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Get all the room you need inside your car by putting your bikes, cargo or kayak on your rooftop. Thule, Yakima, Rhino Rack and Rola roof racks are built to the highest quality specifications to accommodate all your cargo needs.

Thule, Yakima and Rhino Rack offer roof bike racks in the traditional fork mount style or in the easy to load, wheel mount style.

Cargo baskets from Rola, Rhino Rack, Yakima and Thule offer a great looking way to get your cargo out of your vehicle and safely carry it on your trip. Roof cargo bags and roof boxes can also be used if you would like some waterproof or water resistant protection for your cargo.

If you need to carry bulky skis, snowboards, kayak or a canoe, putting it on the roof is a great option to unclutter your vehicle and keep the gear safe. We offer Yakima and Thule ski racks and watersport carriers that are sturdy and safe for all your cargo needs.

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Roof Top Cargo Racks and Carriers

We offer custom fit roof racks from Thule, Yakima and Rola that will be a perfect fit for your vehicle. Just enter your year make and model above. We also offer a full line of roof rack accessories, including roof bike racks, roof cargo baskets, roof cargo boxes, kayak and canoe carriers, roof bags, ski racks and snowboard racks. If you need to do some roof rack repairs, we also carry replacement parts for all the roof and cargo racks.

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Yakima Roof Rack Review - 2015 Subaru Forester

Today on our 2015 Subaru Forester, we're going to be doing a test fit on the Yakuma RailGrab Roof Rack System. We've got the 48-inch round bars that we're using; part number on that is Y00408. We've got the Yakuma RailGrab Foot Pack System; part number on that: Y00138. As you can see, we've already got the front bar installed on the Forester. We're going to go over with you how to install the rear bar. Now, installing the foot pack is very simple. It's just going to be a matter of sliding the large hoop around the large round opening here right down on our bar.

Thule Roof Rack Review - 2014 Ram 1500

Today on our 2014 Ram 1500 we're going to be test fitting the Thule Rapid Traverse roof rack system. We're using the 60" aero blades. That's part number THARB60, the Rapid Traverse foot packs, which are part number TH480R, and the Thule fit kit, part number TH1520. Now we already have the rear bar installed on our vehicle so we're going to show you how to install the front. We'll begin by opening our doors. Once we have them open we're going to place the roof rack right up onto the front edge of our roof. Once we have it in place there we need to do a couple measurements.

Thule Roof Rack Review - 2014 Nissan Rogue

Today on our 2014 Nissan Rogue we're going to test fit the Thule Crossroads roof rack system. We're using the 50" square bars. Those are part number THLB50, and the 450 foot packs or the Crossroads foot packs, the appropriate part number is TH450. Now we are using the 50" bars but with the setup the way it is you can go as large as you'd like with the width. It's a preference matter. Some people really like when they hang off so they can put some accessories here on the end. That's going to be up to you.

Thule Roof Rack Review - 2014 Nissan Pathfinder

Today on our 2014 Nissan Pathfinder we're going to be test fitting the Thule Crossroads roof rack system. We're using the 58" square bars. This is part number THLB58. We've got the Crossroads foot packs, which are part number TH450. Now we've pre-installed our rear bar. We'll use our front bar here to show you exactly how this installation works. We'll place the front half of the rack right up here onto the front roof line of the vehicle.

Thule Roof Rack Review - 2014 Nissan Pathfinder

Today on our 2014 Nissan Pathfinder we're going to be test fitting the Thule Rapid Crossroads roof rack system. Today we're using the 60" aero blades. These are part number THARB60, and the Rapid Crossroads foot packs, which are part number TH450R. Now per the Thule fit guide it calls for a 53" bar, but we found through a test fit that the 60" bars will work, so we just want to give you an idea what they look like on the car. Now we've already got the rear bar installed so we'll place the front bar right onto the side rails of the vehicle here. Now we need to get our feet in line with each other so what we're going to do is measure back from this fixed point of where the side rails meet the foot of the side rails. We're going to measure back from there 2" to the leading edge of our foot pack.

Thule Roof Rack Review - 2014 Nissan Frontier

Today on our 2014 Nissan Frontier we're going to be test fitting the Thule Traverse roof rack system. We're using the 58" square bars. These are part number THLB58. We've got the Traverse foot pack system; that part number is TH480. The fit kit that we're going to use today is part number THKIT1430. Now I've assembled three of the foot packs already. I just want to show you how to assemble the fourth one.

Rhino Rack Roof Rack Review - 2015 Subaru Forester

Today on our 2015 Subaru Forester we're going to do a test fit of the Rhino Rack Vortex Aero roof rack system. We're using the SX series of feet. That part number is RRSX005. The 49" black bars; part number on this is RRVA126B-2. No these are also available with a silver finish as part number RRVA126S-2. Now as you can see we've already installed our front bar here. We found a fixed point, measured back from the fixed point, did that measurement on both sides.

