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Use a Superwinch custom winch mount kit to ensure a perfect fit on your ATV. These kits include all necessary hardware and instructions, and are coupled with a custom design for to make installation hassle-free. The winch mounts are rugged, but stylish enough to maintain the aesthetics of your ATV without sacrificing utility or versatility.

We offer many custom winch mount kits for popular ATV brands such as Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Yamaha. Find the perfect fit for your ATV by entering the year to the left.

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Bulldog Winch ATV Winch Mount BDW15138 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the bulldog winch custom fit ATV winch mount. This wench mount is designed to fit a 2003-2006 Kodiac 4x4 450, 2004-2006 Bruin, 2007-2008 Grizzly 4x4 400 and 450, and a 2007-2009 Grizzly 4x4 350, IRS, and straight axle. This is a custom fit design. It's made from a steel construction and features a powder-coated finish to resist rust and corrosion. It will work or accept bulldog winch ATV winches. The actual mount is actually a two piece design so you're going to have the actual winch mount and you're going to have your roller fairlead mount. You're also going to get the necessary hardware so that's what's in this bag right here.

Bulldog Winch ATV Winch Mount BDW15148 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bulldog Winch Custom Fit Steel ATV Winch Mount. This is a custom-fabricated wench mount that's designed for the Artic Cat 300, 375, 400, 500 and 650, you have to make sure that this is going to be a fit for your specific year and model. You can use the vehicle fit guide located at I need to mention that the roller fairlead is not included with this mount. The mount itself is made from a very strong and durable steel construction, it's going to feature a nice black powder coated finish, so it's going to do a great job at resisting rust and corrosion. To install this mount, you will need to remove the wire mesh grill from the front bumper. The included hardware is for mounting a roller fairlead to the mount plate and then the winch is actually going to install upside down to the inside top of the winch mount using the hardware that's provided with the winch.

Bulldog UTV or Utility Winch Installation - 2015 Polaris Ranger

Today on our 2015 Polaris Ranger, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the Bulldog Winch 1.6-hp UTV and utility winch. It's going to be rated at 3500 pound. Part number is BDW15005. Whether we're out riding on our UTV/ATV for fun, maybe on the job site, whatever the case may be, eventually we're probably going to wind up stuck somewhere. We've got a great product from Bulldog winch. This is their 3500-pound winch, 1.6 horsepower. It's going to give us great pulling power, especially for these heavier UTVs, bigger ATVs, and things like that to really help us get out our sticky situations.

Bulldog UTV or Utility Winch Installation - 2015 Polaris Ranger

Today on our 2015 Polaris Ranger midsize, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Bulldog Winch, 1.8 horsepower UTV and utility winch. This winch offers two switches, mounting channel and roller fairlead and a capacity of 4,000lbs. Part number is BDW15004. Whether we're out riding trails or maybe on a job sit like today, get a heavy comes through, makes stuff slick. Probably going to wind up stuck at one point or another. Having your bulldog winch on hand is the perfect solution to get you out of these sticky situations. Today we've got the 4,000lb winch installed, it's a 1.8 horsepower winch, gives us great line pull strength, we can really get these heavier UTV's, ATV's things like that out of the mud and back on the trail or back to work. With a simple press of our button that cables going to tighten right up and we'll be on our way.

Bulldog Winch ATV Winch Mount BDW15182 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number BDW15182. This is the Bulldog Custom-Fit Steel Winch Mount for the Polaris RZR. To see if this fits your particular year and model, you can then use the Vehicle Fit Guide, located right here on our website. This unit is going to hold your winch onto your UTV. Again, it's a custom fit, so it's going to fit the models that it's created for. Nice steel construction. It's going to have a protective finish over the unit.

Bulldog Winch ATV Winch Mount BDW15181 Review

Today we're going to review part number BDW15181, this is the Bulldog custom-fit steel wench mount. Now this part is a custom-fabricated steel wench mount to fit your ATV or UTV. This one is custom-made to fit the Honda TRX 420 Ranger, and the TRX 500 Foreman starting in 2014. Now on a custom fit part, what I would recommend is you go to our website, put in your year and model vehicle, and it will show you if this will work for your application. Now this part comes with the main plate bracket right here, the fair lead bracket which I've already attached to bracket, the main bracket, and it comes with the mounting hardware. It also comes with a set of nice, detailed instructions to show you how and where to install it. Basically how this would install, is what you need to do is go to the front of your ATV, you pull the bumper out, this will go, fight here, these tabs on this bracket will align with the bumper mounting arms, and then this would go over your bumper.

Bulldog Winch ATV Winch Mount BDW15180 Review

Today we're going to review part number BDW15180. This is the Bulldog Custom fit steel wench mount. This is a custom fabricated steel inch mount which will allow you to install your wench to the front of your ATV or UTV. This is a custom fit part this one is designed to fit the Honda Pioneer 700 and 700-4 UTV's starting in 2014. What I would recommend anytime on a custom fit part, is go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model of the vehicle and it will show you if it will work for your application. Now this part includes this wench mount plat, includes the installation hardware, and a nice set of detailed instructions to help you install it. The wench mount plate itself has a black powder coat finish on it, help resist corrosion.

