Featuring dual-cam sway control, this weight-distribution system includes an adjustable shank and flexible, powder coated steel, trunnion spring bars to create a level ride for both your trailer and your tow vehicle. Fits 2" trailer hitches. Lowest Prices for the best weight distribution from Reese. Strait-Line Weight Distribution System w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 10,000 lbs GTW, 800 lbs TW part number RP66083 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Strait-Line Weight Distribution System w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 10,000 lbs GTW, 800 lbs TW

Item # RP66083

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Our Price: $537.71

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  • WD With Sway Control
  • 500 lbs
  • 600 lbs
  • 700 lbs
  • Reese
  • Allows Backing Up
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Prevents Sway
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Includes Shank
  • Standard Duty

Reese Weight Distribution - RP66083

Featuring dual-cam sway control, this weight-distribution system includes an adjustable shank and flexible, powder coated steel, trunnion spring bars to create a level ride for both your trailer and your tow vehicle. Fits 2" trailer hitches.


  • Evenly distributes weight over axles of tow vehicle and trailer for stability and control
    • Creates a more level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer
  • Automatically self-adjusting, self-centering sway control works in a variety of situations
    • Straight-line movement - cams lock in position to hold trailer steady despite crosswinds
    • Cornering - cams automatically unlock and slide to allow full-radius turns
    • Sudden swerving - cams seek a straight-line angle to help stabilize trailer
  • Sway control bolts onto A-frame trailer tongue and attaches to lift brackets via chains
    • No U-bolts or platforms to interfere with frame-mounted items such as gas tanks, toolboxes or generators
  • Trunnion spring bars are hot rolled and tapered for superior strength and flexibility
    • Bars flex appropriately over uneven terrain for a controlled, even ride
    • Sway-control cams provide attachment point for spring bars
  • Head assembly and adjustable shank included
    • Forged, raised ball platform eliminates need for raised hitch ball
    • Solid steel shank is powder coated for rust protection
  • Adjustable spring-bar tension - just switch links in lift chains to fine-tune
  • Desired tilt is easily achieved with serrated-washer design - no more piling on washer after washer
  • System includes sway-control cams, head assembly, adjustable shank, lift brackets, spring bars, lift chains, pin and clip, and all necessary hardware
    • Hitch ball sold separately - requires 1-1/4" diameter shank


  • Tongue weight: 400 lbs - 800 lbs
  • Gross towing weight: 10,000 lbs
  • Fits: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers rated for use with weight-distribution systems
  • Lift-bracket positioning: mount about 30" back from hitch ball
    • Requires approximately 5-1/2" of space along trailer frame
      • Optional mounts (sold separately) that take up less space on trailer frame are available
    • Will not fit trailer frames wider than 2-1/2"
  • Shank length: 14" from center of hitch pin hole to center of ball hole
  • Total height adjustment along shank: 5-1/4"
    • Maximum rise: 6-1/2" from top of hitch receiver opening
    • Maximum drop: 1-1/4" from top of hitch receiver opening
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Included w/ RP66083Required - Sold SeparatelyOptional Add-Ons
  • Adjustable Shank
  • System Head
  • Sway-Control Cams
  • Spring Bars
  • Hitch Ball w/ 1-1/4" Diameter Shank

Note: Dual-cam sway control cannot be use with surge-type trailer brakes and is designed for Class III and Class IV hitches only.

Weight Distributing Hitch

Create a stable ride for your tow vehicle and trailer with a weight-distribution hitch. Adding spring bars to your towing system applies leverage, which transfers the load that is pushing down on the rear of your vehicle to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer, resulting in an even distribution of weight throughout. The result is a smooth, level ride, as well as the ability to tow the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Selecting a Weight-Distribution System

The tongue weight rating is the most important factor in determining which size weight-distribution system you should use. If the bars of the system you choose are rated too high for your setup, they will create a rigid ride, which can result in a bouncing trailer. If, on the other hand, the bars are not rated high enough, the system will be unable to properly distribute the weight, rendering it virtually useless.

To determine the proper weight rating for a weight-distribution system, you must first determine your trailer's tongue weight. Then add to that the weight of the cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. These two measurements make up the tongue weight rating for a weight-distribution system.

Serrated Washer System

Unique Features of Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution

The easy-to-use, serrated washers on the Reese Strait-Line system make adjusting the tilt of the weight-distribution head a snap. This is a huge improvement over the standard pin-and-washer method, which involves piling washers - one on top of another - onto a difficult-to-access pin. The serrated-washer system lets you easily loosen, adjust and tighten a single washer and nut on either side of the head for simple, secure positioning.

The trunnion spring bars of the Strait-Line system slide into the weight-distribution head for quick, easy installation. With a tapered design and hot rolled steel construction, these bars offer superior flex, ensuring a smooth, controlled ride for both your tow vehicle and your trailer. These specially designed bars have rounded, hooked ends, making them the only kind of spring bars that can function with Reese's active-style, dual-cam sway control.

Weight Distributing Hitch

Dual-Cam Sway Control

Reese's dual-cam sway-control system stops trailer sway before it begins. This is a significant improvement over traditional friction-style controls, which help to correct sway only after it has already begun. This specially designed system uses unique sliding devices called "cams" to suspend the spring bars of your weight-distribution system. One end of a cam bolts onto your trailer's frame, and the other end attaches to the lift bracket via the lift chain. The rounded, hooked ends of the spring bars then sit in these cams. The controlled placement of the spring bars keeps your system secure while still allowing enough movement for free, easy interaction between your trailer and your tow vehicle.

Dual-Cam Sway Control Turning

During basic, straight-line towing, the cams lock in place and hold the trailer steady by applying constant, consistent pressure to both sides. This keeps the trailer from swaying in crosswinds. When you go into a turn, the cams unlock and slide to allow a controlled, full-radius maneuver. If you swerve suddenly, the cams will give to accommodate the movement while still working to obtain a straight angle, thereby maintaining control of the trailer.

66541 and 26002 Reese Strait-Line Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Hitch Bar

RP66083 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details RP66083 Installation instructions

Video of Strait-Line Weight Distribution System w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 10,000 lbs GTW, 800 lbs TW

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Reese Weight Distribution RP66083 Review

Today well be removing part number RP66083. This is the Reese Straight Line Weight Distribution System with Sway Control. It is going to be a Trunnion Bar Design and its going to include the shank as well as all necessary hardware including your 5/8th inch pin that comes with a clip. Now this system is going to evenly distribute the weight over the axles of the towed vehicle and trailer for stability and control and thats just going to help create a more level ride for both the towed vehicle and the trailer. Its going to feature the automatically self-adjusting, self-centering sway control thats going to work in a variety of situations. The sway control system is basically this system right here. Youre going to have one on each side of the system so youre going to have one on each side of your trailer frame.

