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Want to give your vehicle an extra boost? Install a performance module by Edge to increase your vehicle's power, performance and fuel economy. Available easy to read monitor places everything at your fingertips, making the module easy to adapt to your specific needs. Many performance modules multi-task, so not only do you gain the extra torque and horsepower you want, you are also able to utilize the modules built in GPS and backup camera! The power levels on the performance module match fueling with any upgrades you have made, making an Edge programmer the perfect final touch!

We offer many styles of performance chips for many of the most popular vehicle manufacturers, including Ford, Dodge, Chevy and GMC. Find the right fit for your vehicle by entering the year on the left.

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Edge Products Evolution Performance Chip Demo

Edge Products, the premier name for after market performance electronics presents the new Evolution CS and CTS. With unmatched power, control, and style the all new Evolution full color screen and color touch screen offer the most advanced technology in engine tuning available today. The Evolution CS and CTS programmers offer many of the same great features and benefits users have come to expect from Edge Products along with a whole host of exciting additional features. Some of the great new features include full color screens, multiple power programming options, monitoring data from your vehicles computer with an in cabin color display, reading and clearing check engine lights, graphed performance tests such as 0 to 60 and quarter mile time runs, custom tuning options, back up camera, customized accessories, state-of-the-art mounting options, and Internet updatability. To get just some of these features individually you would need to buy a power programmer, diagnostic tool or scan tool, gauges, mounts, and more costing you more than double the price of the Evolution CS or CTS. 01:10

Performance Chip Videos

Review of Scosche Performance Chip - Heads Up Display - 332-HUD2

Today we're going to take a look at the SCOSCHE Windshield Heads-up Display. This is going to be a three-inch high-bright LED display.Now, this is going to be a really cool thing to convert your display to actually go on your windshield. A lot of times in our newer cars, this will already come standard, but you can modify your existing car to work with this so you can get that heads-up display. It makes it a little bit safer and easier to drive, since you don't have to look down and take your eyes off the road to know what's going on with your car.You'll be able to see your speed in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Also, your engine RPM and other status indicators on your windshield instead of having to look down at your dash.Now, basically this is going to project that image up. We'll have a reflector to put on our windshield.

Review of Edge Performance Chip - Programmer w Monitor - EP85450

Today we're going to take a look at the Edge Gas Evolution CTS-II Performance Tuner with the five inch color touchscreen. Now this does fit many different vehicles. What I would recommend for you to do is go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle and it'll show if this will work for application.Also, on the product page of this part number at the very bottom of the page, it'll list many of the vehicles and the engines they have that this will work on. Now, it does include everything laid out here on the table. The CTS-II tuner, the suction cup mount that you can install onto the back, the OBD-II HDMI cable, the USB cable, some cable ties and a nice owner's manual and quick install guide to show you how this installs and how it operates. Now this is a performance tuner that will let you reprogram your vehicle's OBD-II engine control module for improved horsepower, torque and fuel economy.Connects in minutes to the OBD-II port in your vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later.

Superchips Performance Chip - Programmer - SU1845 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Superchips Flashpaq F5 performance tuner for Ford gas or diesel engines. This is going to be a really nice looking and easy to use performance tuner. It's going to allow you to change your vehicle's torque and horsepower so that you can optimize it for your driving. You can customize this for different functions, so if you're going to be off-roading you can use the crawl setting, or you can adjust it if you're going to be towing heavy loads. There are several different options for that as well.You can also change to different octanes so if there's only a certain octane in your area you can optimize your vehicle for that. Another nice thing with this is that you can clear codes with this.

Edge Performance Chip - Programmer w Monitor - EP15051 Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Edge Performance Chip. This is for the Fords with the Triton V8 4.6 liter and 5.4 liter engines. That'll be from 2004 through 2008 F-150s. Now, the Edge Performance Chip is going to be a great addition to your Ford. It's going to give you a lot of features that'll help you drive .. That'll help the engine drive better.

