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2 Steps for Finding the Right Weight Distribution Hitch Size

For the best ride, you'll need a weight distribution hitch designed for your trailer's tongue weight. If you choose a WDH that is too light for your application, the hitch won't be effective. If you go too heavy, however, you'll suffer a rigid ride and a bouncy trailer.So how do you find that Goldilocks weight distribution hitch that's just right? Follow the 2 steps below to determine the right weight distribution hitch size for your needs.
Weight Distribution Hitch on Truck and Trailer
Tongue Weight
Cargo Weight
Example Part I:
Let's say our trailer tongue weight is 700 lbs and our cargo behind the rear axle is 200 lbs. Our total tongue weight is 900 lbs.

Step 1. Determine Your Total Tongue Weight

First, you need to figure out your loaded trailer tongue weight (TW). Your tongue weight is the downward force you're putting on the ball of the weight distribution setup with your loaded trailer, plus the weight of any gear behind the rear axle of your vehicle.Note that this is not the dry (unloaded) weight listed on your trailer spec sheet, but rather the fully loaded, ready-to-tow weight after you've packed in all the gear you want to carry.To determine your trailer tongue weight, you can use a scale like this one from Sherline or the Bluetooth-enabled HaulGauge. Weigh Safe also offers a ball mount with a built-in scale. You can also use one of the other methods outlined in our help article, Determining Trailer Tongue Weight.Also add in the weight of any cargo (gear, coolers, luggage, etc.) you've added behind your rear axle.This sum will be the total tongue weight you have to work with.
Weight Distribution Truck Trailer

Step 2. Select a System with the Right Weight Capacity

We've broken out our weight distribution hitches by tongue weight on our website for your convenience. Once you have your tongue weight figure, simply select your TW from the list and choose a system.
Pro tip: It's best that your total tongue weight (sum of your trailer tongue weight and cargo) falls in the middle of your WDH range. This gives you a bit of wiggle room if your tongue weight varies between trips.For example, if your total tongue weight is about 1,000 lbs, a weight distribution hitch with a tongue weight rating of 800 - 1,200 lbs is ideal.
Weight Distribution Hitches by Tongue Weight
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