Now in straight line movement, the cams are going to lock in position to hold the trailer steady despite crosswinds. When you go around corners, the cams automatically unlock and slide to allow full radius turns and then when you have those situations when you cant help but have to swerve, the cams are going to seek a straight line angle to help stabilize your trailer. Now the sway control is going to bolt onto the A-frame trailer tongue and attach the lift brackets using the chains. When you get the sway control system, you can see that the Trunnion Bar sits over the portion down there. It just lays on top of there. Then you have this bracket that attaches and then with a little U bolt, its going to hold the chain on there and its going to attach to the lift bracket and the lift bracket also attaches to your trailer frame. The good thing about this system is you dont have any large U bolts or platforms to interfere with frame-mounted items such as gas tanks, tool boxes or generators.

The Trunnion Bars are hot rolled and tapered for superior strength and flexibility, so the bars will flex appropriately over uneven terrain for a nice controlled even ride and then the sway control cams are going to provide attachment points for the spring bars. Again, theyre going to attach using those chains. The head assembly and the adjustable shank are included. The head assembly is going to feature a forged raised ball platform so thats going to eliminate the need for a raised hitch ball. Then here on the shank, its going to feature a nice solid steel shank powder coated finish so this is going to stand up really well against rust and corrosion. The spring bar tension is adjustable.

All you have to do is switch the links and the chains where it connects to the lift brackets. Thats going to allow you to fine tune your system. Another great feature is that you can easily get the tilt that you desire with the serrated washer design which you have one on each side. The serrated washers have little teeth in them that dig into the teeth or the grooves on the head assembly. Thats going to allow the head to get the tilt that you need for your particular application. Its also going to eliminate the need to have to pile on washer after washer to get the desired tilt that you need again for your towing application. The system is going to include the sway control cams, the head assembly, the adjustable shank, the lift brackets, the spring bars.

Youre going to get the lift chains. Youre going to get the pin and clip and youre going to get all necessary hardware. Now theres a few things in here that you dont necessarily see in our description that youre going to get. Youre going to get a snap up handle. This is basically to be used as a leverage device. Once you get the chains on the lift brackets, sometimes its really hard because of the tension to get the lift bracket back up into position, so the snap up handle allows you to gain some leverage, put it over that portion there and then youre going to be able to push it up into position. Once you have it up into position, you can easily attach and secure using the included pins. Its going to be same for each lift bracket. Its also going to come in handy to bring the bar of the bracket back down. That way you can remove the chains or you can adjust the links in the chains to fine tune your system. The hitch ball is also going to be sold separately. Now this one does require a threaded shank with an inch and a quarter diameter. It is going to come with a reducer sleeve. That way you can use a threaded shank with an inch diameter so that reduces it from inch and a quarter down to an inch. Thats optional to use, but keep in mind that if you do get a hitch ball with an inch shank diameter that that will only work with a reducer sleeve in the appropriate slot. Youre also going to get the shim. This is provided. Its designed to take out any gap or slack that you may have between the shank of this portion right here and the bracket of the weight distribution head. It would slide in there again to take out any slack. Its got the two holes in it. That way you can run the larger bolts through there and get it nice and secured. Its going to offer a tongue weight of 400 to 800 pounds with a gross towing weight of 10,000 pounds. The shank is designed to fit a 2 inch x 2 inch trailer hitch receiver that is rated for use with weight distribution systems. Now the lift brackets, they simply just go over the trailer frame, this portion here, and its got the set bolt on the back. You just tighten that up. Its going to apply pressure to the inside portion of your frame of the trailer and its going to hold the bracket in place. This is going to approximately take up about 5-1/2 inches of space along your trailer frame and it will not fit trailer frames wider than 2-1/2 inches. Youre going to position the lift brackets about 30 inches back from the hitch ball so youll do that measurement on each side to make sure that you an accurate installation of the life brackets. Now the shank length, were going to take a closer look at that real quick. You can see there that it has two different pinholes. It has one thats set a little bit further back, thats where I have the included the 5/8th inch pin installed. Then it has one thats set a little bit more forward. If we take a measurement from the center of the hitch ball back to that closest pinhole location, thats going to give us a measurement of about 14 inches and then to the further back pinhole location, its going to measure about 15 inches. The total height adjustment that youre going to have along the shank is going to measure 5-1/4 inches. The maximum rise that youre going to be able to get out of this system is going to be 6-1/2 inches and the maximum drop is going to be inch and a quarter. Thats measuring from the top of the hitch receiver opening to the ball platform. Everything is a steel construction. It has a really nice black powder coat finish on it so its going to stand up really well against rusting and corrosion and its going to provide a really long life for everyday use. Its a great system to have. Again, its all about safety and creating a more level ride for both the tow vehicle and the trailer. Thats going to do it for our review of part number RP60083. This is the Straight Line Weight Distribution System from Reese. .

Customer Reviews

Strait-Line Weight Distribution System w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 10,000 lbs GTW, 800 lbs TW - RP66083

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (148 Customer Reviews)

Featuring dual-cam sway control, this weight-distribution system includes an adjustable shank and flexible, powder coated steel, trunnion spring bars to create a level ride for both your trailer and your tow vehicle. Fits 2" trailer hitches.

- RP66083

by: Richard P08/03/2015

The hitch worked wonderful. I was scheduled to have it installed by others but when they saw the unit they got scared, I think. So, having read and re-read the instructions myself by this time, I decided to go it myself. It took all of 4 hours and the following day we left on a five week trip to the northwest US. It performed really well. We had taken two shorter trips without it and I can really feel the difference it makes in windy conditions and weight distribution. 216549


Flawlessly.Just returned from a 5-week, 5,600 mile trip. No problems with it.

Richard P - 08/04/2016


- RP66083

by: AL W.08/07/2016

I had this hitch installed at a local RV specialist shop as I didn't have access to a large enough flat and level area. The cost was about $225. When I picked up the truck and trailer for a test drive, the trailer tracked true behind the truck and I never felt any sway. The load leveling feature helped keep the truck level and I always felt I was in complete control. The only down side to this product is the noise it makes when taking sharp turns. The metallic popping noise are scary at first but I was expecting them. Overall I am very pleased with the performance of this hitch and would recommend it. 281068


No problems, hitch still performs as I described in my write up a year ago.

AL W - 08/07/2017


- RP66083

by: Gerald O.09/14/2015

I'm extremely impressed with ETrailer. The order was processed, shipped and delivered within 4 days...if it hadn't been for the weekend, it would have been sooner. The free shipping was a plus! I plan to install the system this week and will share pictures when finished. I would not hesitate to recommend ETrailer! Thank you! 225503


Very, very well! I would not hesitate to recommend this product. Im still impressed by the service given by E trailers.

