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Air Deflectors Videos

WeatherTech Side Window Air Deflectors Installation - 2010 Subaru Outback Wagon

Today on this 2010 Subaru Outback wagon, we're going to install the WeatherTech Side Window Air Deflectors with Dark Tinting. This covers the front and rear windows. Part number WT82516. This is what they look like when they're installed. Next we'll show you how to install them. It's pretty simple. This is a reflector, and it's designed to fit into the same track where the window fits into right through here.

WeatherTech Side Window Air Deflectors Installation - 2013 Ford F-150

All right today is a 2013 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab. We're going to install part number Wt84697. This is a Weathertech side window air deflectors with dark tinting. This covers front and back doors. All right to install, we'll make sure our window is out of the way. We need to pull out this little corner right here. There's a small piece of foam that's inside here that we have to remove.

WeatherTech Front and Rear Side Window Air Deflectors Installation - 2013 GMC Sierra

Today on our 2013 GMC Sierra, we'll be installing the WeatherTech Side Window Air Deflectors with Dark Tinting for the front and the rear, part number WT84426. Now, we'll go ahead and take it out for a test drive, and see if the deflectors help reduce wind noise. We'll begin here on the driver's side. We'll start by cleaning off the top of our windows. Here at the front, we'll begin tucking our deflector into position until we reach the back of the front window. Once we have the front deflector in place, we'll roll up and down out window five times. This helps ensure that our deflector is secured. Now, we'll move to the rear driver's side window.

Putco Window Visor Installation - 2013 Chevrolet Suburban

All right. Today on a 2013 Chevrolet Suburban we're going to install part number P580056 from Putco. This is the Element In-Channel Window Visors. Now this part number gets you all four pieces for a front and rear. Okay to start our install, we are going to go ahead and do a quick test fit. We are starting off on the driver's side front door.

Putco Element In-Channel Window Visor Installation - 2007 Ford F-150

Today, on our 2007 Ford F150 SuperCrew, we'll be installing the Putco Element In-Channel Window Visors in the tinted color in a 4-piece set, part number P580019. We'll begin here on the driver's-side front window. We'll then go ahead and take this small spacer that comes with the kit. It looks kind of like a U and is about 2 inches long. We need to insert this into the window channel at the upper-back corner. When inserting the spacer block, we need to make sure that the open side of the U channel is facing towards the front of the vehicle.

Putco Element Tinted Window Visor Installation - 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2011 Dodge Ram pickup well be installing the Putco Element tinted window visors for both the front and rear in a four piece kit part #: P580139. To begin with well need to lower the window down. Next well need to pull the backing off of the two sided tape that already comes attached to the window visor. Next well begin here towards the front or near the mirror and well slide it into the window channel. With the window visor boat outward well put the back end of the window visor into the channel. Well then continue to pull downward on the window visor, sliding it into the window channel as we work across the window.

Putco Element In-Channel Window Visors Installation - 2003 Ford F-250

Today on our 2003 Ford F250, we'll be installing the Putco Element in channel window visors part number P580209. We'll begin our installation with the window down in our vehicle. We'll then need to peel off the adhesive backing of our window visor. We're going to start installing our window visor from the back of the window and work our way all the way up towards the mirror. Start by inserting the rear of the visor into the rear part of the window working our way forward. As you could see, the adhesive seems to be sticking really well to our seal. Now, you're at the passenger side.

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