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BedRug Custom Truck Tailgate Mat Installation - 2017 Ram 3500

Today on our 2017 Ram 3500 we're going to be taking a look at the Bed Rug Custom Tailgate Mat, part number BMT02TG. This tailgate mat is going to be great protecting your truck tailgate from scratches or dents as well as giving a nice surface to kneel or even sit on. The carpet is going to give us a nice slip resistance surface so if we have anything on our tailgate, we don't have to worry about it falling off. Now it attaches to our tailgate using hook and loop fasteners. It has a 1/4" thick weatherproof polypropylene backing so it's going to be nice and cushioned. This bed mat is going to work pretty much with any tailgate. It's going to work with trucks that have spray-in bed liners, like ours here as well as the drop-in liners and as well as bare beds that are just painted. Cleaning your tailgate mat is super easy.

Westin Custom Fit Truck Bed Mat Review - 2017 Ram 3500

Today in our 2017 Ram 3500, we're going to be taking a look at the Westin custom fit truck bed mat, part number 50-6195. Here we have our mat installed in our truck already. Now, this is going to be great because it's going to protect your bed and your cargo from shifting around and causing any damage. This is a heat molded, custom fit bed mat, so it's going to contour around all of our edges, along with our wheel wells, and back here at our tailgate. Now, it was designed with ribs in there, so when we have cargo in here, we're not going to have to worry about it sliding around, because of the non-slip surface. Our mat is made of 100% recycled rubber. It's 5/16ths of an inch thick.

DeeZee Heavyweight Truck Bed Mat Installation - 2017 Ram 1500

Today on our 2017 RAM 1500 we're going to take a look at the DeeZee Heavyweight Custom-Fit Truck Bed Mat for the six-foot bed. Part number is DZ86917. Now for the installation process, it's really quite straight forward. You just place it up in the rear of the bed here and start rolling it out forward. You just work it in around the edges. You notice with ours and the bed liner being installed still has that really nice custom fit. It's going to come around the edges, but on the corners here where that bed liner takes up a little bit of extra room you just want to tuck that down.

DeeZee Heavyweight Truck Bed Mat Installation - 2016 Chevrolet Colorado

Today on this 2016 Chevrolet Colarado we're going to be test fitting the DeeZee heavyweight custom fit truck bed mat for the Colorado and Canyon with the five-foot bed, part number DeeZee 87009. Here's what this bed mat is going to look like once it's installed in the truck. As you can see, it's a very nice fit. It's going to give us really good coverage all the way around the sides of our bed. As we come up the side, you can see how it's custom fit because it goes around the edges of the bed and contours very nicely to give very complete coverage even all the way up around the wheel wells. With our tail gate closed, you can see we've got good tight clearance all the way across this very back edge.

DeeZee Heavyweight Truck Bed Mat Installation - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Today on our 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD with a 6 1/2 foot bed, we're going to be taking a look at the DZ Heavyweight Custom Fit Truck Bed Mat. Part number DZ86973. What I like most about this mat is how well it contours the bed. It doesn't really leave anything that's on the floor of the bed uncovered. That's going to help to keep it cleaner because that way you can just take this mat out and clean it and you won't have to do nearly as much cleaning of the bed underneath of it because it's custom fit to this truck bed so it's going to contour all the lines around the edges to give you maximum coverage. As you can see, it comes to where it butts right up to the tailgate here. From the top of the mat we've got these ridges and channels that are going to help make sure that things grip and don't slide all around your truck bed but they're also going to help contain anything that may spill or collect back here but then on the underside we've got these cleats that help to grip the truckbed to make sure the the mat itself doesn't go sliding around when you're driving your truck.

DeeZee Heavyweight Truck Bed Mat Review - 2006 Toyota Tacoma

Today on our 2006 Toyota Tacoma, we're doing a test-fit of the Dee Zee Heavyweight Custom Fit Truck Bed Mat, part number DZ86964. The Dee Zee truck bed mat protected your bed and cargo, and has a non-skid surface to prevent cargo from shifting. The rubber cleats on the bottom help to keep your mat in place. The truck bed mat is made out of a thick, high strength material so it won't crack or break, and it's chemical spill resistant. The Dee Zee truck bed mat is a custom fit to your Toyota Tacoma. The mat is going to provide full coverage over the length of your truck bed, while also giving you access to your d-links on the end. The bed mat is perfectly contoured to our vehicle, and extends all the way up until the cab of the truck.

WeatherTech TechLiner Tailgate Liner Review

Today we're going to be having a look at the weather tech tech liner customer tailgate liner in black. Part number WT3TG04. The tailgate tech liner will protect your tailgate against scratches, dents, paint damage and rust by seamlessly lining the tailgate. It is chemical and UV resistant, flexible and durable. The tech liner is made from a 100% recyclable and odorless thermoplastic alastmer. It will not crack, break, or warp even in extreme temperatures.

DeeZee Custom Fit Bed Mat Installation - 2016 Ram 1500

Today on our 2016 Ram 1500 Series, we'll be doing a test fit on the DZ Heavy Weight Custom Fit Truck Bed Mat, part number DZ86996. To begin our test fit, it's a good idea to make sure that your truck bed's clean of any dirt and debris. You wouldn't want to get anything caught up underneath your mat. As you can see, our truck bed here has a spray in liner, so our mat here is going to be a great addition in protecting our truck bed and whatever we might be hauling. The next thing we want to do is find out which portion is the front and the back. I'm just going to lay it up in here like so. The back is going to have this little notch cut out portion here. That's going to go towards the tailgate.

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