable plastic and it's walnut in color, which is like a brown color. It's designed to fit inside of a four inch vent hole. So if we take a measurement of the diameter back here, outer edge to outer edge, we're looking at about four inches, which to be more exact, it's three and fifteenth sixteenths inches. The slip length, that's from the bottom of this portion here to the end.

Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent Replacement Dome Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Replacement Dome for Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vents, part number FVK-1020-19.Replace the damaged cover on your Fan-Tastic RV Roof Vent without replacing the entire unit. This will save the expense and hassle of replacing your entire fan or vent assembly when those are working properly. So, if a fallen limb, weather, or low clearance issue has damaged your cover, this is a perfect solution. It operates the same because it is the same.It's a perfect size to fit your 14 x 14 vent or fan. The bracket is designed to line up perfectly with your Fan-Tastic vent arm. Just like on your old one, it's going to have that same bubble design to keep the water from pooling on top, and also it has that over-lip design.

Valterra RV Vents and Fans A10-3361VP Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Jet Stream fixed vein ceiling vent. The ceiling vent right here is beige in color. It offers a nice clean look to the interior of your RV. It's made from a durable plastic construction. And this ceiling vent or register allows air to come into the RV from the duct work. It does feature and come with a removable, washable foam filter.

Valterra RV Vents and Fans A10-3358VP Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Valtara Adjustable Heating and AC register. The sealing vent is white in color, offers a really nice clean look to the interior of your RV. It is made from a durable plastic construction and it comes with installation hardware.So the collar right here would be the portion that would mount to the ceiling and then the actual vent snaps over it. So that way none of the hardware is visible from the other viewpoints in the RV.As you can see here, to open it up, all you have to do is press on that portion there. It is rotatable. 360 degrees rotation.

Valterra RV Vents and Fans A10-3357VP Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Spaceport Adjustable A/C Ceiling Vent. The ceiling vent is white color and offers a nice clean look to the interior of your RV. It's made from a durable plastic construction. Now, an A/C ceiling vent allows air to come into the RV from the duct work. This vent offers easy operation as well as 360 degree rotation so that way you can direct the air to where you want it to blow. To open it, you push down.

Adco Deluxe Solar Vent Cover Review

Speaker 1: Today you're gonna be getting a good look at the Adco Deluxe Solar Vent Cover, part number 290-7172. This cover's made out of a durable vinyl. It has a silver finish on one side to reflect heat. It's insulated, it's gonna help cut down on drafts, and it's gonna prevent heat from escaping. We're using a laser thermometer here to get a temperature on the inside. As you can see, it's around 63.

Ventline RV Vents and Fans BVE0108-03 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the replacement down for Ventline E-Z Lift Ventadome trailer roof vents. This replaces a lost or damaged wedge-shaped smoke colored polypropylene lid on your Ventline E-Z Lift Ventadome RV roof vent. Now, it fits a variety of different models. At the end of this video, I'll actually go through the entire list of the models that this unit will fit. Again, it is made from a durable polypropylene construction. It's smoke in color.

Ventline RV Vents and Fans BVA0502-03 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Replacement Plastic Dome Assembly for Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vents. This replaces a broken assembly for your roof vent. It works with Ventline Vanair roof vent model VP-543. The dome assembly seals the vent when it is in the closed position. It's smoke in color, and it does come with the foam gasket pre-installed here at the base, and it comes with the necessary mounting hardware.A few measurements to go over with real quick, starting with the overall diameter. Outer edge to outer edge measures 8 and 1/2 inches.

Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent Installation

Speaker 1: Today on our enclosed trailer, we're going to be taking a look at the metal Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent, Part Number V2110SP-24.Now to help us with our installation, we're going to be using the installation kit for Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vents with screws and sealant, Part Number RVIKIT100.Here's what our vent looks like fully installed. Now this is going to be a nice addition to your trailer because it's going to allow fresh air to come in and heat to escape, but still have the doors locked and everything inside secure. We're going to be able to open up our vent using the manual knob right here, turning it clockwise to open it up and allow fresh air to come in and all that heat to escape.Our kit's going to come with a garnish or interior trim piece. This is going to be in white so it's going to complement the inside of your trailer. It even has this nice screen to keep dirt and debris and even leaves from getting inside, and it's easily removable so we can clean it out and put it back in when we're done. So whether you're looking for a replacement or adding a vent to your trailer or even your motorhome, this is going to be a nice addition and you're really going to appreciate that metal cover, not having to worry about something as small as a tree branch cracking the plastic ones.Our vent's going to feature a low-profile design, and from the roof of our trailer to the top of the vent here is only going to be right about 2".