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Roof Rack Questions and Answers

  • Roof and Bike Rack Recommendation for 2010 BMW 328
  • When it comes to a roof rack for your 2010 BMW 328, I recommend going with the Rhino-Rack System with Vortex Aero Crossbars, # RRVA106B-2, # RRRLKVA, # DK292. This roof rack not only looks great but the aerodynamic crossbars provide a much quieter ride. In addition to the roof rack, you will also need a bike carrier. For a carrier that allows you to transport the bike with both wheels still mounted, I suggest going with the Discovery Roof-Mount Bike Carrier. For the left side, part #...
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  • Thule Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2015 Volkswagen Golf 5-Door
  • Yes, we have a roof rack solution from Thule that would work great on your 2015 Volkswagen Golf 5-door that involves the fit kit part # THKIT1710. You will want the Thule Square Crossbars part # THLB50, the Thule Traverse Foot Pack part # TH480 and of course the fit kit part # THKIT1710 that you referenced. Having the sun roof will not interfere with the roof rack, but you should note that it may interfere with the roof rack when opened, depending on how it opens, and will most likely...
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  • Are Whispbar Crossbars Straight Or Curved For 2013 Toyota Sienna
  • Most of the crossbars will have a slight arc to them, but the crossbars on your 2013 Toyota Sienna may have a bigger arc than the Whispbar Roof Rack, part # WB-S44. I have attached a photo of one of the # WB-S44 crossbars you can check out. There is a height difference of 1/2 inch from the center of the crossbar to the outer edge of the crossbar that is attached to the foot of the roof rack indicated by the arrows.
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for a 2014 Kia Soul with Panoramic Sunroof
  • The Rola roof rack # 59789 is best utilized with the 2014 Kia Soul that has no existing rails or crossbars (a naked roof). If your 2014 Kia Soul has existing rails or crossbars, I recommend Thule AeroBlade # THARB47. They are very sturdy, quiet and aerodynamic. The Thule foot pack # TH450R has rubber coated steel clamping straps to provide maximum security and strength. There isn't any confirmed roof racks that work with panoramic sunroofs unless the vehicle has existing raised...
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2015 Jeep Cherokee with Raised Side Rails
  • I did some checking and as of right now the only roof racks options we have for your 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trail Hawk is by Thule and if you have raised side rails. I checked with Whispbar and they are still working on a fit for the 2015's. If you have raised rails on your vehicle you would want the following parts to complete a Thule Aeroblade roof rack. Thule Rapid Crossroad Roof Mounted Railing Foot Pack # TH450R Thule AeroBlade Load Bars # THARB53B
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  • Best Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2012 Ford Flex with Raised Siderails
  • The link I attached to the right has all of the crossbars that are confirmed to fit the raised side rails of your 2012 Ford Flex. The ones I like the most and would recommend for you would be the Thule AeroBlade Roof Rack that consists of the following parts: Thule AeroBlade Load Bars # THARB53 Thule Rapid Crossroad Roof Mounted Railing Foot Pack # TH450R These crossbars are the quietest on the market and will provide you with the best fuel mileage possible. I attached an install...
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  • Yakima Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Yes, I checked with Yakima and the Yakima RailGrab Towers for Flat and Raised Side Rails w/ Pin Adapters # Y00138-Y8880201 and the Round 48" CrossBars for Yakima Roof Rack System # Y00408 that you referenced are confirmed to fit your 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with flush mounted side rails.
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  • Compatibility of Rhino Rack RS2500 Roof Rack with Panoramic Roof of 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
  • According to my contact at Rhino Rack, their RS 2500 Roof Rack, part # RRRS549 for silver or # RRRS549B for black is a fit for the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport w/ the panoramic roof. To see Rhino Rack's selection of kayak, bike and roof mounted cargo carrying options, click either of the parts shown below, then click on the categories on the right hand side of the product description page.
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  • 2003 Chevy Astro Van Roof Rack Recommendation
  • If your 2003 Chevy Astro Van has raised side rails you could install a Thule Roof Rack that consists of the following part: Thule Square Load Bars # THLB58 Thule Crossroad Roof Mounted Roof Railing Foot Pack # TH450 Then to secure the ladders to the roof rack you could use the Thule Load Strap Cinch Straps w/ Padded Cam Buckles # TH521.
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  • Recommended Roof Rack that is Compatible with my 2013 Lexus GX 460
  • The only roof rack that we currently offer for your 2013 Lexus GX 460 is the Yakima roof rack # Y00409. The Yakima RailGrab towers are # Y00138. This will only work with flush mounted rails that run front to back. I included FAQ link and installation videos for you as well.
