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Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes (2021)

With the electric bike (also called e-bike) craze sweeping through the biking community, many cyclists are loving their new machines, but struggling to transport them. Even if riders did feel up to heaving a 50-lb electric bike onto a roof or hanging rack, most traditional bike racks simply aren't designed for the larger wheels and heftier weight of e-bikes.Fortunately, bike rack options for electric bikes do exist and are likely to become more common as these bikes grow more popular. The vast majority of racks designed for electric bikes are hitch-mounted platform racks, which are easy to load since they are close to the ground.Check out our top 5 list of racks designed for electric bikes below!

Best Electric Bike Racks of 2021

Bike RackCapacityWhy Choose This Rack?
RockyMounts Backstage2 BikesEasiest Cargo Access
Saris SuperClamp EX2-4 BikesHighest Bike Capacity (2 e-bikes + 2 other)
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 BikesHighest Per Bike Weight Capacity (80 lbs per bike)
Saris Freedom EX2 BikesLightest Rack
Read more about our top racks for electric bikes below!
Tip: Remove batteries from your electric bikes before transporting them on your bike rack. This will reduce the weight supported by the rack.
RockyMounts BackstageProsThe RockyMounts BackStage swing-away rack is the only swing-away hitch rack that swings out 180 degrees. The versatile design fits bikes with wheel diameters as small as 20", all the way up to 29". The large wheel cradles make it easy to load your electric bikes, and the ratcheting hooks hold your bikes by the wheels—no frame contact necessary! Locks included. Plus, the rack is fat-bike ready.ConsAt 60 lbs, the rack can be heavy for one person. Although the rack itself is built solid, the included locks are more of a deterrent than a foolproof safety precaution. You may wish to purchase an upgrade.
RockyMounts Backstage Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (60 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: N/AHitch Size: 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesCarrier Weight: 60 lbsLocks Included: YesWarranty: Limited Lifetime
So glad I found this rack! We bought it to carry two fat tire electric bikes while still retaining access to the back of our camper. This is the *only* readily available swing-out bike carrier that is both made to accommodate fat tire bikes *and* carry the weight of electric models . . . Overall, this rack is a total winner and solves the issue of transporting fat tire e-bikes while keeping access to the rear of your vehicle. Fat tire e-bikes are growing in popularity and I'm sure this rack will as well.-KC (5/5 Stars)
RockyMounts Backstage
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Saris SuperClamp EXProsThe Saris SuperClamp EX bike rack comes in a 2-bike or 4-bike capacity. Padded hooks grip your bike by the wheels, so the rack never makes frame contact with your bikes and can easily carry a variety of bikes without an adapter. Need to load you and your spouse's e-bikes along with the kids' road bikes? The 4-bike SuperClamp is made for the job, no adapters required. The front-mounted push lever also allows one person to tilt the rack and access your cargo area. Plus, locks are included.ConsYou're limited to a 2" hitch for the 4-bike model. Some customers recommend having a second set of hands to help tilt the rack with bikes loaded.
Saris SuperClamp EX Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes - 60 lbs per bike (2-bike model); 4 bikes - 60 lbs for inner bikes, 35 lbs for outer bikes (4-bike model)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: N/AHitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesCarrier Weight: 35 lbs (2 bike); 63 lbs (4 bike)Locks Included: YesWarranty: Limited Lifetime
This is a very solid setup. I've taken it on two local trips and one longer 4 hour trip including highways, narrow curvy mountain roads and so on. Never did the setup wobble. Also a comment about the legendary Saris warranty. One of the arms had a ratchet mechanism that wasn't working. I contacted Saris and within a week they shipped out a replacement. The swing down mechanism works well, but I would make sure to have a second set of hands available if you are planning to lower it out of the way with bikes already loaded. Without bikes loaded it is a snap. At the end of the day the best review is that my dear wife provided. "I am so happy you won't complain about taking the bikes to the beach now!". It really is so much easier than roof carrying bikes. Honestly in 15 minutes I can have the rack mounted and all four bikes loaded and secured which is so much easier and faster than roof carrying.-Sean S. (5/5 Stars)
Saris SuperClamp EX
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Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SEProsThe Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE is a durable, heavy-duty rack capable of supporting two 80-lb bikes. Cushioned hooks secure your bike frame without scratching the finish. You can still enjoy convenient rear cargo access with the bikes loaded by means of two quick-release spring pins, which allow the rack to tilt down. Locks are included, and you can purchase a designated adapter for kids bikes to carry your little one's gear alongside your own.ConsAt 50 lbs, this steel rack is heavy. Unlike the Thule EasyFold XT, the Sport Rider SE lacks a loading ramp for heavy e-bikes.
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (80 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: Wheel hoop adapter for kids' bikes # HRSW-ADP-2Hitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesCarrier Weight: 50 lbsLocks Included: YesWarranty: Limited Lifetime
We have two oversized heavy comfort e-bikes that need a stronger rack. The etrailer product fit the bill perfectly. It fit great on our 2011 GMC Terrain and works a treat. I'm not a mechanical guy, but even I was able to read the instructions, watch the youtube videos, and install the rack with a torque wrench as per specs. We have had some nice trips with our bikes. Our bikes were made by Day 6, and the owner of the company personally recommended your product. Thanks for the quality item.- Lawrence (5/5 Stars)
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE
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Saris Freedom EXProsThe Saris Freedom EX features soft rubber cradles to secure your bike frame without scuffing or scratching. It's lightweight at just 27 lbs but can hold up to 120 lbs, so it's perfect for hefty e-bikes. The front-mounted push lever allows a single person to easily tilt the rack for cargo access even when bikes are loaded. Plus, it won't break the bank.ConsThe twist knobs that adjust the wheel trays are on the small side, so they can be difficult to adjust. The rack does make frame contact with your bike, although the contact is cushioned with specially designed, patent-pending rubber cradles.
Saris Freedom EX Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (60 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: N/AHitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesCarrier Weight: 27 lbsLocks Included: YesWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Great product for our needs. Easy installation with great instructions. Fit and finish were excellent and easy to use attachments. We ride e-bikes so a tray style rack is preferred for loading and unloading. This fits all the check marks!-Greg (5/5 Stars)
Saris Freedom EX
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About Amber S.As a content writer for etrailer, I might spend my morning loading and unloading a bike on five different bike racks to figure out which is easiest to use. I might be in the parking lot, taking pictures of an impressive RV battery setup our techs came across in the shop and discussing the benefits of the setup with the owner. I might spend an afternoon in a manufacturer training class for some hands-on experience with new products, and then sit down to assemble all this information into a coherent article.At etrailer, one of our core values is that we are always learning, and I learn something new every day. I start each morning with the goal in mind of taking all of this information and figuring out the best way to answer the questions people ask us (and the ones they don’t know to ask yet), and helping people get the solutions they need to make their lives easier, safer, and more fun. I’m a DIYer at heart, so it brings me great joy to help a fellow DIYer find what they’re looking for, whether that’s a product, an answer, or a community.
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Written by: Amber S.Updated on: 4/16/21

