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Protect your motorhome's windshield and dashboard from the elements with a custom-fit cover from Adco, Camco, or Classic Accessories. Ideal for short-term use or long-term storage, these durable covers keep snow and ice off the windshield glass and guard the dashboard and interior from the sun.

Different sizes are available to fit RVs and motorhomes from popular manufacturers, such as Jayco, Forest River, Winnebago, Airstream, RoadTrek, and Thor. Find a cover with the correct size for your motorhome by entering the year, make, and model on the left.

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Adco RV Covers 290-2678 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at ADCO mirror and wiper blade covers for Class A motor homes. Now, these covers are designed to protect the mirrors and wipers on your RV. It really helps keep them looking good for a long time, prevents them from aging or premature wear.These covers are made from a durable, thermo plastic polymer construction. They are UV and cold-crack treated. It includes two mirror covers, two wiper blade covers, and one storage bag.Now, this right here is your mirror cover. So, you can see here that your mirror would slide into this large pocket right here.

Covercraft SnapRing TireSavers Tire Covers Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Snap Ring Tire savers Tire Covers. These are available for a wide range of tire sizes ranging from 19 inches to 42 inches in diameter. They are available in both black and white, and come in a quantity of two.If you own a motor home or trailer, and you've experienced a problem such as dry rot, this is going to be the perfect solution to keep that at bay. And these are very user-friendly to install too.Most tire covers you have out there, you have to reach behind, tie together bungee cords, or hook in loop straps. This one just has that simple snap ring design, and it just pops right into place.These are heavy duty tire covers that will help protect your tires once you've parked your RV, from dirt, acid rain, and even animals. And while we have this installed on a motor home right now, this will work on other applications as well.This will work with your travel trailers, your boat trailers, or your car trailers as well.

Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover Review

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be looking at Classic Accessories line of PolyPRO 3 deluxe class A RV covers for extra tall RVs. The sun and the elements can take a toll on your RV, especially if it's going to sit for a long period of time. Protect your investment with a Classic Accessories RV cover. They're available for RVs between 30 and 47 feet long and will work with RVs up to 140 inches tall. That's measured ground to roof top.The PolyPRO fabric is designed to repel rain and snow. See how it beads off.

Adco Class A Motorhome Windshield Cover Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the ADCO Windshield Cover for Class A motorhomes, part number 290-2600. The ADCO Windshield Cover is a great addition for your Class A motorhome. Not only does it provide nice cover for your windshield, but it also provides the privacy that you may need.With it installed you can see the coverage that it provides for the interior of your RV or motorhome. If the cover weren't in place, the dashboard would be vulnerable to the sun's rays causing cracking or fading. It also provides some privacy for the inside as well and also keeps it cooler once it's installed. This is made from Tyvek construction, so it's nice and study and it's a very easy install too, simply wrap it around the mirrors and bring it up around the front of the vehicle and cinch it down.

etrailer Snoblock Snow and Ice Windshield and Wiper Blade Cover Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Snow Block Snow and Ice Windshield and Wiper Blade Cover, part number 288-06603.If you're anything like me, one of the most annoying things about inclement weather is the fact that you have to come out to your windshield, clean it off constantly when you get up in the morning and when you have to go home as you see here. That's what makes this windshield cover so great. You can put it on once you get to your destination. It keeps all the snow and ice off both your windshield and your blades so you don't have to worry about those as well.So let's go ahead and show you how it works. To use it, it's very easy. It comes in a convenient carrying bag.

Adco RV Covers 290-2114 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Aabco Propane Tank Cover for two 40 pound tanks. This cover protects your RV or camper's propane cylinders from rain, sun, and debris. Also gives the tanks a really nice clean look. Again, it is designed to fit two 40 pound propane tanks. It's a heavy duty vinyl material, it's UV and water resistant, and it does feature the nice molded nylon zipper that provides access to the tank controls so you can unzip that, lift up, and you have easy access.Now here on top, it does come with a rigid insert that goes on top of the tanks and it allows the cover to hang evenly for a finished look. Now this is made from a pressed wood construction.

Camco RV Covers CAM45314 Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at the Camco RV vinyl propane tank cover for two forty pound tanks. This cover is designed to protect your RV or camper's propane cylinders from rain, sun, and debris when you drive down the road. Also gives your tanks a really nice clean finished look when you're sitting at the campground.It's designed to fit two forty pound propane tanks. It's a nice, durable vinyl material. It's UV and water resistant. And it does have a nice heavy duty zipper design on it.

Adco RV Covers 290-2714 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Adco Propane Tank Cover for dual 40 pound tanks. This tank cover protects your tanks from the elements, while allowing easy access to the controls.It has this nice molded nylon zipper that provides access to the tanks, and then on top it comes with two board habs that are designed to protect the controls and keep the cover fitting nice over the tank. I'm going to remove this, that way we can focus here on the cover itself. So, the cover is a really nice durable construction. It's made from a heavy duty vinyl, protects the tanks from UV rays, inclement weather, and road debris.On the bottom is an elastic hem that allows for the cover to secure around the bottom of the tanks. It has been UV and cold crack treated.

