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Need more usable area in the bed of your truck? Add one of our custom-fit bed extenders by Topline or AMP Research and gain valuable space by utilizing your truck's tailgate. We offer both flip-up and collapsible bed extenders to ensure that you can find the correct extender for your specific needs and budget. Made of high quality aluminum, these bed expanders are light enough for everyday use but durable enough for any cargo you may haul.

We offer custom fits for many popular truck manufacturers, such as Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and GMC. Find the correct fit for your truck by entering the year to the left.

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X-Treme Gate Truck Bed Extender Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the X-Treme Gate Tailgate Bed Extender part number XG-001. The X-Treme Gate Tailgate Bed Extender adds up to 10 extra square feet of truck bed space. It deploys and stows in just seconds. It mounts to your truck's tailgate so it's always with you when you need it. The bolt-in design prevents theft. It's fully compatible with tonneau covers and with drop-in and spray-in bedliners.

Topline Truck Bed Extender Installation - 2008 Toyota Tundra

Today on our 2008 Toyota Tundra, we're going to review an install, the Top Line Bed Extender, part number BX4004-01. Here's what our bed extender look like once installed. What's really nice about the bed extender, especially on these short bed pickups is that it adds approximately 2 feet extension onto our pickup bed. Additionally, when it's not in use, it can simply be folded up as the clamps will secure the sides to the main body and then it folds down where the clamps will hold it to the brace. We can simply just close our tailgate and it's stored inside the pickup bed, or we have a situation where we need the entire length of our tailgate without the bed extender, we can pull the pin, which has a nice detent on it to keep it in place. We pull it out of the bracket on both sides and we completely remove our bed extender, opening our tailgate back up. Now, let's go ahead and show you how to install it. Now, to begin our install, we're going to open the tailgate.

Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Expander Review

Today we're going to review an install, the Top Line fold down truck bed extender, part number BX4004-02. Black in color. This application is also available in silver, part number BX4004-01. Let's go ahead and take a look at the top line tailgate extender that's all ready been installed. Simply open up the tailgate, we'll pick the extender up and swing the arm out and lock it in place. The arm is secured to the extender with the clamp, we pull it free, lift up on the spring-loaded button and it locks in to place. Just like that, our tailgate extender is up and secured. To get an idea, we'll go ahead and take a measurement from the end of the pickup bed to the inside edge here on the corner.

Topline Truck Bed Extender Installation - 2010 GMC Sierra

Today on our 2010 GMC Sierra we'll be installing Topline fold down truck bed extender, part number BX4004-01. First note that this vehicle has a tailgate cover. We'll need to remove the cover and locate the position for our bed extender. Let's go ahead and remove the fasteners and sit the cover aside. Now we'll go ahead and sit the bed extender up on the tailgate. We'll need to locate a flat surface for our SS brackets or stainless steel brackets to sit which will be our attachment points for the bed extender.

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Bed Extender Questions and Answers

