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  • What is the Warranty on the MaxxTow Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier 70106
  • If you look in the Specs section for MaxxTow trailer hitch mount cargo carrier # MT70106, the warranty information is the last bullet. It has a 90-day warranty. I have linked a video review of this carrier for you.
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  • How High Off the Ground Can MaxxTow Wheelchair Carrier # MT70106 Be and Still Make Ramp Contact
  • The ramp on the MaxxTow # MT70106 Wheelchair Carrier has a hinge design that allows a very wide range of motion. It can easily make a nearly 45-degree angle which would certainly accommodate a carrier height off the ground of 16-inches while still maintaining ramp-to-ground contact. The 2-inch hitches offered for your 2008 Honda CR-V are all rated as Class III hitches and have tongue weight capacities of either 525-lbs or 350-lbs. I suggest you check the safety/warning sticker on your hitch t
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  • Recommendation for 2-Inch Hitch-Mount Aluminum Cargo Carrier for 2011 Honda Element
  • Your 2011 Honda Element can be fitted with two classes of hitch, either a 1-1/4-inch Class I type or a 2-inch Class III. For use with a hitch-mount cargo carrier the 2-inch hitch is definitely preferred for its higher capacity. All of the Class III hitches we offer for your Element can be seen on the link provided, and all offer the same 350-lb tongue weight capacity. You can check your hitch safety/warning sticker to confirm its weight rating. Your Element may have a different tongue weight
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  • How Is Weight Capacity Calculated When Using An Extender
  • The weight capacity of the MaxxTow Dual Hitch Extender, part # MT70070, is 4000 lbs and 400 lbs for tongue weight. Using this extender reduces the towing weight capacity of the hitch on your vehicle by 50 percent. If the hitch that is installed on your vehicle is rated for 6000 lbs towing weight and tongue weight of 600 lbs, then using this extender will reduce the hitch towing weight capacity to 3000 lbs, and the tongue weight capacity to 300 lbs. Because of the design of this extender,
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  • Ramps that Can be used at Different Heights for Loading a Walk Behind Mower Into a Truck or Van
  • I understand your concern regarding the height of the ramp lip, when using it with either your truck or your van. The Maxx Tow Ramps # MT70120 may not fit the best for height options that you have. My recommendation is to consider the Highland Ramp Champ # 11200. This ramp is a set of ramps that is telescopic to different lengths. The length is adjustable from 5-1/2 feed to 8 feet. Therefore, it will change the angle where the ramp rests on the the tailgate of your truck or van.These ramps ar
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  • How to Secure a Vespa Scooter with 12 Inch Wheels and Tires in an Enclosed Cargo Carrier
  • The MaxxTow wheel chock # MT70271 should only be used with 15 to 22 inch wheels. A 12 inch wheel on a scooter could be a problem because the brakes and other suspension components will also be lower compared to a 15 inch or larger wheel and that interference would cause the scooter to not fit. I checked our similar wheel chocks and I am not confident that any of them would be suitable for a 12 inch wheel but I do have a possible solution for you. To secure the scooter I recommend mounting
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  • Can MaxxTow Aluminum Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier be Used at the Back of a Motor Home
  • Provided that your motor home has a 2 inch trailer hitch receiver you can use the MaxxTow cargo carrier # MT70275. Please note though that there is significantly more movement at the back of a motor home compared to a regular passenger vehicle, like riding at the back of a school bus. To reduce the stress on the hitch and the carrier I strongly recommend using a stabilization strap such as # 18050. Also make sure that the \anti-rattle device that comes with the carrier is secured. This will
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  • Does Maxxtow Cargo Carrier MT70275 fit a 2004 GMC Envoy SLE with Factory Trailer Hitch
  • The Maxxtow Cargo Carrier # MT70275 fits a 2-inch hitch so it will work with your 2004 GMC Envoy SLE with factory Installed 2-inch hitch. To make sure the carrier clears the rear of the vehicle measure from the center of the hitch pin hole to the end of rear bumper. If there is less than 8-1/2 inches the carrier will clear the rear of the vehicle.
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  • Lock Recommendation for MaxxHaul Platform Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack
  • Bike rack manufacturers make their threaded pins unique to the bike racks they manufacture so you would not want to use lock # S64029 with MaxxHaul bike rack # MT70387. To lock the rack to the hitch and/or the bikes as well I recommend a cable lock such as # 8428DPS. This is a 6 foot cable with a 3/8 inch diameter that is cut and rust resistant.
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  • Installation Requirements for MaxxTow Heavy Duty Headache Rack # MT70234 on 2013 Silverado
  • Installation of the MaxxTow Heavy Duty Headache Rack # MT70234 on your 2013 Silverado will require you to drill a few holes in your bed rails. If your truck has stake pockets you will need to drill 1 hole on each bed rail; if it does not have stake pockets you will need to drill 2 holes on each bed rail. Mounting hardware is included. The base of the universal-fit MaxxTow rack is adjustable in width from 64- to 74-inches and it is fabricated from 2-inch square steel tubing. This rack will
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  • Can the Maxx Tow Cargo Carrier # MT70106 with Ramp Work to Transport a Trike on a 2008 Saturn Vue
  • The MaxxTow Cargo Carrier with Ramp # MT70106 is intended to be used on vehicles with a 2 inch hitch opening. If your 2008 has a 2 inch hitch receiver then this carrier will work great. If your 2008 Saturn Vue currently has a 1-1/4 inch hitch on it then you could use an adapter like the Brophy # HTAD. Please note that using an adapter like this will decrease the tongue weight capacity of your hitch by 50 percent. The tongue weight capacity should be printed on a sticker on the hitch itself.