Questions and Comments about this Article

David C.

Nice attempt at creating a bike rack. Unfortuantely the weight rating of 60 lbs does not meet the weight of most ebikes. My ebike is rated at 100lbs alone. Back to the drawing board.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

In most cases the 60 lb weight rating is sufficient. For your application though you'll need something designed more for a dirt bike like what we see with part # e98873 .

Joanne C.

Hi! I am looking for a 2 bike rack that will accommodate a 60# electric bike for my Honda CRV. I am concerned about how high I will have to lift the bike to get it on the rack. I know Thule has one with a ramp but it is $XX. I thought I saw one that lowers down for easy of loading but I can’t seem to find it anymore. Do you know which one may do that or do you have any other recommendations? I would consider a one bike rack if it lowered.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The only options we have that make loading an e-bike easier are the ones that come with a ramp. The Thule EasyFold XT is one of them, but then we also have the Yakima OnRamp which is compatible with a 1-1/4" hitch # Y96FR as well as a 2" hitch # Y36FR .

Gary R.

I have a toyota Rav 4 with a hitch. I am looking for a bike rack for 2 bikes. One is a Trek Veris + ebike and the other is a typical mountain bike. Can you give me options.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

I'd love to help out! What size hitch is on your RAV4 and do you have the spare tire on the back hatch door? Also, how heavy is your Trek Verve bike? I saw online that the current ones are somewhere around 55 lbs but I believe that is with the battery still on the bike.



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