  • How to Prevent Theft of the Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-02
  • What you would do to deter theft of the bed extender # BX4004-02 is to use security type of hardware. Something that requires an uncommon specialty tool to install/remove. That would secure the mounts that attach to the tailgate. To secure the extender to the mounts you would have to replace the pins that hold the extender on. Something like # 7692 or a similar lock could work. Or something like the Toylok # LC337120 is another option. It would also be good for securing other items stored...
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  • Will a Bed Extender Fit a Ford Explorer Sport Trac with a Bed Liner
  • The Topline Bed Extender, # BX4004-02, will fit if you have a bed liner. However, you may find that you will have to trim the bed liner on some vehicles. Since every vehicle and bed liner combination is different, I cannot say for certain if you will need to trim or not. On an Explorer Sport Trac, you will need to measure the width of the bed where the extender will fit. If it is 48 inches or greater in width, the extender will fit. We also have the Topline extender with an anodized...
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  • Truck Bed Extender Recommendation to Carry Kayak or Ladder in Truck Bed
  • If you have a 2 inch trailer hitch receiver on your truck, then you may be interested in the Darby Extend-A-Truck Hitch Mounted Load Extender, # DTA944. This is the only product that we carry that will extend past your tail gate to carry items such as ladders or a kayak. You may also be interested in the Darby Foam Kayak Block, # DTA924. This will protect the hull of your kayak from the metal crossbar. Our other truck bed extenders will extend your truck bed to the length of your...
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  • Will the Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Expander Fit on a 2013 Toyota Tacoma
  • Yes, the Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Expander, # BX4004-02, will fit your 2013 Toyota Tacoma. In fact, we had a customer install this on a 2013 Tacoma, so I attached his install photos that he submitted for you to check out. I have also attached an installation video that we made on a GMC Sierra for you to check out. It will show how to install the bed expander. This item is also available in anodized silver as part # BX4004-01.
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  • Bed Extender Recommendation for a 2017 Ford F-150
  • I have exactly what you need! I recommend the X-Treme Gate bed extender # XG-001 for your 2017 Ford F-150. I have linked a video review of this product for you. The installation does require drilling but the extender can be stowed in seconds and then only sticks out 2 inches from the tail gate.
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  • Side to Side Distance Between Mounting Bracket Holes on the Topline Truck Bed Extender # BX4004-02
  • The Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Extender, part # BX4004-02, is a universal-fit item, and will adjust to fit truck beds of differing widths. The bed extender when not extended and fully retracted measures 48 inches in overall width. You will need to check on your tailgate if you will have room to attach the mounting hardware. I do not have any experience with it fitting on a 1965 Ford Ranchero, but to try and help you see if it will fit to your tailgate, I pulled the bed extender from...
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  • Installing Top Line Bed Extender # BX4004-02 on 2010 Dodge Dakota with Plastic Bed Liner
  • The Topline Bed Extender you referenced, part # BX4004-02 is width-adjustable and will indeed fit your 2010 Dodge Dakota if the plastic liner you refer to covers a steel tailgate. You would need to drill through the liner to attach the bed extender, but the liner can remain in place. I have provided a photo showing the extender mounted to a tailgate that has the plastic liner.
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  • Installation of Topline Truck Bed Expander # BX4004-02 in 2013 Tacoma 4X4 Longbed with Plastic Liner
  • The Top Line Truck Bed Expander, part # BX4004-02, is a universal-fit item intended to fit a broad range of truck tailgates. Installation processes will vary slightly between vehicles and based on the presence of features such as tail gate liners, as on your 2013 Tacoma 4X4 long bed. The linked video shows installation of the silver version of the expander, part # BX4004-01, in a different make and model truck. The expander itself can adjust in width from 48 to 64 inches and clips into...
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  • Attaching the Topline Bed Extender to a 2001 Ford F150
  • The bed extender attaches to a metal bracket that is attached to the tailgate. The bracket is attached using screws. It is held to the brackets with removable pins. The whole unit can fold flat against the tailgate. Take a look at the product page pictures below the description to see some close up shots of the extender.
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  • Fit of Topline Truck Bed Extender # BX4004-02 on Tailgate of 2006 Hummer H2 SUT
  • If the tailgate is between 48 and 64 inches wide, and has a flat spot on either end like I have shown in the photo, the Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-02 should work just fine for you. We have not yet had the opportunity to install the extender on a Hummer H2, so we do not have any photos at this time.
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  • Will the Topline Bed Extender Fit on a 2011 Ford F-150 with Factory Plastic Drop In Bed Liner
  • Drilling is required for installation of the Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-01, but the installation instructions indicate that the Ford F150 full size trucks have tailgates with two holes on each side that can be used. If you remove the screws from these holes, you may use them instead of drilling, but you will still need to drill the aft hole in the tailgate, see drawing link. The bed extender will work with plastic bed liners. If your trucks plastic bed liner includes a tailgate cover...
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  • Will Top Line Folding Truck Bed Extender Part # BX4004-02 Fit 2006 Nissan Frontier 4-door Crew Cab
  • The Top Line Folding Truck Bed Extender, part # BX4004-02, is a universal-fit bed extender that will fit both narrow and standard bed size versions of the 2006 Nissan Frontier. This bed extender is made of steel and anodized aluminum and adjusts from 48- to 64-inch width. Top Line also offers this product in a silver finish, part # BX4004-01. My contact at Top Line did not indicate any special installation notes for your vehicle. However, if your truck has a bed liner it may be necessary...
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  • Will a Topline Bed Extender Fit a 2013 Ford F-150 with Built-In Step in the Tailgate
  • The Topline bed extender # BX4004-02 is listed as a fit for the 2013 Ford F-150. However, it is possible that the bed extender could interfere with the use of the step in the tailgate. But the width is adjustable on the extender from 48 to 64 inches so you would be able to change the width slightly to avoid step interference. I have included a picture that shows an installed extender so you can see whereabouts it installs.
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  • Bed Extender for a 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab New Body
  • We offer several bed extenders for your Silverado. For instance, the Top Line Bed Extender, part # BX4004-01 for silver or part # BX4004-02 for black would be a great choice. This extender will fold flat against the inside of the tailgate when not in use. When folded, the extender will allow full use of your truck bed. To see the entire list of extenders available for your truck, use the link below.
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  • Will Topline Bed Extender, # BX4004-02 Fit a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with Tonneau Cover
  • The Topline Bed Extender, # BX4004-02, should fit the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, even with a tonneau cover. The bed extender does not require the use of the bed rails for installation, so it should not interfere. The silver model is # BX4004-01.
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  • Installation Instructions and Hole Size Drilled for the Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-01
  • If the bed extender you were given was the Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-01 that you referenced you will need to drill 25/64 inch holes in the tailgate to install it. Check out the installation instructions I attached for more info. I also attached an install video for this product for you to check out as well.
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  • Fit of Topline Bed Extender on 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • Topline does not list specific vehicle fits for this item. As long as your tailgate is is between 48 and 64 inches wide and has flat areas to mount the brackets as shown in the photo, and the area where the brackets would mount is steel or there is steel under a bed liner, the Topline Truck Bed Expander would work just fine with your Explorer Sport Trac. The extender is also available in silver, as part # BX4004-01. The install video I linked you to shows the extender being installed...
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  • Will Truck Ramps Work With X-Treme Gate Truck Bed Extender Installed
  • To be able to use ramps on your tail gate with the X-Treme Gate Truck Bed Extender, part # XG-001 installed you will need to take a couple measurements. This extender attaches to the tailgate post on the back of the truck from the center of the mounting hole to the end of the XG-001 it measures 25-3/4 inches. If you measure from the center of the tailgate post rearward 25-3/4 inches you can see how much room you will have for the ramp legs. I have attached a photo of the extender showing...
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  • Color Options for the Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Extender
  • The Topline Truck Bed Extender is available in anodized silver, # BX4004-01, and black # BX4004-02. The bed extender is adjustable in width from 48 inches to 64 inches. It is 15-5/8 inches tall at the back and 12-1/4 inches tall on the sides. I have attached an installation video for you to check out.
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  • Will Topline Bed Extender BX4004-01 Fit on a 2007 Toyota Tundra with a Bedliner
  • You should not have a problem installing the # BX4004-01 bed extender on your 2007 Toyota Tundra, but you will probably need to trim away some of the bed liner in order to install the mounting brackets. The bed extender installs using two mounting brackets, one on each side of the tail gate. The bed liner trimming should be minimal, as these would basically be the only two points that would be obstructed. To get a visual of where you might need to trim, I recommend taking a look...
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