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  • Clearance Measurement On Jeep Wrangler Unlimited With Rear Mounted Spare Tire
  • You will want to take a couple of measurements on your 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to determine the clearance. The MaxxTow 30x50 Cargo Carrier, part # MT70100 measures 8-1/2 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest edge of the carrier. The sides measure 8 inches in height. The distance from the top of the shank to the top of the side on the cargo carrier is 9-1/2 inches. I have attached a couple of photos of this carrier that show those dimensions I mentioned. To measure
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  • Availability of Dual-Hitch Receiver to Carry 400 Pounds of Carrier and Cargo
  • The MaxxTow Dual Hitch Extender you referenced, part # MT70070 can be used to raise the level of a cargo carrying tray, but keep in mind that using the extender will lower the tongue weight capacity of the hitch by 50 percent. For example, if your hitch has a 350 lb tongue weight capacity, using the extender will lower that to 175. This means that your carrier plus the weight placed on it can weigh no more than 175 lbs (or whatever half the hitch tongue weight capacity is). Using the extender
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  • Will MaxxTow Adjustable Wheel Chock Fit a 2010 Harley Davidson Softail Custom and Be Easily Removed
  • The MaxxTow wheel chock # MT70271 accepts tires that are 3 inches to 5 inches wide and wheels from 15 to 22 inches in diameter. You can bolt the chock to the floor and if you used the right kind of fasteners to mount it then it is possible to make it more easily removable than it would be with regular bolts.
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  • Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier and Cargo Bag Recommendation for a 2013 Lincoln MKZ with 2 in Hitch
  • If you have a 2 inch hitch on your 2013 Lincoln MKZ and the distance from the center of the hitch pin to the furthest point out on the rear bumper is less than 8-1/2 inches then the 20x47 MaxxTow Cargo Carrier # MT70108 that you referenced would work on your vehicle. Now for a weather proof bag that would fit well on this cargo carrier I would recommend the Rola Expandable Cargo Bag part # 59102. For a theft deterrent you could use the Cable Lock for Rightline Cargo Bags part # RL100640. T
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  • Worm Gear Winch Recommendation for Controlled In and Release of Load
  • For a winch that will allow you to control the in and out directions of the cable you would want a worm gear winch like the Dutton Lainson Worm Gear Winch part # DL11011. For a cable to go along with this winch you would want the Winch Cable # DL24043. Of course this depends on what you plan on using the winch for, but the MaxxTow Positive Lock Hand Winch # MT70177 that you referenced is only a one-way ratchet winch. I attached an FAQ article on winches for you to check out also.
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  • Will MaxxTow Trailer Dolly Work Well on an Incline and in Grassy Areas
  • I have used the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly, # MT70225, to move trailers around on flat pavement and it is surprisingly easy to do so. It will be a little harder off road so to speak but it should still handle the terrain with relative ease. If you wanted to go to 13 inch tires then use # RA20. It has a lower tongue weight capacity, 500 pounds, compared to the MaxxTow 600 pounds. I have linked video reviews of both dollies for you.
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  • What is the Capacity of the Receiver Part of MaxxTow Dual Purpose Ball Mount # MT70066
  • The 2 inch receiver on the MaxxTow ball mount # MT70066 is rated for 500 pounds according to the rating sticker that is on top of it. But if you are towing a trailer at the same time and its tongue weight is 200 pounds, that limits the capacity of the receiver to 300 pounds. The 500 pounds is the max if just using the receiver and for the entire ball mount.
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  • Fit of MaxxTow Aluminum Cargo Carrier # MT70275 on 2008 Mazda CX-9
  • Because a cargo carrier is not a vehicle specific item, we do not have it listed in our fitguide, which will explain why you did not find it when you ran your vehicle. When we installed a hitch on a 2008 CX-9, we found that the distance from the hitch pin hole to the furthest rearward point of the rear bumper was between 4-3/4 and 5 inches. Since the MaxxTow Cargo Carrier you referenced provides 8-1/2 inches of clearance, it will fit your CX-9 just fine. Although the carrier itself has a 5
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  • How Much Does the MaxxTow 30x50 Wheelchair Carrier # MT70260 Weigh
  • I recently purchased MaxxTow 30x50 Wheelchair Carrier # MT70260 for my step father and in the package it weighs just under 100 pounds. The packaging does not weigh all that much so subtract 5 pounds or so and the carrier itself weighs about 95 pounds.