Gerald O - 09/13/2016


- RP66083

by: Ron08/24/2016

Works great on a older 28 ft. 6000lb. restored Airstream with a F150 4x4 with anti sway electronics. Without we could only go about 55 mph and the trailer would sway. The truck would warn us to slow down. The install was a bit complex we were not too sure of the angle of the hitch but we followed directions and it works. We traveled about 6k miles on two trips. It stopped the sway even at 70mph . Many a giant truck flew by at 80+ it started to sway but the bars prevented it. Backing and tight turns are no problem. Adjusting the chains require some work and disconnecting, reconnecting a pain. would highly recommend to any one . 287015

- RP66083

by: Dave01/28/2015

Easy to follow instructions. Quality product. Haven't towed TT w/ setup as of this date. 171581


Works great, fairly easy pactical removal when going of road. No problems.

Dave - 01/28/2016


- RP66083

by: Floridacoupe02/15/2015

Took me about 8 hours to get it setup perfectly, but it was well worth the time spent. I pull a 20 foot v-nose trailer behind a 2014 F150 5.0. Its about 6,000 lbs with my race car in it. It used to sway a bit in the wind and not track great. This hitch really makes driving down the highway easier. No sway now, and tracks much better. I think it is well worth the time and money and would recommend this hitch to anyone. 174821

- RP66083

by: Mike B05/13/2017

Have not opened up the two packages yet. My friend has one exactly like this one and he likes it very much and said he is getting no sway from Florida to Michigan. I believe we will be very happy with this hitch. 379922

- RP66083

by: Ed08/10/2015

The equalizer hitch arrived. It is really a heavy duty piece. unfortunately we will not get to road test it for a few more weeks when our new trailer arrives. 218195

- RP66083

by: Rod j.07/09/2015

Already have this product on a heavy trailer . Works great . Drove all day in 50 mph wind gust and was able to keep it straight. 210588

- RP66083

by: john s.10/28/2015

product was shipped very fast and was as described, will definitely be doing business with this company again in the future!!! 231021

- RP66083

by: Charlie P.07/14/2017

The new weight distribution hitch exceeded my expectations Pricing was excellent, Customer service was second to none! 407528

- RP66083

by: Norman H04/12/2015

The delivery was very quick and on time. It took about three hours to install. Once installed works very well. 184842

- RP66083

by: Travis B07/04/2015

Great product. Fast Shipping. Night and day difference from my previous trunnion bar friction style hitch. 209222

- RP66083

by: Dave V,02/12/2015

Great service tracking web page, the hitch was delivered on time with no problems. 173408

- RP66083

by: Joe D.08/02/2017

Great product. Not too bad of an install. Works great. Thanks etrailer.com 414094

- RP66083

by: John W07/24/2017

we love it what a difference it made while towing our camper!! 410062

- RP66084

by: Keith H.05/17/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I bought the Strait-Line Weight Distribution System w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 12,000 lbs GTW, 1,200 lbs TW for my 18 foot trailer used to haul just under 10,000lbs of Tractor and implements on winding Tennessee roads with my 2014 Double Cab 4.6 liter Full Bed Tundra. The product works great; I almost don't realize the trailer is there. Everything is level with no drop at the front and 1/2 to1 inch drop at the back depending on what's loaded. There is normally about a 3-4 inch drop in the back. Be aware that the box will be delivered at just over 90 pounds. The installation is not technically difficult, but you will need more tools than the instructions indicate to get everything together. The high torque bolts and as well as the 450 ft/lbs ball torque require some specific large wrenches and sockets. If you go through the instructions and pieces for the actual size of the bolts required, it will save you some running around to find tools. Invest in a step drill bit and it will save some hunting. With everything in place and ready to go, this was a solid 8 hour install with a lot of low to the ground squatting and bending which you will feel the next day. If I were older (46 now), I would have a professional install this. If you do, they will need a fully loaded trailer to finish which you will also need to finish the install. There is one piece in the instructions for installing the optional 1/2" x 1.00" SELF TAPPING SCREW into the snap up braket First, this is not really optional, but the instructions indicate to drill a 9/16" hole for this 1/2" screw which is incorrect and will cause you to not be able to tighten the screw down. The whole should be 1/2". Don't be tempted to put these in before the very last step after everything is hooked up or you will be very unhappy. The snapup brakets get moved around several times between the WD and Sway Control sections. The only negative (if it is negative) is that for my trailer height of 16", the trunnions are only 5 1/2" of the ground which can make speed bumps and the like an interesting experience as the do contact the road as the trailer wheels go over those bumps. If you are converting from a normal ball hitch off the back of the truck to this for the first time, your break away wire and safety chains will now be too short to connect to the truck (in all likely hood). You will likely need to either add to or replace those as well. All in all, the system works great, is technically easy to install with all the correct tools and sufficient time. 193724

- RP66084

by: Ken W05/31/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I had experience with towing travel trailers before, but it had been a while. When we decided to buy a new trailer, the hitch setup the trailer dealer proposed just didn't seem right for the job. Doing some research on my own, I came across the etrailer.com site. From the information that was available on the site I was able to focus in on what I thought would be the best fit for my F-150 towing an 8,000 lb + trailer. When I called with questions, I was fortunate that I talked to Wayne--one of etrailer's product specialists. This was like talking to a trusted brother. We discussed a few different brands and the pros and cons; but in the end decided the Strait-Line RP66084 would be the best fit. After that conversation, I did some more research on my own and--besides discovering that Wayne's advice was fantastic and spot on--found that the Strait Line system proposed was top ranked. The features I was looking for: (1) Leveling (weight distribution) capabilities (2) Sway control (3) Safety (4) Tracking (holding the trailer steady behind you when taking curves (5) Ability to back up without having to get out of truck and manually release a brake bar and (6) simple enough to install for a shade tree mechanic. The Strait-Line fit the bill and I'm very appreciative that etrailer.com has experts--rather than sales-focused pushy people--to help you make the right decision. I've pulled my trailer with ease and the Strait-Line has lived up to every expectation. And etrailer.com's price was great and the shipping had it delivered sooner than expected. It's rare when you can say you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED with a product, service, quality, and price--but I can that about my purchase of the Strait-Line RP66084 from etrailer.com 199001


Greattowed trailer through wind and hail on way to Floridasure glad I had this hitch setup!

