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Easily access your home away from home with manual or electric steps from Stromberg Carlson, Lippert, Hickory RV Steps, TorkLift, or Brophy. Whether you're replacing or upgrading the steps on your RV, camper, or motorhome, these sturdy, stable steps will meet your needs.

Different styles and sizes are available to fit popular RV, camper, and motorhome manufacturers, such as Jayco, Forest River, Winnebago, Airstream, RoadTrek, and Thor. Find custom-fit steps for your RV, towable camper, truck bed camper, or motorhome by entering the year, make, and model on the left.

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Hickory RV Steps RV and Camper Steps 9512450RXWAC1 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Hickory Springs Manual Pull-Out Step.The manually operated RV step makes it easy to get into and out of your motor home. All you have to do is pull the step out for use, and then position it back in for travel. You want to grab here in middle, rotate it up, and it folds into a travel position. Then again, when you're ready to use it, you just take it, and bring it out to the in-use position.It does feature the slotted surface design, so that provides sure footing, and anything that you track on here does have a way to escape off of the actual platform. Then here at the front, we have a 1/2" grip strip near the edge that provides additional traction. We're looking at a nice steel construction.

Lippert Components Kwikee Single Electric Step Review

Speaker 1: Today you're going to be taking a look at the lifter components quickie 36 series single electric step. Stepping up into your RV can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if the steps aren't working. That's where our replacement steps are going to come into play. With our step installed, when we open the door it's going to automatically come out allowing us to step in easier getting in our RV but at the same time when we close the door, they're going to automatically retract making sure they're not going to catch on anything when we're driving down the road.Now from the top where it's mounted behind this panel, our step is going to drop down a total of five inches. In our application and the step we're using is going to be 24 inches wide by 10 and three quarter inches deep.

Hickory RV Steps RV and Camper Steps 982240RFXWC1 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Hickory Springs Manual Pull Out Steps for RVs. The manually operated RV steps make it easy to get into and out of your motor home. All you have to do is pull them out when you're ready for use, which is in this position here, engages automatically, and then to move them to a stowed or travel position, you grab this platform, fold it up, and it rotates in and locks in place.So it's a really nice, easy to use design. On each platform there are two grip strips. That provides good grip and sure footing. There's also three holes in each platform, so if you track moisture, dirt, anything on here, it does have a way to escape.Now, the unit's made from an all steel construction.

Hickory RV Steps RV and Camper Steps 98224RFALC1 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Hickory Springs Manual Pull-Out Steps for RVs. The manually operated RV steps make it easy to get into and out of your motorhome. You simply pull them out for use, and position them back in place for travel. When you move it to a stowed position, it automatically engages and locks into place, and then in the use position, it automatically engages as well.To move it to the stowed position, you take this step, fold it up. Slide it into place, and that's all there is to it. When you're ready to move it to the end use position, grab right here.

Stromberg Carlson RV and Camper Steps PA-202 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Stromberg Carlson folding step stool. This step stool makes it easier to reach high places. This is perfect for anywhere in your home, your garage. It would be great in an RV, camper, enclosed trailer. It's a nice, lightweight design, extremely portable, and it's foldable. The foldable design makes this stool compact and easy to store out of the way, just like a regular ladder.

Hickory RV Steps RV and Camper Steps 982240RXWC1 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Hickory Springs Manual Pull-Out Steps for RVs. The manually operated RV steps make it easy to get into and out of your motor-home. Right now I have them in the in-use position, but when you're ready to move them to a stowed position all you have to do is grab this bottom step, rotate it, give it a push, take this and slide it just like that. It engages into the stowed position, and then when you're ready to extend it out to the in-use position you just reverse those steps. So you grab here and pull, and then take this platform, and simply unfold it and lower it. That's all there is to it.This unit contains a total of two steps.

Hickory RV Steps RV and Camper Steps 99324EXTALC1 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Hickory Springs Manual Pull-Out Steps for RVs. The manually operated RV steps make it easy to get into and out of your motorhome. Right now they're in the in-use position, to move them to the stowed position lift up here on the bottom step, rotate it, grab the grab handle, and pull up on the unit. You can see it stows nicely.When it's in this position it does lock into the stowed position, so you don't have to worry about it jarring loose during travel. Then when you're ready to pull it out to the in-use position you use this nice grab handle here, keep your hands safe and clear of any other moving components. That increases the overall safety.

TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Scissor Steps Installation - 2015 Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel

Speaker 1: Today in our 2015 Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel we'll be having a look at and installing the TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Scissor Steps with Landing Gear, Part No. TLA8004.Now what sets these apart from other manufacturer steps or the factory steps on your fifth wheel or your travel trailer, is that these offer the ultimate in stability and security and safety for when you're traveling up them into your trailer. Now we're getting this extra stability and safety because our steps are making contact with the ground with our built-in landing gear right here.The main reason the factory steps are lacking on most fifth wheels or travel trailers is that we don't have a landing gear here that makes our bottom step have contact with the ground and that makes it very unstable when we're getting in and out of the trailer. When you initially step onto your factory ones that don't have them, you can see how much they move and how unstable they are and I'm not a big guy but you can see that I'm getting about two inches deflection just stepping onto them.Now with these steps being manufactured out of a light weight aircraft grade aluminum, they are extremely easy to handle, maneuver, put in and out of a store position. Simply lift up on the bottom step and start pushing it on in. Use your knees or your thigh to help brace it.

