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Trailer Brakes Information Videos

Trailer Brakes and Wiring Installation

Today we are going to show you how to install brakes on a trailer that does not have existing brakes. It is actually pretty easy to do. It is just very time consuming. There are a couple of things you want to look out for before you start. You want to step behind your trailer, and look behind the existing hub you have. Make sure you have a flange like this on the axle. It is this 4-bolt flange on here; if you have that on your axle you are pretty much home free. This size flange has four bolts. You will see it on 3,500- pound axles like we have here. You also see it on 2,000- pound axles. On a 3,500 -pound one you would probably use a 10- inch drum and on a lighter axle, 2,000 pounds, you probably would use a 7- inch size. Also you notice we have the hub missing. We have to take that off because the hub and drum assembly is all in one piece. It is not like the automotive application. You have to take off the old hub, discard it, and start off fresh.

Bleeding Brakes Demonstration

All right today we are going to show you how to bleed hydraulic brakes on a trailer. First off you want to top off your master cylinder, with appropriate fluid. To pump the fluid from the master cylinder out, there is a couple of different ways of doing it. Sometimes it will have the emergency lever the and the safety chain will pull. Okay what you can do is unbolt the plate that holds the lever in place and then use that lever to actuate the master cylinder and force the fluid through. Some of them, you are going to have to go where the ball goes and manually activate it. Pull it in and out. Or like on this model here there might be a little lever underneath here that you could use.

This Old Trailer: Electric Trailer Brake Installation Part 1

Alright, today on This Old Trailer, what we are going to do is install electric brakes. Right now this trailer does not have any brakes on it whatsoever, so it has two drag axles. So the first thing that we need to do is go ahead and take off the rear wheels. And then we will go ahead and take off the hubs. At this point we will take off the dust cap on our axle. And basically what you want to do is on this particular unit we have an E-Z Lube cap, so it fits kind of tight. It is a good idea to go ahead and rotate the hub and lightly strike it and then I will just back it off with a screw driver behind the flange. And then pry it off. Alright, let us wipe off the excess grease on the end of the spindle here and we will get to our tang washer. And we will release it so we can back off the castle nut. Alright, we have it cleaned up a little bit. Now right here, this is the tab I was talking about. That is our tang washer. Take this. Push it down flat to the flat spot on our spindle and then you can take the castle nut off. 1:07

Changing Brakes Demonstration

All right today we are going to show you a typical brake inspection. Basically what we are going to do is take off the brake hub here and we are going to inspect the brakes, the linings, the springs, and the display cylinder inside. First off we will go ahead and take off the dust cap. In this case it is a bearing buddy. Next, is taking out the locking pin. There is either a cotter pin that goes in the center here but once you get that lock washer off you have to go ahead and just take off the nut and pull your whole hub off. First thing you want to check for is grease on the linings, and sure enough we have got grease all over these linings here. Also on this side here and probably smeared around over to the other side as you can tell.

This Old Trailer: Changing Hydraulic Trailer Brake to Electric

Today on This Old Trailer we are going to replace hydraulic brakes with electric brakes. Basically it is going to be a matter of taking off the tires, removing the hubs, go ahead and removing the backing plates and drain the hydraulic lines of fluid, and then going ahead and bolting on the new brakes. We will start off, obviously, by taking the wheels off. OK, go ahead and remove the dust cover here. It is an E-Z Lube spindle so this has a tang washer that we need to bush back down so we can unlock the castle nut right here. Just push it back down. Now we should be able to take the hub right off. The next task is to go ahead and disconnect the hydraulic lines. We have that disconnected. Now we need to pull the clip out so we can release this part here. And that is just a little piece of metal right here that you can just pry out. Alright, now we can unbolt this at the back of the hydraulic backing plate. Alright, now we can unbolt the backing plate from the flange on the axle. Now we are down to our bare axle. We will clean it up a little bit and then reinstall the brakes. 1:24

Trailer Brakes Videos

etrailer Electric Left and Right Hand Assemblies Trailer Brake Kit Review and Installation

Hey everybody, Ryan here at Today on our trailer, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the electric trailer brake kit.So, these brakes are going to be a great factory style replacement. Now the biggest difference between these and some of the other styles on the market, is these are not going to be automatic adjusting.So what that means is, every now and again, every few years you might have to get under the trailer and spend a couple of minutes adjusting your brakes. And you would adjust it using the star wheel. Now, all this won't have to come off to do that, there's actually a little opening in the back to make that adjustment. We're just showing you like this, that way you have a better idea of how it looks.Our pads are going to be made from automotive grade friction material, and they're going to be fully bonded to our shoe.

Kodiak Disc Brake Kit Review and Installation - 2015 Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel

Shane: Hi, I'm Shane, with Today I'm gonna be going over the features on and helping you install the 13-inch Kodiak Disc Brake kit on our 2015 Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel. This kit's gonna be great for those of you who may be replacing some old worn out disc brakes, or for those of you who may want to switch from electric drum brakes, over to hydraulic disc brake kit. As far as the installation goes, for those of you who may think this is a difficult task, I assure you, you can do it. You can do it at home, as long as you have a flat surface. And I'm gonna walk you through step-by-step how to do it.