Ken W - 06/01/2016


- RP66084

by: Dave R.11/23/2012

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I can't vouch for the product as yet, because I haven't installed it. I can however comment on the service & etrailers excellent way of updating the progress of the transaction. It was very efficiently & fast. I ordered the hitch on Sunday night and UPS drove up in front of the house on Wednesday about 1:30 pm and delivered it. That is great service by any ones standards. I've read the instructions some & it looks like it will take some time to install this unit. There are a number of tools that are needed to accomplish the task & not all of them are in just everybody's tool box. (unless you are a heavy equipment mechanic) which my son-in-law is, so I had access to everything I needed. A friend also bought this hitch & purchased all the tools needed to do the job so I am all set to strike out and install the hitch, as soon as it takes a turn for the better weather wise. The hitch is a massive heavy duty unit that looks to be able to handle the job with ease. When I get it installed & use it awhile I will repost a review concerning it's use & installation info including the quirks & all the things needed to measure & drill, etc. to put it to use. I again want to thank etrailer for their attention to every detail of the transaction & the prompt service & almost miraculous delivery in such a short time right to my door & in a complete state. (nothing missing) it was very well packaged to stand up to the rigors of shipping.Kudos Etrailer... 59938


After using this hitch for a year it has performed as well as I could have expected

Dave R - 05/24/2014


Ive been using the Reese Straight-Line system since 2006, its the best performing distribution hitch Ive owned. I had a traditional round bar set up w friction sway control on my previous trailer. The straight-line gives you an extremely solid

-- comment by: Steve - 06/14/2014


- RP66072

by: Modern Yankee09/08/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

The sway control and load distributing hitch seems to work very well. My only gripe would be that the installation manuals for the combo kit (load distributing AND sway control system) are really nothing more than one manual for the one part and another manual for the other part. The problem is that if you start installing the load distributing part first, you realize eventually that you should have stopped at one point and switched over to the other manual. Someone at the manufacturer could definitely do a much better job with writing the manual (and making a single, comprehensive manual for this combo system). That's my only gripe. Because of that (and having a tube frame aluminum trailer with some wiring in my way...which required a couple of minor additional steps, the entire installation took roughly 4 hours) 224503


Its so hard to remember a year ago, but everything Ive purchased is inserviceable condition. The complete kit load distributing and anti-swayrig is very good. Installation was pretty straight-forward and it seem towork well, though....its tough to tell because I changed work trailers atthe same time as I changed trucks...so the scientific experiment part onlychange one variable went right out the window on that one.no complaints...thats a good thing in my book. :

Modern Y - 09/14/2016


- RP66082

by: James S. Downs - Satisfied Customer05/24/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Company Rep ( Tommy C) was amazingly helpful in doing rapid research with Reese company and determining that my existing system although still functional contained obsolete parts and should be replaced to accommodate second trailer needs. New pets order was immediate and I received all necessary parts on 3rd day from order. Exceptional! Now a design complaint regarding mounting the Reese Sway Control brackets to trailer frame tube (2"x6"-1/8" ) with press in "nut rivets". This frame is not adequately thick enough to accept this attachment procedure unless these items are welded in place to keep them from "stripping out". Holes in frame were correctly drilled per instruction. My machine shop, one of the most respected in Illinois, that this is a very common situation which can only be remedied by a skied welder. This is something that Reese and you should address. Hope this will assist others. Thanks for your excellent service. 196491


System works perfectly, as expected. Thank you for following up on this issue.

Jim a - 05/26/2016


- RP66084

by: Randy V.06/05/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I purchased my hitch just before making a trip from the Seattle area to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks (about 750 miles each way). I pull a Timber Ridge 250RDS travel trailer (31', 6200 lbs dry weight) with a RAM 2500, and could not be happier with this hitch. It is spendy, but you definitely get what you pay for. 1) It does an excellent job of preventing sway and provides a solid feel, making mefeel comfortable towing at speeds over 70 MPH. 2) I have noticed very little noise coming from the hitch compared to others that pop, creak, and groan. 3) It is very easy to hook up and disconnect, compared to others that involve kicking, prying and loud noises when installing or removing the WD bars. I called etrailer and placed my order over the phone with Karen, and she made sure the order was shipped that day. Excellent service! The only disappointment was that the product had previously been opened, and some mounting hardware was missing. So, when I went to have it installed, the technician had to improvise. Not a big deal, but I wish that had been checked to make sure all of the pieces were there, since it had been previously opened. 200973

- RP66130

by: Ralph02/14/2012

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I bought two 66130 weight dist. and sway sytems one was put on 3/4 diesel and the other on 3/4 gas bought worked great had no problems with installation,only thing I needed was the shim #58207 for the head assy. and shank if you have a gap. Called Sequent products which is part of reese and drawtite,sent me the shim and all was great 31850

- RP66084

by: Mike R.08/01/2012

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

OK, I waited to write this review until I had an opportunity to really use this product. We just completed a 950 mile camping trip around Colorado. We went up and over mountains, around curves, and traveled in the interstate. All I can say is, WOW! I wish I had purchased this years ago. We pull a 7000# travel trailer with a new F150 EcoBoost. Before installing this we were pushed around in windy canyons, semis and dealt with sway descending the mountains. This product is the real deal. I can safely travel on the interstate at speeds up to 75 MPH thanks to this product. 50034


I have a 33 TT towing with an ecoboost. I think the hitch I have is too week. My TT never gets loaded over 6,500 yet I still get a bad front end drift? I think its the WD I currently have. Does this hitch really solve that problem? My TV is a super crew lariat off road package with c rated tires

-- comment by: Josh - 08/08/2014


Weight distribution can help handling and steering when properly set up. This system also has an integrated sway control system also improves handling and stability. With your travel trailer loaded and ready to go, having about 650 pound of tongue weight, this system is rated appropriately for your needs. If you are experiencing too much front end sway you may need to make some adjustments to place more of the load on the front axle These adjustments can be made at the angle of the head. Please see your specific installation instructions for more details.

-- Rachael H - 8/12/2014

- RP66084

by: Edward S.07/01/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

What a piece of engineering! I haven't towed with this yet but the design looks great. I've read other reviews about how long the installation takes, the directions seem simple so I don't anticipate any problems. My unloaded, as shipped TW is 600lbs, adding a battery and full propane tanks plus the hitch weight brings the TW up to 800lbs. I should have plenty of extra capacity with these. 208694


I just pulled 500 miles with zero sway. When being overtaken by a semi, the whole rig wants to move instead of just the camper. I find this normal and acceptable.