Edge Performance Chip - Display Dash Pod - EP28502 Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're gonna take a look at the Custom Dash Pod for the Edge Monitors for the Chevrolet and GMC trucks and SUVs. Now, this is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 2007, the 2013 Chevrolet, and GMC trucks and SUVs with the luxury style dash.Now, this dash pod will offer unique solution for Juice with Attitude, Evolution, or Inside for customers that are looking to add that finish factory look to their truck. The unique pod was compatible with the CS2 and CTS2 devices. It is a durable, high-quality plastic, so it will not warp or deform even in direct sunlight. It has nice vacuum formed edges.

Edge Performance Chip - Display Dash Pod - EP38505 Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to take a look at the custom Dash Pod for the Edge monitors. This is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 2006 to 2009 Dodge Ram trucks. What I'd reccomend for you is to go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year, model, vehicle, and it'll show you what vehicles this will fit on.Now, this Dash Pod will offer a unique solution for the Edge evolution, insight, and juice with added two monitor for customers that are looking to add that finished factory look to their truck. Edge's unique pods are compatible with the CS, CS2, CTS, and CTS2 devices. Some durable high quality plastic.

Superchips Performance Chip - Programmer - SU1545 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Superchips Gas and Diesel Flashcal F5 Pro Custom Performance Tuner for Ford trucks. This part will cover 1999 and newer F series gas and diesel trucks. So basically, if you're a Ford truck owner and you're looking for a device to help calibrate your large after market tires, to read clear trouble codes, adjust your speed limiter, and more, then you can look no further. This Flashcal F5 is a product designed to give features and calibration tools to truck owners at a great place. The days of the clunky, outdated calibration tools are over.This part will include everything laid out here on the table: a Flashcal display device, the USB charging cable, nice protective carrying bag, and a nice owner's manual to describe how to operate it. The Flashcal is very easy to use.

Edge Performance Chip - Programmer - EP85301 Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're gonna take a look at the Edge Diesel Evolution CS2 Performance tuner with the color screen and California approved. This will fit many different years and model diesel engines on Chevrolet GMC, Dodge, and Ford trucks. What I would recommend to do is to go to our website. Use the fit guide. Put in your year and model vehicle and it'll show you if this will work on your application. Now this tuner monitor right here will boost the horsepower, the torque and your fuel economy by reprogramming your vehicle's OBD2 engine control module.

Superchips Performance Chip - Programmer w Monitor - SU2060 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Superchips Dash Pack Performance Tuner with the 2.4 inch color screen for General Motors gas engines. Now this is a custom fit part. It fits the 1999 and newer Chevrolet and GMC trucks with the V6 or V8 gas engine, and because it fits so many different vehicles, I do recommend for you to go to our website, use our fit guide, putting your year and model vehicle and it will show you what vehicles this will fit and if it will work on your vehicle. This includes everything shown here on the table. It includes the programmer, the monitor, universal suction cup windshield mount, just slides on. You can attach it and put it in what position you need.

Articles about Performance Chip

Performance Chip Questions and Answers

  • Important Temperatures to Monitor When Towing and How to Lower the Temperatures If Needed
  • The key temperatures to monitor when towing are the transmission fluid, engine oil and coolant temperatures. Each of these fluids will have different ranges that you will want to stay within. For transmission fluid, the ideal operating temperature is between 160 and 200 degrees. If you find that you are running over 200 degrees, I would recommend installing a supplemental transmission cooler, like part # D13504, if you do not already have one. I also recommend using the Ford radiator...
    view full answer...

  • Can an Edge Programmer be Reset if it is Installed on a Vehicle
  • Before you traded your truck in you should have uninstalled the Edge Evolution Programmer part # EP15051 from the vehicle. This programmer can only be installed onto one vehicle at a time. If you didn't remove the tune from your truck before trading it in you won't be able to program another vehicle with it until then. If the truck is long gone you can still send the programmer into Edge and they will reset the programmer so that it can program another vehicle. Hopefully the dealership...
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  • Will a Tuner or Programmer Improve Fuel Economy on a 2008 Ford F-150
  • The Edge Evolution Programmer, # EP15051, can help improve your fuel mileage, however, there are many factors that affect fuel economy. I would also like to mention that fuel mileage gains are typically quite minimal with tuners and programmers, especially with gas vehicles. Most tuners and programmers are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of the engine. One result of improved engine performance is better fuel economy, but driving habits have a big influence on fuel...
    view full answer...