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  • Will the MaxxTow Cargo Gate Work on a Truck with a Tonneau Cover
  • It is not likely that the MaxxTow cargo gate # MT70235 will fit on a truck with a tonneau cover. The issue is that the cargo gate clamps to the bed sides which is where a lot of tonneau cover tracks install and parts of the clamping system stick up above the bed sides so it is sort of a double interference issue. You could use 2 of the cargo control bars, # 08908, and they would essentially perform the same function. And you can mount them lower than the cargo gate to avoid interference with
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  • Will MaxxTow Headache Rack Support a Canoe
  • Assuming that you would only have one end of the canoe resting on the MaxxTow Headache Rack, # MT70234, yes, it can support a canoe. Part of its purpose is to help support things like ladders, lumber, and other long items. A Canoe fits that description. You will want to make sure you tie down the canoes bow and stern using a tie down kit such as # Y04057.
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  • What are the Interior Dimensions of MaxxTow Aluminum Cargo Carrier with Ramp # MT70100
  • We have listed two sets of dimensions for the MaxxTow cargo carrier # MT70100. The exterior dimensions are 50 inches long by 30 inches wide by 8 inches tall. But the interior dimensions are slightly lower at 47 inches long, 27-3/4 inches wide, and 7-1/2 inches deep. If the widest part of your snow blower is less than 27-3/4 inches then it will fit on the carrier. The widest carrier we have with a ramp is the Pro Series steel carrier # PS10401-10402. The interior dimensions are 47-3/4 inches l
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  • Are the Wheels on the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly Made of Steel
  • The wheels used on the MaxxTow trailer dolly # MT70225 are steel. We use one of these around here to move trailers from time to time and it has worked perfectly. Just be sure to stay within the capacity, 600 pounds. I have linked a video review of the dolly for you.
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  • Weight Capacity Concerns With The Wheelchair Carrier On A 2004 Chevrolet Silverado
  • I did some online research on your 2004 Chevrolet Silverado. From the tongue weight capacity I was able to find, your truck should have no problem with the MaxxTow 30x50 Wheelchair Carrier, part # MT70106, and your sons power wheel chair. Just to make certain, you will want to consult either with your dealership or your owners manual to find the tongue weight capacity. One of my coworkers bought one of these and told me that the ramp on the carrier is not designed to be removed. It does store
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  • Will the MaxxTow Cargo Carrier # MT70275 Fit on a 2011 Honda Pilot Without Hatch Interference
  • I do not think you will have any interference problems with the rear hatch of your 2011 Honda Pilot and the MaxxTow Cargo Carrier, # MT70275, other than the ramp. We have not had the chance to test this MaxxTow carrier on a Pilot before, but to be sure, we can do some measuring. Starting at the center of the hitch pin hole on your trailer hitch, measure rearward 8-1/2 inches. At that distance, the side walls of this carrier will extend upward 7 inches from the top of the trailer hitch recei
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  • Can a High/Low Adapter be Used to Tow Pintle Hook Trailer With Standard 2-Inch Hitch
  • Since the height of your pintle-equipped military trailer is so much greater than the height of the hitch on your Honda Pilot (possibly as much as 2 feet) I am not sure there is any way to keep the trailer level when hitched. We do not offer an adapter that can make up this substantial height difference. I suggest you check your Honda Pilot owners manual to confirm the vehicle tow rating. Tow ratings can vary by model year and based on the specific equipment set in your Pilot. You want to be
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  • Center of Hitch Pin Hole to Back of Top Receiver on MaxxTow Dual Hitch Receiver
  • The issue with a product like # MT70070 is that using it will reduce the tongue weight capacity of the trailer hitch by 50 percent. The combined weight of the bike rack, bikes, and tongue weight from the trailer would have to be less than the reduced tongue weight capacity of the hitch. From the center of the hitch pin hole on the bottom shank to the back of the top receiver is 6-1/4 inches. If you have 5 inches of space a better option is to use # D210. It measures 5 inches from the cente
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  • Does a 2 inch Trailer Ball fit the MaxxTow Adjustable Ball Mount # MT70067
  • The thickness of the tongue on the MaxxTow Adjustable Height Ball Mount # MT70067 is 3/4 of an inch, and it works with trailer balls that have a 1 inch diameter shank. The interchangeable Convert-A-Ball Trailer Ball Set # 900b, that is recommended for use with this adjustable ball mount, has a ball with a shank 2-1/4 inches long and 1 diameter. So it is possible that a trailer ball with a 2 inch long shank may work for you depending on the thickness of the nut and lock washer used for mount
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  • Is the Ramp Removable on MaxxTow 30x50 Wheelchair Carrier for 2-Inch Hitches # MT70260
  • According to my contact at MaxxTow the folding ramp on their 30x50 Wheelchair Carrier for 2-Inch Hitches # MT70260 can be removed with a wrench or socket. The ramp mounting points are secured with nylon lock nuts. I also checked with the team at ProSeries, who offers a similar folding-ramp cargo carrier # PS10401-10402. The ramp on this unit can also be removed, but this too would require essentially partial dis-assembly of the carrier using tools. It is not intended to provide any sort of qu
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