Adco RV Covers 290-2614 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Adco propane tank cover for dual 40 pound tanks. Now this tank cover protects your tanks from the elements while allowing easy access to the controls. It's got a zipper, goes around, you can lift up the lid, and you got easy access to your controls. Now I want to point out, I'm going to remove this for demonstration purposes, but it does come with these two board halves. It's designed to sit on top of the tanks, protects the controls, and it allows the cover to fit nice over the tanks. This is included as well as the joiner.Now the cover itself is made from a durable, thermoplastic polymer construction.

Articles about RV Covers

RV Covers Questions and Answers

  • Recommended Cover for Winnebago Micro Minnie 2016FBS Travel Trailer
  • I highly recommend going with the Adco RV Cover w/ Tyre Gards # 290-34841 as it is designed to handle all elements and has a Tyvek top panel for thorough protection while maintaining breathability. When it comes to fit, both of the covers have the exact same dimensions (267" long x 100" wide x 90" tall) so while the Contour # 290-64841 may be made specifically for Winnebagos, the Adco Cover w/ Tyre Gards # 290-34841 will still fit your Micro Minnie and do the best job of keeping it safe...
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  • Recommendation For Pop-Up Camper Cover To Cover A/C Unit on Top of Camper
  • You do not need to buy a special cover for a pop up camper with an A/C unit, just a larger size depending on the height of your A/C unit. The Classic Accessories Pop-Up Camper Cover, part # CA80042, you have referenced is designed for campers that are 16 to 18 feet in length and 42 inches in height. The Classic Accessories Pop-Up Camper Cover, part # CA80043, is the next size up and is designed for campers that are 18 to 20 feet in length and 42 inches in height. The height dimension...
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  • Tire Covers for ST225/75R15 Tires
  • A ST225/75R15 Tire would have a diameter of approximately 28.28 inches. The cover you referenced, part # 052963751604 would work for you, but would be a bit large. Classic Accessories makes an identical cover, part # 052963751406, that is designed for a 28 to 29 inch tire, and would be a better fit. These covers are primarily designed for spare tires that are mounted on the rear of a vehicle or on a trailer. If you are needing covers for tires installed on the trailer that are sitting...
    view full answer...

  • How to Determine the Right Size Spare Tire Cover
  • The inch measurements on spare tire covers such as # RA773215 indicate the overall tire diameter or height. This particular cover fits a tire that is 30 to 32 inches tall. If you can tell me your tire size I can determine the proper size cover. Or you can do the math. Let's say you have a 225/75-15 tire size. Take the first number and multiply by 0.0394 (225 x 0.0394 = 8.865). Then multiply the result by 0.75 (8.865 x 0.75 = 6.648). Next, multiply by 2 (6,648 x 2 = 13.29). And last,...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Cover For 2017 R-Pod RP-179 Travel Trailer
  • I did some research and contacted Classic Accessories to make sure we get you the right cover for your 2017 R-Pod RP-179 Travel Trailer with the door behind the axle. There is a specific cover I recommend that allows for that door access, # CA80-197-171001-00. This cover is a custom fit for your trailer. For the ultimate in weather protection, this cover features triple-ply, weatherproof fabric to keep out rain and snow. Wicking technology eliminates interior moisture buildup - perfect...
    view full answer...

  • How To Measure A Tire For A Spare Tire Cover
  • To find the size of your tire, the easiest way is to just measure the distance from the ground to the top of the tire. I have attached a couple help articles that explain tire sizing. The first 3 numbers are the Section Width. For example, if the number is 175 it means 175 millimeters wide. If it is listed as 4.80 that means the tire is 4.80 inches wide. The two digits following the Section Width is the Aspect Ratio. If that number is 80 you would take 80 percent of the Section Width....
    view full answer...

  • Best Storage Cover for a Rockwood Mini Lite 2509S
  • I looked up the specifications for your Rockwood Mini Lite 2509S and was able to confirm the 25'9" length x 96" width x 10'11" height that you provided. Based on these dimensions, I recommend the Adco RV Cover w/ Tyre Gards for Travel Trailers part # 290-34843 which is rated for use on trailers up to 26'3" long. The 25'9" measurement provided from the manufacturer includes the tongue of the trailer and since the cover is not designed to include this part then you will have no issues covering...
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  • Storage Cover for Winnebago Winnie Drop 170S Travel Trailer
  • The specs for the Winnebago Winnie Drop WD170S indicate an overall length of 20-feet 4-inches. We do offer storage covers for travel trailers in this size range that are shown on the linked page. Among the options I suggest the one made for Winnebago travel trailers that are 20 to 22-feet long, part # 290-64841 from Adco. The cover is not intended to extend over the propane tank or trailer jack, just to cover the primary trailer structure. Since your Winnie is just over 20-feet long...
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  • Recommended Privacy Windshield Cover for 2017 Ford E-450 Class C Motorhome
  • For your windshield cover, I recommend the Adco Deluxe Windshield Cover for Class C Motorhome - Vinyl - White # 290-2507. This cover will protect from sun exposure, provide privacy and keep temps cooler, and includes a privacy screen that filter natural light in. It is easy to install and has anti-theft tabs. It comes with a handy storage bag.
    view full answer...