Bulldog Winch ATV Winch Mount BDW15177 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part of our BDW15177. This is the bulldog custom fit steel winch mouth for the Kawasaki 300 Brute Force. It's going to begin with year 2012. For custom fit products we do always recommend that you double check to make sure it is going to fit year make and model. You can do that by referring to the vehicle fit guide, located right here on the website. The custom bracket is going to mount your winch on to the front of your ATV this will accommodate Bulldog 2000 pound to 3500 pound winches. The inaudible 00:00:33 and the winch is not included with this part number. Now a couple notes to mention, is that you will need to trim the radiator inaudible 00:00:40 plastic so that mount can be pushed back far enough to get your winch mounted.

Bulldog Winch ATV Winch Mount BDW15176 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number BDW15176. This is the Bulldog custom fit steel winch mount for the Kawasaki Teryx. This is going to fit the Kawasaki 750 Teryx 4x4 including the LE. It's going to fit the 750 and the 850 Teryx 4 door. Now to see if this fits your particular year, you can use the fit guide located right here on our website. This is a custom fit design, so it's going to fit your Teryx very well.

Articles about ATV Winch Mount

ATV Winch Mount Questions and Answers

  • Routing Of Wires and Solenoid Mounting for Installing Winch on a 2015 Polaris Ranger
  • To see how we installed a winch on a 2014 Polaris Ranger 570 check out the video I attached. The winch in the video is the # SW1145220. The install will be basically the same as your 2015 Polaris Ranger. You would want to route the wires above the skid plate by first removing the skid plate to the rear of the UTV. We mounted the solenoid near the battery area. Check out the picture I attached.
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  • Winch and Winch Mount Recommendation for a 2016 Honda Rancher 420
  • I checked with Bulldog winch and the part # BDW15181 has been confirmed as a fit for your 2016 Honda Rancher 420 so it would work well. This would also fit and work well with the Superwinch LT3000ATV Winch # SW1130220 that you also referenced. This winch does come with a handlebar mounted rocker switch as well.
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  • Winch Mount for a 2016 John Deere 590i Gator XUV
  • I contacted my tech contact at Bulldog Winch and he told me the Custom-Fit Steel Winch Mount # BDW15175 is confirmed to fit on your 2016 590i John Deere Gator XUV. I attached a review video of this winch mount you may want to check out. If you are in need of a winch, I recommend the Bulldog Winch 1.9 HP Powersports Winch # BDW15022. This winch has a weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. This winch has a permanent magnet motor and uses a 50' wire rope. The handheld remote cable is 15' long and...
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  • Winch Mount Recommendation for 2000 Polaris 500 Sportsman With Double Tube Bumper
  • After consulting Superwinch I can recommend the Superwinch ATV Mount # 2202872 you referenced for your 2000 Polaris 500 Sportsman. It is a custom-fit winch mounting plate compatible with your ATV with all mounting brackets, hardware, and instructions included. To use this mount for your ATV, you may need to mount your roller fairlead to the double-tube bumper or remove the bumper depending on the configuration of the bumper on your Sportsman 500. A co-worker here has a winch mounted...
    view full answer...

