Trailer Maintenance Schedule

Old bearing being removed from hub

Don't neglect your trailer. Follow our recommended maintenance schedule, below, to help ensure that your trailer is safe and ready to go when you are.

Recommended Trailer Maintenance Schedule

ItemInspection RequiredEach Trip3 Mo. or 3,000 Mi.6 Mo. or 6,000 Mi.12 Mo. or 12,000 Mi.Replacement PartsHelpful Videos
TiresCheck tire pressure and tread wearCheckmarkTires
LightsCheck for proper light functionsCheckmarkTrailer LightsTrailer light kit install and test
Breakaway switchPull pin and test for proper functionCheckmarkBreakaway kitsBreakaway install kit and test
Breakaway batteryCheck battery charge levelCheckmarkBreakaway batteries
Trailer brakesTest braking function and performanceCheckmarkTrailer brakes
Lug nuts
(wheel bolts)
Tighten to specified torque valueCheckmarkLug nuts and wheel boltsHow to torque trailer lug nuts
Brake adjustmentTest for proper drag (light drag) and adjust as neededCheckmarkBrake parts
WheelsCheck for cracks or dentsCheckmarkWheelsHow to inspect a trailer wheel
Hub and drum assembliesCheck for scoring or wearCheckmarkHubs and drumsHub and drum inspection
Wheel bearingsRepack bearings and check for damage or wearCheckmarkBearings and racesHow to repack bearings
SealsCheck for damage or leaksCheckmarkSeals
Brake assembliesCheck internal parts for wear, leaks, or damageCheckmarkBrake assemblies
Brake magnetsCheck for wear and replace if surface is grooved or copper windings are exposedCheckmarkBrake magnetsReplacing a brake magnet
Hydraulic brakesBleed brakes and change brake fluidCheckmarkBrake bleedersBrake bleeding
SpringsCheck for broken or flattened springsCheckmarkLeaf springsSlipper spring and double-eye spring replacement
SuspensionCheck for worn or loose fasteners and shackle link wearCheckmarkSuspension parts

Questions and Comments about this Article


Great list! Is there a printable version?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

We do not have this available in a printable form but you should be able to take a screenshot (or Print Screen) of the list so you can print it off for personal use.

Reply from Brodavefla

@JonG decent idea thanks

Richard W.

I check the tire temp and hub temp on my trailers whenever I am on a trip and make a pit stop. Usually about outside temp.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

That's a great way to be pro-active. Heat buildup is a pretty clear sign that something is going on.

Richard N.

Good reminder. I just bought a 4year old GulfBreeze.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Congrats on the new trailer!

Gary P.

Great yearly check list! Check tongue for wear and cracks!!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.


William L.

I was following your maintenance schedule. And I found several things on my 2016 landmark fifthwheel. I found broken bolts on my springs and worn tires. Now I'm looking to replace my suspension.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Are you looking to replace everything - including the actual leaf springs? If you can let me know their eye-to-eye length and axle capacity I will be happy to make some specific recommendations. I've also linked our suspension parts below.

Big D.

Let the good times roll...good maintenance is assurance for a great vacation and carefree trip. My tip is when checking your axle bearings lift the RV trailer with a hydraulic jack. With the tire lugs still on elevate it just above the ground grab the tire with both hands on each side of the tire and shake it this will identify if the axle nut may require tightened and give you reason to examine the bearings more thoroughly.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Thanks for the tip!


What was the blue tool used while packing the bearing?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I believe they're using the Powerbuilt Bearing Packer # ALL647646 .

Aaron S.

Thank you for this check list. I really needed this. Happy Camping.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

No problem!

Henry W.

Very Needed

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I'm glad we could help!

Larry L.

Have been really happy with your service. You've come Through on parts and how to videos when needed. In some parts, I got excellent service, when other vendors failed to come through.Thanks

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Thanks so much for the extremely kind words.

Joe N.

When I got my little pull behind camper they said grease the bearings every 10,000 miles not 12,000 but I guess erring on the side of caution (early maintenance) can't be bad!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I definitely agree with that. We think 12,000 miles (or a year) is a pretty safe bet but it absolutely doesn't hurt to check sooner than that.

Jack C.

Don't overlook the trailer jack and tow chains. The jack may need lubricating and the safety chains need at "look at" as well. Great checklist. Thanks.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Great points. Any moving parts like that should definitely checked periodically.


Thank you for the checklist. I caught a problem with a loose lug nut that I would have missed. Thank you

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

That's really great to hear. Good job being thorough!

Cliff D.

You left out one.... Every two years, on all wood deck trailers. "apply another seal coat, making sure it gets into every little crack seen, as little grows into "need a new deck "

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Ahh good point. I will see if we can have wood deck maintenance added to the list.

Bill T.

Nice reminder list. Posted to my Silver Shadow Teardrop Trailers Group on Facebook. Thank you.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Perfect! Thanks so much for the kind words.

John S.

Great checklist. We've got Nev-R-Lube axles and hubs. What's recommended for them?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

The Nev-R-Lube bearings are completely sealed and actually don't require any lubrication or maintenance. They don't have a specific lifespan, but typically they outlast the life of the trailer.

Dan A.

Seeing that list is always a great reminder to do what I always try to accomplish. Thanks for the list.

Russell K.

In the category of “Tires,” you might consider adding a comment or “checkbox” related to checking date codes and routine replacement. Air pressure and tread depth are only two of the major considerations with tire safety. Age and the associated effects of weathering from exposure can result in dangerous situations.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

That's a really good point. I will see if we can add something like this.


This check list is great! Thanks for posting this, as I see many trailers on the road that shouldn't be.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I'm glad we could help!

Dave H.

Awesome preventative Maintenance checklist .... Thank you eTrailer!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I'm really glad you found it helpful. Just let us know if any questions come up!

Reply from Christopher

@ChrisR Agree with Dave. This is fantastic.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

@Christopher Right on!



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