Articles about RV Vents and Fans

RV Vents and Fans Questions and Answers

  • Determining The Correct Replacement Vent Cover For Trailer Roof Vent
  • You will first want to measure your vent, not the actual cover on your trailer. The vents are 14-1/2 by 14-1/2 inches, 14 by 14 inches, or 13 by 14 inches, in size. Then you will want to make sure the correct size cover uses the same type of hinge as shown on the product page. Usually it will be a rolled metal edge, and you will be able to use the picture on our site to compare to your cover.. The item you selected, Ventline Smoke Dome, part # BV0554-03, is a replacement cover for...
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  • Replacement Roof Vent Lid for Enclosed Cargo Trailer
  • To determine which cover you need, examine the existing vent cover (or what is left of it) for a manufacturer name or model number. Take a look at the replacement covers we offer (see provided link) paying close attention to the thumbnail photos showing the hinge configuration. You will need to choose the cover whose size and hinge configuration matches your existing vent. If you are unsure, please email me a photo of your existing vent, making sure to get the hinge in the photo. Having...
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  • Parts Needed and Wiring Methods for Adding 110 and 12 Volt Power and Accessories to a Trailer
  • There are large RVs, over 40 foot Winnebagos as an example, that only use up to a 4K generator. It seems like a generator is what you need for the power the items you want to have in the trailer. We currently do not have generators or inverters that can produce the amount of power you are looking for. We have a 1000 watt inverter, # 02294, but nothing higher than that. Using a generator will negate the need for having power inverters. The way that systems are wired is that they can...
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  • Recommendations for Converting a Swing Door on a Trailer to a Door Ramp
  • Converting from a double swing doors to a ramp door can definitely be done, it will require some fabrication and ingenuity on your part. I can help you pick out some of the more important components needed for this, but I will not be able to tell you every step of the way. The first thing you will need is a ramp/door. You will want to measure the opening of the rear of your trailer to get the correct size for the ramp. Without knowing how much weight will be on the ramp it is hard to...
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  • How to Select a Replacement Vent Cover for a 6x12 Pace Journey Enclosed Cargo Trailer
  • Most all of the vent covers are similarly sized. You will need to select the vent cover for the vent on your 6x12 Pace Journey trailer by the manufacturer of the vent cover and the attachment style. Some of the vent cover manufacturers, like Ventline have changed attachment hardware in the past and there are two styles. The older style, like the Ventline Replacement Smoke Dome Assembly for Standard Roof Ventadomes, item # BV0554-03, that you selected have the metal groove riveted to...
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  • Is the Replacement Metal Trailer Roof Vent Dome Assembly Galvanized and Does it Include the Bracket
  • Yes, the metal replacement dome, # BV0534-00, is galvanized for corrosion resistance. There is a slot spot welded into the underside of the lid that the operator arm attaches to, see photo. No other parts are included with the replacement metal dome, and you do not need to rivet the bracket to the underside of the lid. The Replacement Operator w/ Knob, # BV0115-04, is the correct operator arm and attaches to the slot in the underside of the lid with the rivet head that is attached to...
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  • How to Remove a Broken Roof Vent Dome Cover on a Trailer
  • The removal of an old vent cover is usually not very difficult, but the exact process will depend on the brand of the vent. Typically, the first steps are to remove the handle, the screen and, in some cases, the lower or interior trim piece. Next, you will want to determine how the arm is attached to the cover and base. The arms slide along either a plastic or metal track that is attached to the vent cover. The arms are usually held to the vent base and handle with screws, which would...
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  • Solar Powered Roof Vent Recommendation for Cargo Van to Exhaust Hot Air
  • Based on what you described your best option will be the Ultra-Fab Solar-Powered Plumbing Vent # UF53-945001. This solar powered vent will install on the roof of your cargo van and will work to remove the hot air at the top of your van's interior as long as it has access to sunlight. I attached a review video for more info for you to check out as well.
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  • Operating Watts and Amps for Fantastic Vent Fan and Replacement Gear and Bearing Kit for Atwood Jack
  • I spoke to my contact at Fantastic Vent and she informed me that the roof vent # FV801250, you were looking at motor will draw 36 watts. On low it will draw 1.86 amps, on medium 2.29 amps, and on high 3 amps. For your corner Atwood jack, we offer a few replacement bevel gear and bearing kits depending on what capacity it is. I have linked them below: # AT75030 - Replacement Bevel Gear and Bearing Kit for Atwood Standard Duty 5th Wheel Landing Gear # AT75029 - Replacement Bevel...