Hickory RV Steps RV and Camper Steps 994240RFXWC3 Review

Presenter: Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Hickory Springs manual pull-out steps for RVs. The manually-operated RV steps make it easy to get into and out of your motorhome. Right now, I have the steps in the in-use position, so I'm going to show you how to move them to the stowed position and then how to get them back out to an in-use position. It's very simple to do.To move it to a stowed position, you want to grab that bottom step, rotate it up on top of this step. There's a handle or a crossbar under here you can grab. That's going to make it easier to fold the unit up.

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RV and Camper Steps Questions and Answers

  • How Does Lippert SolidStep part # LC678027 Install
  • I attached a picture that I took from the install instructions for the Lippert SolidStep part # LC678027 that you referenced. Basically as long as you have room for the step assembly they get drilled on with self-tapping screws. The overall width is 26-5/8 inches.
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  • Can 4-Step TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Scissor Steps Be Used in Place of a Factory 3-Step System
  • When replacing steps on a 5th wheel trailer you will want to stay with the same number of steps unless going to more steps retains the same retracted dimensions of your existing steps. For aftermarket steps there is no fit information in regards to specific trailers. You would have to go by the measurements. TorkLift steps # TLA8004 have a mounting base that is 27-7/16 inches wide and 12 inches deep. When retracted the steps hang down 16-17 inches from where they mount. The 3-step model,...
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  • Electric Steps With 5 Or 6 Inch Maximum Rise
  • We have limited options of electric steps with 5 or 6 inch maximum rise, and all but one are a single step. Lippert Components Kwikee 36 Series Single Electric Step # LC3756271 has a 5 inch rise/drop. There are different widths available of the 36 series step. The 35 series single step # LC3711361 also has the 5 inch rise/drop. Lippert Components Kwikee 42 Series Double Tread Electric Step # LC372779 has a 6 inch rise/drop. This is the only 2 step option with that rise/drop that...
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  • Replacement 3-Step Manual RV Steps with 4-Step Manual RV Steps
  • Manual RV steps # SMFP-4400 could work for you. This is a 4-step unit that is 27 inches wide overall and 12 inches deep (front to back) and 18-1/2 inches tall. None of the other 4-step options are as close in the measurements of what you have now. the 4-step model will hang down at least 4 inches more than the 3-step model when the steps are extended.
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  • Does Lippert Kwikee 32 Series Double Electric Step # LC3722616 Come with Motor and Controller
  • Yes, the Lippert Components Kwikee 32 Series Double Electric Step # LC3722616 that you referenced does include the motor and controller. Basically it comes with everything needed for the steps to power in and out once you wire them to your RV.
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  • Determining Which Kwikee 32 Series Double Electric Step is Correct for Trailer
  • For the Kwikee double electric step assembly that measures 24 inches wide, the Kwikee 32 Series # LC372261 that you referenced is indeed the correct unit. I spoke with my contact at Lippert and the other 32 Series assemblies you mentioned, part # LC3722616 and # LC3722617, are the same model steps, but they do not include everything needed to install them and operate them on your trailer. The Kwikee 32 Series # LC372261 is what you will need for the trailer, as it includes the motor,...
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  • SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps for a 24 Inch Wide Doorway
  • SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps for RVs - 24" Wide - Quadruple - Aluminum Item # LC678027 are designed to fit a doorway opening that is 28 inches. The steps themselves are 24 inches so this particular model will not fit. SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps for RVs - Quad - Aluminum Item # LC678024 are designed to work with a 24 inch wide doorway with a threshold height of 35 to 44 inches from the ground.
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  • Fit And Compatibility Of The Lippert Solid Step For 29-3/8 inch Frame And 28-1/4 Inch Inside Lip
  • I reached out to a couple of my contacts at Lippert and we were able to confirm that the SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps for RVs - 24" Wide - Quadruple - Aluminum # LC678027 will work with your measurements. This step has an adjustable flange that will allow it to fit your door frame dimensions. It is 4 bolts you will need to adjust on that flange to fit, but their tech and parts guys both said it will fit your door dimensions and latch properly.
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  • Replacing RVs 2-Step With a Manual Pull-Out 3-Step
  • There are a number of 24" wide options for three steps that are manual pull-outs similar to the Lippert # LC432687 that you referenced; just make sure that the bolt hole centers line up The Hickory Springs # 953240RFXWC3 has mounting base dimensions of 27-1/2" wide x 9" deep with bolt hole centers that are 26" wide x 7" deep and drop/rise dimensions of 6-3/4". The same steps with a drop/rise of 8-7/8" (1st to 2nd step) and 9-3/8" (2nd to 3rd step) is # 993240RXWC2 You may also want to...
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  • Larger Mounting Options for Lippert Steps
