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Tailgate Videos

Stromberg Carlson 4000 Series 5th Wheel Louvered Tailgate Review - 2017 Ford F-150

Today on our 2017 Ford F-150, we're going to be testing fitting the Stromberg Carlson 4000 Series Fifth Wheel Louvered Tailgate with locks for Ford trucks, part number VG-15-4000. The strong and durable plastic tailgate is great for both gooseneck and fifth wheel applications. It has locking capabilities to prevent theft, and is louvered to reduce wind noise and drag while you drive. Especially this protects your OEM tailgate by replacing it for those trips with the fifth wheels and goosenecks so you don't damage it as you travel. The tailgate is blow-molded, which makes it lightweight yet strong, and also makes it corrosion and rust resistant. Right now we have it in its lock position. Simply take our key, unlock it, turn it, and it's ready to go. The turn latch, coupled with the lightweight design, also makes this easy to use one-handed, if necessary.

Stromberg Carlson 100 Series 5th Wheel Tailgate Installation - 2012 Ford F-250

Today on our 2012 Ford F250 we're going to be taking a look at the Stromberg Carlson 100 Series 5th Wheel Tailgate, part number VG-97-100. This is what our tailgate looks like fully installed. It's going to have that nice big cutout so you're going to have access to your 5th wheel, as well as when you're backing up you're going to be able to see. The louver design is going to cut down wind noise and drag, possibly increase your gas mileage, and make it easier to see when you're backing up to your trailer. As you can see, this is a custom fit tailgate, and the lines of it are going to contour perfectly to the body of our truck. Now, this is made of a heavy-duty steel tube construction, so it's going to last a while. It comes with this nice gloss black finish, but it is paintable if you want it to match your truck.

Stromberg Carlson Tailgate Installation - 2010 Ford F-150

Today on our 2010 Ford F150 Super Crew cab, we're going to be doing a test fit on the Stromberg Carlson 100 series fifth wheel louvered tailgate, part number VG-04-100. The Stromberg Carlson louvered tailgate is the perfect addition for when towing your gooseneck, or fifth wheel trailer. It has that convenient cutout design, which is going to improve your visibility for when backing up, or towing that fifth wheel, or gooseneck. The vented design here is also going to improve your visibility and may improve your fuel economy. The latches on each side make it easy to open and close. The whole thing has a weight capacity of 100 pounds. It's not designed to be a step, so be sure not to sit or stand on it. The whole thing is made out of a heavy duty steel construction with a primed finish. It's paintable, so you could match your truck if you'd like. Let's go ahead and begin our test fit by removing our factory tailgate.

Stromberg Carlson 5th Wheel Tailgate Installation - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Today on our 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 we're going to take a look at and also show you to install the Stromberg Carlson 100 series 5th wheel tailgate with open design. Part number is VGM-14-100. Now here's what our 5th wheel tailgate's going to look like installed. As you can see we're going to have that nice, low drop to allow that pin box or that goose neck to go in without having to lower our tailgate down. You'll see the custom fit gate. It's designed to follow right along with the contours of our truck, giving us a really nice, almost a factory look to it.

Stromberg Carlson 5th Wheel Louvered Tailgate Installation - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Today, on our 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, we're going to be doing a test fit on the Stromberg Carlson 4000 Series Fifth Wheel Louvered Tailgate, part number VGN-14-4000. What differentiates this tailgate from the rest is it has more of a beefier look to it and there's maximum room for adjustment, so you can help remain that factory look. The Stromberg Carlson Louvered Tailgate is the perfect addition for when towing your fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer. It has that convenient cutout design that's going to help improve your visibility when backing up or towing your trailer. It also has a vented design that could improve your fuel economy. The easy to use locking latch comes with two keys and it prevents anyone from removing it. With it unlocked, it's just a quick turn to the right, and it's going to work with or without lift assist.

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