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Replacement tops from Bestop come in a variety of styles such as Bikini, Trektop, Windjammer and Standard tops. They are available in all the fabric color and styles to match your OEM top. Constructed of premium grade material they offer easy installation and years of use.

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Jeep Tops Videos

Bestop Header Bikini Top for Jeeps Review

Today we are going to review part number B5258011, the Bestop Header Bikini Top for Jeeps. You just can not get enough of that fresh outdoor air. Replace your factory top with a Bestop Header Bikini Top. The Header Bikini Top is constructed from premium mildew and UV resistant fabric that maintains its shape in any temperature, replacing the factory top and covering only the front seats. The industrial strength thread and heavy-duty buckles will insure that you enjoy this top for years to come. The Bestop Header Bikini soft top was specifically designed for Jeep Wranglers. 0:37

Bestop Jeep Top Installation - 1998 Isuzu Amigo

Today we are going to be installing Bestop Replacement Top part number B5115701 on a 1998 Isuzu Amigo. As you can see, we have already removed the old cover from the vehicle. We want to go ahead and release the latches that are holding the framework onto the main portion of the vehicle. We can do so by just pressing the button in and pulling the latch over on both sides. Let us go ahead and fold it back and let it rest there. We are going to go ahead and open up the rear door, and then we are just going to take the top, and we are going to start by fastening to the snaps here on the front bow assembly. Next we are just going to take the bow assembly and go ahead and rotate it up into position. We are going to leave it unlatched at the front here for the time being, and then we are going to come in here to the rear side of the top. And you can see we have got snaps along this rear edge as well. We are going to go ahead and take the snaps that are on the top, fold them over, and snap them into place.

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