  • Can an Electric Winch be Mounted on a Tree or Stump to Pull a Dock from a River
  • A tree or stump is not a recommended place to mount a winch. Normally in these situations, people mount the winch on a steel post that is held in the ground with concrete in order to support the weight. You would need to make sure the winch pays out and reels in in a straight line into the winch so it may need to be angled. A hand winch is the most common type used for this application. something like the Dutton-Lainson winch # DL14881 could work for you. It is a 2-speed brake winch...
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  • Brackets Needed to Install a Winch on a 2004 Polaris 500
  • We carry Superwinch winches that will fit on your 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500. Theses winches have custom fit brackets that are made to fit your Polaris ATV and the winch is designed to mount on the bracket. The mounting bracket you will need to mount a winch to your Polaris is part # 2202863 Custom-Fit Winch Mounting Kit. This bracket will fit most of the winches we carry that can be mounted to your Polaris. This mount has a 3 inch x 4-7/8 inch mounting pattern. Winches vary in...
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  • Winch Mounting Bracket for the 2001 Polaris 400 Sportsman ATV
  • Yes, the Superwinch ATV Winch Custom Mounting Kit, item # 2202872, is designed to fit the 2001 to 2003 Polaris Sportsman 400 4X4 ATV. I have posted a link below to the items that will work with this mount and your ATV.
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  • Winch Mount Fit For a 1997 Suzuki King Quad 300
  • For your 1997 Suzuki King Quad 300 the Bulldog Winch ATV mount part # BDW15135 that you referenced is a confirmed fit. The most popular winch we offer to go with this mount is the Superwinch LT2000 part # 1120210 which has a 2,000 lb capacity.
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  • Recommended Winch for 2002 Polaris 700 Twin Sportsman 4X4
  • You can click on the linked page to see the winch mounts and winches recommended for your 2002 Polaris 700 Sportsman 4X4. For an economical 1-horsepower option you can use winch mount kit # 2202863 along with one of the compatible Superwinch products such as the 2K-rated LT2000 ATV Winch, part # 1120210. For a higher-rated 4.5K winch instead use part # SW1145220 which features a 1.6 HP motor and 55-foot wire rope.
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  • Superwinch Mount for a 2013 Honda TRX 420
  • Yes, I checked with Superwinch and they do list mounting kit # 2202889 as a fit for your 2013 Honda TRX 420. With this mount you can use Superwinch models LT2000 (SW1120210), LT3000 (SW1130220). The LT2000, # 1120210, is a popular option. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you.
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  • What are the Dimensions of Superwinch Custom-Fit ATV Winch Mounting Kit 2202889
  • I have included some pictures showing various measurements of the main mounting brackets included with Superwinch Custom-Fit ATV Winch Mounting Kit # 2202889. I have also made a video showing the overall dimensions and linked a video showing a typical installation using this mount.
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  • SuperWinch LT2500 Compatibility with Bulldog Winch Mount for Honda Rancher
  • The Bulldog Winch Custom-Fit Steel ATV Winch Mount # BDW15107 along with the roller fairlead # BDW20055 or hawse fairlead # BDW20224 are a confirmed fit for your 04 Honda Rancher. It will be compatible with the Superwinch LT 2500 as well as the Terra Series # SW1125220 or # SW1125230. The LT3000 # SW1130220 is also a fit. The winches and mounting plates are compatible.
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  • Recommended Bracket And Winch For John Deere Gator 590i
  • I reached out to Bulldog winch and they did some testing for me and discovered that their Bulldog Winch Custom-Fit Steel Winch Mount, # BDW15175, will in fact fit your Gator. I also reached out to Superwinch and they currently do not have a bracket fit for your 2016 JD Gator 590i. So along with this mount recommendation, I also recommend the Bulldog Winch Standard Series Off-Road Winch - Wire Rope - Roller Fairlead - 8,000 lbs, # BDW10041. This winch has a 5.2 horsepower, series wound...
    view full answer...

  • Will Superwinch LT 3000 Rub The Sides of the Tires on a Honda TRX 420 Whose Tires are 10 Inches Wide
  • The Superwinch ATV Winch Mount # 2202889 that you referenced is the correct mounting plate for the Superwinch LT 3000 that you are planning on mounting on your 2010 Honda TRX420. At this time, this is the only mounting bracket for the Superwinch winch on a Honda TRX 420. The space distance in question is from the mounting bracket to the side of your tire. I have two pictures attached that will assist you in determining if this winch will rub your tires. In the first picture I have...
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  • UTV Mounting Kit for Superwinch Terra 4500 Winch
  • According to my contact at Superwinch there is no stock mounting kit available to attach your Terra 4500 winch to your Polaris Ranger 800. It will be necessary to either have a custom mount fabricated or to drill new winch mounting holes on the mounting plate (in the 3-inch x 6.66-inch pattern used by the Terra 45). The Superwinch Custom-Fit UTV Winch Mounting Kit, part # 2202890, is intended for various years of Polaris Ranger 800 RZR UTVs. It is compatible with the Terra 3500 and Terra...
    view full answer...

  • Install Instructions for the Superwinch Mounting Plate for Yamaha Grizzly 2202383
  • We don't have an install video yet for the part # 2202383, but I did attach a picture that shows the install instructions. It has a diagram that shows how it bolts to the Grizzly frame as well.
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  • What is the Correct Winch Mounting Plate for the 2006 Polaris Sportsman 450 ATV
  • The item you selected Superwinch ATV Winch Custom Mounting Kit, part # 2202863, is the correct winch mount for the 2006 Polaris Sportsman 450 ATV. This winch mount is recommended for use with the Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch, 2,000 lbs, item # 1120210, Superwinch Drum-Centric ATV2500 ATV Electric Recovery Winch, and the Superwinch Drum-Centric ATV3000 ATV Electric Recovery Winch.
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  • Winch and Mounting Plate Recommendation for a 2014 Ranger 900 XP
  • The correct winch mounting plate for your 2014 Polaris Ranger 900 XP is the Superwinch ATV Mount Plate part # SW2202919. The mounting plate is compatible with the Superwinch Terra Series ATV Winch # SW1145220.
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  • Winch Mount Recommendation for a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 800
  • The correct winch mount for your 2005 Polaris Sportsman 800 is the part # 2202863. I confirmed this fit with Superwinch. For a winch kit I would recommend the Superwinch Terra 25 part # SW1125220. This winch has a 2,500 lb capacity that has a line speed of 9.5 feet per minute. Check out the review video I attached for more info.
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  • Winch Mount for a 2015 Polaris Ranger 570 Full Size and Superwinch LT4000 Winch
  • For your 2015 Polaris Ranger 570 Full Size you can use winch mount # SW2202919. It fits the LT series of winches and all Terra series winches. I checked with Superwinch to be sure and since it accepts the wider Terra 45 winches that pretty much means it fits everything under that including the various other Terra winches and all of the LT winches.
    view full answer...

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