Edward S - 06/30/2016


- RP66084

by: Chuck P.01/17/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Haven't had chance to use yet as I'm waiting on trailer. Product arrived as ordered. For being free shipping it arrived faster than most mail. Will up date when I get chance to use with trailer. Looking forward to do bussiness with ETrailer in future great company. Lots of help, quick to answer questions. Thanks Chuck 170308


Pulling a 6500 trailer with Jeep Grand Cherokee Very well new trailer towed very different with this hitch never swayed felt like I didnt even have a trailer behind me compaired to just a sway bar system get system

Chuck P - 01/17/2016


- RP66074

by: Greg03/22/2014

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I have been using this hitch for about 2 years now on my 20' flatbed trailer. It has been done everything I expected and excels at what it is designed to do. I have had my trailer loaded up to it's max weight (12k) on more than one occasion and this hitch keeps everything nice and level. I have never experienced any sway, but I am careful to load the weight on my trailer correctly. I had to use a drop shank #RP3344 since I have a 6" lift and 35" tires. My trailer sits perfectly level. etrailer is awesome - fast shipping and top notch customer service!! 121781

- RP66074

by: Barry L.09/07/2016

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Wow-this fixed my issue. I have a Silvarado 2500 and pull a 36ft Puma camper. Weight distribution was not an issue with my truck but my trailer swayed a lot. After installation no sway issues at all. 25-30 mph winds on interstate no issues at all. No sway!!! Great product!!! Glad I did not go with the friction sway control. The system allowed me to back up with no issues. Even had to do a tight u-turn inside the camp with no issues. No noise. Can not believe what a difference this makes in pulling my camper. I still think I can make a few adjustments to make it better. Installation: took about 4 hrs-but most of that time was finding another drill bit after drilling 3 holes the bit chipped. So really could have installed within 2-1/2 hours. Very easy to install. If I had watched the video first I could have installed even faster. You will need some heavy duty tools but my in-laws had the tools. 292196

- RP66130

by: Joe W11/05/2014

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I recently purchased the straight line dual cam hitch with sway control. I've dealt with etrailer in the past and have always been very satisfied with not only the product but also the company. When I called etrailer I had some concerns as to whether I was looking at buying the correct hitch (12000 lb.) or needed the 15000 lb. I spoke with Nik and voiced my concerns. He was knowledgeable and we agreed that the 15000 lb. would be a better fit for my application. Within a few days UPS delivered the hitch. Really quick service. Now, I hate calling a company to order anything. It always seems you get the hard sell to by other items and it is very irritating. Not so with etrailer. We had a pleasant conversation with no hard sell. Just what I was looking for and that was it. I haven't had the opportunity to install the hitch yet but I'm sure if I need any help it's just a phone call away. Thanks Nik and etrailer. 159581

- RP66074

by: Dave W.06/25/2017

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I got this to pull a trailer from Virginia, through Canada, to Alaska. After almost 6000 miles, I highly recommend this, in the appropriate weight rating of course, for anyone pulling a heavy load. My loaded trailer was right at 9000 lbs. I first visited the recommendation page and decided on this particular hitch. The route wasn't easy and mostly mountainous, and the Alaskan Highway is nothing to sneeze at. We hit several unmarked rough patches pretty fast. Never once did I have any issues. The truck rode perfectly level, and the trailer never swayed, not one bit. Set up wasn't the easiest, but just read through the instructions a couple times, then find a video covering it. Once you have it set up, hooking up takes just a minute or two longer than just hooking straight to the ball, but not any more difficult. Highly recommend. 398721

- RP66084

by: Pat Kelly10/21/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

work great.It help with the big riggs not to pull are push when passing. I did not take bars off when turning are backing had no problem with bind are amount of area to turn did not know it was back there when backing. Its not really hard to put together does take a little time to do it right by the instruction. read all the way through Key points height of trailer hitch and what ball height your using. And last make sure you measure the front fender for the ride height. I am really happy with it. We have a lot of down bust wind were we live and strait line distribution system w say bar works really good. our trailer is 36 feet and 8 inch long from ball to bumper. 1000 lbs tung weight. 230436

- RP66088

by: patrick E.08/07/2012

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I have currently ordered one of these and I have a fleetwood 24'bounder motor home with a 16' 7000lb electric brake trailer carring my 2006 Ford mustang convertible with 6150watt generator and winch . I had a 30+ travel trailer pulled by my 2004 chev avalanche and had one of these system which I let go with the trailer not knowing I would need one for my mustang carrier and it worked great never had a problem so when I get it installed on motor home I will send pictures of the whole thing ..... 50884

- RP66074

by: Dale H11/06/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

This is a quality product from Etrailer.com. It does everything they claim it is supposed to do. I have used it three times now since having it professionally installed by my local RV Dealer. It has eliminated the sway problems that I had been having at different times on different trips with my 31 foot Rockwood Ultralight 2701SS. Very happy with this product and even more satisfied with the quick and outstanding service from etrailer.com. You wont go wrong with this combination. 231511

- RP66084

by: Charlie11/10/2014

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I will say that e-trailer has been great to buy from and have been very helpful and I will continue to buy my towing needs from them. I have used Reese products for years, so I recently bought a new travel trailer and decided I need a new WD hitch naturally I bought reese. wish I didn't poor fit and finish lots of burrs weldments and forgings not up to what I expected from what was once a top notch manufacturer. Mating parts not aligned welds are crooked, really started looking at the unit and noticed (made in China) had to use machine shims to take up space between poorley fitted parts. If I didn't nned the hitch in a hurry I would have sent it back. 160097

- RP66084

by: Rick W.07/08/2017

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I purchase a used trailer recently and have made several purchases from etrailer to include a Straight-Line Weight Distribution Hitch (RP 66084), 2 5/16 Ball (19286), RV Generator Plug (CAM 55333), Aqua Hose, sealing trim for roof and side seams etc... All of the products have arrived on time and are of high quality. The trunnion bar holes on the RP 66084 were missed drilled so I called etrailer(Laser) and he shipped me out replacement bars which arrived sooner than expected along with a return label for the miss-drilled bars. Products are quality, service is quality and inventory is exceptional. It is a pleasure doing business with them. 403322

- RP66074

by: Lenin C.09/05/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Products: Excellent quality, well built and easy to use/adjust. Installed on a 18ft Enclosed car hauler. Installation: Instructions were easy to follow. Took about 2.5 hours to complete. Be prepared to take a trip to the hardware store if you don't own large wrenches or large metal drill bits. Customer Service: By far one of the best customer service departments I have ever talked with. Took the time to explain all the different products available. After talking with customer service for about 45 mins, decided to go with this setup for my 18ft car hauler. Etrailer.com will be my first stop whenever I need to buy anything for my trailer. 224236

- RP66074

by: Rob K.06/17/2017

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Awesome weight hitch! I pull a 28" camper with this hitch and its really nice not having to stop and break down the hitch before backing up the camper. I have about 3k miles on this setup and absolutely love it. Its also easier to store when not in use because the chains stay attached to the cams on the a frame of the trailer and not attached to the bars. So the bars arent as heavy. Thanks again etrailer 395414

