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Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Installation - 2014 Ram 2500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 Ram 2500. We're going to be installing the Fastway E2 weight distribution system. Part number FA94-00-1033. To assist with this installation, we're also going to be using the equalizer weight distribution shank, part number EQ90-02-4900 and a two and 5/16 inch hitch ball for the equalizer weight distribution system part number EQ91-00-6120.So as you can see before when making turns, the trailer didn't want to follow closely behind the vehicle. Causing some angle that you really had to look out for in your mirror. And now it more closely follows behind me, making it a smoother, easier turn.So as you can see here while driving along, turning and going over bumps.

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