  • Correct Sized Spare Tire Cover for ST175/80-13 Trailer Tire
  • If my arithmetic is correct, a 175/80-13 tire should be about 24.1 inches in diameter. Given this, a spare tire cover like the Classic Accessories # 052963751109, which fits tires between 24-25 inches in diameter, would be the correct choice. This cover is snow white in color, which is the same color as the cover you referenced. The # 052963751604 spare tire cover you referenced is designed for tires 30 to 30-1/2 inches in diameter, and would be too large.
    view full answer...

  • Which Tire Covers Will Fit Trailer Tires that are Size 205/75R14
  • For your trailer tires, size 205/75R14, you would use Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers, # 052963762303. These covers are sold in packs of 2. These covers will actually fit a wide range of tire sizes. It is quite an extensive list and is viewable on the product page. Basically, the cover will fit tire diameters 24 inches to 26-1/2 inches.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Cover for V-Nose Utility Trailer
  • For your utility trailer, there aren't specific covers made, however you can use a travel trailer cover for your application. I recommend the Adco RV Cover w/ Tyre Gards for Travel Trailers - All-Climate + Wind - Tyvek - 15' Long # 290-34838 or the Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Travel Trailer - 15' Long # 290-52238 depending on where you will be storing your utility trailer. These covers will be larger than your trailer with overall dimensions of 180 inches long x 96 inches wide x 90...
    view full answer...

  • Cover Recommendation for 2017 R-Pod 180 with Awning
  • I looked up both the R-pod 179 and 180 and they are so similar in exterior size and awning that the Classic Accessories PolyPRO 3 R-Pod Trailer Cover # CA80-197-171001-00 would fit and work well for both which means it would work well for you.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Storage Cover for a 24 foot ATC Enclosed Race Trailer
  • For your 24 foot enclosed ATC race trailer I recommend using the Adco RV Cover w/ Tyre Gards for Travel Trailers # 290-34843. It is designed to fit trailers that are 24'1" - 26' long and will protect against wind, high sun exposure, high moisture, snow, and long-term storage.
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Cover Recommendation for Starcraft Satellite 17RB
  • The overall length of your Starcraft Satellite17RB that you references is 20 feet 1 inch. The Camco UltraShield Cover part # CAM45740 would be a great solution for you. It is designed for trailers between 20 and 22 feet in length and would also fit the AC unit and Wifi antenna you have as well. This is also the most protective cover we have for your trailer size as well so it will do an excellent job.
    view full answer...

  • Storage Cover for Cold, Snowy Conditions for a 38 Foot 5th Wheel Trailer
  • I looked up the specs on your 2015 Palomino Sabre 33CKTS 5th wheel trailer. It stated the overall length of the trailer is 38 feet. I recommend the Adco RV Cover # 290-34857 which is an all-weather cover that is good for cold/snow as well as high winds. It also comes with tire covers.
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  • Recommended Storage Cover for Winnebago Micro Minnie Winnie 1700BH
  • According to the manufacturer your Winnebago Micro Minnie Winne 1700BH is 20 feet 9 inches long and 7 feet wide. For your storage cover, I recommend the Adco Contour Fit RV Cover for Winnebago Travel Trailer - 22' Long # 290-64841 which is confirmed to fit trailers 20 feet 1 inch to 22 feet long. If you want a better option for all climates, then I recommend the Adco RV Cover w/ Tyre Gards for Travel Trailers - All-Climate + Wind - Tyvek - 22' Long # 290-34841. It has reinforced...
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  • RV Wheel Cover Recommendation for a 235 80 R16 Tire
  • The Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers # 052963762501 that you referenced would work well on your tires that are 235 80 R16 even though the size is not listed in the description as a fit. The 235/80R16 tire is 30.8 inches in diameter so it is within the range of the cover.
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  • Recommended Storage Cover for 2015 Keystone Outback 312BH
  • For your 2015 Keystone Outback 312BH, I recommend the Adco RV Cover w/ Tyre Gards for Travel Trailers - All-Climate + Wind - Tyvek - 37' Long # 290-34847. This cover fits travel trailers 34 feet 1 inch to 37 feet long. It includes the 4 Tyre Gard Tire Covers and comes with a storage bag. This cover is made for all of the fluctuating weather Wisconsin has to offer as well as the harsh winters. This cover is water-resistant yet breathable and has reinforced corners. It also has zippered...
    view full answer...

  • How to Measure a Travel Trailer to Choose a Storage Cover
  • For a travel trailer cover you will measure the length, width, and height of the body. Also if the trailer is in between sizes it is always better to go with the larger cover and have some slack than the smaller cover that might not fit. I have included a link to our selection of travel trailer covers.
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