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etrailer and Ram Square Jacks Replacement Bearing Installation

Today we're going to be showing you how to rebuild the 7000 pound square tube jack like we have here. Now this is part number TJD-7000. It's going to be a drop leg style square jack 7000 pound lift capacity. It's also going to work for the 5000 pound square type jacks as well. Really, really easy process here. What we're going to do, need to take a couple of 13 millimeter wrenches, ratchets, whatever you've got and we need to take the bolt out that goes through our handle up here at the top.

Atwood A-Frame Trailer Coupler Latch Repair Kit Installation

Today we'll be looking at a latch repair kit for Atwood A-frame trailer couplers with marvel flip latch. Part number AT88061. This will work with couplers for a two and five-sixteenth inch hitch ball such as AT88007. Alright, we have a trailer coupler here, we have it off the trailer right now just so you can easily see what we're working with. We can easily flip it over so you can get all the good views. Here's what our latch repair kit comes with.

Dutton-Lainson Class II and III Couplers Repair Kit Installation

Today we'll be looking at a repair kit for Dutton-Lainson class 2 and 3 couplers, part number DL13970. We are using coupler DL13835 for demonstration purposes, but it'll also work with DL13897, DL13847, and DL13800. Here's what our coupler repair kit comes with. We have a new handle latch to operate our coupler itself. We have a new ball latch, 2 new springs, a nut, and a plate to hold our nut in place. It's a tool-free installation.

Rebuilding a Fulton Jack

Today we're going to be taking a look at how to rebuild a Fulton jack. This is going to work out for your 800 to 1,200 pound jacks. We've got a handle replacement part number, which is going to be for our handle. It's going to have the bearing that the handle rides in and replacement pin. That part number is F0933301S00. If that's all you need to replace, that's all you're going to need to get.

Atwood 1,000 lb Jack Replacement Thrust Bearings Installation

Today we're going to be showing you how to rebuild the Atwood 1000 Pound Top Line Series Jack. We'll be using part number AT81416 which is the Replacement Thrust Baring. This is what our Replacement Thrust Baring Kit is going to look like. We've got the felt spacer. That's going to go inside of the baring pack itself. Then that baring pack, it's going to sit right down on top of that washer.

Repairing a Dutton-Lainson Coupler

Today we'll be looking at Dutton-Lainson Coupler Repair Kit, for model 940, 960, and 970 couplers, part number DL13968. For demonstration purposes, we'll be using a 970 coupler, part number DL13728. So here's what a coupler repair kit comes with. We have a new ball latch assembly here. We have our new latch and handle that operates our ball latch up and down to secure your hitch ball. We have two new springs, a new nut, and a new plate which holds our nut into place. And, you can adjust it fully, based upon this plate here and just running the nut up and down to get to the desired tension that you want. Now the reason you want to have this repair kit, instead of replacing your entire coupler assembly, which you may have welded to your frame or your trailer, instead of just bolted in place, is over time your ball latch can get worn out and not couple to your hitch ball properly anymore, and which could cause your trailer to pop off, which would be a bad situation.

How BOLT Works Manufacturer Review

This is how Bolt technology works. Inside every Bolt lock, there is an automotive grade lock cylinder. When you insert your key, spring-loaded plate tumblers in gold ride up and down on the key cuts until they are matched exactly to your key. Now, here is how the lock learns your key. Alongside each tumbler is a purple code bar. The first time you rotate your key, the silver side bar pushes each code bar onto its tumbler, permanently matching the tumbler to your key.

Accessories and Parts Videos

Review of Bulldog Winch Off Road Accessories - Tree Saver Strap - BDW20033

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the Bulldog Winch Heavy Duty Tree Saver Strap.Now whenever you're trying to recover your vehicle or ATV out of a tricky situation and you need something to winch off of, this is going to give you an easy way to do that without ruining any trees. A lot of times if you're using a rope or a cable, it can actually kind of saw into the tree, and cause a lot of really irreparable damage. So this is going to alleviate that problem.We'll have this nice thick strap with two reinforced ends, so it just loops through itself and then we'll have these two portions that are also reinforced, has little nylon casing going around that, to provide a little extra protection to the strap itself.It's woven out of a durable, heavy duty polyester. Measures three inches wide by six feet long. It has a 30,000 pound break strength, and a 10,000 pound working load limit or WLL. We'll have this sewn in tie cord so whenever we have it rolled up, you can just pop that around and keep it nice and neat so we can throw this into a storage area, maybe a trunk, side pocket somewhere, out of the way.So a helpful, easy tool to use to help prevent any damage to the trees around you while you're trying to recover that vehicle out of the muck.

Review of Roadmaster - Tow Bars - RM-9294-2

Narrator: Today we'll be taking a look at the Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 All Terrain Combo Towing Kit. We're gonna go over everything that comes with the kit. It comes with everything you see here laid out on the table.For wiring we'll have our diode kit, we'll have our straight 7-Pole to 4-Pole plug, the length of 4-Pole wiring, and then the plug to go in between our towed vehicle and our 7-Pole plug.So let's go in a little bit of detail with that. Our diode kit is basically just gonna be just about any other diode kit you'll see out there. We'll have four diodes, two to connect on either side of our towed vehicle. And basically this just helps us to mimic the lighting functions from our RV into our towed vehicle.