  • How To Uninstall an Edge Evolution CTS Programmer from a 2003 Chevy Silverado
  • You will need to press the main menu button, select the power level option and then select the stock power level from the listed power levels and the programmer will be uninstalled from your 2003 Chevy Silverado. I confirmed this with tech contact at Edge.
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  • Can an Edge Evolution Programmer be Used on More than One Truck
  • For programmers like # EP85401 and really any programmer, to prevent people from just passing around the programmer it can only be tuned to one vehicle at a time. To move it to a different vehicle that it is also compatible with it will have to be re-registered with Edge for a fee.
    view full answer...

  • What Parameters Does the Edge Insight CTS Monitor
  • The Edge Insight CTS, # EP84130, the data parameters you can monitor include: Battery Voltage Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Engine Oil Pressure (EOP) Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Engine Oil Temperature (EOT) Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Miles Per Hour (MPH) Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) 1/4-mile and 0 - 60 times When used with performance products, Insight can also read advanced data like exhaust gas temperature (EGT), boost, engine load and...
    view full answer...

  • Horsepower and Torque Gain for a 2003 Ford F-150 5.4L with the Superchips Flashpaq Tuner
  • I spoke with my contact at Superchips and he told me that for your 2003 Ford F-150 with 5.4L Triton V8 Engine you can expect an additional 20 horsepower and 28 ft-lbs of torque with the Superchips Flashpaq Performance Tuner, # SU1845. For the California Approved version of the programmer, you will want part # SU4845. If you have the 5.4L Supercharged Triton V8 engine, you may see up to an additional 24 horsepower and up to 39 ft-lbs torque with either of these programmers.
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  • Should I Turn Off Overdrive if I am Using Tow Mode Pulling a Trailer with my 2004 Ford F-150
  • It depends on the situation and how much weight you are towing. Generally speaking, if you are towing a heavy load and are finding that your vehicle is shifting in and out of overdrive pretty frequently, then it would be a good idea to turn your overdrive off. I usually turn off overdrive if I am towing a trailer through a hilly road, or through heavy traffic. However, those are not the only times it would be a good idea. This # EP15051 does firm up the shift points by increasing...
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  • How to Change Levels on Edge EZ Programmer for 2001 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L, 24V
  • The Edge EZ, # EZD1000A, is preset to level 3 of low boost fueling which is the most responsive. To change the settings you would use an allen wrench to remove the two screws on the front panel. On the other side of the panel you will see 3 jumper settings. The jumper should be positioned in the right most location unless it has been changed before. You can move the jumper once to the left for level 2 or all the way to the left for level 1. I have included a link to the installation instructions....
    view full answer...

  • What is the Best Setting for All Around Driving on the Edge Evolution for a 5.4 Ford Triton V8
  • With the Edge Evolution Programmer for Ford Triton V8, item # EP15051, for the 2004 - 2008 Ford F-150 4.6 and 5.4 Liter Triton V8, the best setting for all around driving when you are not towing is the Tow Performance Program, in my opinion. This setting provides the advantages of the transmission program along with increased fuel economy and power, due to modification of ignition timing and fuel injection strategies. This setting also allows you to keep running 87 octane fuel. The Evolution...
    view full answer...

  • Solution for Adjusting Factory Speed Limiter on 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali
  • To adjust the factory speed limiter on your 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali you can install a tuner like the Superchips Flashcal # SU2545. This tuner is confirmed to fit your truck and will provide you with speed and rev limiter adjustments, calibration options for larger aftermarket tires, and the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. While this will allow you to adjust the speed limiter I can't really commend going over the factory setting. This limit is there to ensure...
    view full answer...

