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Need to replace a damaged seat or upgrade for a more comfortable ride? We offer a full line of seats from Bestop that are made of premium materials in colors that will match your Jeep.

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  • What are the Dimensions for Replacement Jeep Rear Bench Seat # B3944137
  • I went out to the warehouse and measured seat # B3944137 which fits a CJ models from 1955 to 1995. These dimensions will be the same or nearly identical for all Jeep seat options. The seat portion of the seat is approximatel7 17 inches from the front to the back rest, 5-1/2 inches thick, and 33-1/2 inches across. The back rest is 17 inches high, not counting head rests if equipped. The headrests are adjustable up and down and are 5-3/4 inches tall themselves. The back rest is also...
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  • Driver and Passenger Replacement Seats for a 1988 Jeep YJ from Bestop
  • The passenger seat that is compatible with the Bestop TrailMax II Pro Driver Seat that you referenced is the Bestop TrailMax II Pro Passenger Seat, # B3946015. These seats are also available in a vinyl material as part # B3945015, for the passenger seat and # B3945115 for the driver seat. If you no longer have the seat riser or slider, then you will also want to pick up a replacement seat riser, # B51254, and the seat slider, # B51255. For the rear bench seat, you will want to look...
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  • Dimensions Of Bestop TrailMax ll Vinyl Rear Bench Seat for 1969 Jeep CJ-5
  • I have attached a photo of the Bestop TrailMax II Fixed - Vinyl Rear Bench Seat, part # B3943715. As the dimensions show in the photo, the seat measures 22-1/2 inches tall from the bottom of the seat to the top of the back. Since it is mounted on brackets to the floor I was unable to measure the height from the floor to the bottom of the seat. This is a bolt-on installation and features mildew and UV resistant Black Denim vinyl fabric. The seat is 33-1/2 inches wide and from the front...
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  • Dimensions of Bestop TrailMax II Fold & Tumble Seat # B3944109 For Jeep
  • I reached out to my contact at Bestop to get the dimensions you asked for on the Bestop TrailMax II Fold & Tumble - Fabric Rear Bench - Charcoal # B3944109. It is 33-1/2 inches wide, 16-1/2 inches seating depth, 17 inches tall without headrests, 23 inches with headrests and 26 inches with headrests fully extended. When the back is folded down you will be at about 24 inches deep. I've updated the picture to show these dimensions.
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  • Dimensions of Bestop TrailMax II Fold & Tumble Vinyl Rear Bench Seat # B3943537 for Jeep Wrangler
  • According to my contact at Bestop the overall width of this rear bench seat is 41-inches. The Bestop TrailMax II Fold & Tumble Vinyl Rear Bench Seat # B3943537 fits 1997-2006 Jeep Wranglers except for TJ Unlimited models. The installation instructions are linked for your reference.
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  • Bolt Hole Dimensions for the Bestop TrailMax II Pro Jeep Seat
  • The TrailMax Pro fits all Jeep CJ-5, CJ-7 and Wrangler models from 1976-2006, though 1997-2002 models require the installation of a Bestop Seat Adapter Bracket # B51256 and models 2003-2006 require installation of a Bestop Seat Slider with Adapter # B5124801. There are several configurations of bolt hole dimensions that can be used with this kit. From side to side it will either measure 13-1/2 inches or 14 inches. From front to back it will measure 11-1/2 inches, 12-1/2 inches,...
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  • Dimensions of the Bestop TrailMax II Pro # B3946137
  • I spoke to my contact at Bestop and she gave me the dimensions of the Bestop TrailMax II Pro # B3946137. The height is 35 inches, the width is 21 inches, and the front to back dimension of the base of the seat is 21 inches.
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  • Dimensions of the Bestop TrailMax II Fold & Tumble B3943509
  • I spoke with my contact at Bestop and he gave me most of the dimensions you asked about. He did not have the distance between the mounting brackets but he did have the other dimensions. Overall width of the bottom part of the seat measures 33-1/2 inches. Front to back the lower portion measures 20 inches. The height of the upper section measures 22-1/2 inches without the headrests. With the headrests up it measures 31 inches and with them pointed down 28 inches.
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  • What are the Measurements of the Jeep TrailMax II Seat?
  • The measurements of product number B3942937, the Jeep Trail Max II Classic Seat are 23-1/4 inches tall and 20-3/4 inches wide. I was not able to get a depth measurement.