- RP66072

by: Wes W.08/22/2016

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I am very pleased with this product because it solved my sway problem on our new travel trailer. I tried towing with just a ball and receiver hitch, bought a chain type equalizer hitch and then added a stabilizer bar and still had problem with swaying. I had in mind to purchase a different type system but Katie suggested this one. It works very well and makes pulling this trailer more enjoyable and much safer. Before I installed this hitch if I had a truck pass me they would just about blow me off the road! Now I can feel the wind move it just a little (I would call this "normal") 286612

- RP66084

by: Norm05/17/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Overall product is excellent. Having said that it is not a set-up for a novice to install. Comes as two separate items. READ both instructions sheets and see how they become compatible when finished together. Chain connections are told to locate in two different applications, be careful. When you buy the leveler and sway package it should have it's own instruction sheet. Have taken a 700 mile road trip and worked great. Arm came off once in a dip with tight turn, but hooked back up very easily. Worth the extra money because of the ease of use once it is installed. 193798

- rp66130

by: Richard D.11/12/2016

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Hitch arrived in two boxes which were in good shape considering the weight. On opening all parts were received. Not having time to install yet, but having tested the placement of hitch, the most time needed will be checking measurement and drilling the frame of the trailer after that its straight forward bolting together. This could be a hard project if it was my first time, but can be done easily if you have the right tools The Reesee strait line hitch looks like a well design hitch witch should handle the weight and sway. Will write again when installed and towing. 316168

- RP66084

by: Don S10/14/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

E trailer was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I knew pretty much what I wanted when I called to order. Andrea was very helpful in confirming I had the right weight hitch and ball to accommodate my trailer. I ordered late in the day on Monday and everything arrived at my door by 9 am on Wednesday. I could not believe the prompt shipment. And with the tracking feature on the shipping, I knew the status of the shipment all along the way from Missouri to Michigan. With the great price and customer service I have to give E trailer a 5 star rating. 229953

- RP66130

by: Steve09/15/2014

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

We recently purchased a larger travel trailer and decided to upgrade our weight distribution system. After reading Etrailer reviews and going with the suggested setup we bought the Reese Strait-Line system RP6613. Setup was time consuming and very finicky. Unfortunately getting the system setup so the cams ride in the bars properly was extremely difficult and frustrating. The weight distribution part worked great as advertised. The sway control on the other hand seems nonexistent. Equalizer WDS setup, adjustment and performance are far above the Reese systems. 151055

- RP66074

by: John09/12/2016

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Installed this on a 2016 Silverado 1500 2wd dbl cab pulling a 2016 northland 30ft travel trailer. I was having the typical sway issues with crosswinds and passing big rigs etc. I am very pleased that this hitch solved the problem. Good quality product. I installed it myself and I had to buy about $100 in larger wrenches and a good quality step drill bit. 294010

- RP66130

by: Sean A.12/29/2016

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

The entire package is awesome , did as promised and fixed sway of trailer. I am pulling a 33' Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler. The trailer is heavy 11.500 lbs. and has a heavy tongue weight as well. Air bags on a 3/4 ton Denali diesel and this trailer pulls straight and true. Should I purchase another tag along this will be the hitch I go with again. Researched Hensley and a few other anti-sway hitches in detail and this is what has worked. A lot to set up for every trip but does as promised and creates a level of safety comfort for me the driver. 328580

- RP66130

by: Chad11/05/2014

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

etrailer provides excellent service and fast shipping. I ordered the Reese strait line for my new 34 foot toy hauler. The instructions provided by Reese are not the best; however, etrailer has videos and made things much easier. Once installed I went for a test drive. The sway I was getting from the friction bar set up was gone. I Could cruise at freeway speeds one handed and not fight the trailer. I definitely recommend this product, and purchase it from etrailer if you want great service. 159409

- RP66074

by: Paul B06/20/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Installed the Reese Strait-Line Dual Cam hitch a day or so after it was received and everything went very well! Had to make one call to tech support to clarify an instruction on drilling the frame for bracket bolts, and the phone help was great. My advisor knew about the hitch, how it went together and easily answered my questions, giving me the confidence it would be right. Love the hitch, got it in two days, love the service, and the price was fantastic! Thanks to all! 205780

- RP66084

by: john c05/17/2017

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

Excellent product. It's an easy DYI installation. It only took about an hour to install to spec. Not much to say about the weight distro, other than it's nice to have my truck riding next to normal. I was most impressed with the built-in anti-sway in high winds while crossing a large body of water. Never once did I feel the vehicle was going to go off the bridge, or any whipping of the trailer. The two felt like one unit. Highly recommend this setup 381439

- RP66084

by: Shawn05/30/2016

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

The hitch was delivered in good condition except for a few paint chips. Considering the weight of the hitch and parts, I expected as such. If you order the sway control arms as I did you must read all the directions before starting. The sway control arms will change where the brackets need to be located on the trailer tongue. All the parts when together great and I can't wait to see how the hitch performs on my 29 foot Salem travel trailer. 253849

- RP66084

by: Gary S.07/27/2015

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

As expected, the product is everything that I expected it to be. After one short trip, but with some strong crosswinds, I can honestly say that the "dual cam system" eliminated sway. I could not be happier. Installation took about 3 hours with very minor problems. Only real challenge was finding an 11/16" drill bit for mounting the cam brackets. The two questions that I had were quickly and effectively answered by technical services. 214784

- RP66084

by: Randy W.04/30/2017

Review from a similar Reese Strait-Line in Weight Distribution

I am very happy with my Reese hitch. It was a good value, and the difference in handling between this hitch and my previous one is unbelievable. The overall control and anti-sway capability is an amazing improvement. I would never have believed that a different hitch could make so much difference. Great product at a fair price, and eTrailer is an outstanding place to purchase. Their service, support, and expertise is second-to-none! 374297