  • Good news, I can help you find a wider step than the 24 inch LC341504. I've linked all the steps for you but if you look through the filters there should be a measurement column and there are sizes from 14 inches to 30 inches wide. The Lippert Steps are made for RVs which is why they are the 24 inch wide spread. I have something similar that may work for you that has brackets that have a variety of widths. The TorkLift Glow Step has a variety of steps like the # TLA7803-8000 that...
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  • Aluminum Scissor Steps AS23 Dimensions
  • The height measurement on the item you selected is 24 to 30 inches to the mounting bracket. As long as the distance from the area the stairs are to be mounted straight down to the ground is within this 6 inch range the stairs will work nicely. We have other sizes of steps (see links below) if this size is not correct for you. I have posted links to hand rails for the adjustable steps also. If I can be of further assistance let me know.
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  • Replacement Aluminum 4-Step RV Steps for 2015 Heartland Landmark Trailer
  • We do offer several aluminum rv steps that feature 4 steps. You will want to either know what brand steps you are replacing or need to measure the mounting location of the steps you have on your Heartland. I have attached a link to our product page for the 4-step aluminum trailer steps. These steps vary by mounting width and also by the drop for each step, so you will want to have an idea how long you want the steps to be. You can visit the attached link and use the filters to choose...
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  • What Is Overall Depth Of Brophy Camper Scissor Steps AS05 When Fully Extended
  • I went to the warehouse and took a measurement of the Brophy Camper Scissor Steps, part # AS05 for you. The distance form the top mounting bracket to the front of the lowest step is 39-1/4 inches. The distance form the frame below the lowest step is 40-1/8 inches. I have attached a photo of the steps with the dimensions noted.
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  • Replacement 4-Step 5th Wheel Trailer Steps to Replace Steep 3-Step Type
  • You're correct that you need 5th wheel replacement steps to extend down from the mounting point the same distance as the original steps do. This will avoid loss of ground clearance which is an important safety consideration. Trailer makers typically do not provide detailed specs on components such as steps that are used in their products but you can use the linked page to see our range of 4-step scissor steps. Brophy step # AS24 is 24-inches wide like yours, offers a 7-7/8-inch step...
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  • Difference Between Lippert Kwikee Series Triple Electric Step Products
  • I spoke with my contact at Lippert and the main difference between the Kwikee Series Triple Electric Steps referenced in your question are their specific dimensions. The Kwikee 25 Series # LC3658374 has a 24 inch wide step with a 7 inch rise. This particular product includes the frame only, and it will not come with the motor, control or switch kit. You can add this with part # LC363982. The Kwikee 24 Series # LC375821 has a 30 inch wide step with an 8 inch rise and includes the...
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  • Weight of Folding Aluminum Scissor Steps # AS24
  • Yes, I went out to the warehouse and took the stairs only out of the shipping box and weighed them on a postal scale. The stairs only, no mounting bracket or hardware, weigh 23.80 pounds. You may also be interested in the Aluminum Hand Rail for 4 Step Scissor Stair, item # AHR4, for safety when using the aluminum scissor steps.
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  • Recommended Replacement Steps For Forest River Wildwood Travel Trailer
  • You will need to take a couple of quick measurements to see if the replacement steps we offer will work on your Forest River Trailer. One of the 2-step pull-out steps we offer is the Lippert, part # LC341500. This has a retracted height of 9 inches and is designed to be mounted in a space that measures 25-1/4 inches wide x 9 inches deep. The steps are 24 inches wide. Per Lippert, the 2-step Lippert step will fit in the space that the single step was installed. We also offer steps...
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  • Upgraded 4 Step RV Scissor Steps for 2015 Forest River Cardinal
  • For upgraded steps on your Forest River I suggest the TorkLift GlowStep Revolution # TLA8004. The mounting point is a little wider at 27-7/16 inches. These have landing gear to help make the bottom step more stable on the ground. There's also glow tape on the sides of each platform to make it easier to see the steps at night.
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  • Recommended Steps For 2008 Dodge Durango
  • Adding RV steps like the Lippert Components Kwikee 40 Series Double Electric Step with Double Tread # LC3726892 to a 2008 Dodge Durango would require custom welding of brackets as well as enough ground clearance. Although this looks ideal, I assume you'd be looking at a lot of custom fabrication for your vehicle that it isn't intended to handle and could effect other components. My recommendation is to use the Westin Molded, Lighted Running Boards w/ Custom Installation Kit - 6" Wide...
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  • Availability of RV Replacement Slide-Out Steps with Step-Up Height or Rise Shorter than 8 Inches
  • We do have a manually operated pull-out step, part # LC432682, a 2-step unit that features a 7-inch rise between steps. This might be a better choice and hopefully the 1 inch difference will make a difference for your wife. There is also a 3-step unit, part # LC341501 that also has a 7-inch rise between steps. To determine which unit you need, measure from the mounting surface where the steps would attach down to the ground, and compare that distance with the total height of each...
    view full answer...

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