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  • Comparing Bestop Vinyl and Denim TrailMax II Fold & Tumble Rear Bench Seats for Jeep
  • Both the Bestop TrailMax Vinyl Rear Bench Seat # B3944001 and the black denim version # B3944115 use the same waterproof closed-cell high-density foam in their construction. The difference is that the black vinyl seat # B3944001 has a smoother surface that will tend to allow water to run off (or be wiped off) better than with the black denim seat since that fabric has a more porous surface. Both are a confirmed fit for your 1969 Jeep CJ-5.
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  • Bestop TrailMax II Fold and Tumble Seat Recommendation for a 1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ
  • I spoke to my contact at Bestop and she told me that there is probably a way to get the Bestop Trailmax II part # B3943537 in your 1991 Jeep Wrangler, but since it was not designed for that vehicle she strongly recommended you go with the one recommended for your vehicle, part # B3944137. It looks like the mounting hardware is the same between the two seats and the one you want is about 9 inches wider. If you REALLY wanted the newer seat in your Jeep you should at least determine if...
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  • What Replacement Seats are Available for 1980 Jeep CJ-7
  • I have included a link to all of the seats that are available for your 1980 Jeep CJ-7. One of my favorites is the Bestop TrailMax II Pro Fabric Seats. For the Driver's Seat, part # B3946115, Passenger Seat, # B3946015, and Rear Bench Seat, # B3944115. These seats are made with mildew and UV-resistant fabric and they look great. I spoke with my contact at Bestop and they do not have a 60/40 split bench seat available for your Jeep.
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  • Does the Bestop TrailMax II Fold & Tumble - Vinyl Rear Bench Seat Come with Mounting Hardware
  • The Bestop TrailMax II Fold & Tumble rear seat # B3943501 does not include the mounting hardware but does include the mounting brackets. I checked the instructions and it says you are supposed to reuse the hardware from the old seat. If that hardware is not present then you will need to source it locally. I recommend grade 5 hardware. Bestop does not specify the size and thread style/pitch so it will require some trial and error to find a match.
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  • Width of Bestop Trailmax II Fold and Tumble Rear Seat # B3944001
  • According to my Bestop Representative, their TrailMax II fold and tumble rear bench seat measures 33 inches wide, exactly. The seat is a bolt-on fit for Jeep CJ and Wrangler models from 1955 through 1995.
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  • Bestop TrailMax II Pro Fabric Front Passenger Recommendation
  • Yes, for the passenger seat that would go along with the Bestop TrailMax II Fabric Front Driver Seat # B3946115 you would want a Bestop TrailMax II Pro Fabric Front Passenger Seat # B3946015.
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  • What is the Height of the Seat Back and Head Rests on a BesTop TrailMax II Fold and Tumble Seat
  • I called Bestop, and from the top of the seat, where your rear would be, to the top of the headrests when fully extended is 26 inches.
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  • Height of the Back Section on the Bestop TrailMax II High Back Seat B3943615
  • The back section of the Bestop TrailMax II High Back Seat you mentioned, part # B3943615 that you referenced measures 22-1/2 inches without the headrests. With the headrests all the way up the overall height is 31 inches, with them pushed down as far as they will go it measures 28 inches. You would have to compare that dimension to the height of your current seat to know if this would be taller or not.
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  • Fit & Compatibility of Bestop Low Back Bucket Seat B3942937 on 1977 Jeep CJ-7
  • On a 1977 Jeep CJ-7 that has the original seat riser the Bestop Low Back Bucket Seats # B3942937 (spice color) and # B3942901 (black) are direct fits. Only for certain later models years, 1997 through 2006, are adapters required to install these non-reclining bucket seats. We do not happen to have these two items in stock for me to measure their mounting hole spacing so I called Bestop. My contact there advised that the side-to-side dimension for the hole spacing is 15-1/16-inch. He...
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  • Available Colors of Bestop Replacement Jeep Seats for 1988 Jeep Wrangler
  • The Bestop TrailMax II Fixed High Back seats are available in Spice, Charcoal, Black and Black Denim. You can see all of the available seats by clicking on the provided link. The seats are designed to be installed on the OE seat riser.
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  • Dimension of Bestop TrailMax Seat to Referbish Old Snow Cat
  • I spoke with Bestop, the manufacturer of the seat # B3942901 you were looking at and was able to get the dimensions you needed to see if it would fit with your Snow Cat. The seat's width is 18-3/4 inches, length 19-1/4 inches, and the back height 18-3/4 inches. I've linked the seat to this page for your convenience.
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