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Improve the handling and stability of your motorhome or vehicle with a custom-fit steering stabilizer or anti-sway bar. We offer quality stabilizers by Roadmaster and Blue Ox that prevent oversteer, deliver smoother tracking, and reduce the effects of crosswinds, resulting in less driver fatigue and a more comfortable, enjoyable experience for both the driver and passengers.

You can find custom anti-sway bars and steering stabilizers for your vehicle or motorhome by entering the year, make, and model on the left.

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Anti-Sway Bars Questions and Answers

  • RV on Ford E-450 Chassis is Hard to Steer and Sways
  • Just like a trailer, a vehicle being flat towed can pull around your RV, especially if the roads are uneven or wind joins in. There are several stabilizing products you could use to improve this issue and provide a better, safer tow. For a rear anti-sway bar you can use # RM-1139-147 which will provide an upgraded bar and bushings to improve stability at the back of the RV built on the Ford E-450 chassis. Also for the rear you can add an axle stabilizer, # TT2450, for even more stability...
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  • How to Improve Handling on 2018 Jayco Redhawk 25R Built on Ford E-450 Chassis
  • Hello! We can help you improve the highway handling on your 2018 Jayco Redhawk 25R with a few parts that will give you a more pleasant driving experience with your 2018 Jayco Redhawk 25R that was built on a Ford E-450 chassis and has a V10 engine. I recommend using Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer # RM-RBK24-RSSC which will help you control your Redhawk when encountering those windy conditions you referenced by working to keep your steering centered. I also recommend using Roadmaster...
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  • Improving the Ride Quality of an RV Built on a 2005 Workhorse W22 Chassis
  • Yes! Probably the single best addition you can make to provide better handling in your RV would be to install a rear anti-sway bar. Helper springs treat the symptom but not the cause like an anti-sway bar would. There are 2 rear sway bar options for your 2005 Workhorse W22: # RM-1259-108 and # RM-1259-109 (for applications 33 feet or longer). Additional products for even more stability include axle stabilizers: # RM-TRACW-22 or # TT2304 for the front and # TT2601 for the rear. And...
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  • Improving Steering on a 2018 Jayco Redhawk Class C on a Ford E-450 Chassis
  • From my research your 2018 Jayco Redhawk 31XL is a Class C motorhome built on a Ford E-450 chassis with a V10 engine. To improve the steering on your Jayco you'll gain the most improvement from the rear Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-147. That would be followed by the Front Anti-Sway # RM-1139-176 and then the Steering Stabilizer # RM-RBK24-RSSC.
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  • Steering Stabilizer Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F53 Chassis with V10 Engine
  • For a 2015 Ford F53 V10 chassis we recommend the sway bars and stabilizers shown on the linked page. The Blue Ox TruCenter Steering Stabilizer # TC35160 that you referenced is not among the confirmed fits. The steering stabilizer recommended for your 2015 Ford F53 V10 chassis is Roadmaster's Reflex # RM-RBK9-RSSA. This complete kit includes the stabilizer itself, custom mounting brackets and all required installation hardware.
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  • Comparing a Sway Bar, Anti-Sway Bar, and TruCenter Steering Stabilizer
  • A sway bar (usually the name you know from passenger vehicles) is an anti-sway bar like those in the link I have provided. Anti-sway bars work to reduce side to side movement of the vehicle, giving you more control. They also work to reduce roll when cornering for a better ride. The weight of the load will be more balanced across the length of the axle. And the ride will be more level. The TruCenter from Blue Ox, see link, is a steering stabilizer. This device attaches to your vehicles...
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  • Steering Stabilizer for a 2003 Tiffin Allegro 31DA
  • The correct Workhorse chassis number for your 2003 Tiffin Allegro 31DA will depend on the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). If your GVWR is 16,000 lbs then you have the W16 chassis. If your GVWR is 18,000 lbs then you have the W18 chassis. If your GVWR is 20,000 lbs then you have the W20 chassis and if your GVWR is 22,000 lbs then you have the W22 chassis. This can also be found by verifying the 6th digit on the VIN of your chassis. For example, If the 6th character on your chassis VIN...
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  • Recommended Anti-Sway Bar for Forest River 30DS FR3
  • The best solution for the problem you are experiencing is an anti-sway bar. An anti-sway bar will help with the side-to-side movement, or zigzag, you are experiencing. They are designed to help keep the motorhome going straight down the road If you are interested in Roadmaster, the anti-sway bar I recommend for you is the Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motor Homes # RM-1139-145. This bar is designed to help assist the factory sway bar, not replace it. This anti-sway bar fits a Dana 150 rear...
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  • Rear Anti-Sway Swaybar Recommendation for 2015 Thor ACE 29.2 Motorhome
