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Make installing your trailer wiring harness as easy as possible with a custom fit wiring harness. Trailer wiring from Draw-Tite, Curt, Pollak, Tow Ready, Bosal, and Hopkins eliminates or reduces the need to cut and splice wires. It also helps to protect your vehicle's sensitive electronics from mis-wired trailers.

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Trailer Wiring Harnesses Troubleshooting

Today we are going to cover kind of a different subject. Basically, we are going to talk about getting your wiring installed and what is happening afterward. Okay, for instance, you went to the trouble to get your wiring installed, you plug it into your trailer, and nothing happens. There could be a lot of different things going on with it. First off, you need to figure out for sure whether it is on the towing vehicle side - the car or truck - or if it is something on the trailer. We will show you how to test the different types of wiring systems we have shown here. And that way you can tell for sure if it is your wiring harness or if it is your trailer.

How To Differentiate a Two Wire and Three Wire System

Today we are going to do the Frequently Asked Questions of what is the difference between a three wire system and a two wire system. It is actually very easy and very simple. All it is, is you take away two wires and the same thing applies to the four and five wire system. Starting off on the car side we are going to attach the wiring to, we are going to have five wires. Green is going to be right turn, red is going to be the brake signal, yellow is going to be left turn, brown is going to be your running lights, and the white is going to be ground. When you talk about the three wire system you are only talking about the right turn, the brake signal, and the left turn. You omit the brown wire and the white wire. That is our three. On the two wire system you are only dealing with the two combined signals, the brake signal and the turn signal on the same wire. We are only dealing with the left and right turn. 00:46

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2006 Kia Sedona

Today were going to show you a popular upgrade. We have here a four pole flat that has been installed on a vehicle. The owner has a boat trailer now and it has a five wire flat. So were going to convert that four wire to a five wire flat. We will show you how to deal with part number 20036 which is the adapter itself, and the bracket which is part number 20046. Our first step we need to do is take off the four pole and then well uninstall the bracket and put in the new bracket. It may take some force, but you have to pull to get this out of here. We actually used a rubber mallet to tap it a little bit, now this bracket can come off which we have previously loosened up. Now well install our new bracket and it will go in the same spot as before. What were going to do next is get our four pole ready which we have cleaned out with WD-40 and then were going to put in some dielectric grease. Well put that inside here and then were going to attach our four pole from our adapter inside there.

Testing and Troubleshooting a Modulite Vehicle Wiring Harness

All right today we are going to go over how to check over a modulite as shown right here which converts a 5 wire to a 4 wire system. We are going to go over the basics which are really simple. Basically we are just going to test input into the modulite and test the output of the modulite. That will tell us one of two things, we have no input going into the modulite, that means there is something wrong on the car side of the connector, there is nothing wrong with the modulite. If you have power going into it, but nothing coming out then you know chances are it is the modulite or there is a problem on the trailer itself. When testing you always want to test these modulites or converter boxes without the trailer hooked up first.

T-One Wiring Harness Explanation

Today we are going to show you a little bit of wiring. Basically kind of like wiring 101 and what to look for when your going to hardwire into the vehicle. What hardwire means is actually getting to the wire and splicing into them to make a connection. T1 connectors are different. They actually have a connection point and harness which you take apart and fit the T in the middle of that. Now on this vehicle we will show you the typical wiring schematics and a couple variants from that. The typical connection point is like where this wiring comes into the back of the tail light and there is always going to be a connection point, almost always. Older vehicles, it would have just ran straight, but with pretty much of your newer vehicles you are always going to have a snap connection like this. Basically a T1 connector simply would just go ahead and fit in between this harness.

How To Troubleshoot a Modulite Demo

Today we are going to troubleshoot a modulite that is not really working so we will check it out and show you what to look for. This will apply to all modulites and this will also apply to converter boxes as well. The only difference being that it does not have a power wire for a converter box. The first thing we want to do is put a tester on the 4-pole just to make sure. We will hook up our ground to our ground lead and then we will turn on the left turn signal which we have going, we have got nothing. You can turn on the other signals and see what we have got, nothing here. Try the running light circuit, nothing here either. 00:28

Hot Lead Fuse Installation

Today on our 2005 Chevy Silverado, we are going to hook up the hot lead for the seven pull connecter at the back of the truck. To do this well simply remove the fuse box cover and the first position, on the first row is a blank fuse, we are going to remove it and install a 30 amp fuse. With that fuse installed, we can go ahead and replace the cover and were now hot at our seven pull connector. There you have it with the install of the hot lead fuse on our 2005 Chevy Silverado.

Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring Videos

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2016 Jeep Wrangler

Today on our 2016 Jeep Wrangler we're going to be showing you have to install the Tow-Ready T1 vehicle wiring harness with the four-poll flat trailer connector. Part number is 118416. Now this is what our kit's going to consist of. It's a pretty straightforward wiring setup. What we're going to do is plug this directly in line between the rear of our driver side taillight and the factory harness. That's then going to send the appropriate signals we need down to our four-pole trailer connector.

Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness Installation - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Today, in our 2016 GMC 2500, we're going to be taking a look at showing you how to install the Curt Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Custom Wiring Harness and Seven Pole Connector. Part number C56070. Here is what our kid is going to consist of. We're going to have a seven foot extension cable. We'll have a C connector that's going to plug in between our factory seven way, and allow us to run an extension up. We'll mount this in the bed that way 00:00:30 we can plug-in or gooseneck or fifth wheel. That's going to come with some zip ties and some mounting screws. It is going to require that we drill a two and an eighth inch hole, once was located in an area we want to mount it in.

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen

Today on our 2009 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen we'll be installing a Curt Upgraded Circuit Protected Tail Light with Converter Hardwire Kit with a 4-Pole Flat End part number 56146KIT. Now, we gain access to our wire for our trailer connector. We'll pull it outside the vehicle and we'll close our hatch on down, making sure we don't have the wire close on the latch right there. When we want to use our wire connector we just have to have it out like that. Now, when we're done towing our trailer all we have to do is just open up our hatch again, tuck our wire down here in the inside and we can close our compartment back and it's nice and hidden. All right, we'll begin our installation here by opening the hatch of our vehicle. Now, we will gain access to our taillight connectors.

Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring C56319 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with the 4-pole flat trailer connector. This product fits certain years and models of the Chevrolet Cruze. It's going to provide a 4-way flat connector at the back of your vehicle to power your trailer's signal lights. This is compatible with 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole adapters. The adapters are sold separately. It's going to come with a dust cap for the 4-way flat plug.

Trailier Wiring Harness Installation - 2005 Scion xA

Today on our 2005 Scion XA, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Curt Circuit Protective Converter with SMT, part number C56175. When you're ready to use your four pole flat connector, we can take it out of its curled up position. We're going to lay it over our sail plate here, across the weather strip, which should be more that sufficient to protect it. Make sure you keep it away from the center here where the latches are, and we'll close our hatch over top of it. You can plug it into your trailer. Remove the cover, plug your trailer into it. When you're all done, open up the hatch and our compartment and we can coil our wire back up and stow it away. Here's what our kit's going to consist of.

Tekonsha Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring 118654 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with the 4 pull flat trailer connector. This product fits certain years of the Ford Ranger. It's going to provide a 4 way flat connector at the back of your vehicle, to power your trailers signal lights. This is compatible with 5 pull, 6 pull, and 7 pull adapters. Adapters are sold separately. It comes with a dust cap for the 4 way flat connector.

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Today on our 2015 Subaru XV Cross Track we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector, part number C56040. It's easy to access, easy to install because you don't have to run any extra wires up to the front of the vehicle, and when you're done using it it tucks away nicely. It's nice that this system has that module on it because what that does is eliminates the need to tap into your vehicles wiring system. It also helps protect your vehicle's electrical. It gives you plenty of room to reach to wherever your trailer's 4-pole connector is. When you pull it out the use it, you want to keep it along the weather stripping here.

Hopkins Endurance Fifth Wheel Wiring Harness Installation - 2007 GMC Sierra Classic

Today in our 2007 GMC Sierra Classic, we're going to take a look at and also show you how to install the Hopkins Endurance Fifth-Wheel Gooseneck 90 Degree Wiring Harness. This offers a 7 hole plug. Its card number is 41157. For the beginner installation, we need to find our factory wiring connection or after-market wiring connection, it doesn't matter too bad, as long as it's a 7-way that offers a plug in in the back. What we'll do is press down this little tab on top, and that's going to allow us to separate this connection. As you can see it's just a basic 7-way connection. We can grab our harness, this is exactly how it's going to come out of the box.

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