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  • How Much Amperage Does the MaxxAir MaxxFan # MA00-07500K Draw
  • The 900 CFM fan of the MaxxAir MaxxFan # MA00-07500K that you referenced needs to be attached to at least a 5 amp circuit.
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  • Replacement Roof Vent Lid for 2007 Haulmark Trailer
  • I do not have any information about which particular vent Haulmark used on their trailers, but you can easily determine which replacement lid you need. The easiest way to do this would be to provide me with any manufacturer and model number information you might be able to find. With this information, I can check with the various manufacturers for a replacement lid. If you cannot find any info on the remaining vent, you will need to measure the existing vent. When measuring for a replacement...
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  • How to Select the Correct Replacement Vent Dome Cover for a Trailer Roof Vent
  • Measuring the vent is the first place to start. Most standard vents are 14-1/4 by 14-1/4 inches wide, 14 x 14 inches wide or 13 x 14 inches wide. Next if the manufacturer name is on the vent that will help. Finally, you will need to look closely at the hinged portion of the the vent. If there is a rolled metal hinge attached to the vent cover like on the Ventline Replacement Smoke Dome Assembly, item # BV0554-03, that you referred to then that is most likely the correct vent for your...
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  • Fan Tastic Roof Vent Recommendation that Has Rain Sensor
  • For a trailer roof vent that has a rain sensor you can use # FV803350. I have linked a video review of this fan for you. The part # FV801200 that you referenced does not have a rain sensor.
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  • Replacement Vent Cover for Trailer Vent Marked Ventline AS-13 MV101
  • My contact at Ventline tells me that part # BV0554-01 in white or # BV0554-03 in smoke would be the correct replacement lids for your travel trailer. The white is translucent, but the smoked still allows more light in that it.
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  • Replacement Roof Vent Lid Recommendation for a 2004 US Cargo Snowmobile Trailer
  • I found the style of roof vent that you need. You need the Ventline # BV0554-03 vent. Check out the picture I attached that shows the number that you referenced on this vent. If you want the white version of this roof vent lid you would want a Ventline Roof Vent Lid # BV0554-01.
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  • Troubleshooting MaxxAir MaxxFan 12V Fan-Powered Trailer Roof Vent That Beeps
  • My contact at MaxxAir advised that there are three potential causes for the beep and no fan motion you're experiencing with your MaxxFan Trailer Roof Vent # MA00-04000K. One potential cause is that the unit was wired with incorrect polarity. Make sure the white wire is grounded and the black wire is connected to your 12V power source (of at least 5-amps). Another possible reason for the malfunction is low incoming voltage. Use a voltmeter like # BTMT15 to make sure your battery is delivering...
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  • Where to Measure to Determine Replacement Trailer Vent Cover Lid
  • You would want to measure the distance of the opening of the vent. The Vent Cover # BV0554-03 that you referenced fits 14-1/4 by 14-1/4 inch openings. Nearly all roof vents are 14-1/4 inch by 14-1/4 inch. You probably have one of the styles that we offer a replacement lid for. I would recommend you check out the link I attached to the right to see all of the ones we carry. Check out the pictures of each, especially the hinge designs to see what would work for you.
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  • Determining Correct Replacement Vent For Jensen 7000 Series Vent
  • You will want to measure your vent, not the actual vent cover on your trailer. You would measure the plastic framed opening of the vent. Most standard vent sizes are 14-1/2 by 14-1/2 inches, 14 by 14 inches, or 13 by 14 inches in size. I have linked all the trailer vent covers that we have available. If you can send me the dimensions of your vent I can determine the correct replacement vent cover.
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  • Troubleshooting Fan-Tastic Roof Vent FV803350 That Doesn't Open Or Close
  • First thing you will want to check is that the fan has power and is grounding properly. You can try using jumper wires to the vent wiring that are run to known ground and power to see if that works. Next, you can check the fuse of the fan to make sure it is not blown. Near the speed setting is a plug that holds a 4 amp fuse. I attached a picture that points out where it is. If the fan still works when you manually open the lid that would indicate a problem with the lid motor. Since...
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  • Differences Between Smoke Vent Covers and White Vent Covers
  • The smoke might let a little more light through it, but nothing that noticeable. And aside from that either color does not have the reputation as lasting longer than the other. The white version is part # BV0554-01 and the smoke version is part # BV0554-03. If you check out the pictures I attached you will see the differences in how the light comes through the cover.
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