  • I recommend going with the Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars for the Ford F-53 Chassis, # RM-1139-146. The bar on this anti-sway system mounts to the rear axle and to the frame of your 2015 Thor ACE 29.2 motorhome to balance weight transfer, minimize sway, and reduce body roll.
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  • How to Improve Ride Quality of RV Built on 2017 Ford E-450 Chassis
  • It's hard for the chassis manufacturers for the RVs to know how the vehicle is going to react when the motorhome is installed on them since they deliver the chassis without anything installed on them. So typically the final product has some ride issues. The Ford E450 and F53 have a reputation for this as well. The biggest ride improvement you'll make is with a bigger rear sway bar like the # RM-1139-147 which is a confirmed fit. A front sway bar makes the next biggest improvement like...
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  • Steering Stabilizer Recommendations for 2017 Thor ACE on Ford F-53 Chassis
  • There are a few different versions of the 2017 Thor ACE built on a Ford F-53 chassis but we do have steering stabilizers that will work. If the GVWR of your RV is less than 26k the # RM-RBK9-RSSA will be what you need. If you have more than that you would need the part # RM-RBK22-RSSA instead.
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  • Front and Rear Sway Bar Recommendation for 1997 Thor Hurricane Class A Motorhome
  • For your motorhome built on a 1997 Ford F-53 Class A V10 chassis we have Roadmaster a rear swaybar. For the rear you'll want the part # 1139-144. We don't carry front sway bars for your RV.
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  • Rear Sway Bar that Fit 2016 Thor ACE 30.1 16k-18k on Ford F-53 Chassis
  • The best modification you can make to the Ford F-53 chassis is actually a rear sway bar like the part # RM-1139-140 that would fit your 2016 Thor ACE 30.1 16k-18k.
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  • Rear Sway Bar Recommendation for 2016 Ford F53 Thor ACE 27.2
  • If you wanted to just install a rear sway bar on your 2016 Ford F53 Thor ACE 27.2 you certainly could do that with the part # RM-1139-146. We often recommend people first install a rear sway bar since it will make the biggest improvement and if they want more stability to then go with a new front sway bar. For that part # RM-1139-140 is what you need.
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  • Steering Stabilizer Recommendation for 2017 Ford F-53
  • For your 2018 Hurricane 29M that has a GVWR of 18k the correct steering stabilizer is # RM-RBK9-RSSA. I confirmed this with Roadmaster. I attached an install video for this for you to check out as well.
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  • Anti-Sway Bars for 2018 Thor Axis Built on Ford E-450 Chassis
  • The best way to enhance the ride of your 2018 Thor Axis, which was built on a Ford E-450 chassis, is to add a rear anti-sway bar. After that you can further improve the ride by adding a front anti-sway bar and steering stabilizer; the combination of these three parts will dramatically increase the handling and comfort of your Thor Axis, allowing you to enjoy your time on the road instead of exhaustingly attempting to keep your rig centered at all times. The correct fit for your 2018...
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  • Comparing the Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizers RBK22 and RBK9 for Ford F53 Chassis
  • Both the Reflex Steering Stabilizer # RM-RBK9-RSSA and the Reflex Steering Stabilizer # RM-RBK22-RSSA are fits compatible with your Ford F53 chassis on your Jayco RV. Both of the stabilizer attaches to your Ford F-53's tie rod on one end and to the frame on the other. The only real difference between these is that for vehicles with GVWR of 26,00 lbs, the RM-RBK22-RSSA is recommended as well if clearance between OEM trac bar and steering stabilizer is not adequate based on the # RM-RBK9-RSSA...
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  • Front and Rear Sway Bar Recommendation for 2014 Winnebago Vista 27N Built on Ford F-53 Chassis
  • For a rear sway bar for your Winnebago Vista 27N built on a 2014 Ford F-53 chassis and has an 18k GVWR the correct sway bar is the part # RM-1139-146 for the rear and then part # RM-1139-140 for the front. I attached install videos for both for you to check out as well.
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  • Best Anti-Sway Bar for a 2013 Sprinter 3500 Motor Home
  • The correct anti-sway bar for a 2013 Dodge/Freightliner/Mercedes Sprinter 3500 regular van or RV cut-away models is going to be # RM-1209-120. The other one, # RM-1209-131 only fits Class C RV models built on the 3500 chassis. I have also included a link to our FAQ article on heavy duty vehicle stability control for you.
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  • Sway Bar and Steering Stabilizer Recommendation for 2018 Gulfstream BT Cruiser 5316
  • Sway bars and a steering stabilizer will make a huge difference in overall driveability for your 2018 Gulfstream BT Cruiser model # 5316 built on a 2017 E450 V10 chassis. The biggest improvement will be a rear sway bar. For that you'd want the part # RM-1139-147 which is a confirmed fit and replaces the factory sway bar. This will minimize side to side movement and body roll plus balance weight transfer. I attached an install video as well. Next biggest difference will come from a...
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