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  • Is Factory Sway Control on a Ford Truck Good Enough for Towing a Trailer
  • The built-in sway control on your 2013 Ford truck works by apply the brake or more or less power to one side of the vehicle to correct a sway condition when detected. This is a passive system and will only engage when swaying already has started. If you used a Strait-Line system like # RP66083 the dual-cam sway control works as an active system. It will keep the truck and trailer in a straight line which stops sway before it starts. You could technically have the Ford system on with...
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  • Weight Distribution Hitch Recommendation for a Coleman Fleetwood Utah Popup Camper
  • Your best option at this point will be to have your trailer sit as level as possible with a properly rated weight distribution system with dual cam sway control and distribute as much weight as you can as far forward as possible. I attached an FAQ on how to pick the correct rise/drop ball mount. The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow, this figure also includes the weight of any...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System With Highly Effective Sway Control Capabilities
  • A weight distribution system isn't a one size fits all proposition. W/D systems are available with spring bars of various capacities, you'll want to choose the system based on the fully loaded tongue weight of your trailer. To choose a weight distribution system, you'll need to first determine the fully loaded and ready to tow tongue weight of your trailer. To that figure, add the weight of any gear stowed in the cargo area your Grand Cherokee behind the rear axle. I've linked to an...
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  • What is the Towing Capacity of a 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition
  • The best place to look for the towing capacities of a vehicle is in the owners manual. The manual will give you what the vehicle is capable of. Usually on the hitch there is a sticker with the hitches capacities. Which ever is lower, the vehicle or the hitch, is the capacity you need to go by. Based on a manual I found online through Ford, the tow capacity of the vehicle is as follows: With a 5.4 liter engine, standard tow package, 2-wheel drive the gross trailer weight capacity is...
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  • Why is it Important to Make Weight Distribution Head Angle Adjustment
  • Weight distribution heads are adjustable to get the spring bars level or just below level with the trailer frame. Depending on the trailer frame, the head may need to be set at 90 degrees, it also may need to be tilted down as far as possible to keep the trailer level. This will also depend on the weight of the trailer and strength of the suspension on the vehicle. Head angle affects bar tension. With too much spring bar tension the rear of the vehicle could lift. Not enough tension...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for 19 ft Airstream Travel Trailer
  • In order to choose the correct weight distribution system for your needs, confirming the fully loaded and ready to tow tongue weight of your Airstream is very important. I will link you to an FAQ article that will walk you through this process. Make sure to include the weight of anything stowed in the truck bed behind the rear axle with the tongue weight figure. If you should determine that your trailer tongue weight falls in between 400 and 800 lbs, the Reese Strait-Line System, part...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for 2017 Rpod 178 Camper
  • Thanks for the kind words! Before we get into the best weight distribution solution for your needs you should note that the best way to fight sway is in how you load the trailer. If you can move as much weight to the front of the trailer and make sure it is sitting as level as possible that will be your best way to prevent the sway. Now the best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow....
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  • Weight Distribution System Recommendation for Lance 2285 Trailer
  • I looked up the specs of your Lance 2285 and it has a dry tongue weight of 615 lbs. And when fully loaded would have around a 750 lb tongue weight. For a weight distribution that would work well you would want the Reese Strait Line part # RP66083. This system has a tongue weight range of 400-800 lbs and has the only sway control on the market designed to fight sway before it starts. For a 2 inch ball you would want part # A-90 and for a 2-5/16 inch ball # 19286. Aside from that you would...
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  • Which WD Hitch and Sway Control For Forest River Wildwood 26BH Trailer Towed By 2007 Nissan Armada
  • Weight distribution systems should be used any time the trailer weighs more than 50 percent of the vehicle's weight. It is also recommended on trailers exceeding 26 feet that you have sway control on both sides or use dual cam sway control. I did some research and found that the dry weight of your Forest River Wildwood 26BH Trailer is approximately 4050 lbs when not loaded. When choosing a weight distribution system, the tongue weight of your trailer will determine the proper weight...
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  • Is a Weight Distribution System Needed for a 2012 Nissan Pathfinder to Tow a 2014 Jayco x18d
  • Based on the figures you have provided, I would recommend using a weight distribution system if the trailer hitch on your vehicle is rated for weight distribution. Weight distribution is recommended if the trailer weighs more than 50 percent of the tow vehicles weight. Your 2012 Nissan Pathfinder probably weighs in the ball park of 5,000 to 5,500 lbs. Before choosing a weight distribution system, you will want to make sure your trailer hitch is rated for weight distribution. Your owners...
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  • Weight Distribution System for 30 Foot Aerolite Travel Trailer with 808 lb Dry Tongue Weight
  • The effective range of the W/D system you choose should encompass the fully loaded and ready to tow tongue weight of your trailer, which includes anything stored behind the rear axle in the cargo area of the tow vehicle (as you stated). You are also right on the money with needing to include the weight of the propane tanks and batteries. Given this, the RP66083 would have insufficient capacity to handle the tongue weight of your trailer. For your 30 foot Aerolite, I would recommend the...
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  • Installation Instructions for Reese Dual Cam Weight Distribution System
  • Set-up of a Reese dual cam weight distribution system like # RP66083 is shown in the linked video. The complete written instructions are also linked for you. It is important to know your trailer's fully-loaded road-ready tongue weight (TW) when selecting a system. The spring bars need to be selected based on the actual weight load on them, which consists of the trailer's TW plus the weight of anything in the truck bed that sits behind the rear axle, such as a cooler or generator. You...
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  • Can 2015 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Tow Jayco 24-Foot X213 Travel Trailer with GVWR 5500-lbs
  • The Jayco Jay Feather X213's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), the most it can weigh when loaded, is indeed 5500-lbs. According to the online owner's manual for the 2015 4Runner the vehicle's maximum allowable trailer weight is 5000-lbs when the trailer has its own electric brakes (as the X213 does) or only 1655-lbs if the trailer does not have brakes. I recommend you check with your local dealership using the 4Runner's VIN to confirm its towing capacity as equipped from the factory....
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  • Best Weight Distribution with Sway Control for 2015 Dodge Durango.
  • The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow. This figure also includes the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. If your third row seat is behind the rear axle then the weight of your kids should be counted as tongue weight. I attached a help article on determining tongue weight for you to check out as well. You will want the loaded tongue weight of your setup...
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  • What is the Dry Weight of a 24 Foot Long Aerolite Travel Trailer
  • Based on the VIN it indicates that your Aerolite trailer is actually 22 to 24 foot long. Aerolite didn't make a 22 foot long trailer in 2008 so it must be one of the 24 foot models. If it is an M-19FL then it weighs 3,773 pounds. If it is an M-21QS then it weighs 4,130 pounds. The M-214 (Cub Series) weighs 4,069 pounds. And the M-235 (Cub Series) weighs 3,886 pounds.
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  • Weight Distribution System Recommendation for 2017 Jayco Hummingbird RK