Review of Dexter Axle Trailer Brakes - Electric Drum Brakes - K23-472-473-00

Today we're gonna take a look at the Dexter electric trailer brake kit. Now this is going to be two assemblies. One for the left hand side, and right hand side. Or the driver and passenger side on your trailer.These are going to be a lot easier to use than your typical hydraulic brakes. You're gonna have a lot more user control. The only requirement to utilize these is going to be an electric brake controller.

Review of Kodiak Trailer Brakes - Disc Brakes - K2HR12A11-120DW

Today we're gonna take a look at the Kodiak Disc Break Kit with the 11.35" rotor for 12,000 pound AL-KO axles with the #120 spindles. Now, these brake assemblies make it very easy to change from an idler axle to a disk brake axle. Disk brakes will deliver better performance than drum brakes. It gives you more consistent stopping, even at highway speeds. And also, dramatically shorter stopping distances. Also, the maintenance costs are lower than for drum brakes because you have fewer moving parts that you have to maintain, repair, or replace.Now, this kit is a slip-on cast iron over the hub rotor.

Dexter Electric Brake Assembly Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flanges for the right hand side and 6000 lbs axles. It is also available for the left hand side as well as a set.So here's what our electric brake assembly's going to look like once we have it installed. So, obviously, we have the wheel and the hub removed so you can see everything but the entire assembly's going to be a lot easier to install rather than having to just replace the shoes. We're not going to have to worry about dealing with the springs and remembering exactly how everything goes together because it's going to go on as a whole assembly.Our brake assembly's going to be a 12 by 2" brake assembly so it's going to fit wheels from 14-1/2 up to 16". It is designed to work with 6000 lbs axles. Now most hub and drum assemblies are going to be either using or a 4 or a 5-bolt design.

Dexter Left and Right Electric Trailer Brake Kit Installation

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Dexter Electric Trailer Brake Kit, designed for use with 12 inch brake assemblies and it includes the left and right hand side. Now these brake assemblies are designed to give us excellent stopping power. All it's going to require from our truck is a brake controller. I like electric brakes over hydraulic brakes in utility applications because you don't have to worry about leaks and different stuff like that.These assemblies are going to replace the entire brake kit, so you're not going to have to worry about hardware, your springs being worn out, your magnet being worn out, or not properly connected. By getting a full assembly like this, you can replace absolutely everything, every piece of hardware, you don't have to worry about premature failure. Now in the kit, you'll get a left hand assembly, says it right here, "Left hand," and a right hand assembly.The left hand goes on the driver's side, right hand's going to go on the passenger side, just to give you a heads up.

Review of Dexter Axle Trailer Brakes - Electric Drum Brakes - 23-105-106-09

Today we're gonna take a look at the Dexter 12 inch Electric Trailer brake assembly kit with the left hand and right hand assemblies for 6000 pound axles. These do fit the four bolt or five bolt mounting flanges.These electric brakes are easy to install, they offer more user control than hydraulic brakes. Basically they require only an electric brake controller, which we do sell separately on our website. There's no actuate or hydraulics lines necessary. This kit does include 12 inch by two inch drivers side and passenger side electric trailer brake assemblies, and the brake shoes are lined with an automotive grade friction material. This friction material is fully bonded, it's not riveted to the shoes, so it gives you a lot longer life, more braking torque.Also, if you notice on the very back here on the bottom, there's two holes here that you use to adjust the brakes, those are usually open.

Kodiak Disc Brake Kit Installation - 2018 Grand Design Momentum 5W Toy Hauler

Today in our 2018 grand design momentum fifth wheel toy hauler, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Kodiak disc brake kit with 13 inch hub and rotors. This is gonna be part number K2HRCM1337-9DAC, to help us with our installation. We're also going to be using your replacement trailer hub bearing part number 02475, and the replacement trailer hub bearing part number 25580, and grease seals, part number RG06-070.So here's what our brakes looks like once we have them installed. And a lot of people are upgrading from drum brakes to disc brakes on their trailer for good reason. Disc brakes are going to stop a lot smoother and perform better, even at highway speeds. Drum brakes tend to fade a little bit and not have as much biting force or slowing down to your trailer at high speeds.

Titan Trailer Brakes - Hydraulic Drum Brakes - T4203100-000 Review

Today, we're taking a look at the free backing hydraulic trailer brake assemblies. The free backing design lets you reverse without the trailer brakes being activated. This kit is specifically designed for use with surge-style trailer brake actuators. The hydraulic pressure is contained by the wheel cylinder. Parking brake levers are included, and manual parking brake can be added with an optional kit, part number T2385200, sold separately, and available at, on the backside of the unit, we're looking at a black paint finish to help resist rust and corrosion. The pads on each assembly are fully bonded to the shoes, not riveted, so that's a nice design of the unit.

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