  • Power Gains from Performance Tuner Installation in 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup with 4.7L
  • For the greatest gains in horsepower and torque the tuner I recommend is the Edge Evolution CTS Programmer # EP85450. This unit can deliver up to 50 additional HP and up to 55 more ft-lbs of torque in your Ram. It also includes a mileage coach program to help you reduce fuel consumption by adopting mileage-friendly driving habits.
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  • How to Update Software on an Edge Programmer
  • To obtain your update simply go to and on the left side of the page you will see Fusion Software Update, click on that prompt. You will then register your unit. After your unit is registered, you can plug your unit into your computer and download the specific updates needed for your vehicle.
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  • Will the Edge Evolution Programmer Fit a 1999 Ford F-250 with 5.4 Liter Motor
  • The Edge Evolution CTS2 programmer # EP85450 is indeed a fit for your 1999 Ford F-250 with the 5.4 liter motor. My favorite feature of this programmer is actually the large touch screen display. With a lot of programmers the displays are fairly small and can be hard to see. This one has a 5 inch (diagonal) display so visibility is not an issue. You can also add a custom dash pod # EP18500 to make the addition of the programmer appear more like a factory component.
    view full answer...

  • Towing Weight Limit in Stage 2 Power Setting for Edge EZ for Dodge Cummins # EP30204
  • According to my contact at Edge Products their Edge EZ performance tuner for the Dodge Cummins, part # EP30204, does not have a specific trailer weight that makes its Stage 2 power level unsuitable. He advised that based on your familiarity and towing experience with your tow vehicle and trailer that you can make this determination largely based on your own judgement. Your 1970s-era 25-foot camping trailer is likely to be heavier than a current production trailer of the same size since...
    view full answer...

  • Programmer Recommendation for 2017 GMC Sierra 6.2 Liter that Disables AFM
  • The SuperChips programmer part # SU2845 that you referenced is a confirmed fit for your 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 with a 6.2 liter V8. It can remove the active fuel management and can give you power increases of up to 33 horsepower and 43 ft lbs of torque. All of the programmers available for your truck will give the same power increases but the only other one to consider would be the Edge CTS2 part # EP85450 which also feature a gauge display and driving coach in case you want to try and...
    view full answer...

  • Performance Tuner Recommendation For Ford F-250 Pickup Truck With 6.2L Engine
  • I have a solution for you. I spoke to my contact at Edge Technologies and they told me that the Edge EvoHT2 Hand-Held Performance Tuner, part # EP16040, does have the ability to recalibrate the speedometer based on both tire sizes or read end ratio. They said you have to enter the custom menu when using the tuner and it will allow you to change the settings to match what you have on your truck.
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  • Can Edge Programmers Allow you to Remove the DPF of Diesel Truck
  • Edge can not recommend you remove the DPF of your truck as that would violate the emissions laws that are present on newer diesel trucks. Because of that the programmer would not allow you to shut off codes in the computer that relate to removing the DPF. For what you are trying to do you would need to look into a custom tuning hardware and realize that you have made your truck an "offroad only", vehicle.
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  • What Vehicles Does the Edge Gas Evolution CS2 Performance Tuner Fit
  • The Edge CS2 has a pretty extensive fit list as it can fit most gas vehicles. I attached a list that shows the fits as of May 2016, but going forward I am sure newer vehicles will be listed as fits too. You should note that you can only program one vehicle at a time with this. The only way you could tune another vehicle is if you removed the programmer from the Dodge Ram first. They lock the programmers like this to prevent one person from buying the programmer and then tuning everyone's...
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  • Superchips Flashpaq F5 Horsepower And Torque Gains Per Program Setting
  • For your 1999 Ford F-350 with 7.3 liter with your Superchip Flashpaq F5, # SU1845, I reached out to my contact at Superchips to get the ratings. He said there are 4 programs, two performance, one economy, and one towing. He said with the top performance the power gains are up to 111.5 horsepower and up to 205 foot lbs of torque. In the second performance, the gains are about 80 hp and 180 ft/lbs of torque. In the economy mode it is about 40 hp and 100 ft/lbs of torque. With the towing...
    view full answer...

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