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  • Best Low Profile Roof Rack for a 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • For low-profile, the least amount of noise and drag, and for overall best appearance, the Thule AeroBlade Edge system, # TH7503B-TH7503B for black or # TH7503-TH7503 for silver, will be the a fantastic option for your 2913 Toyota Land Cruiser. No other rack can really compare to the Thule AeroBlade Edge system. I have linked a video to the right showing an Edge system being installed on a similar vehicle so you can see how easy it is to use and what it looks like on a vehicle. The...
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  • Will SportRack # SR1010 Roof Rack Fit Both 2002 Chevrolet Impala Sedan and 1998 Honda Civic
  • The SportRack # SR1010 Roof Rack that you referenced will fit your 1998 Honda Civic if it is the 4-door version with no roof hardware. It will not the fit the 2-door or hatchback versions of the car. However, this rack does not fit the 2002 Chevrolet Impala. The equivalent SportRack roof rack nearest to the SR1010 that DOES fit your Impala is their # SR1002 that also uses the same 50-inch square crossbars and which offers the same 130-lb weight capacity. I have linked videos for both...
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  • Roof Rack and Kayak Carriers for a 2014 Hyundai Tucson with Panoramic Roof and Raised Side Rails
  • Since your 2014 Hyundai Tucson GLS has the factory raised side rails, you can install a roof rack even with the panoramic roof. You just would not necessarily be able to open the roof with the rack installed. Rola roof rack # 59870 that you are interested in will fit your Tucson. There are a few different kayak carriers that you will be able to use with this rack that I recommend. I have listed them below: SportRack carrier # SR5511 SportRack carrier # SR5513 Thule Hull-A-Port #...
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  • Will a Thule Cargo Box Fit Rhino-Rack Euro-Style Roof Rack on a 2004 Acura MDX
  • Yes, Thule cargo boxes will fit the Rhino-Rack Euro-Style crossbars that comes with # DS1375B. You will just need to make sure the Thule box you have or purchase will fit a center to center bar spread of 27.56 inches. This is the distance between the bars using the Rhino-Rack roof rack on your 2004 Acura MDX. You will also need custom clamp kit # DK021 to install the rack. I have also included a link to the right to the Thule cargo boxes that we carry.
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  • Are Replacement Washers Available for Thule Fit Kit 3101
  • Actually I spoke with my contact at Thule and she informed me that they do not carry replacement parts for their fit kits. I wish I had something better I could offer you, but your only option would be to replace the entire fit kit with a new part # THKIT3101.
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  • Locking Roof Rack for a 1999 Toyota RAV4 with naked Roof
  • The issue is that you have to match the bars you have with the proper mounting feet. There aren't a lot of options for locking feet or towers. There are some but they would not accept square bars. Rhino Rack has an option using the following parts: # DS118B and # DK021. Or you could use SportRack roof rack # SR1002 for a 4-door model of the 1999 Toyota RAV4 or # SR1002 with # SR1116 for a 2-door model. Any given vehicle requires a certain fit kit and bar length for a proper fit....
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  • Availability of Replacement Channel Cover for Thule AeroBlade Load Bars
  • The replacement for the Thule Aeroblade load bar top channel cover is part # 852-5402-005. Your crossbars are 36 inches long and the replacement strip measures 59 inches long so some trimming will be necessary. If you need the Replacement Bottom Channel Cover for Thule AeroBlade Load Bars you will want part # 852-4498-001. The cover strip measures 14-1/4 inches long.
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  • Can Thule Traverse Roof Rack Be Purchased Without Crossbars
  • You can purchase a Thule Traverse roof rack system for your 1997 BMW 3-Series E36 sedan without the square crossbars, part # THLB50. You then will just need to order the foot pack and fit kit. The foot pack for your E36 sedan is part # TH480. The fit kit required depends on the version of the vehicle you have. If you have the 2-door you will use kit # THKIT1015. If you have the 3-door, 4-door or wagon you'll instead use fit kit # THKIT1014. The prices for the two required parts...
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for Both a 2014 Ford Focus And 2014 Ford Flex
  • I have a solution for you that will allow you to use basically the same roof rack on both your 2014 Ford Focus 5 door and your 2014 Ford Flex. The Flex calls for a 10 inch longer crossbar than the Focus, but you will still be able to use the longer crossbar on both vehicles, there will just be more of an overhang with the Focus. So for the parts that will work on both vehicles you would need the following: Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 59" # RRVA150B-2 Rhino-Rack...
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  • Availability of Roof Rack for 2014 Chevrolet Silverado LT 1500
  • The roof rack I recommend for your 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab is the Yakima system consisting of parts # Y00410, # Y00607, # Y00124. This kit includes 66-inch round crossbars, Q-Towers and Q-7 Clips. Also, the round crossbars included in this rack offer the widest possible compatibility with accessory items. This Yakima system is intended specifically for the Silverado and provides the longest crossbars (66 inches), widest crossbar spread (34 inches) and highest weight capacity...
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