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  • Do Lippert Carpet Protectors for RVs with Slide Outs # LC134993 Permanently Install
  • Lippert Carpet Protectors for RVs with Slide Outs # LC134993 do not permanently install though you could leave them where you place them if you want. A slide-out generally slides on 2 rails below the floor of the slide-out room. That is where the most pressure will be so positioning the protectors over those locations would work best. Otherwise try to see where it looks like the carpet is getting the most wear from sliding in and out and place them there.
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  • What are the Internal Dimensions of Camco Oak Accents Organizer and Remote Holder
  • I went out to the warehouse to measure both remote holder # CAM43533 and organizer # CAM43483 for you. Starting with the remote holder it is 3 inches wide on the inside, 3-13/16 inches tall at the center and 4-9/16 inches tall on the sides on the inside, and is 1-13/16 inches deep on the inside. The organizer is 7-3/8 inches wide on the inside, 4-1/4 inches tall at the ends and 3 inches tall in the center on the inside, and 2-1/2 inches deep on the inside.
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  • Does the Camco RV Wall Clock Make Noise
  • Yes, the Camco Clock part # CAM43781 will make a ticking sound as the seconds pass because it uses a quart movement that has what's called a "stepping motor", it will make the ticking sound each second as the circuitry tells the motor to advance. For a no-sound option a digital clock is a better choice.
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