Review of Rhino Rack - Roof Rack - RRQMFK09

Today we'll be taking a look at the ditch brackets for Rhino Rack RLT600 quick mount legs.These allow you to mount your roof rack to a vehicle that doesn't have a traditional roof line, so something like a Jeep or maybe some van applications. Basically it's going to rivet to your roof, so you will have to drill some small holes to allow those rivets to go through. They go through the sides and then into your roof so you will have to have a rivet gun to secure that down and snap off the lead of the rivet itself. It comes with some butyl tape to go underneath there to provide a water-tight seal for that, so you don't have to worry about it getting any water in your vehicle.And then we can attach our Rhino Rack RLT600 quick mount legs. You can find those sold separately using again that part number RRRLT600 or RRRLT600H, and that will be the difference between a half kit and a full kit. One comes with two brackets and one comes with four.

Review of Rhino Rack - Roof Bike Racks,Truck Bed Bike Racks - RRRBCA039

Today we're gonna take a quick look at the Thru-Axle Sleeve for Rhino Rack Multi Axle Adapter.This is going to measure nine millimeters by 135 millimeters. This allows you to attach your fat tire bike with the adapter on your Rhino Rack Multi Axle Adapter. Now that axle adapter is sold separately, the part number for that you can find here at, it's RRRBCA030. That's gonna allow you to attach the skewer of your bike to a fork mounted bike rack from Rhino Rack so you can get all your bikes loaded up with just these adapter tubes.The Multi Axle Adapter does come with a couple different sizes of tubes but this one is gonna fit, typically, with your larger frame bikes. Things like your fat tire bikes.Again, we'll have that nine millimeter inner diameter measures 135 millimeters long. If you want to just know how big that is in standard, it's about five 1/4 inches long overall.

Review of Rhino Rack - Roof Bike Racks,Truck Bed Bike Racks - RRRBCA037

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the through axle sleeve for the Rhino Rack multi-axle adapter. This fits a 15 millimeter by 150 millimeter through axle skewer. It allows you to attach your fat bike to that Rhino Rack multi-axle adapter that is sold separately. You do need that to actually get any use out of this little tube. That is sold separately. Again, that part number is going to be RRRBCA030.

Review of CE Smith - Boat Trailer Parts - CE27651PGK

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the CE Smith light mounting bracket for post-style boat trailer guide ons. This is going to allow you to attach your light to that guide on on your boat trailer. So it attaches around the post using one of the carriage bolts. To go through, it's got a little square hole on one side, round hole on the other. So you want to put the head of the bolt on the square side so that it can lock into place with that carriage bolt style. And then the other side we'll add on our lock nut.

Review of Air Lift - Vehicle Suspension - AL50270

Today we'll be taking a look at the replacement air spring for air lift ride control.This is going to replace a sleeve type air spring for your air lift, ride control helper spring system. So it's going to be a direct replacement from air lift, comes with the quarter inch elbow to go in the top there so we can get that attached to our quarter inch air hose, and the plastic, sort of washer nut that goes over the top of that to secure it down.We'll also get a new bolt and washer for the bottom attachment point on our bag, and then countersunk bolts to attach it as well. So it does come with the hardware to get this reattached to our system, and this is made in the U.S.A.That's going to do it for our look at the replacement air spring for air lift ride control.

Review of Westin - Nerf Bars - Running Boards - 27-1905

Today we're gonna take a look at the custom installation kit for Westin Molded and Sure-Grip Running Boards. These are gonna be a custom fit for your vehicle. It's designed to work for the 2009 through 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 for the quad and crew cab, and also for the 2010 through '18 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 crew cab.These attach to pre-existing holes underneath your truck, kind of on the outside of the pinch weld, going along the edge. And no drilling required with these. They are just custom designed to fit with your truck, comes with all this hardware to get everything installed. We don't have to worry about any modifications of our truck.There are some nutserts that we'll put into the pre-existing holes to give us an attachment point.

Review of Thule - Ladder Racks - TH21600

Today we're gonna take a look at the base rails for the Thule Track Rack, SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack.Now this is gonna be the base kit for your compact size truck. So this is gonna work for your Toyotas, smaller Ford, like the Ranger. The Chevy S10, the Canyon Colorado, any of those smaller, short bed compact trucks, this is gonna be a fit for. The easiest way to know if this is gonna be a fit for your specific model, though, is to use our fit guide here at Put in your year, make, and model and go from there.But basically it gives you that base rail. This is gonna mount on the top of your side rails for your truck bed and then the ladder rack portion, the upright portion, which is sold separately, will slide along this and that allows you to dial in that ladder rack to get it where you need it to be, whether you want it to be nice and spread out and have any of your ladders, lumber, kayaks, your bike racks, any other kind of accessory loaded up and then maybe if you're towing a fifth wheel or some other kind of option where you want to have that truck bed space and you need to move that back rail up, then you can do that with this.So it's really nice.

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Rack Worklight Mounting Bracket Review

Hey, today we're going to be checking out the Rhino Rack Work Light Mounting Bracket. You can see we've already got it in place here. Now it's designed specifically to mount to your Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform, and it's going to provide a sturdy mount for work light like we have here.You can see here on top it's mounted to the accessory channel of our platform. It can be mounted to the sides or the front and back. Here it is mounted in the back in a different configuration. You can see here, we've got the bracket facing up.

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