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We offer a wide range of snow chains. Choose the design that is right for your vehicle and your budget.

  • Thule - premium brand easiest to use tire chains
  • Glacier - economical tire chains that are perfect for emergency use
  • pewag - the widest variety of chains available from cable style to heavy-duty off-road snow chains
  • Michelin - lightweight, easy to handle polymesh chains offer a smoother quieter ride
  • Titan Chain - chains for excellent traction in everything from deep snow to off road applications

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Tire Chains Videos

Thule XG12 Pro Tire Chains Review - 2002 Toyota Tundra

Today on our 2002 Toyota Tundra we'll be doing a test fit of the Thule Self-Tensioning Snow Chains with a Diamond Pattern and D Link. This will be part number TH2004705265. Our test tire for today is going to be a 265/70-R17. First thing you want to do is, once you get it out of the package, is go ahead and lay it on the ground and make sure you have all the kinks and/or twists out it. All right, once you got it all laid out make sure that the Thule buckle side and your strap are on the back side. Go ahead and take your yellow end and slide it around the tire towards the back. Once you see it on the other side, go ahead and lift that up and take the other end and connect it like so. Go ahead and pull your chains around to where the Thule buckle's facing forward.

Pewag All Square Snow Tire Chains Review - 2002 Toyota Tundra

Today on our 2002 Toyota Tundra we will be doing a test fit of the Pewag All-Square Snow Chains with cam tighteners, part number PWE2228SC. The tire that we will be working on today is going to be a 265/70-R17. When you pull your tire chains out of the bag it's going to be all jumbled up so make sure that you grab both ends, stretch it out, and make sure all the kinks and/or tangles are out like so. The easiest way to do this is going to be to have your cam tighteners on the side closest to you. That way when you pick up this end and you put it over, then all the hooks are on the outside and your cam tighteners are on the front where you need to access them. Let's go ahead and go around the back and put on the hook. You'll grab the other side that's got the long lead on it as you can see there.

Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

All right today, on this 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee we're going to show part number PW3010C. This is the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains. All right today, we're working with tire size of 265 x 50 x R20. We're going to look at our snow chains on our tire. We're having them installed on the driver's side here in the back. We'll take a look at the thin 00:00:23 of it.

Thule XG12 Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains Review - 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Today this 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. We're going to show you part number TH01594267. This is a Thule self-tensioning snow tire chains. All right, this is what the Thule look like when they're installed on a tire. For reference work on the tire size today is 265 by 50 by R20. The pattern that goes across the face of the tire is in a diamond shape. And what you do is it kind of alternates back and forth the width of a tire.

Thule Self Tensioning Low Pro Snow Tire Chains Review - 2012 Honda Odyssey

Today on our 2012 Honda Odyssey we're going to be doing a test fit on the Thule Easy-fit self-tensioning SUV-style snow tire chains. These are made to fit a wide variety of tire sizes. The part number is TH04115247. Another great feature you'll see here on the rear of the main bar of our chain, this is fully coated, fully protects your rim against any kind of abrasion, rub marks, scratches, so we won't have to worry at all about our rim face being damaged. We've got a couple different materials here that are going to make up our chains. We've got the nickel-manganese alloy construction here on our cross chains which are a diamond pattern. This is going to give us superior durability and also corrosion resistance.

Pewag All Square Mud Service Tire Chains Review - 2005 Ford F-150

Today on our 2005 Ford F150 we will be test-fitting the Pewag All Square Mud Service Snow Chains, part number PWE2439S. As you can see here, we just pulled our chain out of our box and it's all tangled up. Let's go ahead and untangle it. You want to make sure that all the kinks and everything is out of the chain. Once you have that done, we'll go ahead and make sure that the sharp part of the inner chains is facing outwards. With it laid out like this, all we've got to do is pick up the outside and lay it over the tire. We'll go ahead and hook up the back side to the second link.

Titan Heavy Duty Alloy Snow Tire Chains Review - 2005 Ford F-150

Today on our 2005 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab we will be testing the Titan chain heavy duty alloy snow tire chains with the ladder pattern and square links. Part #TC2228SHD. Our tire size that we'll be using today is a 26570R17. The first thing you want to do is get your chain out of the box. You want to lay it out. Make sure it doesn't have kinks or any tangles.

Pewag All Square Mud Service Tire Chains Review - 2002 Toyota Tundra

Today, on our 2002 Toyota Tundra, we'll be doing a test fit of the Pewag All Square mud service snow chains, part number PWE2439S. The tire we'll be working on is going to be a 265/70-R17. When you pull them out of the bag, make sure you straighten them out on the ground and make sure you get all the kinks and/or twists out of it. With that done, make sure that you have your tensioner and your hook on this side. It makes it easier for when you slide it over the tire. You put the side over with the hook over first. That way, all your hooks are facing outwards.

Titan Chain Alloy Square Link Tire Chains with Cams Review - 2005 Ford F-150

Today on 2005 Ford F150 we'll be doing a test of the Titan Chains, TC2228SCAM. Tire chain size is going to be 265/70 17's on these General Tires. We'll go ahead and throw the chains over. First you're going to lay them out so that the buckles are facing inwards, and that your tensioners will be on inside for when you lay them out. All your buckles and hooks are facing outwards, and your tensioners are on the outside. Now you'll get your hook; go ahead and connect the inside of your chains using the hook to your long lead.

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