  • When calculating tongue weight for a weight distribution system you would not add the weight of the system into the calculations. Essentially it becomes part of the vehicle frame and would not be tongue especially considering it actively reduces it. I know this is a weird concept but I have had several conversations with our WD manufacturers and they all state that it would not be considered as tongue weight in regards to the towing setup. I would recommend the Reese Strait Line part...
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  • Weight Distribution for a Trailer Weighing 4,500 to 7,000 Pounds
  • The good news is the brackets that install on the trailer frame will stay in that one position so you won't have to worry about drilling anymore than would be required for a given weight distribution system. Since your gross trailer weight will be as little as 4,500 pounds and as much as 7,000 that would put the tongue weight at about 450 pounds at the lowest to 1,050 pounds at the highest. You also would add to that the weight of anything loaded behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. The...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution/Sway Control for Forest River R-Pod 179 Hood River Edition
  • The key to choosing the right weight distribution/sway control (WD/SC) system is knowing your trailer's actual fully-loaded road-ready tongue weight (TW). We offer a simple-to-use scale # 5780 but other methods for measuring TW are noted in the linked article. To your measured trailer TW you will add the weight of anything in the back of the Tacoma that sits behind the rear axle, say a loaded cooler or generator. With this total effective TW known you can choose the right system. Ideally...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Weight Distribution Recommendation for 2016 Toyota Tundra
  • For your 2016 Toyota Tundra the Draw Tite hitch part # 75527 is the most popular option we have. Based on the capacities of this hitch the weight distribution system that would work best would be the Reese Strait-Line # RP66083 which has a tongue weight range of 400-800 lbs and the only sway control system that works to fight sway before it starts. For a 2 inch ball you would want part # A-90 and for a 2-5/16 inch ball # 19286.
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  • Which Reese Dual Cam Weight Distribution for Towing 3460-lb Airstream Safari Trailer with BMW X5
  • Selection of a weight distribution and sway control system should be made based on the fully-loaded trailer tongue weight. It is important that the trailer be loaded and equipped just as it will be when towed, with full water and propane tanks, and all usual equipment and supplies, etc. Manufacturer specs can provide dry weight and unloaded tongue weight, but a properly-tuned weight distribution system depends on knowing the actual as-towed trailer tongue weight. Tongue weight can be...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Weight Distribution Recommendation for a 2010 Acura MDX and 5,000 Pound Trailer
  • The CURT Trailer Hitch, # 13354, would be a good choice for your 2010 Acura MDX. When used with weight distribution, it has a tongue weight capacity of 500 pounds and a gross trailer weight capacity of 5,000 pounds. I have included a link to the installation instructions and a link to a video showing a typical installation. When choosing a weight distribution system, you will want to go with one that has a tongue weight capacity range that encompasses the tongue weight of the trailer...
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  • Weight Distribution for Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer With Limited Access to A-Frame
  • We do have a Weight Distribution (WD) system that can be installed on frames with limited access to the top of the frame, but it requires drilling which is not always advisable for aluminum trailers. You will want to contact the manufacturer to make sure that it will be okay to drill into the frame of your snowmobile carrier. Some of the Reese Strait-Line WD Systems can be installed using the Chain Hangers # RP58305 which install on the side of the trailer frame rather than the top. To...
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  • Weight Distribution System Recommendation for 500 lbs Tongue Weight
  • Between the three listed the part # FA94-00-0600 is the best for a loaded tongue weight of 540 lbs give or take. That being said the best option is the part # RP66083 as it has a tongue weight range that would work perfectly as well but features sway control that works to fight sway before it starts. For a 2 inch ball you would want part # A-90 and for a 2-5/16 inch ball # 19286.
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  • Can Weight Distribution be Used with a 2014 Mercedes ML350 to Tow an Airstream Trailer
  • First, you need to make sure that your 2014 Mercedes ML350 is rated for use with weight distribution. The trailer hitch should have a sticker on it and it should show 2 tongue weight capacity ratings if the hitch is rated for weight distribution. The max tongue weight capacity will have to exceed the tongue weight of the trailer when loaded and ready to tow. If 575 pounds is the maximum then adding weight distribution will not help. Weight distribution does not increase the capacity...
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  • 2017 Ford F150 Trailer Hitch Recommendation for Towing 7,500 lb Trailer
  • For your 2017 Ford F-150 you will need to upgrade to a heavier duty hitch like the Curt part # C14017 which has a 10k capacity and is designed to fit versions of your truck that have the factory hitch like yours. Check out the install video I attached as well. A weight distribution system would be a great option as you will be well into the towing capacity of your truck. For a tongue weight of 700 lbs the Strait Line part # RP66083 which has a tongue weight range of 400-800 lbs and has...
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  • Weight Distribution Recommendation and Towing Capacity of a 2009 GMC Acadia
  • I did some research and when properly equipped the 2009 GMC Acadia can tow up to 5,200 pounds. Consult your vehicle owners manual to determine the capacities of your specific model. The capacity of the vehicle is static meaning that the maximum amount of weight the vehicle can tow cannot be increased by using weight distribution. If you were to tow at the maximum weight, assuming 5,200 pounds gross trailer weight, then you would want a system rated for 400 to 800 pounds tongue weight...
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  • Weight Distribution System for 2004 F150 Towing Jayco 27-Foot Trailer with 600-650 Lb Tongue Weight
  • The ideal choice of weight distribution system will be one where your loaded trailer tongue weight falls in the middle of the systems usable range. (A system that is too low in capacity will not provide the necessary stabilization; one rated too high will be stiff and result in erratic performance.) Please note that the weight of any gear in the truck bed placed behind the rear axle needs to be added to the tongue weight of the fully-loaded ready-to-roll trailer. If your actual total tongue...
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  • Weight Distribution/Sway Control Recommendation for a Shadow Cruiser with 528 Pounds Tongue Weight
  • The estimated 528 pound tongue weight is a little too close for comfort for a system rated up to 600 pounds. I recommend going up to the 800 pound system, # RP66153 since its range is actually 400 to 800 pounds tongue weight. The sway control part is metal on brake pad-like material. The systems are durable unless they are constantly working for some reason. Otherwise under normal conditions they should last you a good long while. The metal on metal can be noisy but any system is going...
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  • Weight Distribution and Sway Control for a 29 ft Sprindale Trailer Towed by a 2012 Ford Expedition
  • The key to purchasing the correct weight distribution system and sway control is choosing a system that is compatible with the tongue weight of your trailer. So it is important to know the tongue weight of your trailer when it is fully loaded and ready to tow. With that being said, I have attached an article on determining trailer tongue weight for you to review. If the tongue weight of your trailer is greater or less than the tongue weight range on your weight distribution system,...
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  • Weight Distribution Recommendation for 2005 Chevy Trailblazer Towing a 28 Foot 5,000-Lb Trailer
  • Most likely what would cause the sway control plate to bend is from backing up your trailer in a tight situation. The sharp turning when backing up would cause the friction sway control to be completely compressed and then put the strain on the sway control plate and cause it to bend. With the trailer being 28 feet long that would probably put you in more situations where you might encounter sharp turning when backing up. Weight distributing systems should be used any time the trailer...
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